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BabyGirl (full movie)

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Baby Girl full movie
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savage goon (4 hours ago)
Esa seño es toda una thot hdspm lol
Akram Acarsh (5 hours ago)
She is so hot
Kelisha Maxwell (12 hours ago)
Me alone a watch the movie and reading the comments at the same time 😂
Melissa Engelbrecht (21 hours ago)
35:09 She should take the guy man
Emilia Thesavage (2 days ago)
Videosponder (3 days ago)
What city is this film made in? Great place, great film. Thanks ;)
Jessica Drain (3 days ago)
ggoodd and sad at the same time
Elbow Nesdam (4 days ago)
No action ☹️
Thigo Claros (4 days ago)
Winnie Wangui (4 days ago)
This is the worst movie ever who goes on a date with a man who is 10yrs older than you and this girl she is soo complicated
Naeva Bruce (6 days ago)
That man is a pedofile
Aneila John (6 days ago)
She really f*** he up
Neil O'Neal (6 days ago)
Quite realistic. Except the daughter's casting....she ought to be a little older, at least late teens.
TT_ duckett (6 days ago)
I rly want to know what happened to her friend?!?
TT_ duckett (6 days ago)
Omg that boy at the start was so cringe
Natalie Srctftyb (7 days ago)
She’s only 16! That freakin friend!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ahhhhh...
Sam Dehoyos (7 days ago)
How old is she
VIVEK KUMAR (8 days ago)
Josmile Embu (9 days ago)
All through the whole movie I be angry at Victor
Ad lez (9 days ago)
They can have this but not pretty baby?! UGH
Rue Sie (9 days ago)
I'm happy Victor got out of the picture. twasnt Leena s fault she was trying to protect her mum. But her friend how could she badmouth her like that, not fair....for a guy oooh plizz who didn't even like her on top of that.. great movie i enjoyed it👏😆
MLG Mrdo (9 days ago)
pizza guy didnt even smash, smh
Savannah Robinson (9 days ago)
That mom is bad
Itzxria Bae (10 days ago)
Why did she go to dinner with him and on top dress like that
lee the best10 (10 days ago)
She got a flip phone
afnane ait fellah (10 days ago)
who noticed that shes having extensions and her real hair is short
Rue Sie (9 days ago)
I did but after reading your comment though
Brownie Girl (11 days ago)
Sehun Min (12 days ago)
this movie is very nicely made
Melody Robinson (12 days ago)
This ended blank I expected a bigger ending. Victor should be put in prison. Her mother deserved what she got. "How am to respect a woman that don't respect herself". Love that
Antonia Carroll (13 days ago)
That pervert need to be taught a lesson
Madly Mandy (14 days ago)
She's so angry though..it's too much.
ilena niyongele (14 days ago)
claudia martina may i agree duh 👍👍👍😫
ilena niyongele (14 days ago)
he nasty😩😩
ilena niyongele (14 days ago)
the end is so sad 😩😩😩😫😫
Starr Vlogs (14 days ago)
then got with him and act like everything normal , dats messed up
Starr Vlogs (14 days ago)
i am really angry at her bestfriend for lying to the boy because she liked him and was jealous
Rose Marais (14 days ago)
713 dislikes??!!?!?! Whytho?
Melissa Winn (15 days ago)
This is the second time I've watched this movie
flawless zee (16 days ago)
6 minutes in the movie and all Ii know is the girl has attitude
Megan Pantages (17 days ago)
her mom is fucked up sorry for commenting a lot this movie is really fucked up
Megan Pantages (17 days ago)
whats up with lene and kissing she acts like shes going to get a disease
Megan Pantages (17 days ago)
my om did the same fucking thing only way worse
Tjallew Widen (17 days ago)
what a lovly film 5 stars
tom pomida (18 days ago)
parrice roberts (18 days ago)
The end is so sad
Jimmy Davis (18 days ago)
Good movie 👍
Lionel 1 (19 days ago)
Does anyone wonders why its spanish
Aze B (19 days ago)
Was I the only one crying while watching
Mark Meinecke (20 days ago)
I love this story. It shows that things can still work out in a less than perfect world. I particularly like the way it ends.
Josephine Mdamu (20 days ago)
at this age girls goes through hell 😿😿😿
Zenylyn Ramos (20 days ago)
I like this movie
hrobertson robertson (21 days ago)
Man: officer I'm Puerto Rican!! officer: I don't care what kind of mexican you are, you still gotta show me your green card!" I'm baffled lol
Maggie M (21 days ago)
manager: who was that guy ?is that your boyfriend ?? girl : NO HIS MY PIMP YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT this killed me :) :D
Brenda kim (21 days ago)
Reading comments before watching the movie kinda spoils thing's
Norah Aluku (6 days ago)
I know right
Norah Aluku (6 days ago)
I know rifht
Christine Sydney (22 days ago)
All too often children are abused their mother's boyfriends or step father's. It's statistical. Protect your children, for the love of God!
Lily maids (22 days ago)
Two faced friend
Greta Reyes (22 days ago)
Desde que le guiñó el ojo en el bus me cayó mal el Pendejo
Marianne Miel (15 days ago)
Danielle Bond (23 days ago)
He nasty
Randy Rush (24 days ago)
The ending was stupid.
LaskoLIVE (24 days ago)
Single mothers need to close they legs and stop dating when they have children.
seemia afridi (24 days ago)
lena 😍😍😍😍😍😑
seemia afridi (24 days ago)
the girl is so pretttyyyyyyy 😍😍😍
seemia afridi (24 days ago)
recommand me some good movies !
Queen Necii (24 days ago)
this movie is teaching u alot bout life
Atiya Foggs (25 days ago)
Atiya Foggs (25 days ago)
Lit lit lit
Atiya Foggs (25 days ago)
kevin urama (26 days ago)
dude that nigga a pedophile, fax
Camyria Goodwin (26 days ago)
She sound just like Cardi B
Janillal Williams (27 days ago)
Shit the sad part is that some mother always choose the man over their kids, but me I will ever do that to my kids
Georgertte Adomako (27 days ago)
Nice movie
Chris Gutierrez (27 days ago)
That was a shitty ending
This movie was weird But I guess Good 50/50
maria Chavez (28 days ago)
Quit mackin on me... Im not intetested😳😂😂😂😂
Jevaughn Brown (28 days ago)
Her friend isn't a good fren why did she told the boy about what happen what kind of fern is that
Marcia Acanda (28 days ago)
Nice movie
Anita Mageleni (28 days ago)
Girl from the Bronz?!😂😂 she be sounding like a Cardi B
Virginia m (29 days ago)
Should've been named "A mom's unfaithful place and jealousy"
DSTANGO (29 days ago)
We all have to find our way....... 😪
1DayEnt (29 days ago)
Latina women so fine😍😍
Quincy Kay (29 days ago)
Wait she was drunk on a milkshake? I'm confused. Nice movie tho
rain Drool (26 days ago)
She had an alcoholic drink that tasted like milkshake to her😂😊
Antoinette Smith (29 days ago)
She Beautiful❤💟❤💟❤😉
Crystal Garrigus (29 days ago)
such a good movie
Asherus Johnson (29 days ago)
this move made me cry
Anonymous ___ (29 days ago)
ugh the mom is so naive
Ecks Dee (29 days ago)
Brug she is 16 for fucks sake
Karla Karen Resendiz (1 month ago)
Who has the soundtrack?
fatrat (1 month ago)
Good movie
هيثم جمعان (1 month ago)
بنت جده تجي خاص تعالي ولا وتساب 00967733439784
QueenPhoenix Films (1 month ago)
Bruh she likes(d) him too 💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️. It’s wrong what he’s doing, but she isn’t innocent herself.
Rosebud Skerrett (1 month ago)
Destiny Garcia (1 month ago)
who has watched the wild child before???
Destiny Garcia (1 month ago)
maybe when they say a bad word don't block it out it gets annoying
Mahlga Jabri (1 month ago)
Little version of beyonce
cassandra sta.maria (1 month ago)
Poor baby girl ☹️
Kimberly Morgan (1 month ago)
I cried at the end
HeadAssGang GANG (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that's like nooooo kiss me instead
l lree (1 month ago)
what a cute little girl
This was a pretty good movie with good acting. 😁👍
Gloria Butler (1 month ago)
That is mass up

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