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Moving to London | My experience and tips

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It's hard to believe that we've been living in London for almost 2 years. Wow! Time does fly when you are having fun. London is full of character, style and charm. I'm not going to lie though, living in London has it's pros and cons (just like any other city), and I disclose all of that in my video. UBER app: use the code UBERIKONN to get a free ride MUSIC Broke For Free http://bit.ly/1RqDJTT Thank you so much for watching! Please make sure to LIKE and SHARE the video and Subscribe to the channel for new fashion videos every week :) Love, xx Mimi MY FASHION BLOG: http://www.mimiikonn.com For Daily Outfits and much more, follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/mimiikonn FTC Disclaimer: All items have been purchased by me with my own money.
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Shan Marakkar (3 days ago)
35 $ for unlimited internet?! Damn, in Russia I pay 7.5 $/month for unlimited internet, free calls and texts😂
I don't think that she is faking the view of living in London, it's really her personal experience. Weither it is bad or good for example being a haidresser and being an established businessman/woman are so different and opinions can be different because we are different. 😊
Elle W. (1 month ago)
This is honestly the best „pro and con“ ever...so interesting and informative. Thankyou so much
SpookyDarling (1 month ago)
Had to stop watching when you started bashing GMO and praising organic. It's all a marketing scam. Like sweet potatoes? Those are GMO. Like sweet corn? It's GMO. Like watermelon? It's GMO. It's just a modern form of selective breeding.
Pampees Squishies (1 month ago)
You kinda do have a British accent a bit
ibata sabrina (2 months ago)
Hello, thanks for your video I from France and iam living to London since 2 years now, iam a part agree with you for the positive points, I really like London I think it’s one of the best city of Europe, but it’s really really expensive and you can’t get a future here it’s for that iam going back in France next year. But I would to say to anyone who wants to come to London have to do it, it’s such good experience.
cloudsofsunset (4 months ago)
2018 do you still live in London? Do you see yourself living here like 10-20 years or even the rest of your life?
Priscilla Leyva (4 months ago)
Omg you get off topic soooo quit it’s irritating.. and you got the whole London part wrong
Jason Owen (6 months ago)
i am English and i can tell you, most English people hate LONDON,
Shahrad Azari (6 months ago)
yaşasın azərbaycan😍💗
Frida S.S (6 months ago)
Omg I love this so much!😻 I personally have a dream to move to London or USA, and this inspired me even more!❤️
Rob Jennings (8 months ago)
I’ve always said, if it doesn’t effect anyone in a negative way and you can afford it, live your life how you want. Time fly’s by.. in joy what you earn because you can’t take it with you.
Marina Bond (8 months ago)
Yeah, London as almost any place on earth is amasing for not only affluent people but for people who are in love with their life. It's all about attitude to life and staying focused on positive. Love you Mimi ❤️
Zafar Iqbal (8 months ago)
I'm London please help me
EAR ART (9 months ago)
even tho i was born and raised here in london, it's nice to see people happy living their dreams, my dream is to live in California and holland :)
rashmi chachan (9 months ago)
Loved loved loved the video. Thank u so much for sharing 😘 💝
Anastasya Tikhonova (9 months ago)
Its great video!!! Very usefull
MrLondonezu (9 months ago)
Bulshet is the worst city in the world wher people are loneliness depressed and poverty’s
Laura (9 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your experience moving to London from Toronto. I have lived in Toronto my whole life and every time I visit Europe I get the same feeling about a sense of belonging. It's so hard to explain to others, something my family will never understand. So thank you for your encouraging words, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way. I will be moving to Amsterdam in a few months and I'm beyond excited.
H A (10 months ago)
I find the food quality in Europe particularly uk to be way worse..
Luis Rivera (11 months ago)
All you did was talk, show London!
Mélina Ferreira (11 months ago)
I hear you talking about Spain, France, Maroccos... Do you know Portugal? Portugal is not Spain. Search, you would be amazed with this country.
shelby danaé (1 year ago)
that visa isn't available for U.S :(
Top Lyrics (1 year ago)
I will move next year so exited and nervous in Same time and I’m nervous about school and the language because I’m from Iraq and my English is not perfect and the study super different on Iraq on school we don’t use computers we started school on October all things are super different thanks for the video
Riley Herbert (1 year ago)
Of course its great living in a big city if you're rich and in an exclusively rich area. For the average folk, working full time, using public transport everyday, paying high rent for shitty quality housing, its not so great for them, no matter how beautiful the city is. You can apply this to NYC, Paris, Sydney, LA, anywhere.
Žiga Velkavrh (1 year ago)
Thank you, Mimi! After watching your video I must admit that I'm still a bit scared about moving abroad for the first time, but I agree with you on the importance of living life, growing as a person, stepping out of your comfort zone, stuff like that. Anyway, thank you, your video is great! :-) Greetings from Slovenia.
Chris Lareau (1 year ago)
I plan on going to Paris, business trip.
OceanBlue (1 year ago)
Isn’t it the British “High Commission” for Canadians?
laimenn (1 year ago)
there is no quality food in london;
Van Damned (11 months ago)
laimenn your joking right??
Mary _1462 (1 year ago)
Is it bad that I was hoping she said nice things about Canada toooo!!
gulu rathod (1 year ago)
hello i am indian and i've planning to move london but i don"t know can i start.. give me some tips ?
Van Damned (11 months ago)
gulu rathod stay in India, or go to USA, don't come here
Roumeissa B (1 year ago)
I felt exactly the same when I visited London for the first time this summer.. ❤️
Leyla Layaali (1 year ago)
2 months vacation in Germany?!?!
Roy Montgomery (1 year ago)
In July, I visited the Horniman museum in Forest Hill, South London. I had to pay to enter the museum. I found that London was a big rip-off and the food was substandard compared to Ontario, Canada. Many people are now riding bicycles because cars and petrol/gas are very expensive. It's a great city for rich people. Also, watch out for the many female pickpockets in central/downtown London.
John Cornell (1 year ago)
Well done for mentioning Richmond Park. One of London's best kept secrets. Richmond Park almost never gets a mention in tourist videos. A nice walk is to go from Richmond across the park and then across Wimbledon Common to Wimbledon. It's mostly green and/or woods the whole way.
Nisa Calisan (1 year ago)
Museums in Europe are always for the public!!
Michael Christopher (1 year ago)
i'm pretty sure just canada and australia
The Sleepless Reader (1 year ago)
This was such a good video! I'm Canadian, and planning to move to England in a couple years- this helps so much :)
jakethesnakegaming (1 year ago)
Can you get the visa and live there forever or do you actually have to get a sponser
Sarah Ortega (1 year ago)
Can you employ me so I can love London like you?
amy lamb (1 year ago)
I live in Kent and London is an hour away from me when I get there everyone pushes you and there's traffic and all types of things going on and can be overwelming to some people but I think you can get that anywhere you go.
Guthrum (1 year ago)
I'm moving near London (Winsdor) and this really helped!
NJ Katakiya (1 year ago)
do you help me
NJ Katakiya (1 year ago)
I am live in London
Annie Peterson (1 year ago)
I TOTALLY understand what you mean about not wanting to ever live in a place again that is just 'one nation'. I feel this very strongly after having lived in cosmopolitan, international places.
Annie Peterson (1 year ago)
The U.S. DOESN'T have a Youth Mobility Visa.
Ninja Man (1 year ago)
She is deluded talking about London like it's a walk in the park. Life here is very difficult what with property prices cost of food traveling is so expensive eating out you need a lot of pounds believe me.
Ninja Man (1 year ago)
You have have to be very rich to live in London . If you rent a small apartment you need at least £1000 per week in rent. To buy a very small property you need a minimum of £1.5 million.
Carmen Mo (1 year ago)
America is not part of the Youth Mobility Scheme https://www.gov.uk/tier-5-youth-mobility/eligibility For some reason, overseas opportunities for Americans are limited. Maybe I didn't do enough research but the most common abroad opportunities are always expensive study abroad programs or government funded programs, like the peace corps, that has limited destinations and hard to get in... I don't know America don't seem to encourage/support their people, especially youths, to go explore other cultures.
Marie Napadajlo (1 year ago)
thank you for a reminder,,,I felt the same when I visited London and needed a reminder to give me the proverbial kick in the behind to get working on my long term relocation goal. Hope to see you soon :)
Unicorn Bite (1 year ago)
I've been to London with my dad a couple months ago and I fell in love with the city I just love London❤️
Herodotus Georgiou (1 year ago)
I find Athens more interesting and more beautiful as a city compared to London. not to mention better weather and far cheaper.
Van Damned (11 months ago)
Herodotus Georgiou nobody would consider Athens, as it is more closer to third world than a developed city
Nicolas Cas (1 year ago)
hi nice video !! where do you come from ??
dominique007 (1 year ago)
the youth mobiity visa sadly isnt available to americans :( https://www.gov.uk/tier-5-youth-mobility/eligibility
Eddierob (1 year ago)
All of the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC are free to the public if you didn't know. :)
Dave Paradice (1 year ago)
Loved listening to you, nice work!!
Id (1 year ago)
Oh my God the way you talk is so sincere that i subscribe. I felt like i was one of your friends when you were talking :)
john smith (1 year ago)
Her enthusiasm is infectious.
Leyla Bakan (1 year ago)
i did not know you were from Azerbaijan.
Barbara Zwickl (1 year ago)
Hey, im 17 years old and I always wanted to live in Lodon or in New York , I already been in London for the fifth time and I decided to move to London. But Brexit is coming so I really have to hurry up. So I have a few questions, u think that it is possible to live alone and work with 17 there, cause my A-levels are not finished yet and I dont know if i should finished them and then move or if i should go right now and finish them external in my country(Austria,vienna). Could u gave me an advice please ?
SteveMHN (1 year ago)
Of course London's expensive if you live in the west end.
rottflacc (1 year ago)
I believe your flat is HUGE in comparison to a standard european capital flat. (Of course you have such a crazy high rent! :D )
duckz (1 year ago)
"Everyone travels all the time" apart from me, a Londoner, who's only been on a plane once and it was to go to Ireland ;) great video though I'm glad you're so happy!
Hedgemist (1 year ago)
Hasn't she gone home yet?
Brigitte BRG (1 year ago)
I absolutely hate to live here and will move away as fast as I can.. I used to live in crappy flats with other people and if you live with complete strangers there will always be arguments.. the weather is miserable and boring, the food has no taste, and when I was pregnant I had to take the sweaty, crowded tubes and all the business men were sitting down ignoring elderly/pregnant completely and not giving up their seats. So no, they are not very polite either.. If you are very rich it's obviously better but as for the middle class... ugh..... Now this being said I am a very very positive person and I have lived in different countries before ( US, Greece and Hungary) and there are ups and downs in every country not just sunshine and happiness but here it's mostly downs.. I am however very happy for you if it worked out for you and you are truly happy here :) it's just not for everyone..
Ariella Adames Rojas (1 year ago)
Excellent comments! Thanks
Elese Dowden (1 year ago)
oh man this video makes me super excited to moooove <3 love your enthusiasm x
Jessica Antonietta (1 year ago)
I travelled to London in 2012 and felt exactly the same! I plan on moving abroad after I finish my undergrad degree :)
Faith M (1 year ago)
Hi Mimi! Can you talk more about living in Canada vs uk? What certain things are better what's not?
Painted perfect (1 year ago)
I think London is the definition of concrete jungle and the least chilled out of all the UK cities. I find London life fast paced, busy, over crowded and loud. Come and visit Wales.
Secretly Brave (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video! I'm an aspiring youtuber and I really wanna live in London a few years from now and just listening to you made me tear up a bit cause I feel like I will feel at home there :)
PowerofAwesome (2 years ago)
Seriously? I thought you lived in London 🇨🇦. Why did you move to London as I can't wait to leave London!
MG Sparky (1 year ago)
Then leave.
tommey tucker (2 years ago)
What a lovely lady a true asset to England we need more people like you, Please don't be scared about BREXIT people like you have always been welcome in the UK and always will be.  It is the thieves criminals and rapists and murders that need to worry about deportation, I also want to move from the North to London as London has a special atmosphere  and charm about it, please keep up the good work regards from Thomas
Guinness (2 years ago)
£20 is a lot less than $35 now! more like $25, thanks to brexit
Yang Yang (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing!i can tell from your passion 😘that you really adore London,you're really satisfied and proud of it and you really mean it.London is one of my favourite cities,even though i have never been there yet...😂
Ema Silva (2 years ago)
Mimi, you are an incredible human being! Thank you so much for this video and inspirational words! xxxx
ulenienia (2 years ago)
I'm considering moving to London and thank u for useful tips! You're the best! :)
Sheena Beens (2 years ago)
What is the name of the visa to apply for as a USA citizen to live in London?
Georgia Louw (2 years ago)
I live in East London South Africa , it has gotten so bad here that my dad has gotten a few jobs in the UK and we might be moving there I'm really scared . I've grown up here I'm going to grade 8 next year. I've adopted a dog and will most likely have to leave her behind which will probably be the hardest part, does anybody have advise I'm really anxious and upset having to leave the place I've grown up in....
Chloé Dendelé (2 years ago)
Thank you Mimi for this video! I really take your advises on notes! I have been to London last week for few days. I live in Paris and always dreamt about going to London. But for no reason, (I mean actually I traveled to the USA, Canada, Europe and South East Asia) I didn't find time to get there. But then I found THE time. And I definitely fall in love with London. So, now back in Paris I am applying in agencies (architecture, strategic development and urban planning) to try if I can find a job. I am 27 yo, still have no kids and no boyfriend (unfortunately, ah ah) so it's maybe the good moment to do it! PS// During my trip,I was kind of looking for you guys (Saint James Park, Hyde Park...), hopefully to say hi. But it didn't happen! Merry Christmas and Best regards, Chloé
Khanh Luong (2 years ago)
Thanks Mimi, this is an awesome video as i will move to Europe soon and defitely visit London!
fae 999 (2 years ago)
is cool i love mimi
kirsten gelderman (2 years ago)
Rubén Domínguez (2 years ago)
I want to go to London and wander through its streets and practise English and answer with a British accent and take a lot of pictures. Everything seems fancy there, the cabs, the telephone booths, the palaces, the Big Ben.
Miles Harry (1 year ago)
if you're not British don't try and talk with a British accent, it's patronising
Guinness (2 years ago)
Rubén Domínguez you should go to Peckham, its really fancy there
Romy Fleurs (2 years ago)
In Washington DC museums are free too :-)
Romy Fleurs (2 years ago)
I felt the same way the first time visited London. It felt like home to me.
lunatiksAlterEgo (2 years ago)
Ive heard the food is really bland there.. Guess i wont kno till i try it, as of late ive really been interested in moving there.
John Cornell (1 year ago)
Bland? Er the most popular cuisine in England is Indian. The British love spicy food due to the Empire. The British eat more spicy food than other Europeans. They don't just eat fish and chips haha.
lunatiksAlterEgo (2 years ago)
In L.A some of the museums are free but the parking is not.
najlasharif (2 years ago)
Hi Dear, Thank you for this video. Actually I'm planning on travelling back to live in London. I used to live in Bristol last year. Would it be possible to meet up for coffee? And it will be great if you could help me on property/room hunting lol This is my number: +447948907361 (WhatsApp)
N.i I.n (2 years ago)
Hey, I'm also from Baku, Azerbaijan! And I'm going to move to the UK in a coulle of month:)
FleurDeSel (2 years ago)
London sounds a lot like Montreal :)
Robert The Komodo (2 years ago)
My dream is to move in London...But it's very hard for me beacuse I live in this shit place with lots of stupid people...Fuck my life man...
ModelDoctor (2 years ago)
Your accent is so strong and terrible... u may need to work on it
lunatiksAlterEgo (2 years ago)
Shes not an actress so she shouldnt have to worry about her "accent". anyways accents are awesome, people love foreign accents.
Kinna Abdulaziz (2 years ago)
ModelDoctor work on an accent? An accent is an accent. It's just a part of one's identity. -.-
Dana Martinez (2 years ago)
because my aunt is older than 45
Dana Martinez (2 years ago)
can someone move to London older than 40
Howzer The man (2 years ago)
You've beautiful eyes hope you're enjoying motherhood.
Camila Pereira (2 years ago)
Mimi, I have a dream, I would like to meet you. You are my inspiration
uchiha josef (2 years ago)
You are realy making me jealous , I hope I could move their soon !
Harry Kemp (1 year ago)
Ok sorry mate.
uchiha josef (1 year ago)
Everything seems good to me because my country doesn't even give the citizens their rights , so.. London for me is like New York or better for you guys (Algerian) .
Harry Kemp (1 year ago)
I NEVER SAID THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR COMMENT! I live in London and to be honest it is not at all that beautiful. If you ever go there you will see many big towers. They are what I like to call "60s concrete monstrosities". To be fair there are some good looking buildings, but if you really want that "authentic" european lifestyle go to Prague of Paris-those cities are much more "European" are much more beautiful. Anyway what country are you from?
uchiha josef (1 year ago)
what's wrong with my comment ?
Harry Kemp (1 year ago)
Careful what you say
Nice meme (2 years ago)
Brexit makes me want to cry
MaryBliss16 (2 years ago)
How do you light your videos? it looks amazing :)

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