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Lego Sonic The HedgeHog Lego Sonic Shadow Lego Knuckles Tails Lego Cartoons About Sonic

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Lego Sonic The HedgeHog Lego Sonic Shadow Lego Knuckles Tails Lego Cartoons About Sonic from my latest gameplay walkthrough from Lego Dimensions to keep the little ones entertained. thanks for watching! Lego Dimensions features the same style of gameplay as the previous Lego video games of Traveller's Tales, in which up to two players control Lego minifigures based on various represented franchises. Players progress through linear levels, using their characters' abilities to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and attempt to reach the level's end. Characters are entered into the game by placing their respective minifigures onto a USB toy pad, with each character possessing unique abilities that can be used to solve puzzles or reach hidden areas. Using a character from a certain franchise will also unlock that franchise's Adventure World, an open-world area for players to explore and complete in-game objectives. The Starter Pack includes the toy pad and the game's 14-level main story campaign, which revolves around Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle, while additional levels are made available by purchasing Level Packs and Story Packs. In addition to the minifigures, players can also build models of vehicles, such as the Batmobile, TARDIS, Mystery Machine, or DeLorean, and put them into the game for characters to drive. Completing objectives in the levels and adventure worlds will reward players with gold bricks, which can be used to upgrade vehicles and give them new abilities. Each adventure world also contains a red brick for players to retrieve; these will unlock special bonuses, such as visual modifiers for characters or extra assistance at finding collectible items. Unlike series such as Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Amiibo, the minifigures, vehicles, and the USB toy pad are all made from real Lego pieces and can be freely built and customized. All minifigures and vehicles can be used in any available level.
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Khalil Doumane (1 year ago)
I am batman 😂
Sherry Mckinney (1 year ago)
s0nic s0ngs

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