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Start A Clothing Brand For FREE!

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Products I use to run my brand! Camera - https://goo.gl/24ZsYX Great Laptop For Making Designs - https://goo.gl/jTQnkQ Great Starter Printing Kit - https://goo.gl/BsmZe2 Print Tees Like A Pro - https://goo.gl/PSvrLw Great Mailers - https://goo.gl/1avtGe Tee Packaging To Keep Tees Dust Free - https://goo.gl/Etp55x Printer - https://goo.gl/3KFcvR Best Console In The Game - https://goo.gl/z8echn Make Your Designs By Hand - https://goo.gl/1iB4qk Thanks for watching another Epyon Royal video. Where we show you what were up to, give you brand advice, and show you what Detroit is all about! Support our channel by buying some of our gear! http://www.epyonroyal.bigcartel.com Follow our socials! Instagram- @EpyonRoyal @ERSSBeezy @ERSSBoss Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/epyonroyal/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/epyonroyal?lang=en Send stuff to our PO BOX! (Maybe we will feature it on the channel!) Epyon Royal PO Box 806036 St Clair Shores, MI 48080 USA In case you wanna get into Bitcoin! https://goo.gl/WWb6Fa #startabrand #business #hypebeast #streetwear
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EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
If you support the channel, appreciate the information, or love good quality clothes... Buy something from our website! http://www.epyonroyal.com/products
Music is Life (5 months ago)
I really like what your doing and I really want to change my life for the better
Music is Life (5 months ago)
Hey man i don’t know if your gonna see this cause I’m watching this after 7 moths but I need your help
T&D productions (8 months ago)
your welcome thanks for helping me
Nate (11 months ago)
EpyonRoyal is it free 100%? Because I literally don't have much money to work with
4meBikes (1 month ago)
out of sync 2018
EpyonRoyal (15 days ago)
You must be new. lol
Mira Bhowmik (6 months ago)
I want to open retail store of clothes ...how to make my own brand and logo??
EpyonRoyal (6 months ago)
Watch our other 100's of vids to learn the business.
Jonathan Tacan (7 months ago)
this is all false lol, u need a good 500 when starting
EpyonRoyal (7 months ago)
I'd just suggest you watch our videos on presales and print on demand services.
Jonathan Tacan (7 months ago)
you have to have capital when starting any business. I understand coming up with the brand name etc is free but when you need to file your business name to the county clerks office plus to make the shirts it can get costly. didn't mean to come off the wrong foot but thats just my opinion
Jonathan Tacan (7 months ago)
ig - maeofm
EpyonRoyal (7 months ago)
Also, I have a ton of videos that detail how to make a brand using POD Services... So maybe you should browse those videos before spreading some fake news in my comments.
EpyonRoyal (7 months ago)
What's the name of your brand? I'll give it a look.
William Jones (7 months ago)
How do u startur own brand do u have to have s LLC.mum.
EpyonRoyal (7 months ago)
Got a video on that topic.
Louis McFall (8 months ago)
the least syllables in your name the better and people like it more supreme 2 syllables Nike 1 syllable Adidas 3 syllables bape 1 syllables and so on.
EpyonRoyal (8 months ago)
Nike has 2 syllables. ;)
Zwen Lifer (8 months ago)
Yea but, EpyonRoyal doesn't ring very well..
EpyonRoyal (8 months ago)
To each their own. Rings well enough to stay in business, and grow 35% each year since 2009. ;)
Sir I.K Elzyy (9 months ago)
It's not actually for free is it tho -__-
EpyonRoyal (8 months ago)
Watch my video on presales.
Andrew Czahor (9 months ago)
Hey, I am wondering if anyone here could give me some tips and help with my logo/name
EpyonRoyal (9 months ago)
If you like it, that's all that matters
Asger Bach (9 months ago)
That's a Lie
ROCKSTAR NDIA (10 months ago)
Ran across your video I am an artist and already know a summary of step by step but wanted an Inside look on your point of view on the Ins and out of how It worked thought the years so I enjoyed your outlook.You pointed out EVERY question and said everything I believe a person wants to know. Im an artist and also desired strongly to start my line for a few months researching and buying fabrics now seeing the vision you helped more. Looked forward to more videos I SUBSCRIBED ALSO GREAT LAID OUT VIDEO.ALSO can you SUBSCRIBE BACK I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE your support.THANKS SO MUCH :)
ROCKSTAR NDIA (9 months ago)
Can you subscribe back? Thank you.
Luyeezy23 (10 months ago)
How do you make a website and sell your merch on it???
EpyonRoyal (10 months ago)
use big cartel or storenvy.
James Ferworn (10 months ago)
I love the meaning bro!
James Ferworn (10 months ago)
Youre awesome bro!
EpyonRoyal (10 months ago)
love you bro!
Grizz B (11 months ago)
You gave me the one answer i needed, thank you.
EpyonRoyal (11 months ago)
Hopefully all the other videos on my channel can lead you to success
ParZivaL (11 months ago)
yes, i aiming for the hypebeast community im starting my hoodie prices at 300£ or $ and i really hope that it grows as large as off white or supreme i cant afford off hypebeast clothes and when i have my own brand people cant say i wear cheap shit i can just say im wearing a 300£ hoodie
ParZivaL (11 months ago)
bro the thing is, the thing is that im broke im only 14 i can barely afford lunch i cant produce shit without money
EpyonRoyal (11 months ago)
If you have customers, set your price at whatever you want.
Murdo.McK (11 months ago)
hey guys im starting a brand, and i have been blessed with a super nice name so i was thinking of naming my brand Murdos Revenge, what u think?
EpyonRoyal (11 months ago)
Nothing can stop you!
Murdo.McK (11 months ago)
EpyonRoyal well it’s my first name and I want the brand to go big as success is the best revenge ygm so once the brand is big it is revenge
EpyonRoyal (11 months ago)
Seems unique! What does it mean?
Markjr Clark (1 year ago)
Hi I’m about to buy a heat press and probably cameo 3 vinyl cutter the only problem I’m having is where should I shop to get some blanks to put the designs on like the shirts and jackets for cheap so I might be able to sell the shirts for profit
EpyonRoyal (11 months ago)
Good luck!!!
MR ZIZOUZ (1 year ago)
nice work
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+MR ZIZOUZ thanks!!
young Drae (1 year ago)
where do you print,where do you get the material that kind of stuff.and also how did you start epyon royal from start? how much do you make
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
I've got a ton of videos on the topic. Subscribe and watch to answer all of your questions! :)
BREN (1 year ago)
I've been doing music for years, I want to start doing shirts, I have the logo. How do I set up shop and get the first shirt?
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
We've got many videos on the subject. :)
K.N.Restoration .23 (1 year ago)
I have started my own clothing line, could you possibly dm me (kvng.tyb) on ig
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Watch all of our videos for advice!
WEP A (1 year ago)
thanks for awesome inspiriation
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching! Hope I earned a sub!
Bryan Ortega (1 year ago)
I'm 12 years old and I want start a brand called TEGA. Anything in life is accomplish able . As long as you start somewhere . I want grind to the top how about that would that work
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Do it, right now, don't waste time. Watch these videos for inspiration. Best of luck to you little brother.
Donte Derby (1 year ago)
Glad I ran across this series man, I appreciate everything you're sharing.
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Thanks man, I've got tons of advice on this channel.
NeonMods (1 year ago)
whats a good place to print your logo on clothing
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
wherever you wanna print your logo. :)
Maccity Biggpimpin (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Thanks brother
Kevinanita Johnson (1 year ago)
Ur name sounds dope af and im in thw beginning of everything and i swear starting is the hardest..me coming up with a name is hard
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Naming is definitely hard!
hope atagana (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
I made a video about that!
I’m bad at sewing and making clothes , how can I make my brand ? I know how to draw and I have great ideas 💡
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
We've got a few videos on that topic. <3
Kayle Neal (1 year ago)
Yow bro. I have a brand that I trying to get on its way but I dont have the support from the people that I consider close to me what should I do??
Kayle Neal (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal see that's the thing it really isn't friends, it's more coming from family and my girlfriend of 7yrs. I'm doing it with my Friend and we're all the way from Belize and my fam thinks it can't be successful.
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Find new people to be close to. Your friends won't be friends very long, assuming you continue your brand pursuit.
YahzRox (1 year ago)
Hey, what is the best company to make your own merch (the one you're using) btw dude nice video:)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
We print our own products. :) Contact AKT Printing for a good place to start.
jeremy bernard (1 year ago)
check my clothing brand out just started it on instagram @_thrivee__
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Danny Wilson (1 year ago)
Forman Miiiills 🙌lol
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Khaja waheeduddin (1 year ago)
Getting confidence from u..thanks
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Khaja waheeduddin (1 year ago)
Hey This is my first time I c your video ....I dropped out of my engineering and wana start a brand of my own [email protected] Gmail.com
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Keep your head up!
Zione (1 year ago)
I got this designer brand name its called: ODD
King Jr (10 months ago)
John Kim fuck off i will use it lol
Zione (10 months ago)
i changed it to OJK Check my ig: johan__kyle
John Kim (10 months ago)
Thanks for the name I’ll use it
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Sounds dope!
Caspii (1 year ago)
What about CSPR?
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
It may exist. Look it up. Sounds cool though!
Caspii (1 year ago)
It's my name without nouns
Life (1 year ago)
I just notice your sofa is similar to mine at home haha...awkward.
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
I stole your sofa!
Zaxarias Korosidis (1 year ago)
Nice tips and ideas! Good job. In near future i will contact you for business stuff
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Subscribe for more vids!
Hippymaster (1 year ago)
my story is I just wont a hat with my logo
Hippymaster (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Lids can do that ;)
Kingpyth0n (1 year ago)
Yo I'm from Detroit
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Shout out to you!
Joe Bris (1 year ago)
My brain is coming soon look forward to working with you one day
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Watch more of my videos for more information!
New sub
CR15T0 (1 year ago)
can i do dis if im 13??
Jaharia Cousain (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal I love how positive you are !
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+xUnknown you're human, you can do anything
sad (1 year ago)
when starting a trill/indie brand id suggest producing hats skimasks and tracksuits first accessories and small stuff
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
good ideas
DylanAnimatez (1 year ago)
Nice thnx
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Check the other videos for more information
GBT (1 year ago)
it has to have a meaning what about supreme or yeezy or bathing ape or topman?
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Those names all have meanings lol
YOUNG MILLZ (1 year ago)
Waddup I hit you up on Facebook trying to link up
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
expect a reply then! :)
LaggyZambies (1 year ago)
how to start a brand for free, " i started epyonroyal with $100"
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Troll, I started with $100. But if you watch the other videos about presales and order fulfillment companies, you'd be in the know. lol
Neglect Buri (1 year ago)
I love this !!! I wanna start my own clothing line here in Africa!!! Definitely need more this inspirational talks !!!
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Watch all of our videos!
Lily Playz (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
kris barrett (1 year ago)
Hey man, I just saw this video and honestly it makes me wanna continue watching more and more of the series. I'm 17 and I'm just starting my new brand and I know and get what you're saying and I'm glad to be here because at least I'll be getting straight forward information that can help me develope my brand and one day make it a successful brand. I hope someday we can do a collab and make something amazing
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
We've got TONS of videos like this!
RevivedSoul (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
President Truth (1 year ago)
what's good bro, I'm working on my clothing line, I have all my authentic artwork and clothing designs. I was hoping we could talk and maybe you would be willing to give me some great advice.
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Watch all of our videos, then comment any questions you may need answers to.
Turbo (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
What does it mean?
Turbo (1 year ago)
top 10 space (1 year ago)
is ARAZ ok
Ari Pg (1 year ago)
top 10 space isn't that ZARA spelled backward?
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
What's it mean?
PANMNS (1 year ago)
set video speed to 1.25
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
mick ;3 (1 year ago)
same with sports gear?
mick ;3 (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal ty dude
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+Miick same!
RamsayJFL (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+RamsayJFL which font on what specifically?
ToXiC PuBgTv (1 year ago)
you need to figure out what free means cause you have to spend money to make money. like invest. So it is not free to make a clothing line. So why don't you make a video that explains how to do it. we're maybe to go to do it how much it would all cost to do it. and etc.
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+Thomas Stouder bootleg a version of illustrator on your computer. Draw something, and upload it to teespring. There, free clothing brand. ;)
AM Productions (1 year ago)
It's Dynamite! ~JJ Evans
spookulele (1 year ago)
video slowly became more and more out of sync with audio lol. good video none the less man
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+chill32 yeah, a few of my longer vids are like that. Filming with my phone, lol.
Attila (1 year ago)
I'm wanting to start a clothing line to be paired with my music career..so basically merch but I want it to be a bit more than just simple merch ya know? I have a logo, I have graphics for each song or EP I release and I want those on different articles of clothing but I'm not sure where to start! Also, I'm trying to figure out how to up the quality of my images to be prepared for merching
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Keep hustling!
Whos Keky (1 year ago)
want my brand name to be YMK Young humble Kings
Outlaw Smint (5 months ago)
Whos Keky mines gonna be the outlaws
William Vazquez (1 year ago)
Whos Keky yo that's nice. That's a shirt I would but just cause of the name
Jamil Dowell (1 year ago)
delete ur comment b4 some1 try stealing it
ray bel (1 year ago)
Lol people probably will steal that name if you put it out like that
Willie McLaughlin (1 year ago)
How to make the name of my brand mines. How to own my name from website urls to the store.
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Watch all of our videos!
Young Bulls (1 year ago)
I'm trying to start a clothing brand but I don't have that much money?
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Did you watch all of my videos? I teach you how to do it no money.
sloxz (1 year ago)
Guys who wants to start a clothing brand with me? Serious question..
SynPacks (3 months ago)
Big Wolf (8 months ago)
I do foreal
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Do it alone. Don't wait for some stranger to help you follow a dream.
Heyitsmacauley (1 year ago)
Hey dude I remember I met you at wostock! How awesome
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Thanks for the love!
Dina Abbott (1 year ago)
Curios to learn more. Check out my thrift haul video.
Dina Abbott (1 year ago)
lol ill only marry you if you sponsor my clothing line lol... anyways i am happily married but thank you
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Gonna come propose to you! Keep up the videos. Use more tags so people can find your videos easier.
Dina Abbott (1 year ago)
thanks :) yeah i have learned a few things for my next one :)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Watched your video. You should have filmed it in landscape mode. Also, you're pretty!
Tahlia Gallegos (1 year ago)
By any chance do you know where i can go to protect my logo name so no one else can copy it ??? Please help 🙏🙏🙏
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Nate Yang (1 year ago)
Where or what site do you get your shirts made? And do you buy them in bulk and store them, or print on demand from a 3rd party like teelaunch and teechip?
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
We produce our own products. I also have a ton of videos that answer those questions.
Justin Bayani (1 year ago)
Starting a clothing brand with my pardner hopefully works out
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Good luck, we have tons of videos giving advice on the topic.
brandon Ditto (1 year ago)
please message me on fb. I really believe I have a good brand on my hands. I have some questions. - brandon ditto
brandon Ditto (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal I understand. I'll watch them
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Have you seen all of our brand videos yet? I don't answer questions, that I've made videos on. :)
Ivan Mendoza (1 year ago)
a man where can I buy t shirt from to print my logo on?
Ivan Mendoza (1 year ago)
Thanks man you cool A's hell
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Neyla Reyes (1 year ago)
I would love to do a callab
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Maybe someday! Build your brand up and get at me. :)
InfiniteSwagg3000 (1 year ago)
cool vid
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
5amTruly (1 year ago)
You know how you said the sky is the limit that's a lie when their is footprints on the moon
Saiyda Divine (8 months ago)
FurtherOptics (8 months ago)
lol logic line
Galacticsgo (9 months ago)
logics bars...
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Dick Allan (1 year ago)
I'm starting a Clothing line or T-shirt line to help veterans.
Dick Allan (1 year ago)
Well since you asked. I want to fund Veteran businesses or rather entrepreneurs. I know a lot of x soldiers that have some good idea that could possibly save lives. The t shirt idea is a chance to brand the name and idea and see where it goes. If the clothing line is successful, I have designed some tactical pants and a plate carrier which are unique but I realize product development, patterns and sizes is quite a big project. Which is another reason to start with t shirts.
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Sounds dope, how so?
Ken Calvelo (1 year ago)
Keep it up but, can you put a name on a epyon royal "KC MAR" a epyon royalty
Ken Calvelo (1 year ago)
Or KCiss - Ken Calvelo
Ken Calvelo (1 year ago)
Or KCiss - Ken Calvelo
Ken Calvelo (1 year ago)
I'm gonna name mine KC MAR
Absi (1 year ago)
Mine will be Absi
JIsoo (1 year ago)
what does it mean ? it sound so cool
Ken Calvelo (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal ikr
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Very dope!
Izzy (1 year ago)
check out my Instagram @dopeismael
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
WeAreNoEqual (1 year ago)
Love it bro
CrazyCadwell (1 year ago)
Also one thing I learned when making T-shirts and stuff is to be creative but most importantly is to do good business with your customers and give them a happy energy feeling. Sure a lot of brands have good clothing and stuff but what makes them even bigger is the business they do with their customers. Anyway good video man!
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Very true!
JOSHFROMTHE 12 (1 year ago)
i want to have a company with multiple lines under it
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Seems ambitious! :)
Stephen Osoko (1 year ago)
Thanks for all this great advice! I've got a pen and paper, taking notes while I'm listening to this. Hope your biz is doing great
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
I've got a whole playlist of great information!
This guy (1 year ago)
what website did u make the stone and wash shirts?
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
We make our own by hand
G Vertigo (1 year ago)
what about chamber or vertigo
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Depends on what they mean.
Trappingz (1 year ago)
what website do you uze to make tshirts
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Adobe Creative Cloud
Nice Video ! 👟 👜 👠 👢 👕 👖 👓 ⌚
Bob Minhas (1 year ago)
China Wholesale Golf acessories market
ig- xosaintcloud (1 year ago)
do you think I could be part of your brand? I have some great ideas. Instagram = @rxplies
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+Aka Saucy do you currently wear our apparel?
MyaLeeOfficial (1 year ago)
lOVED this video! great job!
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Love you!
Kaisha Eniwumide (1 year ago)
Thanks for this. it has been a great help. good video
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
<3 thanks for the love!
Tudortube Scar (1 year ago)
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
CVCars (1 year ago)
Please shoot me a text at a 15749033981 I'd love to get a little one one info thanks man
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Have you seen then rest of our videos on this topic? We've got a TON of info on this channel. :)
Clint Overton (1 year ago)
Love the vids, really helping
young sam (1 year ago)
is it just me or his voice no longer match the video 3:30
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+young sam nah you're right. I'm using an old camera. So once it has recorded past like 3 mins the audio becomes unsynced. 8(
AttractiveIdiot (1 year ago)
Hey how about the shipping? How do you send these clothes to the buyers? (excuse my english) thanks
AttractiveIdiot (1 year ago)
Oh okay thanks a lot
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+AttractiveIdiot they pay you for shipping fees, and you take the shirts to the post office. 8)
FxcusDesigns (1 year ago)
Can i contact you in any way?
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
+FxcusDesigns through our website contact us tab

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