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Text Comments (22430)
spung bub (2 hours ago)
How to eat your dinner zand get views at the same time........
Caydon Johnston (3 hours ago)
Why did this make me hungry lol
Assiarmy (3 hours ago)
2:50 😂
Jajaja Bzbzbznzn (4 hours ago)
Who thinks he should have reacted to dellor
Blake Webber (6 hours ago)
scarlx2k (7 hours ago)
I'm Hungry 😥
Gelep (9 hours ago)
do u have the recipe?
Max Army oh yeah yeah (9 hours ago)
Brothers send reinforcements oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
Indigo (10 hours ago)
4:11 that's Dota..
Stitch is Crazy (10 hours ago)
2013 anybody
Sinister Yet Noble (11 hours ago)
Now I want pasta...
James Anderson (12 hours ago)
Asda's 24 hours g
SpI DeX (15 hours ago)
Maria Nash (16 hours ago)
This content is still better than Logans
Jack nerf/gaming/vlogs (20 hours ago)
Just watch a fellow compilation so much salt I don’t have enough food for all the salt I get from the compilation
Lizarddafrog (20 hours ago)
3:02 listen to ksi closeley with ur eyes closed
Lizarddafrog (20 hours ago)
even better 3:38
REKT Sniper (23 hours ago)
2:02 when you notice you have a sub for the day
Ryan Li (1 day ago)
1:43 How ninja reacts when he gets killed
Poppy Is The Poppy (1 day ago)
Oh my god, KSI your laugh is so funny! :D
Epic WoodleyYT (1 day ago)
In the back round it looks like day JJ is like it's closed when really he's like in the mind I can't be bothered
ThePereyraBoyZ (1 day ago)
Buy some salt from Walmart
SLY LLJ (1 day ago)
Am I the only one that's still thinking this is not the real channel of KSI
Stefan Ward (1 day ago)
4:06 when someone said you can never be fat then your like
OH YEAH NACHUI (1 day ago)
U need some csgo salt it’s the best tasting
OH YEAH NACHUI (1 day ago)
„Das spiel is broke“ bin eh der einzigste deutsche hier greets from Germany
Drago Games (1 day ago)
When you find your colection of women and your on a desert island 2:06
ichhasse fortnite (1 day ago)
Can broke lol
Darren me (1 day ago)
Count your a cunt ksi
Zombe killer (1 day ago)
You can’t handle my salt it would kill you I’m that salty
Sorensen Matthews (1 day ago)
Sub to pewdiepie
James Pringle (1 day ago)
3:55 is the best
Celtic Fc (1 day ago)
Does anyone else feel hungry over KSI'S pasta
Jesse Handsley (1 day ago)
TESCO is open 24/7
MICole MICole (1 day ago)
Is it just me or does Ksi’s hair look like dry beef Jerkey? Lol
Ayat Safiyullah (1 day ago)
When you run out of content
AndoZADz (1 day ago)
Asda has salt and is open 24/7 :)
Domination 12 (1 day ago)
Himiko Touga (1 day ago)
4:10 "Oh some more league of legends" Dota2:the F you say to me you little Sh*t?!
King C (1 day ago)
Well we can all now confirm is bulking season
Novastarship (1 day ago)
did you put salt on your pasta like really?
Grayson Burr (1 day ago)
Marcio Destron (1 day ago)
More salt videos is too much fun 😂how about fighting games is a great pot of salt .btw nice video i love it.keep good work
chase Cathey (1 day ago)
Anybody’s else’s food taste more salty
DA HECK (1 day ago)
Jesse Byrd (1 day ago)
You sounding like a white bitch ksi lol
Game Review (1 day ago)
Ladies and gentlemen. I am hungry. KSI - 1/10/19
Roland Thomas (1 day ago)
Rip ksi’s chairs over the years
Jakob Escamilla (2 days ago)
this is a joke ksi this not true ok i was your fan since day 1 ok so here i go. how are you suposed to get salt if you dont have a kitchin i now you do have a kitchin it was all just a joke
Lukacchino (2 days ago)
I actually made noodles to watch this with you but they were too salty
Takaî (2 days ago)
0:01 just run when you here ksi say that
Alfie North (2 days ago)
He needed dellor
Oh No No (2 days ago)
00:28 Tesco is closed.... Sainsbury is closed *Broad Daylight*
Eye Catcher (2 days ago)
It seems like the pasta never ends...
Peep the ashy elbow at 2:57
svetlin dimitrov (2 days ago)
why are you doing this
Walker YT (2 days ago)
Let me tell you a secret you can use cheese
SStwins (2 days ago)
Should have watched your fortnite vid the ADAMULA (it’s really fanny get it)
limagamertv lol (2 days ago)
Wat about Asda,Edgware???
Adam Mada (2 days ago)
This just made me real hungry.
RealrocketgamerTV (2 days ago)
Seema Ahmed (2 days ago)
Sub 2 Pewdiepie
Aykut (2 days ago)
CanBroke hahahahah 2:15
RANDOM (2 days ago)
4.22 is dota idiot
Luciid MinD (2 days ago)
Liam Singh (2 days ago)
If that was deji at 7:25
Fr3ddy VF (2 days ago)
Plot twist: There was salt on the dish before the video
Prakat Grg (2 days ago)
If you want salt go to salty springs
Anna Machado (2 days ago)
6:03 he farted
Spooky Gogh (2 days ago)
So much pasta u could feed all entire Africa
Mehrun Nisa (2 days ago)
4:42 is he not that guy who forgot to turn of the stream and released some stress from his pants and the whole stream saw
TDBZ KILLERAO (2 days ago)
What is ksi eating it looks so delicious 😍😍
Hayyaan Anwar (2 days ago)
Y didnt he go to waitrose and then flex bout it????
Travis Griffiths (2 days ago)
This video made me really hungry.
Ghost Alpha (2 days ago)
why didn't you watch fortnite doller he is the ultimate rage
DaBeast 4422 (2 days ago)
At 5:08 isn’t that the guy that got caught master bating while streaming
Hamzah Jarrar (2 days ago)
He should have watched DELLOR
PreciseCsgo (3 days ago)
FBR Clan (3 days ago)
Can o get 500sub
Jamaus Bro (3 days ago)
If you’re not gay like this comment
kickassjack09 (3 days ago)
So he got thousands of dollars for eating
Fortnite_DSF (3 days ago)
When you have homework to do And mom siad why you screaming? YOU SIAD I HAVE HOMEWORK TO DO clike this 7:16 🌮🌮
Ashley Carroll (3 days ago)
3:54 guys is possessed
Sean Watkins (3 days ago)
whats the recipe for that pasta bro
Vasquez Production (3 days ago)
Bulking season
Joshua Daniels (3 days ago)
Is JJ white? Cuz he seems to need alot of salt
MOSTER MAN (3 days ago)
JJ’s laugh makes my day
I suck pls help (3 days ago)
Ansel Rowan (3 days ago)
Minus the baiking
Sirisaac Jones (3 days ago)
1:44 what is wrong with him
Zeminem123 (4 days ago)
This is more of an asmr 🤣🤣
Cadillac Black (4 days ago)
Check out my beerus remix. ITS GAS
Alex MC (4 days ago)
This man just had lunch in front of us😂 amazing video
Gab Maz (4 days ago)
Your pasta actually looks fucking delicous
TvXzS (4 days ago)
Dude I Really Love U ❤️ uMake Me Love When U Happy Whrn Ninja Angry😂😂😂
SennEz (4 days ago)
Cobrica (4 days ago)
Ilike Gfuel (4 days ago)
8:02 wasn't even funny
Soda007100 (4 days ago)
Why yo elbow so ashy
5c10n Fr3qu3ncy (4 days ago)
4:11 thats not lol thats dota 2 i think cuz lol has no trees yeah i play lol
No salt.....ok Use Sugar

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