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How to: KOREAN 10 Step Skincare Routine | Glass Skin

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Text Comments (950)
Indurani Byju (4 hours ago)
I just over watch your video I don't know why maybe because it's so satsfying
Carol Socorro (1 day ago)
I can't commit.... =[
crescenthero (1 day ago)
Does anyone see $$$$$$?
Virgil Sanders (1 day ago)
I love Korea
Victoria Ma (1 day ago)
Dermatologist and beauticians do NOT recommend using FACE WIPES EVERYDAY. They say minimise use as much as possible as it strips your skin and is harsh and probably does more harm than good. They rather you use wipes only to replace those rare nights where u rather go to sleep with makeup on.
Patil Preksha (2 days ago)
When I have to apply it daily???ya weekly and in morning or at night..??
Jonelle85 (2 days ago)
Wonderful video!!!
ZACES (3 days ago)
If you have really bad acne like pimples and such, all you really need is a ‘Benzoyl Peroxide’ cleanser based product and moisturizer. For moisturizing skin, you just need Cetaphil. Everyone’s skin is different but if we’re talking about mainly acne and pimples, pls get a Benzoyl Peroxide based product, and I’m pretty sure every doctor prescribes you that anyway.
Eswari Eshu (4 days ago)
Do I have to do this routine twice a day like morning and night????
Mr Bubble (3 days ago)
+Eswari Eshu you're very welcome ;3
Eswari Eshu (3 days ago)
+Mr Bubble thank you
Mr Bubble (3 days ago)
Yes, the only difference is that at night you use a mask as the last step and in the morning it's sunscreen (race doesn't matter, sun protection is really important for all of us).
ATKT Channel (6 days ago)
Miss. May
ATKT Channel (6 days ago)
Miss. May. Your sister. Kim
Krutika Kids World (9 days ago)
Lizzy dope Fans (10 days ago)
you should tell where can we find those things
L T (11 days ago)
I don’t know if it’s just me but I cleanse and sometimes exfoliate in the shower
Alexandra Nagy (48 minutes ago)
Not ok. That's when your pores are more opened then ever because of the steam.
M Soh (3 days ago)
lakshmi prajapati (11 days ago)
Oh my god these many creams.... If you want to go out nearly 1 hour before only you have to start ready🤣😋😳
beauty for u (10 days ago)
lakshmi prajapati hahaha
amrozia shahid (11 days ago)
did we need to use all the producut before sleep every night
Raihan Roselan (11 days ago)
So its a ten steps korean skincares? I do this evryday
One in a kind Baby (12 days ago)
I am here cause I want glass skin.My skin is already good and people say I have baby face and it glows.But lalely as I become adult I use make up and stuffs and I'm afraid that my skin will ruin.Actually till now my skinroutine step only have two steps.First step is make up remover and second is I use Johnson's baby cream..Mostly I use baby products for head to toe.Now I'm here cause lately my skin is acting weird Gonna use all the products you recommend gurl Love u.Always supporting❤❤❤
Nishanth Kumar (12 days ago)
Dermatique is best skin care hospital in Banjara Hills and an exclusive place for a wide range of services and treatments for skin, hair, nails, laser treatment, hair transplantation etc. The methods are performed by highly skilled professionals in a safe and effective result are seen.
고고고한빈아 (13 days ago)
Is it ok for teenagers to use eyecream?
KPOPPER Tkkz (8 days ago)
I was asking the same qs
Kani Poly (15 days ago)
Do you use the same towel?
Ma Hi Rah (20 days ago)
The skincare routine that i should trust is korea
Divya shukla (21 days ago)
Step 1: have korean genes:)
Wu Tan (1 day ago)
Eat Korean food !
swarnikka srivastava (7 days ago)
beauty for u (10 days ago)
Divya shukla yeah hahaha hahaha
Celestione 16 (23 days ago)
Hahaha i have more wrinkles than she does, and I’m only 18🙃
Tow times awake 😂 lol
Thank you! I'm not bragging but i have a clear skin but has many small bumps
Raveena Chauhan (22 days ago)
M too could u get any cream for this
Prodroidy (23 days ago)
BTS poTAEto (24 days ago)
Im 14, with small pimples on my forehead, dry small flakey skin on my nose and cheeks, blackheads and small pimples on my chin, broke af, but wants to do this skincare routine. What do i do?
Evgenia Knyazeva (24 days ago)
After I started this every day my nose became very oily 😱 why?
_ SInner (14 hours ago)
Too much product on your face might be.
Revathi Manibalan (24 days ago)
Where i can get this products
Chrissy Kuchiki (24 days ago)
Question: You wash your face with water after each step? Also I dont get after which steps you let your face dry before you go to the next one.
_ SInner (14 hours ago)
Only the first 3 steps that required washing. As its to cleanse , facial wash and exfoliating. You can just pat it dry as it will be faster and there is when she patted dry her face and continue to the toner step and more.
Jelsi Official (25 days ago)
this skincare must be apply one way?
Niru Vasu (26 days ago)
Can this be done on every day?
_ SInner (14 hours ago)
Suitable for daily night routine. :^)
Atomy Lovers (27 days ago)
Jem Anne Sangalang (1 month ago)
Welcome breakouts 😂
Patsy (1 month ago)
If anyone can give me some advice, It would be lovely. I’ve been doing this routine for about a month now and I’ve done it in the morning and before bed. Is this okay? Or should I only do it once a day? Thank you for the help :>
_ SInner (14 hours ago)
Its okay for sure, well depends on your skin condition I would said. Her routine doesn't suits me as I got oily skin, applying that much of thingy I would get super oily and breakouts. Normally it would be best for not applying more than 3-4 products on your face as your skin needs to breath too. Besides depends on your country, as my country is always summer that routine will melt me off lol. Clog my pores for sure. I usually only go for Morning : Wash - toner - serum - emulsion - SPF - Makeup. Night : Wash - serum - mask (daily hydrating) - toner - emulsion - eye cream - lip balm .
FLASH BACK (1 month ago)
To look healthy u your face eat more fruits and vegetables 🤗 and apply it on your face too
Shetoni Swu (1 month ago)
Is your skin type dry ,oily or combination??
Margaryta Da Silva (1 month ago)
Thank you for the step by step video. I hope one day I can try 10 steps routine as well.
Zette Addamo (1 month ago)
So informative. Love it
Anastacia Romanov (1 month ago)
I don’t wear make up every day. Should I skip to the second step ?
Jiba Curlzzz (1 month ago)
how to get glass skin ? just having glass skin by nature
Kavya Ganesh (1 month ago)
Is this routine okay for combination skin?
KaseiHime (21 days ago)
Kavya Ganesh this routine is catered towards her skin concerns. I have combo skin and I use the etude house cream and the cosrx power pore toner. So some things may be ok for combo skin! :)
We have the same towels
Kenけん (1 month ago)
there is no way i am doing 10 steps in the morning its too heavy and time consuming tbh
cunka zlatic (1 month ago)
I think it's not good to let toner to dries out before putting an essence.
Angel32 (1 month ago)
Wow! Ur skin is beautiful! <3
Noor Shafeekah (1 month ago)
I have been following your 10 steps Korean skincare routine for 4 days already and I can notice some changes. My face is a lot clearer with no breakouts. The only sad thing is I couldn't find the cosrx essence that you used. Instead I am using SK II Facial Treatment Essence. Otherwise, everything else is working well. Thank you for doing up this video. It has been a great help to me (:
XxnoyexX x (1 month ago)
how old r u?
Sofa Intan (1 month ago)
How old are you btw?
TaeTae Addict (1 month ago)
The oil cleanser’s name reminded me of yoongi’s InFrIReS
Rose Chan (1 month ago)
That’s a lot because I’m still a teen I’m broke as well so lol 😂
_ SInner (14 hours ago)
All you need to do is Wash > Mask > Toner ! Your skin are still young :) Don't overburden it. Using hydrating mask everyday is good too, whitening would be suggested twice a week.
chunax sam (1 month ago)
Lorena Alvarado (1 month ago)
Girl you be funny
Nitu Ram (1 month ago)
Omg..u r so beautiful..but i am not use these products..i am already improved my skin a lot...daily take 8 glass water..2 times face wash..for make up remover i use coconut oil..and for toner biotique cocumber is the best one..and for moisturizer i use pure alovera gel from plant..and once a week i use the face shop rice masksheet....now i have no pimples and my some dark spots are going faded..iam so happy
MorningGloryy (1 month ago)
Is this considered glass skin?? Imo her skin is in a really good condition ngl, but not "glass" skin :/
Fishagrams环球日记 (1 month ago)
Hi, Kim. Thanks you for sharing this useful routine. You are so beautiful no matter with or without makeup. May i ask, do you do this routine everyday twice ( before going out and before bed) or only recommend once ?
Pekham Nath (1 month ago)
I got tired even by watching this video. I gave up at 4min. 😪
Joey Rogers (1 month ago)
She's so pretty...
Sidhant Gothankar (1 month ago)
These common #habits can be damaging to your #skin http://www.mymedicalmantra.com/these-common-habits-can-be-damaging-to-your-skin/
kalva anithakumari (1 month ago)
In Winter Peoples are suffering from different skin and hair problems mainly. Dry skin, hair loss, dandruff, and acne etc are most commonly seen. now don’t worry now let us cut down that age barrier you can achieve that young looking skin and hair with dermatique.
paaari banu (1 month ago)
I use ostrich oil and its work's for me and every week go to beauty salons for parafin therapy
Dance Monster (1 month ago)
You're so pretty!😍💜
A little weird alien (1 month ago)
Ollah kenti (1 month ago)
I love it,nic vedio... but m lill concern cus imma gonna take all day long cleaning my face...just saying cus tat is gonna take long... But I would like to do and have a skin like you tough💖💖
huzaymah hasan (1 month ago)
Can it apply to sensitive skin?
Mena khan Mena Khan (1 month ago)
Can oily skin use that oil
Harshada Sangolkar (1 month ago)
You didn't show how ur skin looked b4 using this routine ,I mean you could have showed an earlier picture without the technique and afters days of using the Korean products like 20 - 30 days . So we could have got a series of results b4 us
Drusilla Ugolini (1 month ago)
You look so gorgeous, all these tips were very useful. I'm subscribing. Well done! <3
Patricia HD (1 month ago)
Hi! please explain the correlation between algae and hair benefits and how to consume it = thanksss!!!
Naughty Princess (1 month ago)
pls reply..it should be applied st night or before going outside
KaseiHime (21 days ago)
Naughty Princess it depends. You should do the routine twice a day, once in the morning before you go out, then once before you go to bed.
Insha (1 month ago)
Gosh, I don't see much difference tbf, considering how much effort you put into the skincare routine..
Insha (3 days ago)
drar dada her skin was good to begin with, I didn't see gradual change. Btw, idk if I'm gonna be alive in the next minute let alone 10 years! Just embrace the process of aging and be happy...
drar dada (5 days ago)
Insha after 10 years u will see the difference
SEHRISH IQBAL (1 month ago)
Pls share hand and foot care
jung KooK (1 month ago)
اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد العربيه الوحيده تقريبا
Pashnea19 (1 month ago)
Omg, that's a ritu every day? I will be soo late at work.
Shreya Khanna (1 month ago)
For pimples what should i use?
Edward Pavia Carlos (1 month ago)
What is the name of this product?
Lucky Debbarma (1 month ago)
Can anyone recommend me good whitening lotion?
Lucky Debbarma (1 month ago)
All those products are fucking expensive in india
Crimson Red (1 month ago)
I don't think I will put make up in the morning when my face is very clean.
kpopcultleader (1 month ago)
If a product has a "brightening effect" does that mean it bleaches/whitens your skin tone? bc I'm just trying to get smoother, healthier skin and not lose my freckles or end up with a discolored face 😕
Sara X (1 month ago)
I just but a healthy daily face scrub, keep my skin clean always and moisturise
Arron Justin (1 month ago)
Tried it also and I think it’s working! I made an awkward video if you’re curious! 😸
Jessie Reidman (1 month ago)
I cleanse once, exfoliate twice a week, toner, and moisturize. I have dry, sensitive skin so definitely may need to add like a serum, essence and facial mask in routine as well as like the sleep cream.
Argiope Trifasciata (1 month ago)
Her face is white now but her neck still has her natural skin tone :|
Niru Vasu (1 month ago)
Can this step be done every morning?
unknown Gray (1 month ago)
Johnson's baby ki.jai.ho🤭✔
Lydiaaa (1 month ago)
My grandma used one product her entire life and still has great, clear skin. So this “glass” skin trend seems a bit excessive? Clear, smooth skin is genetic too. Some people can never get “glass” skin because of their genes.
Kayal Mohanadas (1 month ago)
That's really not true, yes good skin can be genetic. But "bad" skin that's genetic is changeable.
Heloiza Masaoka (1 month ago)
Wait. You do this at night AND morning???? I barely have time to swallow my breakfast and wash it down with coffee.
Indy D (1 month ago)
She's got great skin, but this looks expensive. There are 11 different products to buy ( the first 9 products, then the spf and the night mask). How much do people spend on this?
Jiaqi Tan (15 days ago)
There’s a hydration pack in Sephora from laneige that provides all of this except for oil cleanser, serum, and eye cream but I recommend it it’s really good it’s only $25
Monique Sutton (18 days ago)
Amulia just found out about sokoglam like the website!
Monique Sutton (18 days ago)
Try Ebay. I used a Mamonde product in Korea and loved it. Not sure about price comparision, but Sephora carry Laneige and IOPE, Ulta carries Mamonde. Ebay has it all but majority comes for Korean so you have to wait the wait, but the sellers do offer sample sizes. I received some of the Etude sample kit for 7.99 that contain the 2 products she had and my full size authentic brand new Mamonde Products! Also try the method with products you love. Mix and match to your liking items from Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or even the Dollar store!!! Example: Cerave cleanser, dove soap cleanser or biore baking soda cleanser, witch-hazel toner or a spray mist Garnier Skinactive, Estee lauder soft and clear as an essence (love that stuff), Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel (also love and a little goes a long way) or Ponds cream. Biore and Garnier have sheet masks too! There you have it!
Amulia (25 days ago)
+Insha I switch between Masksheets and Sokoglam. I buy on who ever have the lowest price or when they have a sale ( or use coupon code). I buy all most facial Masksheets on Masksheet because the price on the sheets are $1 $2 (sale.) Sometime they have an offer for $10/per box and depends on the brand, each box have 10 sheets. Basically a much cheaper price from the original price. For example, I used the Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm original. Soko Glam sell it at the price $19. Masksheet on the other hand have a sale rn, at the price of $17. https://www.masksheets.com/ https://sokoglam.com/ Where do you buy yours?
Insha (25 days ago)
+Amulia if you dont mind me asking, where did you get the products from?
anityy (1 month ago)
Wow, you're reallllyy pretty without make up and you have a beautiful skin tbh. So jelly!!
Sophia On Cloud Nine (1 month ago)
She reminds me of akidearest
Smiling Kitty (2 months ago)
Omg I cannot stop laughing In the mask XD nuuu am I allowed to laugh ?
KpopAddict (2 months ago)
Does it work for men also?
Everyday Life (2 months ago)
Glossy skin in 5 minutes: Korean beauty secret.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjkIgzk1C6k
Sarika Laxman (2 months ago)
Should we follow ths steps everyday
dilara (9 days ago)
Lovely Ocampo (2 months ago)
Where can we buy these products?
gsooo1 (2 months ago)
Hi .I wanted to ask you is it necessary to use "foam" wash or can I use any face wash?
Cynthia Macaringue (2 months ago)
E eryone in the comments is complaining so much... if you make this a daily routine, it wont hurt, I do it once a day only it begins in the shower & i choose one day in the weekend to pamper my whole body. Your skin will thank you, you wont see it as a bother but as a necessity and it keeps aging away!!!!
urvashee noruttun (2 months ago)
We do not have to wash after applying face mask?
_ SInner (14 hours ago)
Depends. Some mask does instruct you to wash or not. But if you don't like it, wipe the extra with a cotton pad damped with toner. :^)
Sunshine (2 months ago)
I thought she was late 20’s or thirty. Maybe cause I’m also that age I can tell people’s age more easily

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