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How to: KOREAN 10 Step Skincare Routine | Glass Skin

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Text Comments (401)
psholic (14 hours ago)
You literally have the most flawless skin!! so jealous!
Krizie (18 hours ago)
This takes too much time :(
orked Asia (23 hours ago)
how old are u? ur skin look young..
Infires man (1 day ago)
Well this still work if u have black heads and pores?please I need answers😬🙏
Nadia luqiana (1 day ago)
That almost $300 worth beauty product :")
fleurdesoile flow (2 days ago)
Dose she bleach her skin
alexa marsh (2 days ago)
Your eyes are brown. ❤️❤️❤️ I was actually waiting for the ampoule part but thanks for these steps.
piya2025 (3 days ago)
Do you recommend this routine for normal to oily (combined) scene?
Joanette Lopez (4 days ago)
don't forget to include your neck in your beauty routine
stitch (4 days ago)
she’s so cute w/o makeup
Rosy Cheeks (4 days ago)
So soothing great video!
dew kc (5 days ago)
Beautiful to watch ur videos...background music .....very peaceful.....
Shanley Valenzuela (5 days ago)
If you dont use make up can you only cleanse once?
Little Angel (5 days ago)
This Korean skincare routine is suitable for sensitive acne prone skin
Renee Harrilal (5 days ago)
Just subscribed 🤗
Tanja1663 (5 days ago)
Who has that much Money for so many Products?? ..omg. ... 😂😂 I definitely don't have that much Money ....
Confuzed Owl (6 days ago)
Gotta try this.
#joy forever (8 days ago)
Lovely😍 can i get all these products in india
Rendezvous (9 days ago)
Does it work with delicate skin?
akanksha baliyan (9 days ago)
oil cleansing gave me whiteheads
Pryanshi Vashisht (9 days ago)
question....... She applied toner using her hands Shouldn't we use a cotton pad?????
Pryanshi Vashisht (6 days ago)
Nadya Suii Oh I didn't knew this Thnx 😊
Nadya Suii (6 days ago)
Pryanshi Vashisht bcause if u use cotton pad, toner will be waste on cotton pad
chishi Toni (10 days ago)
Thank you so much for the video ♥ I have a question, for a very long time i've been searching and reading the reviews of some K-products but i've been confused if it will actually work for my skin. Because most of the products doesn't work on my skin. I have blackheads issues. I've been trying Scrubs and strips but it doesn't work on me. So i want a suggestion on what to use for my blackheads and unclog my giant pores and tigthen my pores. And yes, i've a oily skin.
Hailey V (11 days ago)
What age should I start doing this I am 10 year old what now and I am starting to get acne my skin is getting dry it dead skin of my lips can I start doing this at 10?
hyunwoo pickaxe (11 days ago)
I'm not Korean...can I still do this?
Easko chiu (11 days ago)
Ribet poll
Isabella Lee (11 days ago)
Lets take green tea.......... Ha ha
Vira (12 days ago)
I have a question. Do we have to do this in the morning as well?
Nadya Suii (6 days ago)
Vira if moring u use sunscreen on last step. At night u use sleeping mask
Nadya Suii (6 days ago)
Vira yes.
Lucy Stubbs (13 days ago)
Does it work for oily skin ?
Ey Ma (14 days ago)
i wonder what if i don't use makeup did i need to skip oil-clenser or just use it. cuz i did lot of work at home and i don't use makeup so much.
Blue Raven Tales (14 days ago)
I have glass skin and that is what I do and have been doing it for years. I make a paste with bicarb soda and gently wash my face with it twice a day, morning and night. After washing I apply rosewater to my skin as a toner then I moisturize my face. At night, after washing my face with bicarb, I mix rice flour with vinegar, gently massage my face with it and then leave it on my skin until dry, then I rinse it thoroughly with cold water and I apply rosewater to my face and a light moisturizer to my face. I have got a flawless glass skin and everyone complements me on my skin. I hardly wear makeup.
Ultrasonic sounds (16 days ago)
Can you tell me how to bleach my skin/face? 😓
Reds Byrd (17 days ago)
When doing this do you wash your face once or twice a day?
Divine Shelton (18 days ago)
Beautiful 😍
QueenApple (18 days ago)
Damn I am tired. Lol I do these step everyday and honestly if anything I am annoyed by the required steps.
Mistah Mew (20 days ago)
the background music sounds sad
Divine Grace Mercado (21 days ago)
Can you please type all your products name? ☺☺please
Akmialra A (21 days ago)
How old r u?
samnang Toshio (22 days ago)
this is really perfect routine for me.
Iman Guis (22 days ago)
Is oil Cleansing still necessary if you don’t ware make up??
Iman Guis (9 days ago)
seulgibear thnx for awnsering!
seulgibear (15 days ago)
Iman Guis yes. It helps to remove all the dirty dust from your face. Im sorry i dont know the exact word to use. For me, instead of using cleansing oil, you can also use micellar water since i dont really wear make up. Sorry if my english is bad
You sound kinda like Kyutie. Anyone agrees. No? Okay.
John jyr Smith (23 days ago)
Thanks for this video. Is it better or same as Etude House Wonder pore skincare routine products ? I use this routine : 1 = Real art cleansing oil, 2 = Deep foaming cleanser, 3 = Freshner, 4 = Tightening essence, 5 = Clearing emulsion, 6 = some differents serum/ampoule , 7 = Balancing cream (sometimes I use other cream like BB/collagen cream,) , 8 = Eyes cream, 9 = Sun cream. I use also 2-3 time a week black sugar/charcoal soap. Every night I use also snail mask from Etude House and or Natural Republic + night collagen sleeping cream. I'm 43 years old guy, oily/mix skin with some acne scare cause I was bad with my skin when was young haha.
Kylie1651 (24 days ago)
Does this really work and how often should I do the steps?
Jessica Soruco (24 days ago)
I have a question, do you use the sheet mask at day or at night?
morganezi (24 days ago)
OMG just amazing, thx 4 the video
Ez LeapnBuy (25 days ago)
Oh nice video. I love this korean company - http://beautyskin.dealsnow.fun/product/how-beautytap-can-make-you-look-korean/ - check them out for korean makeup, skincare.
Vazilia MM (27 days ago)
Litlle to much beg skin need to diet too...give your skin breathe
Roxanne Marie (28 days ago)
do u have to do the double cleansing if you're not wearing make up?
Crussial Mind (29 days ago)
I want to try this , but do we need to do this 10 step everyday ? Ans please 😊
Wafa Hussain (1 month ago)
How often do you exfoliate your face?
김민석 (1 month ago)
Is it only me or does she really look like Jeno from NCT?
Melody Liu (1 month ago)
Oil cleanser (attaches to face oil for better cleaning) water cleanser exfoliator (twice a week at most) toner (balances pH level) essence serum (target personal issues) mask (to absorb the previous) eye cream (prevent wrinkles) moisturiser Sleeping mask or sunscreen
jorge paderna (2 days ago)
essence is like mist? or what it is
Empirooo Ant (4 days ago)
Melody Liu thanks im about to write it down but i read your comment u are my saviour
BonjourBooks (1 month ago)
Watching this just after putting on sheet mask 哈哈哈
판다손재연 (1 month ago)
How to have a glass skin nowadays= MONEY! It's all about money! You can't buy the products if you don't have money...
stphny Brjj (1 month ago)
don’t u have headband lol 😅i love the products that you used !! i’ll absolutely buy it all ❤️
Dzuvenielu vese (1 month ago)
From wr can I get dos products.....Im from india
Samad Raja (1 month ago)
If u use this much products ur skin surely get younger and nice😏
Molly R McInerney (1 month ago)
When you mentioned using the eye cream for aging I was like wait she isn’t like 18 ?! You look so young I have to know how old you are 😳!!! & thank you for this video I want to start doing this skin care routine. The only thing I’m missing is the essence
malek ben lakhoua (1 month ago)
Do you do this twice a day?? Also do I have to use Korean products?? Because not all of them are available or they're not compatible with my skin for some reason or I just prefer using some products that I'm used to and trust... And do I use an oil cleanser even if my skin is super oily?? Because I once tried it and after using a foam cleanser it was still oily and I had to re-apply the foam cleanser for longer before my skin wasn't shining in the dark. And for moisturizer, is whatever kind okay? Actually, in general, is whatever kind of any of these products okay? Like do they have to be of the same brand or same line for it to be super effective?? I'm sorry I asked if I asked too many questions.
Beautiful Elena (1 month ago)
I Love your skin.wonderful video. We have the same night beauty care routine🙌. I love your video 😍
MUSIC OF LIFE TV (1 month ago)
đẹp quá e ơi
misty anderson (1 month ago)
Do you do it at morning and night? Like twice a day or just once?
Alicia Ncls (1 month ago)
what's the song?
Kp Kijsanayotin (1 month ago)
U look so good and young without makeup!
Kiera Hohne (1 month ago)
I don’t fancy snail on my face.
Kiki Kania (1 month ago)
morning or night?
t h y r a (1 month ago)
I have some questions... Could you answer them?? 1. Can i use this only when Im going to bed or do i have to put it on in the mornings too? 2. Can the routine be used by teens?? 3. Do i have to use those face masks, or can i use others? (I will use sheet mask, But not the exact one you are using)
Brock Pate (1 month ago)
https://www.instagram.com/glossguidebook follow for awesome skin care product breakdowns!
Kiera Hohne (1 month ago)
I watched another video about skin care and they said that when applying the skin care products you go from lighter products to heavier products. Because if you put the heavier products on first, they don’t absorb the other products. FYI
Hannah Hauhnar (9 days ago)
Kiera Hohne o
Joanne Charles (1 month ago)
What music are you using? This video was great!
3 dollar chainz (1 month ago)
Can teenagers do this ?
An Vu (1 month ago)
how many times do we have to use this routine per day? Morning or before bed?
Julie Delafontaine (1 month ago)
Imraatul Husniah (1 month ago)
Do you use this step twice a day?
RR SHIPPING Line (1 month ago)
hello.I m from Bangladesh... how many times should I repeat this process for a day? or once in a week??? o. every day????? should I use ampoule or essence
Kaneki Is Dead (1 month ago)
Dead Pool (1 month ago)
Can i substitute the Cosrx snail essence to Cosrx black head power liquid?
Aurore Pélerin (1 month ago)
Okay so I just have one question and please I need an answer, HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO APPLY ANY TYPE OF FOUNDATION AFTER ALL THESE LAYERS???? I have the same skincare routine with as many steps as her and my foundation looks absolutely horrible when I try to apply it! Seriously please anybody help me I'm giving up 😭😭😭
Mia Zara (1 month ago)
You got nice eyes there its seems to glowing 😀
Yna Sodoy (1 month ago)
I have a question that I'm pondering for a while now (hope you can take a look if you have the time!), how long must the interval is in applying each product? Thank you and always will be looking forward to your videos! xoxo
DhaNyeLa F (1 month ago)
it also works for me ! i began in marc and now i have awesome skin
Sheetal Pable (1 month ago)
Better to go parlour...
Sheetal Pable (1 month ago)
Who have this much is time to do all these things????
Verum Absoluta (1 month ago)
I use water then soap then water again and finally a towel and it all work well 😂😂😂
Huma Rehan (1 month ago)
What is your skin tone?
Cliodna Druides (1 month ago)
I dunno why ? But i just saw edvasian channel. He is a boy... And his skin is more crystal clear than her... So uhmm... Well... This is good too.
Tipsy Lipsy94 (1 month ago)
I thank you seriously so much for this. I have horrible combination skin and I’ve been struggling for over 10 years on what to do. I’m going to try all these tips and take pics and hopefully I’ll have positive results! I will definitely send people your way if they have the same struggles I do! 💜
Laxmi Mudikonda (1 month ago)
Let us all eat fruits and get glowing skin, actually it is much easier to eat and get glowing skin than following this lengthy procedure. I think how can skin bear all these products at a time
Chi Mai Asha (1 month ago)
You look pretty without makeup!
Korean Talkies (2 months ago)
The products she mentioned are so expensive . Total cost is about $220.5 gosh and we have to do this for 1 month. Aisshhh I hope I become rich in future. At present if I ask my mum to purchase these products only for face she'll throw me out of house.Literally she'll kick my ass off -_- But yeah i liked ur video <3 GOD PLEASE MAKE ME RICH _/\_ _/\_
Chunji천지 (2 months ago)
Hey guys I juz wanna ask if dis is very save for super sensitive skin cuz liek I wanna try it but I dun dare 😂😂
t h y r a (2 months ago)
Is this an ideal routine for teens?
Alexa TheUnicorn (2 months ago)
If you're younger (according to my mom) but still want to get a glassy skin effect, wash your face once with a milk cleanser, then with a gel (or just use gel if you only want to cleanse once), then use toner, rub in some essence and use some moisturiser, your skin will look really radiant and glowy after that 😊
lavi sharma (2 months ago)
Hey can we make essence at home.. Any DIY for it?
Nicola Diaz (2 months ago)
I think you look younger without makeup than with makeup. You look like a student without makeup.
Karina Campos (2 months ago)
Hi! Where can I buy seoul ceulticals products here in Seoul??
manisha surisetty (2 months ago)
Shud we wash our face aftr evry step??? Sumone tell me
Kimheang Yean (2 months ago)
Hello, First of all thank u for sharing ur routine. I really love your skin. Secondly, can u tell me which brand product is better than between La Neige and Innisfree? I saw in ur video that u use 3 brands products together in ur routine but I’m afraid it doesn’t work for my face so I prefer to use only one brand. So can u recommend me between La Neige and Innisfree ? I’m looking forward to see ur reply. Thank u 😍😘
CatArena (2 months ago)
I feel like THIS is the makeup/beauty trend western girls should follow. Korean glass skin: 80% skin care, including good nutrition. 20% oil and foundation. Done. Western beauty: 10% skin care 90% primer, foundation, highlight/contour, baking, ANOTHER layer of fucking highlighting and contouring, but in powder form, glimmer highlighter, setting spray...
Red Kujo (2 months ago)
CatArena the western version of skin care is using a wipe to get the makeup off
Amar Gaan (2 months ago)
Is it good for teenager??
Ryan Boyce (1 month ago)
Amar Gaan yes
Kumudha Rangarajan (2 months ago)
Hi!! you really look pretty. I just wanted to know to what type of skin this works well and approx what is the time consuming?

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