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How to: KOREAN 10 Step Skincare Routine | Glass Skin

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Text Comments (714)
Yari Molina (13 hours ago)
After doing the steps at night, what steps you take for next morning?
Manasa G S (14 hours ago)
Can u review innisfree products?
Carol 0428 (19 hours ago)
that's great but whose got time for this?
Carolina REYES (1 day ago)
Is this suitable for teens?
Ferry Anolin (1 day ago)
Love Innisfree products
Dolphy Bhosle (2 days ago)
please tell how its for day and night both??
adrienette lady noir (3 days ago)
Yeeet I don't have that much thing and moneyh... Better stick to old cleanser and aloe Vera..
Jessica Charis E (4 days ago)
Thank youuu this is very helpful 💕
skin care (4 days ago)
What can we say about America's Next Top Model winner and fan favourite Lisa D'Amato other than 'she's awesome'? www.kollagenintensiv.com/ct/489022
aasigraa (5 days ago)
And here I am washing my face with an olive bar soap, use rose water as toner and smashing some argan oil to moisturize 😂😂. I need to step up the game!
Sarika Srk (5 days ago)
10 products is too mch😥
24internet rat (6 days ago)
Very well made video with actual information
Gina Cheng (6 days ago)
What’s black sugar?
min yoongi (6 days ago)
I dont wear make-up :/ do i still need the oil cleanser or can i just skip that step?
Razia Ahmed (6 days ago)
Products r which type of skin???
Don't forget your sunscreen before going out. The most important step beside moisturizer 😊
ek sftr (8 days ago)
shruti bani (9 days ago)
Hi kim r u so beautiful..😍 my skin is oily can i use cleansing oil?
Marjorie Myers (9 days ago)
Is look like to much in your face
Marjorie Myers (9 days ago)
Do you really need to put all that product every single day
Sailormoon Lily (9 days ago)
Ok so basically I’ve been doing this for almost 2 weeks now... Info bout my skin: It’s a combination of dry and oily but mostly dry. These were the products I used (some are drugstore): 1.clinque facial soap mild (cleanser 1) 2. Neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser (cleanser 2) 3. St.ives mixing bar either Guava Tangerine or Watermelon (only use this once a week) 4. Biore Charcoal whipped purifying detox mask (I use this 2 to 3 times a week) 5. John master organics Aloe toning mist (I think because some of the label has came off) 6. I ran out but some of those hydrating face masks (I forgot where they are from sorry :( ) 7. Clinque clarifying lotion (step 2) 8. Any pimple cream I have (either from target or Andalou naturals blemish banishing gel) 9. Clinque dramatically different moisturizing gel The results: the results... ARE AMAZING!!! I don’t have really bad skin but I have pimples and it was mostly red. Now I have only one or two pimples, my redness has mostly gone away, but the only thing is I still have blackheads. I’m only about 14 so I don’t really need some of that other stuff but it’s never been this clear since I was about 10 or 9. I definitely recommend this and you do not need expensive skin care! (Even tho Clinque is expensive my Dads gf works at Sephora and they own it so she gets a discount) you can do this with any skin products that work for you! Just make sure you have two cleansers, face masks, toner, serum (which I need), pimple cream and moisturizer!
Brandy Yolidio (9 days ago)
Maybe use metal spatulas to retrieve the product, we should not continuously dip our bacteria caked fingers in our products
Brandy Yolidio (10 days ago)
You have beautiful hands
Bella Sm (10 days ago)
Can i skip some product that i don't need to use it every day?? and which one is it??
AMI DAAVE (10 days ago)
Where can we get these products in canada ?
Manvi Gaur (10 days ago)
Love ❤😘
sheyashi dutta (11 days ago)
Is this for combination skin?
Witty Vixen (11 days ago)
I use a face wash, toner, essence, serum and moisturizer. I sometimes use face masks. My skin can be combination but mostly dry. I love using hydrating products especially Korean products because I love the glass skin look 😍
Witty Vixen (11 days ago)
I was just wondering why she didn’t put any on her neck. My neck has some lines and I now never forget to include it in all my skincare.
Emma Sophia (12 days ago)
When all I have is the Neutragina oil free cleanser and the ponds moisturizer 🧴
That FANGIRL (12 days ago)
Can i switch the toner with aloe vera gel
kehakasha'n Hasan (12 days ago)
My skin breakouts with so many products..done that been there
2:59 Jungkook
army van (13 days ago)
Does this get rid of acne?
Natalie Rostran (13 days ago)
I have a small question, do you do this at night or in the morning? Thank You!
nur fariah (14 days ago)
2019 anyone??
Lulu Daniels (14 days ago)
You are so gorgeous!!!
october october (14 days ago)
how old are you?
queeddity (15 days ago)
No one can follow a basic exercise routine, what more for 10 steps skincare routine that takes more money and time (you have to set them) Good luck, Ladies! Stay pretty! 💕
iiGalexy Angelii (17 days ago)
everyone.....please go check out farah dukhai becuase ive tried some of the masks she does and theyve helped soo much. they work for all skin types and if you take meringue and use that as a face mask it will give you litteral glass skin(from daily use)
Lynette Carter (17 days ago)
I don't understand still.. Where am I meant to get all this stuff from? And how much roughly? I don't mean like the actual products you used but for example when you say sleeping mask can you use something like nívea night cream? Help me please I'm so stuck!
shabnam A (19 days ago)
so much to do
Oluwasola Adu (19 days ago)
Your nails are goals apart from ur face
Sosic (20 days ago)
what song was used in this? so zen
Virgil Sanders (20 days ago)
Wow you are so beautiful I will totally try these
that's the tae sisters (22 days ago)
*idek everything is so expensive. i can't even afford to go to the 99 cent store most of the time.*
You did not change at all lol
Fammy Bai (22 days ago)
Ook....so, how old is this chick?
kon (23 days ago)
Sa korea glass skin sa pilipinas oily skin... shiny agtang😂
Dorothy Fidler (23 days ago)
Looooove the background music!
Ayoushi Gupta (23 days ago)
So nice.. I will also follow ..😘
Black Panther (23 days ago)
BTS' army here! gamerZ (23 days ago)
Namjoons Onion (24 days ago)
1:18 tell me why I read that as Infires
Naruto Otaku (1 day ago)
Multi. Fandom (9 days ago)
me too😂
I fucking love life ! (11 days ago)
Army 🙋🏼‍♀️😂
Mukeesa (12 days ago)
Bc your army
Sa Ga (17 days ago)
Suga infires man
Thimeesha De Zilva (26 days ago)
I was wondering, does it have to be a sheet mask or does any kind of mask work?
Bashida Lyngdoh (26 days ago)
And while putting on a face mask you're doing it wrong, pull up the mask not downwards😁
Bashida Lyngdoh (26 days ago)
All these products cost me my whole month salary😰
Bashida Lyngdoh (26 days ago)
And.... Definitely will take a whole day following this routine
kihyun' s (27 days ago)
Is the baking powde from étude good ? Should i buy it ?
Ratri Widiyana (27 days ago)
after using sheet mask, are you wash your face?
Just like TT (14 days ago)
You shouldn't wash your face after sheet mask
mufasa hunter (27 days ago)
I don’t wash my face it’s boring. Instead me and my friends go to this football field and play a fake football where we are just fighting and no one uses the ball.
Meg P (27 days ago)
Am i the only that see no difference?
تونة تونة (28 days ago)
Can you prepare the components of the mask?
29 ; (28 days ago)
I wish these products were available where I live.
Nin Lina (29 days ago)
is it only before sleep or before sleep and in the morning?
Cj Garcia (30 days ago)
10 step korean skin care would work if you do it gradually. learned it from wishtrend i guess or another channel. you won't breakout.
Diva Singh (30 days ago)
can i aply daily this method or not?
Karla Sorrentino (1 month ago)
Good video !
feriha khan (1 month ago)
Where we get these Korean products?.. From India.
SilkyMilk blacksnow (1 month ago)
I might do it but when i get home in the evening i don't have time in the morning unfortunatly
Kanako Takada (1 month ago)
Funny, your face looks different each day for some reason haha :)
sandra smith (1 month ago)
Plz tell me form where to buy all korean produtc bcz i am in india.
Remoziqbal Remoz (1 month ago)
Ma'am If I Am Not SCrubinh my face can I apply every day 1:cleansing 2:foam face wash 3:toner 4:serum 5: any cream
Sarah B. Haninozuka (1 month ago)
You look so young without your makeup. You are so pretty. I like your skin, so beautiful 💜
new comer (1 month ago)
too expensive wtf
Aliza Haru (1 month ago)
Do we do this everyday??? All the steps
Elodie Naumowicz (8 days ago)
Scrub maximum twice a week.
annika s (1 month ago)
So is this a morning routine/ night routine or are you showing us different ways to clear skin? Cuz doing a lot of things to your face at once can damage skin.
Kate Knight (1 month ago)
Thanks so much senpai kimdao love ya >3
S P (1 month ago)
loved the video and thanks for the tips....!!!!
Jenny M (1 month ago)
Does it have to be with Korean products??
nav123 (1 month ago)
,$o much product ,can't affordabl .... Btw very nice video..... 👍👍👌👌💐
soundarya sree (1 month ago)
Does this work for oily skin??
BlueRapsodia (1 month ago)
Oh, come on, we need a lot of money to buy all these products... forget it!!!!
Pebbles (1 month ago)
BlueRapsodia then you can find another routine that works for you
Suma B.V. (1 month ago)
I liked it for its clarity and simplicity. Good work.
sakura chan (1 month ago)
Am.I.the only one.scared of using baking.soda on my face? I also have combined type of skin.can someone please Tell me if baking.soda in that foam cleanser doesn't have some sort of side effect '?
Tobit (1 month ago)
so this skin care routine is used by koreans night and morning? i always thought it was just for at night..damn and i cant always find the motivation to even wash my face with 1 product XD
Cactus Cacti (3 days ago)
I'm pretty sure it's once but you do it in the morning OR night 🤷
Fatmata Onu (1 month ago)
Amazing 👏🏾
Kie_. (1 month ago)
All my poor ass can afford is a moisturiser and a face wash. Fuck my life
Is it safe for a 17 year old?
vivlodia (1 month ago)
Can we use this in the morning or the evening?
Sandig Leanne (1 month ago)
lol. you can do a simple routine. Double Cleansing and toner then sunscreen/ Mask. that's what i do,just sharing.
Too much for the face
Belle Bonnebranche (1 month ago)
You have such a naturally sweet and pretty face✨
abdurrohman sholeh (1 month ago)
Skincare diet
Momo land (1 month ago)
give me a facial routine for oily skins
Gummy .N (1 month ago)
I am actually quite confused and I have a few questions so hopefully, someone can help me understand better. 1) I saw from a few articles online that essence is just a less concentrated version of serum so my do we still need to apply essence then serum or just serum works as well since its the same? 2) She used a sheet mask here which I normally use but I am planning to try volcanic clay mask as I heard its good for deep cleansing, so my question is, in this case, do I use it at the step after cleansing or after toner since we have to wash off the clay mask? 3) Also since clay mask is for deep cleansing is it recommended to use it after exfoliating or different days would better? since exfoliating is once or twice a week same for the clay mask. 4) If we use beauty water do we still need to use toner or just start from the steps after that? Thank you! Hopefully, you guys can help answer some of my questions or if the answer is too long, you can provide me the links too, I can go read more about it!
RenetViva (1 month ago)
Takeaway from the video, moisture, moisture, moisture ☺
Kristine Muerong (1 month ago)
1 millionth viewer!! :)
sneha khadse (1 month ago)
Please tell me do we have to wash our face after each step?
Najoua ABOUDI (1 month ago)
Yes I agree with all except sun screen this is so toxic and bad unless it’s Korean made and more natural because it kills fish and see recifs
lil mochi (1 month ago)
Wow... with my view it went to 1 million views 😂💀 and btw thanks for the video

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