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Intro ▪ FabDZN ▪ by Nereax ▪ are you active? :c

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❤ Likes & Comments are always appreciated ❤ • Order an intro here[sale!]: https://sellfy.com/p/MDCH/ -=Social Network=- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official.ne... Skype: nereax70 Snapchat: sxen02 TeamSpeak: nereax.teamspeak.me -=Info about the Intro=- • Lights/Mats: my old • Music: Ivan B. - Sweater (personal edit) • Font: Shapfx LetterPack -=Render Times=- • AE: 43 min • C4D: 20 min -=Programms=- • CINEMA 4D R16 • Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3 Information: !The soundtrack is used for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. All credits for the song(s) go to artist(s)/label(s).!
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Text Comments (27)
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
Remake of my old style
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
Tiuq. #NeionClan dankee
NexID (1 year ago)
ist nicadiza
Exraw (1 year ago)
Nice c:
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
exro thx c:
haziran (1 year ago)
Feier ich
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
Haziran - AkashiFX. danke ya
Tarox (1 year ago)
sick bro <3
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
YoureArtworks | ๔єรเɠภєг thx bro <3
Clement P. (1 year ago)
still waiting for our dual lmao
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
TazcoDzn Clement.P - 佩翰 too
vereox (1 year ago)
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
Fedor67 uhh
enumdzn (1 year ago)
Mach mir ein Intro 😢😩
enumdzn (1 year ago)
Nereax • 斯文 okiii
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
aes.enumdzn wenn ich mal lw hab <3
Yves (1 year ago)
Der look ist ja mal unglaublich krank <3
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
Yves danke bruder <3
rye. (1 year ago)
Ich will diese warpwaves settings :c
rye. (1 year ago)
Nereax • 斯文 doch
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
rye. die sind ned mal geil
FabDZN Beats (1 year ago)
sooooo lit😍😍😍 danke abi ❤
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
FabDZN dankee❤kein Problem Bruder💪❤🔥
Scravz/Daniel (1 year ago)
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
Scravz/Daniel :o
sapiix (1 year ago)
Nereax• 斯文 (1 year ago)
sapiix danke man

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