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BRAD JENKINS: On Working With Obama And Why We HAVE To Vote!!!! #NotTooDeep // Grace Helbig

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I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS EPISODE!!!! Brad Jenkins is the reason I got to visit the White House during the Obama administration TWICE. He's the former associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement and currently a managing director and executive producer of Funny or Die DC. His story is BONKERS and wonderfully inspiring! His genuine curiosity about a political figure that resonated with his beliefs and heritage turned into him having a job in the White House! Shit god dang! And the best part is that you can read more about Brad and his fellow Obama staffer's adventures in their NEW BOOK, West Wingers! West Wingers invites us behind-the-scenes of history for a deeply personal and moving look at the presidency and how a president’s staff can change the nation. Please please please do yourself a favor and read it! https://www.westwingers.com Thank you Brad, for helping make politics approachable and encouraging. Stalk Brad: http://www.twitter.com/bradjenkins ALSO GET THE FUCK OUT THERE AND VOTE IN MIDTERM ELECTIONS ON NOVEMBER 6TH! http://vote.org Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubGraceHelbig | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!🔔 Watch the NEWEST videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURkMcIajLkNv6tgKPUmhe8F7eeDyzehI&playnext=1&index=2 Check out my jewelry line! https://ok1984.com/collections/gracehelbig MY STYLE GUIDE: http://amzn.to/2ntNQjM MY SELF HELP BOOK: http://amzn.to/2ntP1jq Follow Grace Helbig: Facebook: https://facebook.com/gracehelbig Instagram: http://instagram.com/gracehelbig Twitter: http://twitter.com/gracehelbig Tumblr: http://gracehelbig.tumblr.com Snapchat: https://snapchat.com/add/gracehelbig Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig: https://soundcloud.com/nottoodeepwithgrace Watch more Grace Helbig: Fashion Reviews: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURkMcIajLkNYWTmFE9WaNIQLOOFVWZmA&playnext=1 Tutorials: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURkMcIajLkNWpVEKqtpvjrX867sHNGEZ&playnext=1 Collabs: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURkMcIajLkPss6HB7ohCd9UI6oBDSt42&playnext=1 Latest Uploads: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURkMcIajLkNv6tgKPUmhe8F7eeDyzehI&playnext=1 Most Popular: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLURkMcIajLkNHL1_25xuueg9EFf8XA4WI&playnext=1 About Grace Helbig: Hi, I’m Grace Helbig and I make 2-3 videos a week on a consistently inconsistent basis that include fashion reviews, tutorials, challenges, monthly favorites, and more! You might like them, you might hate them, but you can't unsee them. Unless you have amnesia. Subscribe for weekly videos and make sure to enable ALL push notifications, so you never miss an upload. For instant updates follow me on my social medias.
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Text Comments (122)
David Lucifer Bradley (17 days ago)
Bob (17 days ago)
VOTE RED!!!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!
poscam24 (18 days ago)
THANK YOU GRACE for uploading this entire episode on youtube. this is so important. youth, get out and vote!!! 💚💚
Jennifer Carr (18 days ago)
Went to high school with Brad. He is good people. Thanks, Grace! This is awesome.
John Collete (18 days ago)
I think her audience is getting a bit older and will appreciate this sort of show. Im certainly one of her older watchers and really like where she is going. Thanks
Corinne Blair (18 days ago)
A message to the US from Canada - Please, please, please vote America! Voting is a wonderful thing and a privilege so many people around the world are fighting for - no matter what your political views, please go out and vote. Thanks so much in advance!
Ily no wayy (18 days ago)
I'm still voting red.
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
Good on you for voting.
Pink Poodle Crafts (18 days ago)
Taylor ham and Pork roll are the exact same thing. I grew up in north Jersey where we called it taylor ham and then lived 15 years of my adult life in south jersey where they called it pork roll... its 6 of one, half dozen of another but its oh so yummy every time! Im in Tennessee now and pork roll is hard to come by, I can get it only in small packages at Publix... I swear the south has no idea what their missing!
Eon Lee Music (18 days ago)
Obama self don't wanna be Obama self
Scott S (19 days ago)
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
Make apples green again!
Regan Hewitt (19 days ago)
love love love this episode!!!! so excited to go out & read Brad's book
Emily (19 days ago)
Super interesting podcast! Also just want to say again that I LOVE this 2 camera format. It's great to watch and listen to.
Lindsey AZ (19 days ago)
Registered to vote thanks to this episode.
theyoungyogi (19 days ago)
This was great Grace! Loving the new depth of Not Too Deep. ;)
Michael Domeier (19 days ago)
Just registered to vote. Did my research.
MC (19 days ago)
Can you imagine Obama's daughters watching Hannah, Mamrie, and Grace
Pixi (12 days ago)
They're not his daughters, but sure.
Laryn Case (19 days ago)
Yes. Yes. Yes. Voter education is just as important as voting itself.
lolayjay (19 days ago)
i am SOOOOOOOO glad that y'all put this shit on youtube. this is everything i needed: more grace content. you always talk about the greatest shit, grace.
Raegan Lopez (19 days ago)
Grace you definitely don’t need to feel obligated to come back to your usual YouTube stuff. This is WONDERFUL and I’ve always loved not too deep so much so I love that you’re just uploading it to your main channel right now, and you could definitely just keep doing your two podcasts and nix the other videos if they’re stressing you out too much. Idk you’re awesome and I’m sure I speak for lots of other people when I say we’ll love whatever content you want to give us
mrs_sarahbelle (19 days ago)
I listen to the podcast on my way to work on Mondays, but I came to give it a like anyway! Brad's such an interesting guest, with a really helpful insight into voting for our generation. I love how diverse your guests are, and am so grateful to you for making Monday mornings so much better!!
Gary Hetzel (19 days ago)
thanks for your show. It was a nice break with info, laughter, and an honest take. didnt know that helbig really knows her shat. No I know. Cheers mate. G
Kira Oliver (19 days ago)
Thank you for bringing this guy on to talk politics! Loved hearing both your stories!
Edward Culpepper (19 days ago)
I love watching Grace this happy. It warms my heart.
Benjamin Chernik (19 days ago)
i think i like this slightly more deep not too deep...someday you'll have to make a new podcast that's called "kinda deep"...then you can make one called "too deep"...
chiefdancingostriche (19 days ago)
1:07:24 or we could get some1 like obama. some1 like obama HILLARY CLINTON ran for president in 2016 but people didn't want her because she didn't have a dick, america wants dick, even if it is attached to a fascist/sexist/hateful pieceofshit.
C Rabbit (18 days ago)
For everyone who has decided to get to the polls for the first time this year, GOOD ON YOU! Don't let anyone tell you, not even yourself, that your vote doesn't matter. It matters! Your candidate may not win their race, that ballot initiative you voted against may have passed, but you'll know you did your part. And if you take the time to do some research into the candidates and issues, you'll get a glimpse into what's going on in your world. Don't buy into the ads, polls, or what MSM (including FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ect.) tells you, find out for yourself, from the source, what each candidate *really* stands for and how they plan to get things done, and what they've already done. Good luck and God bless!
chiefdancingostriche (19 days ago)
barack and bernie are nothing alike. barack showed a level of respect totally absent in bernie sanders. bernie promised us he wouldn't engage in personal attacks. what was the first thing he did in the 2nd debate? most of his people did not care, why? they hated hillary clinton. why? hillary has a vulva. that's it, the truth.
wcarterbertrand (19 days ago)
What about the Gabby show Halloween episode...?
WeWere OnABreak (19 days ago)
I don't even live in the US but this was very interesting to watch
Cassandra Baginski (19 days ago)
this episode is so great. i got my mail-in ballot and cant wait to send it in. midterms are so important and i'm so glad this episode promotes that so well!
Stella Mitsi (19 days ago)
SO FUCKING GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Q (19 days ago)
I have always known Grace to be smart and it's nice to see it on screen. Not saying I didn't view her as intelligent before, but her content has been silly before. This is a refreshing side to see online (maybe also especially now since we're overloaded with dumb content constantly)
mandas677 (19 days ago)
Do these new commenters just search for keywords like Obama so they can troll the comments? Calm down comrades and stop spamming.
gonzostwin1 (19 days ago)
You need to explain that early voting doesnt count unless it's close on poll day. Dont throw your vote away by mailing it. Show up that day for it to really count
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
Stop lying. There's nothing wrong with early or mail-in voting.
Barry Allen (19 days ago)
XD no point in voting anyway when they just rig the results
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
Do you mean voting fraud, electoral fraud, or something else? Encouraging people not to vote "since it won't matter" is a common voter suppression technique.
Michael Brennan (18 days ago)
I love this podcast so much. Also, I think having both camera angles on the screen at the same time would be a lot better. Thoughts lol? :)
Spiritus (19 days ago)
Channels that constantly ram one or other political agenda down the viewer's throats when that's not their main focus don't sit well with me. Make another channel for that.
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
What do you think the channel's main focus is, and what's your definition of constantly?
Jerel Lorenzo (19 days ago)
Grace i'm like 2 minutes in and you've not done anything but talk about shit that kinda matters. Where is the nyc drunk Grace that got you to where you are today? West coast ruined you I bet. Devolve please... Also I think you got married? Congrats. Someone from the G&M days...
Jerel Lorenzo (19 days ago)
+Cassandra Baginski no worries. You can be right and to that end, you're right. Why am I here if I don't' blindly agree. I just unsubscribed!
Cassandra Baginski (19 days ago)
+Jerel Lorenzo your saying "devolve" is more than a mild criticism to me but that's my point of view. we'll just have to disagree on this one. I don't have the energy for debate today. ✌🏼
Jerel Lorenzo (19 days ago)
+Cassandra Baginski she used to be a comedian, after 10+ years of support a mild criticism about her deciding to jump on the polarize america band wagon is fair at very worst.
Cassandra Baginski (19 days ago)
+Jerel Lorenzo you can have an opinion sure, but telling someone to devolve is pretty shitty, in my opinion. that's all.
Jerel Lorenzo (19 days ago)
+Cassandra Baginski she grew up - her likes not so much huh? No opinions allowed on youtube comments, my bad.
Victoria Garcia (12 days ago)
these comments are interesting, but thank you for making this! i'm on the younger end of millenials and feel that anxiety about voting, so i know there are a lot of people who can relate. absolutely loving the diversity of guests lately.
Victoria Garcia (12 days ago)
+Marc Thayer for me, it's being worried about doing something wrong, just like when you're doing anything the first time. or just, ya know, anxiety in general. it's not always very rational.
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
I've seen a few comments about anxiety related to voting, but I'm curious what you're anxious about exactly. Is it anxiety about making a choice that doesn't turn out well or...?
Cascadianow (18 days ago)
Voting by mail is easier, but if you are going to vote in person make sure you bring a cheat sheet! Voting for local democrat senators/representatives is easy because it says their political party by their name on the ballot, but you will have to look up measures and judges on your ballot endorsed by democrat party and write them down to bring with you. They always try to trick you on ballots and word things weird so you accidentally vote for the opposite of what you wanted.
Pixi (19 days ago)
Where are these 'startling comments'? Unless Grace is deleting comments, all I'm seeing are polite discussions.
gonzostwin1 (19 days ago)
Victoria Garcia grab that Republican lever this Nov
Bhamski Bam (19 days ago)
What this guy is describing is part of the reason why Facebook and social media are under fire for being politically biased. It’s interesting that Obama used it so freely, but I’m a little shocked at how supportive you are of him and what he’s describing. I had to unsubscribe, I know you’re going through a tough time, but you’ve tied yourself with a political movement that plays victim when they are caught lying, and when left alone will actively oppress conservatives. And this guy’s job was to try and manipulate children into following a particular political opinion, cultivating the next crop of voters. The obama socialist youth. And you’re gushing over it like it like this guy’s job wasn’t propaganda ... I’m done. You’re gorgeous, I like your personality and past content, but I’m done.
goldsworthy (19 days ago)
+Bhamski Bam i didn't say you. i said conservatives. and if you explicitly identify as such, then yes, you do align with nazis. there are plenty of open nazis in the conservative party. maybe you should get help with reading comprehension. still not a hissy fit
Bhamski Bam (19 days ago)
goldsworthy you called me a Nazi and you’re saying you’re not pitching a hissy fit? Get help.
goldsworthy (19 days ago)
+Bhamski Bam nothing about my post echos a hissy fit. you just didn't like what i said. your hypocrisy is also laughable. i said your initial post was embarrassing - you said that makes me intolerant. now you say i should be ashamed for MY post - and this somehow once again makes me the intolerant one. i have no obligation to agree with you and neither does this community that you complain is growing too toxic.
Bhamski Bam (19 days ago)
goldsworthy I’m glad your done. That hissy fit proves your intolerance and how you’re not ashamed at what you just said is shocking. Truly ignorant and intolerant and has no place on a channel like this. This culture that has been cultivated here is exactly the reason I unsubbed. It’s also the reason I imagine she’s having such a difficult time. How this community got so toxic is beyond me. It’s disappointing because it’s only hurting Grace
goldsworthy (19 days ago)
+Bhamski Bam stop. i said nothing about tolerance or intolerance, but i know y'all love throwing that word in democrats' faces every time we criticize you. i simply stated your comment was embarrassing. aligning with conservatives is aligning with rapists, rape apologists, racists, misogynists, and actual literal nazis. aligning with the opposing side is doing just that - opposing said actual nazis, etc. everything related to politics is either inherently propagandist if it takes a side, or neutral and central, therefore untruthful because surprise surprise the two sides are not even remotely equal. it isn't "interesting" that obama used social media "so freely" and it is in no way equal to our current president raging an actual war on journalists who don't paint him in a nice light because wow! he shouldn't be! now i'm done. can't wait to be told again how intolerant i am after you went out of your way to mention you're unfollowing grace for her politics! but that's okay because conservatives don't have to be tolerant i guess
PartyJo Lim (19 days ago)
Courtney Cutting (19 days ago)
I have loved watching your content evolve. It's great to see that you can do really important, informative (yet still fun) stuff like this in order to make an important difference in the world while also doing crazy/dumb (but equally as important) stuff at the same time. I still really look forward to seeing that you have new stuff up & as a fellow 30-something, I admire your hard work & talent very much. Go, Grace!
Christelxoxo (19 days ago)
i am a professional CRINGEY VIDEO MAKER and i have 440 subs because of it 😂😂
John G (19 days ago)
glad to have a happy state of grace... peace. ...
Cearulean Rose (19 days ago)
Love this episode! BLUE WAVE, remember to vote on the 6th (Democrats need to get the house back!). Be Liberal and be proud! #MeToo #AllLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #ForThePeoplenotCorporations Edit: Ignore the hate that's going to come from the right side, down in this comment. Don't even read them, it'll just make you sigh! 😧
idiotsloveboxes (12 days ago)
Cearulean Rose No
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
+Meesh Bono People are corrupt, not ideas. That applies to Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike.
Meesh Bono (16 days ago)
You all are idiots, both parties are corrupt.
Pixi (19 days ago)
+Cassandra Baginski You're very welcome and the same to you my dear. I would just encourage folks to dig a little deeper than the largely manufactured narrative the mainstream media puts out before making their final decision! Peace.
Cassandra Baginski (19 days ago)
+Pixi while I don't totally agree with it i appreciate you taking the time to explain the meaning to me. even if I don't agree with you, i encourage you to vote for who/what you believe just as i intend to do. ✌🏼
nlitenurmind (19 days ago)
#walkaway Dems are hypocrites.
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
+Pixi What's really behind the left? Curious if you have actual points or are just going to copy paste Fox News talking points.
Pixi (19 days ago)
+chiefdancingostriche Um... DUH. But only as a result of waking up to whats really behind the left and their utter hypocrisy and switching sides.
chiefdancingostriche (19 days ago)
hashtag walkaway is a bunch of trump supporters.
gonzostwin1 (19 days ago)
atticus london LGBTQ4Trump
atticus london (19 days ago)
Hell yeah! As a transguy dems try to guilt me into voting blue.
KLWenz93 (19 days ago)
I’m 25 and can TOTALLY relate to the anxiety related with voting. I have never voted. But after this podcast I’m doing some research, and going out to get my “I Voted” sticker on Nov 6th Damn it!!!
sayswice (18 days ago)
C Rabbit (19 days ago)
Good on you! Doing your research is crazy important, especially in this day and age. Everyone is lying about everyone else and it's gotten ridiculous. Find out what your candidates are ACTUALLY saying and doing and not what some talking head tries to tell you what their saying and doing. (Example: Trump never called Mexicans rapists and murderers. That remark was directed solely at members of MS-13, *not* Mexicans in general. NOTE: I'm no fan of Trump.) Where I live, we have a saying "Vote the *person,* not the *party.*"
Pixi (19 days ago)
#WalkAway ✌
John Collete (19 days ago)
Why cant the Democrat party get the young people off their butts long enough to vote . Maybe they need younger leaders at the national level ? Anyhow, I enjoy the show so keep up the great work.
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
+Pixi Stop trying to keep people from voting for what they think is right.
Meesh Bono (16 days ago)
Because Democrat party is also corrupt. Dem and Rep parties need to die. We need new choices. And a new media that doesn't spin stories and lie.
chiefdancingostriche (19 days ago)
because they are hateful, trump supporting assholes.
gonzostwin1 (19 days ago)
John Collete when you have Feinstein, Pelosi. It will never happen
Pixi (19 days ago)
Wake up and #WalkAway ✌
Dylan A. Kent (19 days ago)
Blue Wave!!!!! Vote like your life depends on it because it does!
idiotsloveboxes (12 days ago)
Cascadianow Democracy is what is happening as we vote for our representatives. No matter who wins. Let us all be grateful for it.
Meesh Bono (16 days ago)
The Republican AND Democratic parties are corrupt. I'm sick of the "lesser evil" argument. They are both terrible. Vote independent or something.
Cascadianow (18 days ago)
Already voted by mail. You don't have to stand in line or worry about finding polling stations. Vote blue to save democracy!
gonzostwin1 (19 days ago)
Dylan A. Kent red tsunami will occur Nov
Carl Carlson (19 days ago)
Chris Q (19 days ago)
Go home Carl, you're drunk!
Anna Nelson (19 days ago)
I’m like 8 minutes in and totally enraptured. Thank you for uploading the video side!
Itzdupe (19 days ago)
A series where you interview snowboarders only. Not Too Steep
koala_raptor (19 days ago)
Or people who make tea
Eon Lee Music (19 days ago)
Grace, can you have the Dalai Lama on your podcast?
Charisma_XP (19 days ago)
You're about to lose sub's talking that liberal dumb shit.
UFO SHILL (19 days ago)
I love it how Grace has a picture of her mouth next to that big mic and how it says 'Not too Deep' in the thumbnail..smart advertising..kudos..Don't worry I just rubbed a few out..I'm not a pervert until my balls fill back up..
Jae Andaya (19 days ago)
I was definitely waiting for this. 💚
Chicken Soup (19 days ago)
*L I B E R A L S !*
Marc Thayer (13 days ago)
+VICTOR Я Voting red will in no way lessen the hate and vitriol. That's over half of the things Republicans like to share.
Leroy (19 days ago)
*REMINDER* Democrats vote on December 4
VICTOR Я (19 days ago)
Their hate and chaos has to come to an end *#VOTE** RED* *#walkaway*
Sybella Jones (19 days ago)
I love watching Not So Deep
nomeaknat (19 days ago)
I know I don't know you but you are so bomb.

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