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How to Shave Your Legs Perfectly!!! (Get Rid of Strawberry Skin)

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thumbs up if you like this shaving tutorial :) the first time I shaved my legs I left all the hair at the back because i didn't know you were supposed to shave 360!! LOL Tell me your stories below! Strawberry Legs Remedy mix together 1/2 cup sugar (the coarser the better) with 1/4 cup olive oil and 2 tbsp lemon juice and apply to your legs to reduce the appearance of dark pores. This has lightened mine a lot so far! Check out my brow threading tutorial next! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNXRvWceH2s&index=12&list=PLGI6jIfy2KmVNG1rsml8TTkL7kv5tzlJP Don't miss out, subscribe here! https://goo.gl/x5tVGj SOCIAL MEDIA ♡ Instagram: @AlexandrasGirlyTalk http://bit.ly/1TSclUm Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/queenofmondays Facebook: Alexandra Beth https://goo.gl/dtTo71 Snapchat: queenofmondays Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Monica Ailyn (11 hours ago)
I started shaving when I was in 4th grade because I was super insecure and hated wearing shorts
Davanie Defrancisco (14 hours ago)
When I shave my legs I have to scratch every 5 seconds WHATS WRONG WITH MY LEGS ugh I wish I can just cut off my legs😔
Mystery Human (20 hours ago)
I’m literally a bear I’m so hairy because I have naturally thick hair so my arms and legs look terrible the good thing is I’m naturally blonde bad thing about that is it catches the light and makes my legs look like fuzzy peaches
Fashion Tips (1 day ago)
Nice 👍
Victoria Rose (1 day ago)
I've been saying I need to shave my legs every day since I hit puberty. It happens maybe once a month but my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind :)
Derya Saleh (1 day ago)
Im not allowed to wear shorts anyway lol
T SAM (5 days ago)
What's with all these comments saying theyve cut a flap of their skin off shaving and crap? That's not how you shave! Lololo
Bretanee L. (7 days ago)
This story isn’t about me, it’s about my little sister first time shaving. So my little sis was very curious about shave cause there be time she would see me shave but anyways one night I guess she had grab one of my mom shavers and went to the bathroom quickly few minutes later she comes out crying and yelling that she is bleeding so bad from her knee I felt so bad but afterwards we laughed about but now she has a scare her knee lmao. Now she ready to shave, but thanks for the advice on how to shave 😊.
Trassl3 Celick (7 days ago)
I love your nails
Łīmë łīght.37 (7 days ago)
I’m 13 my mom doesn’t want me to shave my legs so I steal some from her when she buys big packets 😂
Marisa S. (7 days ago)
I have strawberry legs and thank you I shaved for the first time yesterday and my legs looked pretty bad in my opinion
name game (8 days ago)
im so jealous of my friends with thise smooth ass legs. Im only allowed to shave when im 15. Its so annoying because i have thick black hair. I never wear shorts and dont even think about going to the swimming pool.
Dwafrek y3ayfou....kifach taghaslou tarmikoum 😕
Armani Iqbal (9 days ago)
I asked my mum if I could shave and she said that u will only get ingrown hair and she won’t let me now :(
Dragon Rider (9 days ago)
I hate when I shave my legs and you wear a short denim somewhere and you look down to see how great your legs look.. but you realize you missed a whole patch on your leg
Imane Zer (10 days ago)
If you could traduce that vid in arabic you will have mooore and mooore like and vues
Ayesha Fathima (11 days ago)
i'm 17, gonna be 18 in a few months and got my razor like when i was like 12 i still don't shave my legs rather i'll put on pants 😂😂 #toolazytoshave
DonutPop Slimes (11 days ago)
My first experience was at summer camp. My mom DID NOT approve...
gargi goel (11 days ago)
I'm having black pores on my leg how can i remove it instantly???
Neha Pareek (11 days ago)
When I shave my legs with razor but it got so much itching..how can I get rid from This
emilywuvsyou (12 days ago)
My first shaving experience was when I was 10. I was bored while sitting on the toilet in my mom's bathroom, and didn't like my hairy little legs. That is all.
Joyna Ebbi (12 days ago)
I didn't tell my mom that i was going to shave my legs i only shaved the lower part I didn't shave the knees because i thought maybe it will look bad and some hairs are still left...i fell smooth 😁😍
Anji Durga Anji Durga (13 days ago)
ur nails disturbing me
SSSniper Wolf (13 days ago)
I haven't started shaving yet and I NEED TO. Like bruh. My legs are so hairy! And long hairs too! I'm one of the unlucky girls who has fast growing hair, long hair, and DARK hair too! Btw I'm 11 lmao. 6th Grade now.
Fiona Gaming !! (13 days ago)
Lol so just started today and I was like OMG THIS ISNT COMING OFF😭😭 and I didnt want to use my dads shaving cream but I did so then it was still on there and u know it was my first time so I didnt know but now I know conditiner also can do the work so thanks for that tip💖👍😌
Pran Sandhu (14 days ago)
Can somebody tell me? What is better ,, waxing or shaving?
Elena Robson (15 days ago)
The first time i shaved i was 12 but before that i used this electric razor that my parents had because i was too scared to use a real razor, then one day i just decided to shave and my mom came and showed me how to do it, and i did the rest myself with no injurys.👍 and i actually really like shaving
iiVenussa ROBLOX (15 days ago)
i shaved my first time today and i’m scared i’m glowing to get strawberry spots - my mom dose t know
lifeless gnome (17 days ago)
When I first shaved three years ago, I made biggest cut from my foot to knee and you can still see the scar. I just want to ask my old self: "WTF, HOW, BITCH?!1!1!1"
Manal N. Aljuhani (17 days ago)
When i was little girl i shave all ma body every area 😭💔 I don’t know what i feel that why I’m hairy now 😂😂💔
Kayla & Juniør (17 days ago)
My legs I shave every time but it has strawberry legs and I didn't want that so I'm going to buy olive oil and lemon I have sugar
Kayla & Juniør (17 days ago)
That's why I always hide my legs since I was 10 years old
Nawal Said (18 days ago)
I wish never shaved my legs or hands now my hair grows so fast and i had to shave every week ...💔💔🤦🏾‍♀️ I used to not have that much hair before but now it’s killing me .🤧😷 anyone of you have less hair please don’t touch it leave it the way it is ...because when u start to shave it won’t be to your do well but it will be must to do shaving.✌️
Lol I’m white asf and I have so much black hairs on my legs lol I’m laughing at my pain
ADEMIDE ELEGBEDE (18 days ago)
I was like 11 I am 12 now and my friend had really hairy legs cause she is hairy and then I had this other it wasn't like she was the prettiest in the school but she had a really nice body and then she told me my legs are hairy and that was the first time I remember feeling insecure. It is actually terrible now though. And to make it worse I was at a new school so on Saturday I lied to my mom I needed to shave my armpits and she bought me a shaving stick and I shaved my legs it gave me a lot of bumps but it doesn't matter cause I am not allowed to wear short or tight stuff😢. So I don't know. But when I am an adult I would like to so can u please do a video on how to remove shaving bumps. I know if I told my mom she would have yelled at me and given me long speech on why my education is so important.
Lalitha Lalli (19 days ago)
what is that yellow colour cream
Alex Santos (19 days ago)
The first time i shaved was lityerally with water only....am i going to jave strwberry legs?!
Kawaii Kerna Galaxy! 2 (19 days ago)
I have hairy legs and I’m embarrassed by it. Everyday at school, I always wear long pants or anything to cover my legs. I don’t wear any shorts at all.
Miss Aquamarine (19 days ago)
My first experience with hair removal was for my 9th birthday (I'm twelve now) and I'm very hairy. Like rival-to-bigfoot hairy. I was wearing a dress for the party and I didn't want to show off my hairy legs. My mom shaved my legs for me only up to the knee and it took an HOUR. I told you I'm extremely hairy. It was good and for about two years I shaved for only special occasions and recently I started shaving daily. My entire leg, not just up to the knee lol. I'm pretty good at it too, don't cut myself often.
Stan nct Stan talent (19 days ago)
1:11 whats the yellow thing
Zainab Shah (20 days ago)
when i started shaving i didn't know that i shouldn't shave too much because shaving causes hair to grow thicker, i've got an epilator and i know you get used to the pain but i have really low pain tolerance (so waxing is not an option) and now i dont know how to stop my leg hair being thicker can someone help
Vanessa Aguilar (20 days ago)
Hey Lovelies i wanted to give y’all a tip NEVER SHAVE UPWARDS! Shave with the hair! This prevents razor bumps and burns and ingrown hairs! You won’t get as close of a shave but I think it’s worth that little sacrifice over your legs feeling like sandpaper. Love y’all ❤️
Nayla Fatima (20 days ago)
Can we preserve that exfoliator?
Bella I (20 days ago)
Is there a substitute for olive oil
Eliza Roblox (21 days ago)
story: my friend said she was starting to shave her legs cuz of summer and she wants to wear some shorts for the beach and stuff like that and I was like Uh does it hurt? She said well the way I do it kinda I said Well I thought about not shaving but using a veet hair removal cream or something she was like I don’t like it cuz some smell bad And the next day I was like oh if it smells bad I will shower after And I have lots of hair on my legs not even kidding And I fid it and I started showing it off to all my friends it was hilarious cuz everyone wanted to touch it and they were jelly and I use it 2 times a week and it’s so easy
me29456 (22 days ago)
I am still scared to shave my legs and I never shaved before 😫
Trixie Newton (23 days ago)
My shaving experience YES I'm 10, I thought ugh my legs are so hairy .So I went to shave them not telling anyone I am shaving them .SO I put some shaving gel on my legs ready to shave them. But I realized, I shaved everywhere except the back of my legs and the sides. I have blonde-ish hair on my legs so in the shower they are hard to see I told my mother that I shaved, She looked at my legs went into the bathroom took a razor and gave it to me saying"try it again but this time do the backs and the sides" now I have baby soft legs.
Stan nct Stan talent (23 days ago)
When I shave I always have a strawberry leg so I hope this works ;-;
buttscratcher (15 days ago)
Stan nct Stan talent has it showed a difference?
Glenda Weston (24 days ago)
It worked well I was 11 when I stared
Sa ra (24 days ago)
The scrub don’t work
aestheticxø (25 days ago)
Which direction in shaving do u go ;-;
SadieCat (25 days ago)
I think my first time shaving my legs went well, except that I only cut the hairs in half 😅I was 12
setton• •chet (25 days ago)
I was 12 years old and I really wanted to shave my legs, but my mom didn't want me to. So one time when i was with my grandma i shaved. But after that my mom was like "ok" (sorry if my English is bad)
HaWt TEa (26 days ago)
I got a laser hair removal sooooo I don’t need to worry about that plus I’m 13 😂
Saleta Aimet Perez (26 days ago)
Strawberry skin hahaha 😂
Nadine (26 days ago)
Why don’t I ever cut myself when I’m shaving?
eastercat (27 days ago)
Should you soak your legs in water before then? Or can you just go scrub to wash it off to creme ?
Icecueen (27 days ago)
I don’t really know when I started shaving, I just did. I grabbed a razor out of the closet, and borrowed my dads shaving cream, and just did it myself. I eventually got my own stuff, but yeah. I don’t really discuss that kind of stuff with my mom. Like bras, periods, shaving, I just don’t, I’m not real close with my mom.
Take me Away (28 days ago)
Am I the only one who doesn’t shave their legs in winter ?
Jungkook's Kookie (28 days ago)
The only areas I shave are my armpits because I think armpit hair is gross and I want to try to shave my legs and arms
Angelina Ruolngul (29 days ago)
This really helped me thanks... BTW can we use soap as a substitute for shaving cream?
The Nyan Cat (29 days ago)
I usually used soap xD
Madison Strong (29 days ago)
I'm 12 and my legs don't look hairy far away but close up you can see a little bit of hairs there. But you can barely notice them so I don't really think I need to shave if nobody notices XD
Gianna Byrnes (30 days ago)
i shave my legs but its a long time i spent twice as longer as i normerly take like 1 hour of in the shower and i started in 2017 in year 5 i was 11
amanda malvik (30 days ago)
The first time i ever shaved my legs was in 5th grade. My parents weren’t gonna let me shave till middle school, but my legs were sooo hairy. I have super dark brown hair, so it was very noticeable. My mom bought me a razor, and i went into the bathtub and started shaving. By the end, there was so much hair in the razor i broke it...embarrassing haha
Sandra Karlsen (30 days ago)
I GOT in too the shower and just did it with Whater and ut worked ok
Hannah Legge (30 days ago)
WAX it is easier trust me it may hurt but you won’t have to shave your legs like literally every second day
Proffesor Mittens (30 days ago)
The first time i shaved my legs i didn't get a clean shave cuz i did it without shaving cream and after a few days after that one shave it got prickly and grew back thicker so i just left it. I'm bigfoot now
xxMalloryRosa xx (1 month ago)
Gurl I got curly hair that conditioner is precious.
Megan Phillips (1 month ago)
I just tried shaving a few minutes ago and it SUCKED!! I literally dug my knees up so hard and made it very raw. I'm literally sobbing right now it hurts and I'm so frustrated. I'm going away tomorrow.... yay .....
Lyka Luz (1 month ago)
Do u recommend to use shaving gel?
I didn’t lie? (1 month ago)
My first time shaving was fine, but I ended up cutting my hand by accident. I THEN wanted to get the hair off the razor, so I RAN my thumb across the blades and had a huge cut on my thumb for ages. Its alright now though! Also, everytime I shave, I get these bumps that are really irritating and itchy. Im not sure how to prevent that?
CrazyCupcake (1 month ago)
I’m a beginner to shaving and I wish I would have watched this video before starting because now I have a huge cut on my ankle part of my leg and my leg was bleeding and the blood filled like almost half the shower (but my shower is a small but not that small shower)
Infires - (1 month ago)
It's also handy to shave in the direction of the hair growth to prevent possible cysts
Moo (1 month ago)
my momma don’t let me shave yet even if I look like a gorilla
Aida s. (1 month ago)
I shaved my legs for the first time with my brothers expensive shampoo and with the cheapest razors that I bought at the market😂
Jazzy H (1 month ago)
The first time I shaved I was 12 years old and bored. I found one of my mums spare (unused) razors and watched a few videos about it then I borrowed my brothers shaving cream and did it. It surprisingly went really well.
madison rae (1 month ago)
my first experience with shaving was honestly magical. i just barely moved this little blade across my skin and bam hair gone lol my little brain was amazed
Hajar Fekir (1 month ago)
well shaving make more hair grow
The Lyrikalious (1 month ago)
You kinda sound like Andrea’s choice
JUNGKOOK DING DONG _ (1 month ago)
I don't have a gel or a cream.. idk if my mum have one.. DOES IT HURT WHEN YOU SHAVING?? Do i really need a cream????!?
Fabiola Reyna (22 days ago)
It does not hurt when you shave unless you do it soooo hard then it will hurt
Scales 500 (1 month ago)
Couldent you just try shaving the legs with an electric razer like hair clipers
Kacey Mcnamara (1 month ago)
My story: I was 13 when I first shaved, I didn't know what I was doing and I was scared as anything because my family didn't know so I ran the razor super fast up my leg...... Let's just say I have a scar going from my ancel to half way up my calf. 😅🤦‍♀️
ASMR Channel (1 month ago)
I am 14 and My mOm doesent let me shave My legs ! ONLY WAX THEM
Glizzard (1 month ago)
I’m a straight grown man yet I clicked this recommended video. What exactly has my life become to?
andrew henley (16 days ago)
I’m a straight male who is here because he lost a bet so I mean🤷‍♂️
miss_kik (1 month ago)
My first time shaving. I was like 9. I took a razor and tried to shave my face. I cut my face twice. 😔😔😔
Dolores Hernandez (1 month ago)
The first time i shaved i was probaby in the third grade, i had seen my sisters do it and decided i wanted to as well, so i was in the bathroom and shaving my legs at the sink when my sister walked in and started to get mad at me. Saying i was to young, she said the hair would grow back worser because i did that. Haha all i could think about was having one patch on my legs were it would look uglier then the rest and mentally freaked out about it. I totally forgot all about it with in the few hours after i had done it 😂
Snorkel Ops (1 month ago)
I’m 10 and I shaved for the first time today....... I went back and shaved again a couple times because it was patchy lol I got cut 😂
Nalani Marie (1 month ago)
I ussd a disposible razor and there were little patches of hair
L 071 (1 month ago)
The first time i shaved i didn't use any cream or stuff (i was too lazy) and it worked pretty well, didn't cut anything but my thumb-_-
Like a Sir (1 month ago)
First time shaving my legs felt like bliss mixed with touching everything (aka weird AF)
Doberman DOG (1 month ago)
My first experience I cut all the way up my leg because I didn’t know how it worked and I didn’t feel it till it was too
lucky starss (1 month ago)
My mom and i use dollar shaveclub and we get 4 new razor heads every week for a dollar. Only "expensive" thing is the actual body itself for $7.
Rapunzelrapunzel (1 month ago)
Really enjoying your videos! One question: I was always told that shaving along with the direction of your hair is safer or better because it would prevent skin irritation. But in this video I see that you're shaving bottom to top, and I was wondering if that's safe too. If so, I'd prefer it, because sometimes shaving top to bottom still gives me that strawberry leg effect because the hair roots are still visible.
Kezzercop (1 month ago)
When I was 11 I didn’t want to use shaving gel so I grabbed my dads beard shaver and I started to shave my legs BAD IDEA I kept pushing down so hard that when I went back into my room my legs started hurting and I looked down at them and they were bleeding and then my mum came in and thought I was cutting my legs because I was depressed so then she said we could always talk about my feeling and I got so confused 😂😂😂
La ra (1 month ago)
Sooo please if anyone of you has just some hair don't shave by a razor. Use waxes because I have a lot of hair now from the razor
Krystalyn Moore (1 month ago)
How long did it take u to complete the proccess
Nikolas Kroslak (1 month ago)
First time I shaved my legs I came out of shower yelling, blood running down from my dry ass knees and keep in mind my mother didn't know I planned to shave Ps. I'm also a male and I was 12
Julia Boyer/Dunlap (1 month ago)
People with Chicken/strawberry skin, aka KERATOSIS PILARIS, wait five minutes after you get in the shower to soften skin, then exfoliate the skin, finally shave only in downwards strokes to prevent bumps, cuts, and ingrown hairs.
Lovely. issa (1 month ago)
i started very young, but i’m actually surprisingly percise and my sisters cut there legs with the razor all the time :| but i’ve never cut my self anywhere once :|

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