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Why Boys Are Mean To Girls They Like

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It can be very hard to keep admitting to yourself and the world that you like someone – when it seems they may not like you. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/1qB7VT FURTHER READING “An enormous amount of trouble in the world – especially at work and in relationships – is caused by a peculiar phenomenon of our minds: a tendency to grow, as we put it, out of touch with our feelings. When we first meet this idea, it sounds strange, and even a bit insulting. How could we not know what we are feeling? We look from the outside like unified beings: we carry one name and sit in a compact physical container. The distances between different parts of us aren’t so great. How then could we be so multiple as to have secrets from ourselves?...” You can read more on this and other topics on our blog TheBookofLife.org at this link: https://goo.gl/4KLWKJ MORE SCHOOL OF LIFE Our website has classes, articles and products to help you think and grow: https://goo.gl/4bCLmX Watch more films on RELATIONSHIPS in our playlist: http://bit.ly/TSOLrelationships Do you speak a different language to English? Did you know you can submit Subtitles on all of our videos on YouTube? For instructions how to do this click here: https://goo.gl/bszBzx SOCIAL MEDIA Feel free to follow us at the links below: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theschooloflifelondon/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSchoolOfLife Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theschooloflifelondon/ CREDITS Produced in collaboration with: Nick Hilditch http://nickhilditch.com #TheSchoolOfLife
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Text Comments (4507)
Sam Fitt (1 day ago)
Meanness is like a tattoo it's easy to get but hard to remove .
Dan Robinson (1 day ago)
Girls are bitches.. they haven’t got a clue when it comes to relationships. Girls don’t seem to know how to care for a man or even want too, they just care about seeing their friends all the time and that’s facts!!!! not many girls I’ve come across that actually like all that romantic stuff and being in a relationship these days. Word of advice to guys : don’t be kind to girls it doesn’t get you anywhere trust me
Mariah Francois (6 days ago)
I got stair at alot from boys they try to touch my hair and other things
Marilyn Corrales (6 days ago)
This is ridiculous. Girls, if he treats you bad, he doesn't care about you. Period.
I’m a boy and I can fight but I don’t wanna hurt a girl so I have to let them get on With it but if I tell the teacher it will get worse:( please help me was a bullie but now I know it’s not doing the right thing to do in life but Then I have that feeling like “what’s the point of life” ... so please
Umut kanyilmaz (10 days ago)
Im not mean to the girl I talk but I sometimes say bad things that I realize from after
Mina (10 days ago)
(Long story time beware...) In my college, we had a cohort, a designated group for a specific major that I would see everyday until I graduated. One of my classmates in my cohort pissed me off A LOT. I hated him so much that I wanted to just punch his face because he would always call me ugly, make fun of my nose, call me fat, and a grandma (have an everyday hair bun and glasses look and never really fixed myself). Just complete negging. Even in class when I spoke, he would mock me. It was so childish. This guy has nothing to be insecure about. He's really good-looking and a gym bro and gets a lot of looks from girls. I could tell it was a huge ego booster to him. But he was also not really the brightest in our class, admits to everyone that he's lazy, and sometimes skips class. At first I would react very hurt by his comments because it really did offend me. I felt so much uglier about myself. I tried to ignore the comments and just stay professional with him no matter how much i wanted to beat him up. I was a very shy and insecure, but then it got to a point where I was done with his shit and I started bickering back at him and pointed out every flaw about him. I prided myself every time I had a good insult for him. It was no secret that we couldn't stand each other. He would always call me by ugly and I called him by fat ass. One of my other classmates noticed our behavior and asked why we're always mean to each other. One of the other guys in my cohort said that we're flirting. I didn't find it as flirting at all because I hated him. Not a single drop of feelings for him at all. I even told the whole thing to my mother and she said, "Are you sure he doesn't like you? He's giving you a lot of attention." Why would he flirt or like me anyway if he makes fun of me? If anything, we were like two kids fighting, so childish that I didn't even see myself wanting to be in any kind of close relationship with him. Probably a month later, he texts me (my cohort has a group chat, so we have all of each other's numbers) randomly to go eat sushi with him. In my class, I'm the nerd who doesn't socialize a lot, so I said no because i'm awkward and boring, plus he was a jerk to me. He said he was boring too and we could be boring together and that I should drive, which i absolutely said no to, but he trapped me into saying he would pay for my food, so I obliged. It was weird because it felt like a date and of all people... him, the person I hated most. When I saw him, we did our usual name-calling, but he saw how dressed up and fixed I was. He had the audacity to say, "Wow you don't look like a man. You look nice." On our way we still bantered as usual, but this time, it felt different. It just felt weird being just us two in my car and at dinner. We ended up drinking later that night and we both opened up. I was surprised by how much we had in common. I was shocked to find out that he was a bookworm and a gamer and I always saw him as a gym junkie, but he didn't want to look weird to others. I'm sure he envied me because I was so vocal about my interests and he kept quiet about his. Then I questioned him again about him being rude towards me, and I even slapped his face and laughed at him. I wasn't ready for what he was going to say next. He told me he found me cute all along from the start. I was taken aback and he continued by saying he liked how I reacted to his remarks, had fun, and never got bored when we bickered. (Wow, mom I guess you were right haha). I also noticed some of the things he told me that indicated that he was insecure... He always put on a front to make himself appear better than everyone else, but I could tell he had weak spots and problems of his own. I spent a lot of time with him that night, but we ended up getting way too drunk. He was 100% out of it while I was probably 50/50. One thing led to another and we ended up making out and almost having sex (the last thing that I thought was going to happen). I texted him the next day that we should forget what happened and that I was never going anywhere with him ever again, but he didn't remember anything. I explained to him of our indecent hormonal behavior and how no one in our class should know. He couldn't believe it, but after the whole incident, I started looking at him in a different way and he began treating me differently. When i saw him in class the next week, we did our same usual banter, but we both knew the atmosphere was different. He would always try to be alone with me and when we finally were, he wanted to kiss me every time... and as time went on i still liked making fun of him while he did with me, but we both know now that we're flirting and know when we want to be nice to each other. Guess what? Pushing to today and we still see each other and are good friends lol. Who would've thought that the person I hate would become the person that I like?
madrina10 (11 days ago)
I'am gonna tell my experience cause I need advice and to know what in the world is wrong with this guy lol. It's a little bit long. Ok, so there's this guy in my high school who's popular and good looking, but he is sooo inmature and disrespectul, let's just call him JJ (he's 15 btw ). I'am unpopular and introvert and probably not atractive but honestly I don't care. We have one clase together once a week and I can't stand him, he disses other people that he considers "unpopular" and bothers them just to look good, when they ain't done nothing wrong. One day I was going home before having a class with JJ, really mad at him because of his annoying behaviour and how badly he treats people (at this point he didn't do nothing to me YET) Casually, he was with 2 of his friends behind me and mines. He started to bully a guy next to me, calling him "fat, faggot, one-eyebrow..." I got even more angry and told that guy to ignore them, but suddenly JJ took my bag and pulled me back out of nothing, I was so mad that impulsively I turn back at him and shouted right in his face: "What the f are you doing? Wtf is wrong with you? You're a dickhead..." He started walking backwards as I walked closer to him while yelling all the insults that I could thought about. I was so mad, but mostly because of how he was bullying people. He looked a lil scared and said "It wasn't me" with his friends in the back saying the same. I told them I didn't give a fuck and I shouted "You are a fucking spoiled brat", they didn't dare to even look at me in the rest of the way home. The problem is that after that, EVERYTIME he sees me he makes fun of that "spoiled brat" thing I told him. Two weeks passed and he doesn't stop. Yesterday I was getting out of french class and I found him in the door, I kinda hide but he still saw me and started walking closer to me, he stopped right in my face and said "sooo...I am a spoiled brat". I softly pusshed him because he was right in my way in front of the door, and then said "Boy, you got a trauma with me, really" but he yelled: "Why you touching me? Don't touch me, Get away from my classroom (We have french class in his classroom) you got no right to be here, Get out" obviously to bother me. I was mesmerized and couldn't belive It, so I just went out really mad ignoring him. Other girls have yelled at him before, (not like I did I guess) so I don't know why is he taking It with me, really, is so annoying. Tomorrow I have a class with him and I'm so tired, like, I just wanna skip It.
madrina10 (9 days ago)
+Orange Blossom Oh Really, Thank you <3
Orange Blossom (9 days ago)
He's fixated on you now because you really see him for who he is. We all want to be seen and understood. We especially want others to acknowledge our hurts, pain, insecurities, fears and trauma. This kid sounds like a budding narcissist. This personality disorder developed when a kid is repeatedly told they aren't good enough, usually by a parent. They are lonely and sometimes deeply depressed people. To overcome his feelings of worthlessness or of being an impostor, he projects those negative feelings onto others. Then he projects those negative qualities in others so as to separate them from himself. If someone else embodies those negative qualities, then he could not possibly be accused of having them himself. When you identified him as a spoiled brat you laid open his greatest fear - his accomplishments such as they are aren't his own. He fears that everything has just been handed to him and that one day people will realize he is a fraud. The word "spoiled" is very important in this context. He rejects what he thinks are the ugly, disgusting parts of himself by projecting them on to others (Trump does this all of the time). Think of how you would react if you opened your kitchen fridge and found a piece of rotting food on the shelf. You'd be disgusted and wast to fling the spoiled food away. That is how he deals with these uncomfortable feelings about himself. The word "brat" probably hit home with him because he is fearful of being an annoying, needy, childish person and in his mind, unlovable. The next time he sticks his face in your and says "I'm a spoiled brat," I'd take a deep breath, let it out, and then say "yes, we both agree that you are a spoiled brat, so what are YOU going to do about it because it's not my problem." There are a lot of YouTube videos that cover how to deal with narcissists. Watch some and learn how to handle these ppl and keep your own sanity intact. Good luck.
cool guy (12 days ago)
I used to bully a girl and I didn't like her
Anysha Aktar (12 days ago)
All the boys in my class are mean to me.. Does that mean they all like me?????!!?!?!!!!!!??!?!
O Gonzalez (13 days ago)
When I was in preschool and everyone was coming through the entrance sometimes I would see the prettiest girl with beautiful straight hair. As quickly as I could I would get behind her and pull her hair. Sometimes she would cry. I was never caught. No one taught me this I just had emotions I could not express.
Gregggy Eggy (14 days ago)
Uhhhhh I am nice to girl when I like them I’m not mean tf
Olivia TH (15 days ago)
I really want him to tell me that he likes me but I don't know if he does! I think he does but the only class I have with him is band, and there are 60 kids in our class and he doesn't know where I sit. I'm not mean to him but he REALLY likes to cuss and I'm afraid to tell him. We've only know each other and had brisk chats for 2 months
Sao Saosson (15 days ago)
I am not mean to girls I like
Well not all of them are mean to someone they like
Milly Midnight (16 days ago)
This literally makes no sense
Humans are really hard to understand they do things they like they earn persons often more than they need I mean it's not wrong having a hundred girlfriend but there are consequences even if you think that there must not be you might find us week in social skills the truth is we do have different skills than you well u like to speak to each other and know things about each other but truth be told we don't like such things we don't find u equal to our selves and we are not equal at all I mean I am 21years old I had never had sex I had never had a girlfriend and I don't talk with no one unless it benefits me some way even so I have found an investor who would like to give me 2million dollar to start my own company and most of you won't buy your first home until 30s I mean you may say okay man I had something I wanted from life you had something you wanted just let us live together in peace and hormone but it is not going to be like that when we reach to the consequences part of you being happy when u were young and we being sad well we want to find ways to harm u and your past present or possible girlfriends in a way that we can you are stronger you are more popular u are kinder but u are nothing more than an employee and we own all money all social medias and all power I mean you basically have to decide to choose between us for Senates governments and all other power systems but truth is you all of you are nothing but slaves you born slave u lived as a slave and u probably are going to die like an slave of curse we lie to you how much we love you that we are equal to each other and we fool you in any way we can we are two different species who live in a same content and we are fighting for resources and I can promise you we will never loose in money or politics and if u want to say I have friends I have to say we can kill every each one of your friends at this very moment armies obey all orders for a reason we own this planet and u are just a parasite that we finely find a way to get rid of one day u end will be our start not to mention how good it feels to imagine you're suffering at that very moment see u😈❇🆎🕛🕐😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 tik tok tik tok it's very near ten and when tenths shows it would be the beginning of the end for you
Hey its Andreia (19 days ago)
Omg! The whole world loves me!! Aww how lovely!
Brendan O'Donnell (21 days ago)
It’s the other way around, a lot of girls r mean to guys they like
Brave Wang (22 days ago)
Me walking in a bar in downtown Chicago and 3 men who were attracted to me laughed and mocked me. They were clearly not on my level and they humiliated me.
umut var (22 days ago)
in my case he said that he loved me, i didn't love him back and i was honest about it, he had no problem with that..i admit sometimes i sounded cold or rude with him unintentionnally but just cuz i don't wanna give him false hope cuz i wasn't sure about my feelings, so he suddenly started being rude and mean..talking to me in a way that is not like him at all, i wanna tell him or ask him but i'm too proud to do that and if he makes fun of it, i'll be broken.i just want him to know that i care for him but can't tell him if he keeps this attitude with me..
seg oko (23 days ago)
Hahaha so false
Allanah Galueva (26 days ago)
Last place I could seek for was YouTube God I was looking in the comments if there's still hope for me my crush says I'm good looking but likes someone else he says idk and he's mean towards me he says shut up even though I say nothing
Janii OwO (27 days ago)
He is so horribly mean to other people. Yelling at their mistakes when playing sports, and even insulted some of his friends harshly. Yet he is like an angel to me. He’s so sweet to me. Idek anymore...
kenkenslife (28 days ago)
valerie (29 days ago)
I would say I would act weird/funny and laugh alot around them if I liked/ was attracted them but then again I'm already weird.
Jayne Mangalus (30 days ago)
Potato *-Chan*- (30 days ago)
This boy bullies me. (He made me HATE him) and it's obvious that he likes me. He bullies me with his little group. Omg. There was this time where my teacher made me and him hold hands I felt awkward and annoyed. I hated it. My friends always ships me with him. They even made a ship name and it's so freaking annoying. When I found out he likes me for the first time I felt guilty for hating him. But I didn't like Like him. I try so hard to ingore him so he can just move on from me..I hope I didn't make the wrong choice though. I just wish that he would've just been truthful with me and just tell me. But it's just how he is. *I swear if he found this video and started reading the comments and he read this, he'll know it's me ;-;* ANYWAYS WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THIS BOI?
Hey its Andreia (19 days ago)
@little potatoe i have the same issue and my advice is to be VERY nice with them. act kinda ''flirty'' with them i guess.
Devotchka (1 month ago)
Because they have not learned to be gentlemen. The less gentlemenly one is toward a lady, the less lady-like she acts.
Arianna the neko (1 month ago)
Funny you should say that...Ha. My bully is a guy he says I'm a "Bitch, Ugly and annoying" If he liked me I'd assume he'd TRY to be nice to me. So thanks.. Love isn't my thing so far xd So yeah. Just be nice to people.
S M (1 month ago)
If that guy was millionaire he would fuck the prety schoolmate together with all chearleader team
ØnlyØneGirl (1 month ago)
Tell me why am I attracted to boy that kinda bullied me??????? I need answers!!! And why do I think that he likes me too?
SuperCatlover 07 (1 month ago)
Wait...Does this mean my crush that has always been mean to me likes me?
Adervae (1 month ago)
Guy: "I'm gonna be mean to you." Girl: "Yay, he likes me." Me: "You look pretty." Girl: "Ew, you're creepy. Go away."
...I thought girls do this to...I do.....
Mattaku Bodimasen (1 month ago)
Don't let the Drarry or Dramione shippers see this.
Ash is (1 month ago)
nAnI i tHoUgHt tHaT gIrLs(gorls) wErE tHe oNeS m0rE cOmMoNlY kNoWn aS tSuNdErEs
Electric Fan Man (1 month ago)
The Birth of an Incel (colorized)
Is that why this guy is very mean to me like he plays with me but he is always rude andi cant take it i want to cry but i cant infront of my parents im suffering from this boy his too mean so im crying right nowon this comment
Quya Luna (1 month ago)
There is this boy, who is forced to work with me all the time in plays, and he is always staring at me, ALWAYS. We don't talk outside of class. But when we have to work together or are paired up, he makes it a point to "flirt" with other girls in front of me, or to complain about how we have to work together, and whenever we talk it turns into a reason why I'm <insert insult>. Sometimes he is a little bit nice to me but usually not. I do not get this kind of person and I'm exasperated before I even have to go to any event he is in.
nO JAmS (1 month ago)
My crush stares at me often, smiles at me.... But when we are talking on snapchat for example he acts rude and fed up. Wtf dude??
Last Bee (1 month ago)
A guy did this to me and I find this behavior weird. I'm very frustrated about the fact that he got angry when I told him I don't like him back. We stopped talking.
Jessica Lam (1 month ago)
This video goes a lot deeper than the title suggests, and it's not your typical teenage drama BS. And I don't think it's necessarily gendered either, the meanness is very similar to what some women would do to other women they are jealous of as well.
Rory frost (1 month ago)
Its not just boys
Redeemed (1 month ago)
I was nice to the girls I liked in high school. In elementary school maybe I was mean to girls I liked.
Ok that's dumb
MR HALLOWEEN (1 month ago)
I personally think some of these girls deserve the nastiness. They are plan out rude and have no consideration!
shan4883 (1 month ago)
I was getting harassed by some guy near my work place in the distance 2 years ago and they are back at it again (can't see his face for fuck sake, but I want to slap him from trying to lower my self confidence) and I'm having to ride my bike down the alley to get to work and it makes me feel pissed off! Not to mention, it was a very windy and cold day today and I just wanted to get to work. I was trying to avoid the wind the most. Not to mention, who the fuck stands out in hurricane like wind to say that to someone? I could hear him say to his friends that I'm nervous around him with a smirk and actually whistled at me to come here and called me a dog? That really shocked me. I'm an attractive woman in my mid 30s (I'm short and look 20) but have my tired and off days. I have no idea what his problem is and that he's thinking I'm all nervous around him? No. But he does seem like a big asshole! Why does he need to look at my face when I'm going by? It makes me feel paranoid. Its like he's telling women not to show emotions? So I tried to avoid him all the time. I tried to figure out where these voices were coming from, but they are always hidden? It pisses me off! When I got into work, 10 minutes later I hear a car going down the road slamming on the breaks so hard you would think this person was about to blow the tires and was upset! Trying to intimidate me? I don't know why he wants this attention from me? Why does he not care about others? Why he bullies me is mean! He's in his 20s and is acting insecure and childish. He wonders why I avoid him!? You don't abuse women!? Emotionally abusive asshole. He knows where I am and where I work too. I might know who this person is, but I'm unsure. His voice sounds familiar.
_Error1985_ (1 month ago)
My crush knows i like him and he abuses me and is very mean at me...
Kawaii Wolfie (1 month ago)
A guy in my class has been bullying me since grade 3 and whenever I go near him he just doesn't talk, I don't understand, he talks to my friend to just be able to say hi to me sometimes, idk, maybe he just doesn't want to talk to me cause his friends think he hates me...?
John DeCampi (1 month ago)
I've done this but my life has been luckily too much of joke and powerless as a child to do any real damage, all I did was break somebodies heart? Actually i am not sure of that. The person was too confusing. I am and still seen as a loser, a deception to many. A mirage or a ghost. And because I am that to many they all become mirages and and ghost to me.
Tucco Ramerez (1 month ago)
Great retardation
Lisa Simpsonn (1 month ago)
Most boys are fuckboys
egg (1 month ago)
But yeah, don't tell anybody that if someone is being mean to you, it means they like you. If they're downright nasty, yeah man, just no. However, if the person is just playful/snarky and likes teasing you lightly, it could mean they might like being around you in the very least.
dougzon (1 month ago)
"reflecting sadly on the deep strangeness and unsatisfactoriness of the human condition" this hits home.
actual trash (1 month ago)
Dont you just hate it when the guy you like runs away with your scarf
The MadCatter (1 month ago)
members of the opposite gender are not nice or mean to me, they simply tolerate me
ellen dalla nora (1 month ago)
This reminds me that, during my school days, most of the people who where mean to me where ugly boys. Even so, I prefer to think they just hated me ( the other option would keep me from sleeping).
Joe Joe (1 month ago)
We might just really hate you.
Kacy & Emily (1 month ago)
If a boy is rude to a girl they take it seriously most times which one time made my friend cry 😥.
Baylie Ginger (1 month ago)
My boyfriend hits me but not to try and hurt me, to play around. We do it to each other and it's fun for us ☺
Ivana (1 month ago)
hi im a girl and this boy liked me but all he did was try to roast me but one day he said he liked my shirt but i frickin hated it lol but I just thought he was annoying
Lowan Morgan (1 month ago)
Can I just say I’m confused asf about my crush Bcs Me and my friends catch him staring at me and looking at me in school But then he flirts with like every other girl He pushes me out of conversations If I’m having a conversation with a boy he will come along and push me out Whereas if I’m having a conversation with a girl he won’t I’ve noticed that he tries to sit closest to me in lessons where his friends aren’t really there Or if they are he will sit far away from me But usually opposite And He has girls around his house all the time and bragging about how his party was the other night Yet He still continues to look at me Idk I’m confused idk what this means I’ve asked him (He knows about the crush) And he said He’s confused about his feelings But that was like 5 months ago Idk if anything has changed But I’m too scared to talk to him so Yay
Yeah this one kid is sooo mean to me he always says ewww when I come around, steals all my stuff and never gives it back, throws water at me, playfully hits me, ignores me but says hi to all my other friends and he also tells everyone how I bully him and about me even though I don’t want any contact with him. He also throws my stuff in the trash. What should I do????
SHOOK Galaxy Miku (1 month ago)
I have a lot a bullies and they are all guys (1 one female tho) Amway time I sit next to them or get close to them they're like ewwwww And they talk about me a lot but they sometimes help me sometimes they are nice to me and some days they don't bullying me at all Edit:I do you have a crush on one of my bulles tho
Paris (1 month ago)
I don’t know if he likes me or hates me but every time I play video games with my homies. Theirs that one guy in my group who always picks on me like he always calling me fat and ugly and sometimes when I try to talk he always is like shut up nobody cares paris. Then when I ask why he picks on me he’s always like “ cause I feel like it”. Then theirs like two people who asked if he likes me but then he never responds. But idk he always calls me names so I started roasting him about his hair saying that he looks like Marge Simpson with his ugly ass hair then how he need some lotion cause his face be lookin crusty. So yea I don’t even know... it so freaking confusing
JoAnna Pimentel (2 months ago)
Im so confused because he stares at me and he's a dork and i feel like he trusts me because he tells me things about his life, but when other people are looking he just looks away and talks to this other girl😩
Ashish Bihani (2 months ago)
Hindi tl;dw "angoor khatte hain".
Oh no (2 months ago)
I mad somebody this mad......damn
Dave Wilson (2 months ago)
It's because nice guys finish last. Women really do not want nice guys. They only like the jerks.
Rania Ranini (2 months ago)
He avoids me and ignore me but keep starring at me then turn away whenever I caught him
vereena says (2 months ago)
Bob bob (2 months ago)
I always get rejected so I just stop trying to live
Meep's Cove (2 months ago)
This is dumb We don't hurt those we care about on purpose God this just leads into bad relationships
Bailshaubee (2 months ago)
My mom when though this and I god hope this doesn't happen to me
Ari Magic (2 months ago)
He ignores me, he stares at me and when I return glances he looks away,he always tells me to shut up,we barely talk,he makes fun of me,he was there when I need him,he makes jokes when Im sad sometimes yeah thanks for this video
Bardi girl (2 months ago)
I hate like every fucking one like shit i hate that fucking feeling shit
Vav Aryeh (2 months ago)
Don't tell your kids or any girl the boy is being mean because he "likes" her. Even if it's true, don't teach them abuse is love.
Ziggy's Town (2 months ago)
Boys are not mean to girls some boys and girls
Diamond Bliss Art (2 months ago)
My crush is only rude to me and other girls he's nice I like him cuz I know his good side since he shows it when no ones looking
Angelica 104 (2 months ago)
I know someone who is like that and i hate that person.
All the boys in my class absolutely hates me not because of this because they say I'm too crazy I'm too tomboyish(my personality) and too judgy(I'm not judgy though) except one boy that is the meanest than the other boys he cusses at me he will sabotage me and make rumours about me from his friends one day we got punished because we went to the toilet and there was an important conference that's why and we sat next to the vice principal office cuz the door in our classroom was locked so we waited there so quietly until he talk to me like a freaking normal girl I was so confused and then we sorta play a game to not keep us bored after that we sat there in an awkwardly dead silence
Frog Eye (2 months ago)
So basically men like this are cucks bitches and pathetic losers
sochuiwon khapai (2 months ago)
"you stole their scarf"...talk about random
Kelly Hanna (2 months ago)
That guy is probably an incel
David Ridlen (2 months ago)
Sour grapes.
Ena (2 months ago)
I wouldn’t say this guy is mean to me but he always does things to annoy me. He pulls on my bag, has an annoying nick name for me, steps on the back of my shoes, throws paper at me. He even goes to the extent of waiting until I walk out of class just so he can walk behind me and annoy me more. I’m not sure if he likes me or not but he just started doing this and I have been at the same school with him for 2 years.
Ronja plays (2 months ago)
I have blocked him and he calls me bich out off nowhere
Furkan Kazar (2 months ago)
"Kedi uzanamadığı ciğere murdar dermiş." Turkish proverb.
SlothPlays Xbox (2 months ago)
Me and my crush we fake hate each over sort of... like she knows I’m joking and so do I, And when she makes a hating on me joke or is annoying me I know it’s a joke. I’m not sure if she likes be back probably not..
ahnya evans (2 months ago)
this is why i like girls
Wolfie Shadow (2 months ago)
dark emoji (2 months ago)
Some of the people in the comment section are not getting anything that he's saying.
Krystal Nova (3 months ago)
There is this one boy in my school that used to tease me in the 4th grade, he hated me, but I don't know why! He would always call me names and stuff and mock me for things like the shoes I wore or how my edges looked! Fast forward to the 6th grade. We aren't in the same class, but I see him at lunch everyday, I have to walk past him to get to my regular table, and once he tried to trip me but I moved to the side to avoid him. But sometimes I would turn around and find him staring at me, It was really uncomfortable. But at the last few weeks of my 6th grade school year, we switch to other teacher's classes to play games and just hang out while our homeroom teacher is re-teaching those who failed. We were there for about 2 hours. And the whole time he was doing dumb things like dancing for no reason, I had a feeling he was trying to get my attention, but just to mess with him, I ignored him the entire time. Until... He crept up behind me and stared at my tablet, while I was playing candy crush. I didn't notice until I dropped my charger! And at that point I straight up asked him "What are you doing behind me dude?". And he said "Nothing!" and ran to his little friend group. I think he likes me, but I'm not entirely sure about it!
adrian serrano (3 months ago)
That happened to me with a dude I liked from school when I was 15. I felt very guilty
Kentang ajaib (3 months ago)
Helga *cough Pataky *cough
Me and my crush barely have eye contact!! 😭😭😭
yoongles boongles (3 months ago)
TF GAMING (3 months ago)
Wow this depressing
DunklerJägerZach (3 months ago)
Goddamn... everyone in my school turns out to be my fan then.

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