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6 Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Definitely Know

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Are you spending a ton of money on store bought skin-care products that promise to leave your skin looking rejuvenated, while removing any and all blemishes? Have you had enough of acne and wrinkle treatments that do little outside of leaving you lighter in the pocket book? Maybe you should get rid of all those expensive products and start using natural remedies, to provide you with clearer, healthier skin. Take a look at six little known skin treatments from Korea: 1. Seaweed Mask Algae from the sea is great for the skin. Seaweed can be used as a mask for the face by simply placing the sheets in warm water and applying to your skin. It’s best to let them sit for 15 minutes to get the full effect. This will allow you to absorb all of the vitamins, minerals, and bacteria fighting properties. 2. Hot Towel Massage When heat is applied to the skin it promotes better circulation. It also open the pores and allow our skin to breathe. To give your face a hot towel massage, all you need to do is soak a clean towel in hot water and immediately apply it to your face. With the warm towel, slowly massage your face for about 15 minutes. When you're done, don't forget to put on oil to nourish the recently treated area. 3. Moisturize Immediately If you really want to take advantage of the moisturizing process and allow any lotion or cream to fully penetrate your pores, make sure that you moisturize as soon as you dry off from bathing. Since your pores are opened up in the bath or shower, it’s best to apply any natural moisturizer no more than 10-seconds after you’ve dried off. 4. Citrus Treatment Citric acid works wonders for ridding your pores of excess dirt and oil and removing dead skin cells. To take advantage of the healing powers of citric acid, just squeeze half a lemon into a bowl and use a cotton ball as an applicator. Your skin will thank you as the lemon will leave it bright and clear and feeling fresh. 5. Soy Milk Even professional cosmeticians in Korea use soy milk in their treatments, not to mention others who use who it at home as a home remedy. Here’s one of the most widely used and trusted recipes: Soak some gauze in soy milk and apply it generously to the skin. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes so it can nourish and rejuvenate your skin. It’s recommended to use this recipe up to twice a week. 6. Sea Salt Treatment Sea salt can disinfect your skin while getting rid of unsightly blackheads. It restores damaged skin and calms areas that have becomes red and inflamed over time. Mix 1 tablespoon of sea salt with a glass of warm water. Stir the mixture well to dissolve the salt. Then dip a cotton ball into the salt water and wipe your face. Make sure you stay away from any cuts or abrasions. Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.
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Awoken Ink Tears (1 month ago)
Would almond milk work?
The secret is... Kimchi 😂, Kimchi is healthy, right?? and things they eat and face mask and stuff
Lhingboi Haokip (2 months ago)
If you want a soft, pimples free skin drink lots of water 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
jafna jaf (3 months ago)
😂its jst abt their genetic yaar
Minami's red stripe (3 months ago)
Who's here bc they wanna look like BTS
Giveme vvv (3 months ago)
If I wouñd have not eaten the last seeweed I would have use it for my face but *too late*
Jana #TRyunity (4 months ago)
Has nothing to do with the video but... Isnt it weird that the acc has a german name?
Ashma Khan (4 months ago)
In india from where we get mam algae sandwich n soya milk..
Cool Future (4 months ago)
Great info! But may anyone give me some home remedy that can be used as moisturizer??
Gulshen Kutsal (4 months ago)
Is it ok to use under aye
Chochohtwe Chocho (4 months ago)
I like
Hellen Chileshe (4 months ago)
Salt and hot towel on face? I can't do it
E-Shi (5 months ago)
Just do skincare, it's better and I've never done this.
Lexy Mar (5 months ago)
Hipsterveggie channel swears by the lemon -_-
Gloria De Ocampo (5 months ago)
When i grow up ill just get a facial
- saraie - (5 months ago)
I disagree with some of the tips/secrets (I'm a korean girl) nobody I know does that 😑
Biscotticorno _ (5 months ago)
Bts im coming
Biscotticorno _ (5 months ago)
I love it
Rishikha Hosamani (6 months ago)
My skin was fair before but after baby it started getting dark face and neck both please tell me for skin brighting again
sin ً (6 months ago)
What kind of oil?
Mia Contreras (6 months ago)
Don't try at 1:49!!🙊💥🙅
Mia Contreras (6 months ago)
Giys don't try the lemon remedy! It will leave burns and rashes!!
Nikita Nelson (6 months ago)
Never ever put lemon directly on your beautiful face because it's high in acidic and it can damage your skin.Even tomato can causes irritation and itching,i have gone through it.And salt directly on face???? Really???I am not gonna do this.
Saada Dib (6 months ago)
My daughter uses the seasalt treatment once a week and it cleared up her whole face from all pimples. You must moisturize though straight after.
art에반 (7 months ago)
There are no beauty secrets they just wash there face everyday with soap and water like normal people but white people eat too much oily stuff and fried shit ( no offense to the fit healthy oned ) so their skin gets oily
SUSMITA'S CARE (7 months ago)
Tae Kookie (7 months ago)
Thank youu
Duha Najib (7 months ago)
اعشااااب والله يالله
Momo Micky (7 months ago)
not any secrets they all r do surgery
BanGKit PahLaWanKu (7 months ago)
Thanks for info yang berguna ni
lullaby Godly (7 months ago)
I have a oily skin it's is good for to put oil for oily skin ??
Annie Williams (4 months ago)
Use oatmeal mask make a paste and put it on your face for 20 minutes
raveena k (7 months ago)
In long run lemon being applied directly over the face causes damage.and the pH of every lemon varies, u don't know the exact pH of the lemon
김방희 (8 months ago)
Noooooooo our korean secreys have been reveled...after all I am a Korean I'll prove it 안녕하세요 means hello
cAtCHy eYeS (8 months ago)
Ur voice is so soothing...
pauline heart Denoy (8 months ago)
This is actually work
I Like Milktea (8 months ago)
the comments are so confusing :3
Reve Dore (8 months ago)
The other one
Reve Dore (8 months ago)
Her voiceeee she is siri i guess
ren baldava (8 months ago)
Lucy Himeno (8 months ago)
Can I eat the seaweed afterwards? xD
Sophia Tagle (9 months ago)
honey water,pomegranate eye mask from skinfood,all mask story,body scrub,lemon water
Octavia Striger (9 months ago)
I used hot water when I show
김윤아 (10 months ago)
I am korean its good but korean produce is in high qualty.진짜.아이고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Pasidu Chethiya (5 months ago)
hey....please help me sweet heart please;....
Vaishnavi Rajput (10 months ago)
Never ever use lemon juice on face,not in packs or with anything.. plz!
Nari나리 (10 months ago)
Too much oil on your face gives you acne :/
A person with a comment (4 months ago)
Nari나리 If you use it in the day while the sun is hot
Anthony lopez (10 months ago)
Anya Vladim (10 months ago)
1. You have 3 minutes to apply your face cream (body lotion) after you wash your skin. Not 10 seconds lol 2. While sea salt does help with bacteria removal and therefore ,preventing acne , its also too harsh for your delicate skin areas,so use it cautiously. I'd follow up with some aloe vera oil, afterwards ! Aloe vera oil doesn't clog pores,like majority of oils do (coconut oil clogs your pores badly! !!!) Castor oil is good to disinfect ,as well as being antifungal and moisturizing ! 3. Do your own research ! (Derm department )
Joe Max (10 months ago)
Y r they telling us to do it then if lemon is not good for skin so then y we eat lemon
joonie bae (11 months ago)
Nur Izzati (11 months ago)
okay. but, what do you mean by oil in no. 2 ? i mean like, hat kind of oil ?
Sayang Ku (11 months ago)
i love to eat seaweed
maya9800 (11 months ago)
seaweed is more expensive than commercial skin products )) not a good advice for your pocket!
Rupali prashar (11 months ago)
Esa ni hota
Chunji천지 (11 months ago)
My skin stings whenever I put lemon and salt on it
HeeSu Lee (11 months ago)
I'm Korean but never tried them in my life😂 Normally my Korean friends around me use one or two skin products and do facial mask sheet twice a week...this is what we've done generally. Maybe people like actress will do these special methods as they need to show their flawless skin in the extreme HD tv screen.
malarmalar malarmalar (4 months ago)
HeeSu Lee You guys are so cute i wanna go there before i die
Agnes Jeslynne (4 months ago)
마음이 예뻐야 얼굴도 예쁜것 진짜 리즌이 없내요
Aarti Goswami (8 months ago)
HeeSu Lee really are you Korean....if you are then plz recommend me some of beauty secrets...plz
sarah abbasi (9 months ago)
can u give ur ig id so i can ask u about skin
Priscilla Lander (11 months ago)
Will definitely try a few of this tips, so simple
Pozvaty (1 year ago)
El secreto es alimentarse de manera sana. Hacer ejercicios y cirugia si tienes dinero.
Michelle Busa (1 year ago)
hot cold (1 year ago)
accept it that korean has a good skin not because of anything it runs in the blood ✌✌✌
Lana Nunu slemaniakam (1 year ago)
The problem is where can i find these things like the first one while iam living in Iraq hhhhhh plus lemon juice can not be use directrly on face without diluting it .. it ruins the upper layer of ur skin coz its way too acidic juice .. anyway tnx
nicolas ma (1 year ago)
come on depend on weather ... Korea is too cold ... tropical asia is too hot .... would u suggest something suitable ? hot and cold Totally different .... so dont just do it without idea what is suit you ?
Street Fashion News (1 year ago)
👏👏👏 that's 👍 great
maria __ (1 year ago)
Why does the first pic in the thumbnail look like robot Sophie lol
Roxie Koo (1 year ago)
I am korean. I’ve never heard about that thing.
Aesthetic Taehyung (2 months ago)
Roxie Koo Lol 😂
Nancy Nahni Goh (1 year ago)
I never use any product of modern masks method
Saira Ailia (1 year ago)
These tips so good, don't know why there's very few likes😑
Tina M (1 year ago)
Soothing voice 😊
JulieAnkha N. (1 year ago)
Skin doesn't breath.
Cath Hall (8 months ago)
JulieAnkha N. Yes it does, its an Organ.
BabygirlAfrica Xoxo (1 year ago)
I subscribed already
The only one that I know that really does work and is recommended is the hot towel, other than that, all others is a no no! Except for moisturizing!
MYG Dance Covers (6 months ago)
Repuglibe SandersVonRubio what do u use for moisturizing?
epiphany 1.618 (1 year ago)
Nice info. Not same ol same ol ... thanks
Anusha Anu (1 year ago)
Lemon is known for beauty recipe for a long time
I'm not Korean, but I've known of each of these except the gauze and soy milk, for at least 20 years. These aren't uniquely Korean, little known (I'm in the USA), or very effective.
Mhz123 Brk (1 year ago)
That so good lifestyle changes health care skin well ☺
zara saeed (1 year ago)
Don't use lemon directly on your skin it will damage your skin pH level ..mix few drops of lemon with honey and massage for s minute then leave it for 15minutes.its very good for any type of skin and please don't expect magic it just gives you clean and shiny skin.
Jimin 4life (1 year ago)
Don't ever ever and i mean ever squeze a lemon and put a cotton pad and use it on your face. It will destroy it so god damn bad that u will cry. It literally burns ur skin. It is literally acid. If u wana put lemon on ur face tone it down with water like add 2/3 lemon 1/3 water. Dont do it judt lemon. Ull regret it forever
Aesthetic Taehyung (2 months ago)
Jimin 4life This tip should be essentially applied to those who have a more sensitive skin 👌
Vikas kumar (3 months ago)
Jimin 4life oh
Cool Future (4 months ago)
U r right bro!!
XxWarriorKatxX (4 months ago)
Jimin 4life ,I did that,it burns..it ll stay forever?
Athirah Azmil (5 months ago)
Jimin 4life thank you bruh! You have save many lifes.cause I'm wondering the same things too because although lemon doesnt react well with my face skin , i thought it will be okay with others....but now I know the truth.phewwww.couldnt thank you more👍👍
nula5412 (1 year ago)
I'm Korean Girl I don't agree with this video specially #1 never use it lol Korean ppl have high beauty standards I think it's too much I don't really like it
Agnes Jeslynne (4 months ago)
sarah abbasi (9 months ago)
aoa can u give your ig id so i can ask u few thin gs regarding skin
yanga mara (11 months ago)
what you use everyday which are available at Indian market please tell
Cool Pragyadipti (11 months ago)
senala go what are your secret miss??
Ellie Browne (1 year ago)
Here’s the thing... pores don’t open and close. It is possible to minimize the appearance of them with cold temperature and vise versa with hot. Secondly, using pure lemon juice on your face can cause burns.
ckatie (9 months ago)
Indeed. Don't put l e m o n J U I C E directly on your face. What I do is cut a lemon in half and dip one part it in honey. Then dip it in a bit of sugar and scrub on your face (I don't get too close to my eyes).
Spicy Ibis (1 year ago)
Ellie Browne thank you. I’ve been saying this about pores FOREVER. It drives me nuts whenever I see or hear this! Anyhoo totally agree about the lemon on skin. Yikes!
りんrin (1 year ago)
Can we use limes instead of lemons?
Lana Nunu slemaniakam (1 year ago)
Whats the diffrent between them?
2L2Q (1 year ago)
Please, please do NOT use full strength lemon on your face, or rub salt across it. These are very stressful and painful things to do to the delicate tissues, membranes and could cause injury. Please.
Azam Pasha (4 months ago)
It's true
shreya pius (1 year ago)
U r right
Aisha Shaik (1 year ago)
What can be used as natural moisturizer?
luna alba (9 months ago)
Coconut oil.. but use virgin coconut oil.. cause coconut oil can cloged pores. And it depend on ur skin
Miriam L (1 year ago)
Jojoba oil and organic pure aloe vera gel.
Tani (1 year ago)
Coconut oil can clog pores and actually make you break out more, so be careful with that
Kate marie (1 year ago)
Aloe Vera or Argan oil! HG products for dry sensitive skin.
Aisha Shaik coconut oil
Bro Kimchi (1 year ago)
how can i put moisturizer 10 sec after bath, shouldn't i use toner first before moisturizers?
Surgery you mean?
Please enter a name. (6 months ago)
stop being jealous ugly ass bitch
최혜민 (8 months ago)
Stop being so rude... Not all of them get plastic surgery. There are so many natural beauties, too.
ERROR ANNEXGLRGA (9 months ago)
Surgery doesn't do anything with skin care. It only changes your body but not the skin care.
Paris (1 year ago)
Soy isnt good for combination/oily skin
Lana Nunu slemaniakam (1 year ago)
Paris King my skin is sensetive oilyyyyyy
Riya (1 year ago)
Can lemon juice directly applied on skin
A S - Anjaan Sachai (3 months ago)
Only if you have an oily skin, other wise it will be harsh for you.
StaR Blaze X (7 months ago)
Riya no. Dilute it with water.
Gifer Segundo (1 year ago)
actually they go to skin care station 👻👻ez
angela d adam (1 year ago)
The secret is plastic surgery..duh..
angela d adam Obviously, Plastic surgery has nothing to do with makeing your face look healthier, Its to enhance your face features, the fuck?. Plastic surgery shamer, You need to get your brain fixed seriously, its way more critical then getting their face done.
Lol, And you need some, not only on your face but your brain😒
cyka blyat (3 months ago)
+최혜민 wow haneachung hi fucking feminist korean woman. I want to kill korean feminist 🤣🤣
Lee_chae_ jie (4 months ago)
+Choco Maniac agree
KengKong Umapi (5 months ago)
im korean but even if we dont get plastic surgery we still have beautiful skin, women and men just get plastic surgery to enhance their features not to enhance skin complexion, your comment is very ignorant and rude that makes the hardwork for maintaning our beautiful skin look like nothing
reanna basnet (1 year ago)
R.A. S (1 year ago)
I've done every last one of these for years! They work!!!
kiran rider (6 months ago)
Rhonda Stephens really?
Memo Abboud (1 year ago)
واااو شكرا كتير ❤😍
Memo Abboud حبيبتي ممكن تفسير
BF TE (1 year ago)
Shouldve been Japanese.. Koreans are known for having too much plastic surgeries.
Awoken Ink Tears (1 month ago)
Plastic sugery isnt looked down on in Korea unlike western places
EXO Lay is the sheep (3 months ago)
Bruh even if you do plastic surgery, you still need to take care of your skin, plastic surgery can only make your skin tighter, but not smoother or clean..
Please enter a name. (6 months ago)
Japanese get more plastic surgery, lots of them go to Korea for it
ᄋ ᄋ (6 months ago)
BF TE i didnt have ANY PLASTIC surgeries but im Korean my all Korean friends didnt get anything on their face
ckatie (9 months ago)
This video was made to tell you how to remove blemishes or something, how to make your skin look healthier. Not how to fix your face....
Deepti Ghai Sharma (1 year ago)
amazing :)
Michael Jhon Aranton (1 year ago)
you have a good voice.
Michael Jhon Aranton agreed
Angel Magalona (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing
DDapa 1980 (1 year ago)
I've seen folks questioning these videos... I do recommend not running with everything you hear, some may work and it may not, however I highly doubt my comment or this channel is getting any kickbacks for the use of natural products. Try it if you think it will work, stop usage if it doesn't which is simple. I'm just saying....
Éirinn Ireland (1 year ago)
I Agree with everything accept the soy. Soy is not good for you.
SeokJinAh (11 months ago)
Organic/fermented soy is amazing for you but processed soy is bad
MELL (1 year ago)
Don't listen to these people and put it on your face, its better to just put everything in your mouth.
Aquarious Doll (1 year ago)
Specially if you have PCOS please stay away from soy.
Linda Holy (1 year ago)
And I'm reading your comment and drinking soy milk at the same time 😂😂😂
Annam Hoiya (1 year ago)
What do you mean? Is it bad to eat soy products like tofu and soy sauce?
JohnPavilonis (1 year ago)
90% of all soy products in America contain GMO's and glyphosate. Don't use soy unless it is organic!!!!
James G Rivera (1 year ago)
Agree with that!
Natasha Madsen (1 year ago)
Should I trust this...? I tried once to take lemon on my skin "because it should help" but emh no...my skin began to crack!
Iirin de (3 months ago)
I heard that directly using lemon would burn and damage your skin so it’s better not to
Hetice Sultan (1 year ago)
applying lemon juice directly on skin is not right as it contains acid. Instead apply lemon juice by mixing with other ingredient like sugar.
Sajnahasher (1 year ago)
Me too...i used honey along with lemon. It really works....
let's have fun (1 year ago)
Natasha Madsen it depends on you skin. From my experience, it helped me a lot. But for other people (who have sensitive skin for example) should avoide the lemon as much as they can.
Danielle A. Cornet (1 year ago)
Natasha Madsen Using lemon has made my skin glow and helped me get rid of blemishes and scars but there's a science to using lemon: 1) only use at night before bed - exposure to sunlight will dry up your skin and 2) you have to use a heavy moisturiser to reduce the drying effect of lemon

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