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The Weeknd - The Morning

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http://theweeknd.co/BeautyBehindTheMadness THE MADNESS FALL TOUR 2015: http://republicrec.co/BBTMtickets
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Text Comments (8476)
daniel daniel (20 hours ago)
Sup lol this shit is cool
Gabriel Lopes Alves (22 hours ago)
Playlist for sex -> https://open.spotify.com/user/224aplcxhxikajuk7gtevazri/playlist/48tvsSWyp5Mrvb4mwTFkhg
Shae butter (1 day ago)
2019 and this shit still popping😚
Vinnie Charette (3 days ago)
Get your paper up!
Vinnie Charette (3 days ago)
Now i wonoder my mom was a hustler, i mean gettin' paper. I mean a real life hustler. Makes sense.
AKSHAY SHARMA (4 days ago)
This is so lit ❤
Cruzie (5 days ago)
Its 2019 and still one of my favorite songs of the WEEKEND ❤
Lil Durk (6 days ago)
I’m only 8 years late, but this song is everything! And to think I discovered this by accident (I didn’t mean to click it)
Ceee Ceee (8 days ago)
My goodness I forgot about this song
Eu.is Music (8 days ago)
made an EDIT with the weeknd on my channel , you guys can check it out if youd like!!
Baseball513 Sports (11 days ago)
This song hits differently late at night
Baseball513 Sports (11 days ago)
This song is pure ecstasy to the ears😍
Kobe Greig (11 days ago)
Dario Dzananovic (11 days ago)
who picked this girl with no type of ass for the picture
Maya (14 days ago)
been listening to this since school, but after all these years it has just taken a new meaning to me and music like that is the best
Kevin Gonzalez (15 days ago)
No tiene culito
Mosioa Dlamini (16 days ago)
I don't understand people who press dislike to art
Sibashton Holybear (16 days ago)
Maaaan the memories I made to this song... 🖤
BiG DAWG (17 days ago)
Yall still dont even realize this strictly for da strippers to count they money wit a blunt & a cup when they get off work. Pure genius shit.
Ruth King (18 days ago)
Hate this shit but I like it
Zane Guedea (18 days ago)
Solo ride home with a fat doink... A1 combo
Yeab Tesfaye (19 days ago)
yasminz (21 days ago)
never gets old. 2019!
Mustafa Çamoğlu (23 days ago)
3 am in a car, driving in the middle, big modern buildings are next to you, you don't have any idea where're you goin'
Filip Rokvić (24 days ago)
Alex (24 days ago)
This dude was way ahead of his time
Royalty Productions (27 days ago)
This song slaps harder than my girls cheeks
O.G.B. ILoveMakonnen (28 days ago)
🐍 'in
Javi british (29 days ago)
2019 still going strong... (🇯🇲 jamaica)
Rickey Money (8 days ago)
With u on dat fam...🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻xo.
THE REVERSE 646 (29 days ago)
Best song on the House of Balloons project.
Charlie Santos (1 month ago)
Caio César (1 month ago)
crazy vibes..........
The Flash barry (1 month ago)
still appreciating this song in 2019
Iloveprettyfeet Women (1 month ago)
So chill
Snehal Sinha (1 month ago)
2019 ? APril ?
Omair Sheikh (1 month ago)
Pink Floyd-esque guitar work at times I love how Abel has actual instruments on quite a few songs
katie louise (1 month ago)
2019 and this song is still iconic
Blasé (1 month ago)
Played this every morning on the way to work in 2012. Still vybing in 2019.
ToastToTheSheeps Skrt (1 month ago)
Damn back when I got heartbroken the weekend was there ha with he depressing ass music
tay glo. (1 month ago)
Dine Lalumiere (1 month ago)
2019 anybody??
Karen Johnson (1 month ago)
This! 💜
Justin Casey (1 month ago)
Love this song. The song that I was playing in my car. When my cousin and I was headed to Florida. I got pulled over. Thought I was going to jail. All they wanted to do was do a road inspection. I am like what the fuck.
1,216,858 views (1 month ago)
2019 we still out here <3
Jorge Reyes (1 month ago)
I think he was a new born lol The weekend is ala
Anastacia Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Will forever and always be your best album 💜💜
KWASI JAMES (1 month ago)
2019 still jammin
juan le khey (1 month ago)
Zylister (1 month ago)
Currently getting high off my pen and vibing to this song xo <3
alex Harris (1 month ago)
This is lite to them new listeners 👀💯👆
E J (1 month ago)
I swear i listen this atleast 10x a day for my mental health
iHeartAdidas (1 month ago)
I still remember this one stripper always pulled up at my place after her shift and we would just fuck to The Weeknd till the morning lol.
mrosales201424 (1 month ago)
This song is so amazing live
Jordain Robinson (1 month ago)
That girls got absolutely no ass
Lulama Larry (1 month ago)
All that money , the money is the motive.🎵🎵🎵🎼
xro1983 (1 month ago)
This is like the best hangover song.
AERYBEAUTY (1 month ago)
{this song is gold} but anyone complaining about Abels evolution is a fake fan (period)
Knowledge Freedom (1 month ago)
2019& 4eva #TheLongestWeekndEva
Giani Tah (1 month ago)
I'm fucking gone right now I'm fucking gone right now "Listen, listen" From the morning to the evening Complaints from the tenants Got the walls kicking like they six months pregnant Drinking Alizé with our cereal for breakfast Girls calling cabs at dawn quarter to seven Sky's getting cold, we're flying from the north Rockin with our city like a sold out show House full of pros that specialize in the ho'in Make that money rain as they taking off they clothes Order plane tickets Cali is the mission Visit every month like I'm split life living Let the world listen If a hater's caught slipping Then my niggas stay tight Got my back like Pippen Fast life gripping Yeah, we still tippin' Codeine cups paint a picture so vivid Fakes try to mimic Get girls timid But behind closed doors they get poles so rigid All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money she be folding Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work Push it to the limit Push it through the pain I push it for the pleasure like a virgin to the game A virgin to that money A virgin to the fame So this my only chance And when I'm over only pray That I flow from the bottom Closer to the top The higher that I climb The harder I'ma drop These pussy ass niggas tryna hold on to their credit So I tell them use a debit Watch they image start to lessen I warn them like discretion Why these niggas testing? Always fucking testing Why these niggas testing? Shit that I got them on straight bar hopping To the music of the ambiance Get shit popping Zombies of the night (zombies of the night) Niggas ain't talking if they hyping to the crew Get it in like pockets Downtown loving When the moon coming Only place to find baseheads and hot women All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money she be folding Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work Better slow down She'll feel it in the morning Ain't the kind of girl you'll be seeing in the morning Too damn raw ain't no nigga with her rollin' Ain't no nigga that she holding Man, her love is too damn foreign Look at all that money The money is the motive (the money is the motive) All that money The money she be folding (the money she be folding) Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money she be folding Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work
Changying Mei (1 month ago)
Love that song !!!
Jawad Rind (1 month ago)
Music and beats and weeknd’s voice ❤️🖤🖤❤️ real vibes
Raghav Raghav (1 month ago)
Adam Vasquez (1 month ago)
This be the song you would listen to having sex or just chilling smoking watching the sunset 🚬🌄
xo xo (1 month ago)
this is how it feels when you find cookies in sewing box
Jose Medrano (1 month ago)
Drinking rozay with no breakfast
dark blazeyy (2 months ago)
March • 21 • 19 .
JOSH RS (2 months ago)
Published on this day in 2011
Bailey Sauer (2 months ago)
He sold his soul to the devil. That’s what his videos are about
Z ay (2 months ago)
Hits me so hard in the soul every time , my gawd
Leonardo Souza (2 months ago)
Essa música é tudo pra mim!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤
Vishal Patel (2 months ago)
Dine Lalumiere (2 months ago)
It’s Fabe (2 months ago)
a lunar eclipse was reported that night , as Abel commanded millions of wigs, sending them hurtling to the sky, covering the moon. The 🐐
Master Yoda (2 months ago)
Man his old music would take me somewhere, really was an escape.just thankful
Faith Patience (2 months ago)
My ass is fatter ❤ Love you babe 🤗❤😙👅👄
Sin LaRoux (2 months ago)
I wish I could explain the way this song moves my soul bruh 😭🤞🏿 since 2011 and forever
Qween Tati (2 months ago)
Still here 😍💕
JJ Garcia (2 months ago)
girl put in work. girl girl girl put in work.
young Harms (2 months ago)
The girl got like half an inch of booty
dark blazeyy (2 months ago)
Mariah Lopez (2 months ago)
Wish he would make concerts in my area dangit
Mariah Lopez (2 months ago)
Absolutely love admire adore the weeknd xoxox keep making music
Andrea Ramirez (2 months ago)
I need a app to download my own music
DolaSoza (2 months ago)
Glad to see this man doing well 🙌
Austin Vance (2 months ago)
8 years ago.
Matthew Fox (2 months ago)
negativefuckhead (2 months ago)
Cindy Marin (2 months ago)
Absolutely love this song. My hubby and I would just sit around and listen to this song when we first started dating. Great memories
Natalie (2 months ago)
This is such an underrated song, it’s so damn good
Bluff Em' (2 months ago)
The picture in the video reminds of my EX. She had the EXACT same body. We were hot...
katowlsniffer19x red (2 months ago)
Ariaski <333
Bernard Osei (2 months ago)
reminds me of trey sonz top of the world
Dyvyzz (2 months ago)
I'm here for spicynelly
Jay Gudda (2 months ago)
1st song I heard on world star thought it was Toni Braxton lmaoooooooooo
Danyell Jackson (2 months ago)
JVIitch (2 months ago)
Do you even know how much talent it takes to write something as half as good as this such a masterpiece AT THE AGE OF 19 YEARS OLD!?! Wtf dude 😂😂 GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS YOU SHOULD MY MAN
katowlsniffer19x red (2 months ago)
Ariaski <333
MrTebeshears (2 months ago)
I love this song
zaniah sims (2 months ago)
listening to this in the morning
zaniah sims (2 months ago)
sexiest song everr

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