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The #1 Reason Men Leave and How to Get Yours Back - Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy

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►► Learn the 4 Crucial Steps Get Him Back → http://www.GetHimOrGetOverHim.com ▼ Don’t Miss Out! Subscribe to my YouTube channel now. I post new dating advice videos for you every Sunday. ▼ Have you ever heard that annoying Marilyn Monroe quote: “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”? (Yes, I know. There’s no evidence she actually ever said it. But people quote this all the time as if it’s some kind of profound wisdom). And you know what? It’s wrong. So wrong. People love any kind of relationship advice that tells them, “Hey, you know those crazy faults you have, like, the really crazy ones? They’re fine. And any man who cares about you needs to accept them.” In today’s video, I’ll show you why it’s incredibly dangerous to follow this advice. And then, I’ll show you how to avoid the most destructive habits that make men pull away so that you can win the right guy back again... Music "Resting Place" by Be Still the Earth - artlist.io ►► FREE DOWNLOAD: “4 Foolproof Tricks to Get Him Begging to Take You Back” → http://MakeHimYoursAgain.com ▼ Get My Latest Dating Tips and Connect With Me… ▼ Blog → http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/blog/ Facebook → https://facebook.com/CoachMatthewHussey Twitter → https://twitter.com/matthewhussey
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Adri Aguilar (13 days ago)
i watched your video i think titled “if youre heartbroken watch this” about using the No Contact Rule. im currently undergoing that. then clicked the link in the description. and saw the video about that emotion you know.. desire.. i know you have to pay for the rest but i cant help but keep wondering.. how do i get him to desire me again? because before our breakup he was so so distant. but before he became distant, we had sex for the first and only time and then he pulled away and i know i probably messed it up because i kept pushing to be with him and around him and he probably just wanted space but the day we got to our break up.. he didn’t talk to me all day until finally he said hi to me and i did what he was doing to me and i pushed him away and i said “hi” but it wasn’t a welcoming “hi” it was like the Hi’s he was giving me and for the first time in a month i felt like he wanted to talk to me and i ruined it by pushing him away. so i walked him home but we walked in silence and after he went inside i texted him saying i didn’t want to keep holding on to something that wasn’t there.. i didn’t mean to break up with him, i wanted him to tell me it was there. but all he said was okay AND I RUINED IT MORE by asking if he wanted to break up. i never got a solid no which gives me the most hope he’ll come back. first he said idk. then he said i guess. so we aren’t together anymore but i know he loves me because if he didn’t it probably would’ve happened as soon as he became distant. i never gave him time. will the no contact rule make him come back? im sort of doubting it because he really doesn’t seem like he’ll ever talk to me again.
Lynne Nydick (24 days ago)
Here's what I heard, "The person who accepts you at your worst, may not be good enough at your best."
Katherine P (20 days ago)
Emmie VH (25 days ago)
HELP My ex changed his profile picture to him doing an activity I never really liked and one of his break-up reasons are that I don't like things he likes very much. I'm in the no-contact period now, so should I not like the picture or should I, to show that I'm okay with him doing that activity (which I am now)?
Syssy99 Syssy99 (23 days ago)
+Emmie VH well if you don't want judgement, why to ask strangers? Cuz Matthew won't reply I am afraid. Maybe talking to the guy, telling him that you appreciate him, would help more , than just a like for some picture.
Emmie VH (23 days ago)
+Syssy99 Syssy99 Euhm, I would appreciate if you would not judge me on one post. I'm 21 years old and I've been together with him for 4 years, so I'm sorry if I want the guy I love back and want him to know that I appreciate who he is.
Syssy99 Syssy99 (23 days ago)
You seem to be a very immature person. If liking a picture is gonna make a relationship, it's probably better to look somewhere else. It okey not to be into each other's activities, but you should find something you both like to do. Or just find a guy, who is into things you enjoy.
Keshia Robertson (29 days ago)
I want your hair.
chaymae eladak (1 month ago)
my wich is to meet you someday matthew !
nadeen mohiar (1 month ago)
He’s better than comedians
Csoery (1 month ago)
That link, omfg.... I mean, the PDF is good but the 5-step video is totally rubbish. Sorry Matt - otherwise I like your vids but seriously that 20 minutes of bs is unbearable. Since you're a smart guy I'm guessing this is just an experiment to see how long it will take people to close the page. I'm writing this comment while I have that bs muted :) Other readers: you might want to save your time and NOT click the link in the PDF. It's a bait. You're welcome.
Cristina CVD (3 months ago)
Mumina Farax (3 months ago)
This man is the best
Josefina Cesarini (4 months ago)
This man has fortunes teaching women how to behave towards men instead of educating men to behave towards women
Dothreban (4 months ago)
The title doesn't fit the video at all.
oreomnomnom (4 months ago)
You completely distorted the meaning of the quote, and on purpose. I used to think like you, up until last month when my boyfriend specifically told me that if I were ever in an accident, he'd leave. No lie, those were his words. Just when I started to think, maaaybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt.... he cheated, while I was depressed and a close family member passed away. Nope nope nope. I noped my way right out.
playergude (4 months ago)
Adeline Ri (5 months ago)
My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now two weeks ago we had a conversation and he told that he is not sure if he loves me or not, but he believes that one day we can get back what we had so we decided to stay together and he started spending a lot of time with me, but i feel something is missing and i dont feel insecure in this relationship even tho i know that i love him so much, any explanation of the situation please ?
patricia max (5 months ago)
MI 5 agent today.I did it! Stalked him.then saw this video.changed me .I deserve better than him
Kayla Negron (6 months ago)
Cams Canoodling with a catch here 💞
helenGD (6 months ago)
Ok I got my answer. I’d still like to know what to do to get his interest back after leaving.
What if I told him not to write to me anymore cause he writes all the time but never has time to hang out , but now I want him to write? What should I do?
kominatoriku (6 months ago)
to women that disagree think if this was in otherway around would you stay with a guy that scream at your face because "if you cant take him at his worst bla bla bla" if you wouldn't and you disagree to what this guy says then you are a hypocrite because only the guy has to take the women shit but not the way around if a guy scream and act like a jerk he's a jerk if a girl acts like one she was just angry and the guy couldn't take it
Blanca Rosas (6 months ago)
i wonder if he is married? and is in a relationship.
MsMaddy200 (6 months ago)
I met a guy this spring and we immediately clicked and were each other’s comfort for past relationships. However I just got out of a 4 year thing and he was heartbroken from a short affair... therefore we decided not to move to quickly. This summer we both went travelling and texted A LOT during that time. We are both back for 2 weeks now and he stopped texting me then all of sudden in the middle of our conversation. I am devastated and don’t understand... why? It’s like he disappeared...
MsMaddy200 (6 months ago)
SRISH i feel very understood. Thank you so much, you’re so strong! I cannot pull the moving on part off just yet. But I’ll keep trying
SRISH (6 months ago)
MsMaddy200 when he saw new people coming in my life which i was not doing on purpose...it is just how i am kind of outgoing whereas he is totally opposite of me! So when he saw that this girl is moving on she does’nt care nd shit he came back and i told him on his face...if you want to do some real effort then fine we can sort it out and things can work....otherwise move on i cannot deal with your shit...i am doing good you don’t have to check up on me...or stalk me...just go live your life and don’t intervene in mine! And after that he did change...😁 We are still struggling but things are good right now... I hope this helps you out... And trust me if he does’nt come back...someone better would...just focus on yourself....don’t give other people that hold on your life...that they can get satisfaction out of your misery or know that they have some effect on you...cuz it just feeds their ego nothing else!
SRISH (6 months ago)
MsMaddy200 i know it is hard but trust me do this....i was chasing this guy as you said like you guys had we had good chemistry and everything and suddenly be changed...i dealt with him for a month kept on asking what’s wrong and stuff...and he was being vague...he broke up with me by saying if things are’nt working out lets take a break...and i was so pissed off at him that instead if making an effort you would rather watch me go... So i completely cut him off...just after 2 days be was finding ways to talk or initiate something but not being direct....so i kept on ignoring...though kept the door open for him to approach me but in a direct way...so slowly he did and we are back now....but he take’s things very slow...and me i want things to keep going and at a regular pace...so whenever he tries to be like not appreciating me or not putting the effort i back off instantly and move to things or stuff i would be doing if he was not there...and not giving him the importance because he is not doing the same....so he instantly come’s running back... He is younger then me and a bit immature...and has a lot of learning to do...so im still experimenting! But i am not going through that one month of going back and forth and me doing all the effort! And i believe you should do the same!
MsMaddy200 (6 months ago)
SRISH that’s so nice of you. Very good advice, so hard to follow though 🙈 thank you!
SRISH (6 months ago)
MsMaddy200 don’t wait for him to come or text or anything....just do your thing keep yourself buzy but do allow him to come back to you....and don’t text him or be like why you texting....just disappear as he did...be social...and have fun...if he really cares he would come back if he does’nt then someone else would! And if he does disappear on you again then just drop his ass cuz he was probably texting and shit cuz he was bored! Take care! 😊
little firefly (6 months ago)
Why ur advice doesn't work on me?
Youssef (6 months ago)
Am I the only gay person watching Mathew's videos ?
Damla Derin (6 months ago)
honestly I dont give a damn fck to any men . I am here to improve my english. he has a nice Accent ..ahhh kinda my new english teacher
hello love come to me (7 months ago)
My boyfriend he cheat me i find out and we fight after that he leave me 4 month go so what i do to get him back ?
Eliane e Ester (7 months ago)
you are beautiful kkkk eu sou do Brasil e não sei como se escreve. Parabéns pelo canal
Mark Zaney (7 months ago)
This from a Man: I see little kids as I walk down the street and wonder what being a father would be like. It is a dream. A fairy tale I tell myself sometimes. I see no women with charm or grace. I see my co-workers marrying women from other countries. I see my past girlfriends from other countries and it has slowly become clear over time. Women, at least western women, for now, offer no value to a relationship. Sadly, I feel that some women in their 'group think' follow each other's actions and think being dismissive, rude, unapproachable is "attractive" and wonder "what's wrong with men?". The social contract between the sexes is dead. I won't ever have a wife or children or that picturesque holiday I envision with my family. Snow, presents, seeing little kids grow and become healthy adults. Nor will I reminisce about young passionate nights with my future wife I could think back on in my old age or hold on to memories while I wait my turn to pass on in life. Instead, I mentor young Men on life and pass my advice and experiences in such a fashion. I tell them to protect their freedom and their sovereignty. If they choose a girlfriend, wife or long-term partner, I warn them on the reality of the legal system, false accusations and how society is seeing Men as disposable. I encourage them to seek out the rare woman who gives value to a relationship if they are so destined to be in one. I give them facts and reason--they walk their own path. I admit. I occasionally look beside me, on a bus, plane, car or in bed and envision a charming, feminine woman to share in my adventures and explorations in life. But she is not there in bed with me--that is a pillow. She is not with me as I travel--the seat is empty. She is a shadow of a thought and I have woken up.
Ling Ling Ng (7 months ago)
Marilyn Monroe had serious emotional problems (she gets depressed, sad & angry easily), she gets angry easily, it runs in her family. She had autism. Google it.
JZ M (7 months ago)
Did you cheat on Camila?
Carlos Moura (7 months ago)
Shawmila is real ❤
Hiam Tor (7 months ago)
what should i do? i can not buy your guid..
Starlise Jun.from.17 (7 months ago)
Fuck my ex 😭his ugly ass wants me but I gotta new bf
Natasha Jackson (7 months ago)
I really need some help 😔
Kelvin Khoo (7 months ago)
Why I always saw the video was coaching the girls how to get the guys back. Is there a video coaching the other way round. I seriously need some idea on chasing my crush. A clueless guy here.
Zhi kai Chen (7 months ago)
why did you steal camila from me?
Jasmine Tate (7 months ago)
Yup, I like this guy
Lona Hermes (7 months ago)
Me and my ex were friends for 4 years we started dating this year on may,21 and he broke up with me two months after and told me I’m an amazing girl and will meet someone better then him, I texted him a week after we broke up to fix things but he told me to stop.. we were very much in love and never had a problem... he never texted me from that day and I think he moved on.. 😢😔 I don’t think he will ever come back to me...
renisxrad (7 months ago)
Matthew, I recently bought a home at the beginning of the year with the person I thought I was going to marry. We were talking about marriage and how to save up for it. I even told my parents he’s going to ask me to marry him this upcoming year. But, two weeks ago he blindsided me by saying he’s done with me. He doesn’t want to be with me anymore and that buying a home with me was the worst mistake he could’ve made. We’ve been together for 5 years and I pleaded and begged the first couple of days. Until I came across your videos and I began to do the no contact thing. It doesn’t seem to be working. He recently reached out to me tell me he’s going to talk to a realtor this weekend about the house. I still love him, obviously I’m devastated. I wouldn’t have committed to sharing a home and finances with someone if i wasn’t in it for the long run. I don’t think him and I had the same mentality. He can’t even look me in the eye to tell me a real reason as to why. He said he’s been feeling this way for some time and that I don’t appreciate him or show him affection and that all I care about is the house. That I’m too strong willed. I’m lost. What do I do?
Maria Ferrer (7 months ago)
matthew, here's to hoping you coach both sexes...men and women these days are sooo disconnected with themselves (& esp. men) that it is close to impossible for both sexes to connect.
Luiza Muniz (7 months ago)
Hi Matthew! Greetings from Brazil!! Let me ask you something. Does this happens: Guy is dating a girl, he thinks she’s awesome and they’re perfect for each other, guy freaks out, get afraid that this is getting too serious and run straight to the mountains (I mean, he leaves her, lol)? What can this girl do about? Thank you!!
dev0n james (7 months ago)
I left because she was a complete douche, it's ok I'm fucking her friend and if she keeps texting me I'll fuck her mom too.
Débora Rezende (7 months ago)
I'm loving your videos.
Alain Cauper (7 months ago)
You charge 4K to 10,000k for this BS.... your book is outrageous. I can write a book and name it “ how to wipe your ass with your left hand when your right handed.”
Ricky (7 months ago)
He shat on that quote, but I don't think he got the essence of it :/
I was searching YouTube to find a video about how to accept losing... I did lost a three year relationship and it hurts me alot, but there is a side of me, that can't accept the fact the I lost, i have never been dumped in my whole life, I have never lost sth, person, job, or even failed a class .. I can't deal with that...what should I do?? Please do a video about that
Matthew do you have your own relationships with a woman Right?
Lori Alise Vlogs (7 months ago)
Omg for real ! Love it ! Good advice man ! I don’t need relationship advice no more, atleast I don’t think I do, but I still love your vids & energy & words & there was I time I was looking for answers & you def help me with some ruff patches before .. anyway good vid love it
basicwitch (7 months ago)
I love his videos because, even he is a dating coach, they have much deeper messages than just getting back together with your ex. At first i clicked his videos because the title said "how to get your ex back" because i was heartbroken and frustrated. But instead of getting a simple guide that tells me how to act that i flatter men and blah blah, those videos gave me something i really needed to hear. The majority of his videos are about how to respect and love yourself and your life again and this, i think, is very important. I don't use his webside though, because i don't know if my e-mail is going to be misused for selling reasons, but i enjoy his YouTube videos. He helped me a lot with it. :)
Alex Platinum Dating (7 months ago)
I don't care if he's a dating coach for women, he really speaks to the soul..
Peanuts (7 months ago)
Why would a men wanna claim to be someone boyfriend?? Like they barely know each other?
joudi haddad (7 months ago)
i just wanna thank you for every video you make you changed my life you changed the way i were thinking, thank you !
Sofia Quiros Minio (7 months ago)
Wacho cerra el orto
Citizens Arrest (7 months ago)
Geez, if a guy leaves dont "try " to get him back. I am 20 years older than Mathew and a woman, I know more than he does the dynamics of what "keeps" and "breaks" a relationship. You can't force things, you can't "make" people do things, you can't bend, mold or twist yourself into something just to keep them. All stories come to an end. Either it works or it doesn't. It's amusing to see a room full of (mostly) women older than Mathew listening to his advice. They are there because they have a crush on him, and following him makes them feel closer to him. He knows this, he's a salesman. His seminars cost a small fortune, over $3000 to sit and write in a diary every day and dance around with a bunch of other women who don't have their shit together. Forget that! I'll go on a fabulous vacation...solo...for that kind of chump change.
CMD P (7 months ago)
Girl 33 (7 months ago)
I think you got the Marilyn Monroe’s quote wrong, it can mean like this: if you did not want me when I am weak, you don’t deserve me when I am strong.
Tanya S (7 months ago)
Hi Matt. I really need you to coaching me through my situation. I just don’t know how to get direct in contact with you. Even though I really wiling to pay. My fiancé and was about to have our wedding by end of September of 2018. But I had been lied to him about my career. So it string him into wrong impression of me. First I owned 2 businesses and something happened I lost one of my salon. But I never tell him. Until 4 weeks ago he found down himself and confront me. It’ cause us a separation. Called off wedding. And I been called a lair. I know I dishonest which I take the responsibility as it my fault. He said he not even know who I am. He not even know all my feeling , love for him is real. He felt like I using him(I never use any of his money) I been spoil him and gave him anything he ask for. No matter how expensive it is I get it for him!!!! So the idea of I’m using him was all wrong. Anyway long story short. We been separate now 2 weeks. We still seeing each other on the weekend. Seem ok. Went to see houses together. He still make a comment of “here is your walk in closet” “ we are going to put the baby in this room” “you will love cooking in that kitchen everyday “. But he not giving me back status between us. We are not even boyfriend and girlfriend!!!!! I’m very confuse with this situation. Yes I want him back 100%. I can feel that we still love each other. But how I can get him to forgive and get back together. ( He is very stubborn person too FYI). Please help me. I don’t want to threw this away
Tanya S (7 months ago)
I’m not quite understand.
Anna Anna (7 months ago)
similar in my situation. im gonna b lost forefer nd iis okey
Gargoyles Remastered (7 months ago)
Stop trying to get a man who leaves back. He decided to leave so let him leave. Move on. Would you want someone to chase after you when you decide to leave them? That's manipulative behavior.
Gargoyles Remastered (7 months ago)
+Lord Kofi Nana yeh mate, I'll get right back to ya with that one alright?
MyPasture (7 months ago)
You are gorgeous! Love your style. Love you stand! Just so sexy yourself.
Comfy Cozy Are We (7 months ago)
Fanny Moreno (7 months ago)
I realize that I shouldn't want my ex back, he took the easy way out, yes, I was to need, but he left me when I needed him the must. He was too many things for me, my best friend, my love. At the end, he showed me how little he cared about me. I did every I could to help him, and when I needed my self-esteem the must, he made me feel disposable. I need to learn to be on my own.
Inori (7 months ago)
1:55 completely agree 🤣
fenelon21ify (7 months ago)
Why are you looking more sexy?
elena Khan (7 months ago)
Your content is getting better and better with time. Keep it up, Mathew.
GOLDEN ANGEL (30 days ago)
Matthew has a girlfriend now , I found out innocently ☺️
Chessa Is Lit (7 months ago)
Solve all these men problems and just be gaaaaaaaaaayyyy (like camila is bitch r u blind she doesn't like your pussey hussey - she's after lolo)
Chessa Is Lit (7 months ago)
ughhh this bitchhhh.....He preaches all this shit and he still cheats on camila.And all this dating advice is just cringe tbh.You don't go to a date with a list of rules in your head.Get a grip... also get the fuck away from my baby Camila. Also i'm always surprised when I come to his comments and everyone loves him likeeee he is not a nice person.. he's a real pussey.
Dear Sybersue (7 months ago)
Relationships are not that much work when they are a healthy fit. The teeter totter should always be balanced and no one should be hanging in mid air not knowing how to get off. ❤
Khaled Ghorab (7 months ago)
Link is broken by the way. Got a 404
Becca L (7 months ago)
Can you do videos on the interracial relationships?
MindOfHerOwn (7 months ago)
I think this depends on how you define your "worst self." If you're talking about stalkerish behavior, that's one thing, but if you're talking about someone who has difficult health or mental health issues then Marilyn's Monroe quote holds. There are things you can't help.
MindOfHerOwn (7 months ago)
I'd love it if he'd address that at some time. I have Aspergers and lyme disease which affect me a lot in terms of my energy, mood, etc. I work hard on my health and to live as full a life as I can, but there are realities to it. Sometimes I watch these videos and think I could never live up to those expectations.
Gargoyles Remastered (7 months ago)
I doubt he had psychological disorders in mind while talking about it.
king nick (7 months ago)
Men don’t come back. We walk away with the certainty that the skills, the mindset that was given to us by God will help us create a new better longer lasting relationship. Only men with no confidence look back.
CMD P (7 months ago)
Haha... this comment is garbage
courtney carpenter (7 months ago)
ga kailyn (7 months ago)
Always hated that mantra, as a woman. Way too many use it as an excuse to be psycho. Its manipulative and not a healthy mindset. Glad someone finally called it out
boo (7 months ago)
Honestly i love this guy, hes always the one that say things need to hear AND wanted to hear too like thats amazing man!
Jesse Munholand (7 months ago)
Wow made me reflect and decide to grow up
Varun Shinde (7 months ago)
What a beautiful man.
Liam Leroux (7 months ago)
I really like these videos even tho I'm a guy. I know he's helping a lot of women all over the world (and that's wonderful) but did he ever made some videos about helping men? Like tips on how to approch girl and things like that?
Iitzvell (7 months ago)
FeelGood Within (7 months ago)
Lol I think everybody has shortcomings we should accept ourselves for who we are & others for who they are
Sam Vue (7 months ago)
Oh my gosh I just love love you so so much you are to the point in relationship than anybody I know I guess mostly you're speaking of me and that's why I feel I understand more now than ever thank you
sidra ahmed (7 months ago)
His hair finally looks good and fuller 👍
Suzanna Kiraly (6 months ago)
Being at your worst can mean different things though. It could mean that you got sick or got injured in an accident, or you are broke.
Isabella. b. (7 months ago)
Love hearing your caring voice. God bless you. I'm a fan of yours since the day I've found you, and you're an inspiration.
fatima khanum (7 months ago)
I hope you'll never stop making videos everrr ❤
swedish girl (7 months ago)
Well, I'm not sure whether his interpretation of that quote is correct or not, but it's a good teaching tool. Why knock it? If it motivates someone to get out of a toxic relationship, then it's good enough for me.
S McG (7 months ago)
Maybe the quote should be "Anyone can love you when the sun is shining, in the storms is where you learn who cares for you" I agree that our partner should not have to accept our very worst BUT they should be able to accept the normal downs ( instead of ups) in a relationship. Things are not always sunny! My husband divorced me after I did not get pregnant and had a cancer scare. He came home one day and said it had been "TOO HARD for him" and when I was sick it "WEIGHED on him" !!!! IF he loved me at all he should have been able to endure the challenges of a tough time! SO YES....sometimes our partner may get our worst!!!!
S McG (6 months ago)
Thank you for your kind words.
Jazy K. (6 months ago)
The song "Can You Stand the Rain" by New Edition was in my head when I read your comment. I agree everyone has great days, but you need someone who can ALSO stand with you when it's bad too! I'm sorry yours didn't work out, but it's his loss because he lost a strong woman! 🙏
jackASScracks (7 months ago)
May God be with you stay strong you got this💪
Kim Sikorski (7 months ago)
God bless.💕
Just Jane (7 months ago)
Matthew, you often refer viewers to different websites, which I assume you are creating yourself. This comes off rather sketchy to me. It makes me think that you are trying to gather emails or data to sell, or some other money making scheme. Is there a way that you can provide viewers with this information that seems less suspicious. Perhaps guiding viewers to one website, that includes all of your business endeavours in one location would be better. Maybe my suspicions are misguided. I would be happy to hear from you why you refer your viewers to so many different sites. Take care -Jane
Kristin White (7 months ago)
How do I submit a question for you or video request?! Is that possible?
Jane Fendelman, MC (7 months ago)
Here's what I did to get my guy back... and it was FUN!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuKvhSir2yE&t=18s
Sam Nolan (7 months ago)
Why would any woman waste her time trying to get a man back that wants out or leaves ? I dont care how long you been together or how in love you are. If he wants to leave, show him the front door.
Sumit Joshi (5 months ago)
+Sam Nolan That goes for both genders...
Sam Nolan (6 months ago)
Barbara Riley Exactly! No woman should get on her hands and knees and plead with no man to stay. Nobody is worth that amount of humiliation. If he was the right person, than you wouldn't need to plead with him to stay.
Barbara Riley (7 months ago)
+Sam Nolan Well you are right it only makes you look pathetic and weak. Walking away with dignity.
Sam Nolan (7 months ago)
Barbara Riley I understand that. But it always makes me laugh these videos that give advice on how to win back your ex. Depending how you two broke up, I would never try to win someone back that broke up with me first.
Barbara Riley (7 months ago)
Because in most.cases we gave our hearts to them and when they leave.you have a big.empty spot.
Just a backpacker. (7 months ago)
Wish I saw this last week before I've done sth I can't believe I've done that lol
Eddie Allen (7 months ago)
The thing about that quote, "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" is that women like knowing they have someone that knows how to set boundaries (and stand by them), help the woman not feel crazy, and help the woman know what sanity feels like again.
MaxDeveloper (7 months ago)
What a dick. What he advises will not work on modern men. Fuck you Matthew and modern women. Young boys, go MGTOW. If you wanna sex you can always buy it. No woman is worth our time = man's time.
Sonja Steininger (7 months ago)
I struggle with this.... I am in a relationship (live together, very very happy 99,9% of the time) and then if I ever have one slip of being bitchy in a sentence or something like that....... he will tell me if I do this again he won’t deal with me anymore and will kick me out of OUR apartment. I don’t just say that, I am sooooooo happy! But these situations kill me and make me so sad Tips?
grytlappar (7 months ago)
Of COURSE the quote doesn't apply to what you're talking about. I know you think you're being 'smart' when you say so—you have figured it out!—but you're but you're just being obnoxious and, frankly, f'n irritating. Anyone who isn't trying to be a smartass knows the quote refers to when the person is feeling down and out. For the record, I usually like your videos—but not this one.
Meat Rice (7 months ago)
Ew I dont want my ex back. He nearly 40 I think and he's still a takeaway boy lol
midz m (7 months ago)
“Easy to be my best self when things are going well” #truth
Gianni Bermudez (7 months ago)
I find it unfortunate that this advice only targets women. I do agree we women also have toxic behavior. But there are plenty of men who are extremely toxic and act at their worst in the relationship. But nothing is being said that they should get there act together and get their woman back.
Star fire (7 months ago)
+Shadowheart awh sorry that reply was so instant i thot she replied me
Shadowheart (7 months ago)
Star fire  i wasnt replying to you,i was replying to the original comment
Star fire (7 months ago)
+Shadowheart bcz its about "get the guy" !!!
Shadowheart (7 months ago)
you do realize that he gives a speech to an audience consisted 100% out of women so he points out that side because there is no guy there to hear the other side, right.....?
Star fire (7 months ago)
he did point out the abusive husband !!!!!
Nina Joe (7 months ago)
Wow Matty
mixpiso (7 months ago)
que homem lindo meu deus
S Bachelor (7 months ago)
Wish I saw this a couple hours ago before I was a bitch to my ex lmao. I don't even want him back but I hate that's the last thing he'll remember of me 😂
Vanja Aragovic (7 months ago)
Can somebody give advice or opinion on this. I am almost 29, for the past 4 months i lived with a guy (we were roomates) and i had to move out cause i got a new job in different city. We were friends with benefits from the beginning but it never stood in the way to friendship we got to build. He is 37, bit odd person, emotionally unavailable, likes drinking and going out a lot, doesnt talk much abt himself. We clicked on a level we could have really good laugh and tease one another without getting offended. I had a thing for him since beggining but i dont know what way he sees me. When i was leaving he bought me a small gift and took me to my new place. He said many times he ll miss me and hates to see me going etc.. i dont know wherei stand with him and should i ask him on a date now when we no longer live together?
artdancelvr (7 months ago)
If you’re friends with benefits from the beginning, as you’ve said, you’ve already set the tone of that relationship. Don’t ask him on a date. If you want more than that, tell him how you feel. He’s going to miss the benefits part, for sure. He should be the one to ask you for a date. I would give him my contact information and if I didn’t hear from him again, I would know exactly where I stood. You can’t force a relationship or feelings. The ball is in his court. He’s 37 for, for God’s sake. if he doesn’t know his own mind by now, he never will and life is too short to waste your precious time on a guy who’s “emotionally unavailable.” Is that what you really want?!? Live YoUr life. Don’t wait. For anyone.
Star fire (7 months ago)
ask him what he feels about you....if you feel hesitant....play truth and dare n ask him playfully

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