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My Work Out products and clothing!

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Text Comments (226)
LetMeBeAWitch (5 years ago)
You are so inspiring Sonia.... i'm watching every single of your videos.... you help me to get better every day by your strenght.... thanks from France!:) hope to meet you one day...♥
Nelli MakeWar (5 years ago)
I just started my channel. I have made a goal to lose 80 pounds and will be documenting my journey. Please check out my channel <3.
Tharanga Lakmaal (5 years ago)
If you are looking to get ripped, you should Google "Atomic Max Muscle". That might help you get the body you deserve.
Andrea Cortes (5 years ago)
lovee you
delirious18ify (6 years ago)
Damaris G (6 years ago)
I love that dress! Where is it from?
Sophie F (6 years ago)
No you dont, you lose water weight through sweat
LeeshUnleashed (6 years ago)
Finally someone with the same ear problems as me, lol, I recommend you buy different earbuds covers and then using the smallest one if you like the in the ear earphones
Kat Zavala (6 years ago)
Ur amazeballs!
JackyCardenas (6 years ago)
i have some like those but in grey and i bought them at footlocker hope that helps..
rockerbaby2003 (6 years ago)
I have little ears too! I found a great pair of ear buds at Target you need to try! They are called Yurbuds Inspire Female In-Ear Headphones. They don't make my ears ache, but stay in despite sweating like a pig while running.
nancy navarro (6 years ago)
Desiree Hickerson (6 years ago)
lol omg i thought i was the only one who matches workout clothes with my sneakers. i kno its just the gym but i still like to look cute lol
Mish2412 (6 years ago)
I cant find a nice jean jacket i LOVE that jacket :D
Grecia Caceres (6 years ago)
Peruvian dress!!
xcallitfatex (6 years ago)
Try kohls I got them there :)
cutelilshooorty (6 years ago)
thank you!! i will be looking for them there.
dollkam236 (6 years ago)
yu motivate me to loose wieght
Brittney Gray (6 years ago)
I have some ... if not those..close to them at DSW!
Nicole Franco (6 years ago)
WOW. thanks for the stereotype.
Andrea Amezcua (6 years ago)
they sell those gym bags at sports authority for $5
mahreesol (6 years ago)
she said finish line...
Dawn Milligan (6 years ago)
I LOVE those nikes. I need some new running shoes!
Dawn Milligan (6 years ago)
RUDE.. Not everyone HAS to be married to have a child, i had my daughter by surprise and we chose not to get married, because we didn't want to get married just because we were having a child. And I am not mexican either.. Shit happens sometimes, everyones life and choices are difference so there is no need to make a rude comment about it.
raqueen18 (6 years ago)
I have the same workout gloves!! I love them!
Myriam (6 years ago)
Very cute
dtet143 (6 years ago)
I love you.
Dennisse Rosas (6 years ago)
ur so beautiful Sonia!
patel0020 (6 years ago)
i dont think she was ever married, just had a kid with a boyfriend or something, typical american /hispanic trend.
Cristal J. (6 years ago)
I should sell you my gym bag (similar to yours) its also nike but its pink, black and white lol jk, not selling, I love it! :-P
Katherine Giranda (6 years ago)
You made me laugh so much, you're so real and fun to watch!!
Rose81a (6 years ago)
r u divorced??
TiltingAndFalling (6 years ago)
What does your new tattoo say?!
Erica Otein (6 years ago)
ur looking thin!! You look good!! :)
L. G. (6 years ago)
I have the same exact trainers, except mine are neon pink. =p
Rachel Perez (6 years ago)
I have the same shoes! Mine ripped in less then 6 months :( & i paid about less then $100
LittleMissJuciy (6 years ago)
You are so funny! Love your videos!!
fatima cortez (6 years ago)
"I'm gonna give myself a black eye.." lmfao!
E (6 years ago)
no support? wtf..
Pop Lol (6 years ago)
Well she reminds me of her...
Taylor Sanders (6 years ago)
the way she says AND in this video sounds like kim kardashion WEIRD
96neshat (6 years ago)
Love the outfit.
TheHeebieGeebie (6 years ago)
Check out the SOny headphones that clip around the ear....
cutelilshooorty (6 years ago)
keen (6 years ago)
what kind of laundry detergent do you use?
Bunny Davis (6 years ago)
Thx love, it's so hard for some of us mommy's to lose that midsection. Appreciate the video
shinebbyshine (6 years ago)
Ross also has cute/inexpensive workout clothes (sometimes lol..depends which day you go)
Jenn Chiu (6 years ago)
Loved this video!
Pop Lol (6 years ago)
You look like Rima from Bad Girls Club... Lls
Vicky Loves Pretty (6 years ago)
I was so sorry, Sonia, to hear that you & Jude get sick easily. That is entirely avoidable. I used to get sick a lot, B4 I started taking dietary supplements. Take a lot of vitamin C & garlic (whole garlic, not garlic oil) and you will stop getting sick. There is no such thing as overdosing on these 2 substances For super over all health & longevity listen to Gary Null: garynull(DOT)com; garynull(DOT)org; progressiveradionetwork(DOT)org; & KPFK radio, 90.7 FM (or kpfk.org) weds midnight to 6 am
chineru (6 years ago)
Sonia, where are your gloves from? I started getting calluses (yuck) from using weights and need some cute one :)!
missemcee (6 years ago)
haha i laughed for a good 10 seconds when you said you were showing your camel to everybody... lol!
Solana (6 years ago)
Try the Athleta bottoms for working out, they are the best and last forever.
Gladys Rivera (6 years ago)
This video seriously made me love you more! You are hilarious and so real :)
Solana (6 years ago)
Love the Nike shoes!
LE CHIC BONES (6 years ago)
my ears are so small too! I use the pink gummie headphones (ear buds). Try them! :)
Makemeup Jen (6 years ago)
Camel! Lol
Jaz (6 years ago)
Are you wearing makeup here? Cuz it looks really natural and you look so pretty!! and if you are wearing makeup pleaseee make a tutorial (:
Jojo Milly (6 years ago)
I have the same running shoes, I love them!! They are so comfy!
ellise86 (6 years ago)
love love love this video!
Katherine Knight (6 years ago)
Loved this, thanks!
aguadalupedo (6 years ago)
"hello! shoiwing my camel to everyone!" LOL MADE MY DAY!!! :)
Brenda Alvarado (6 years ago)
Thumbs up all the way for healthy living videos!!! I still always watch your "How I lost Weight" video bc all your tips have really helped me! :-)
aznlilbabiegrl (6 years ago)
Lululemon also have really good work out clothes! btw, my pervious post, i was talking about sports bras. hahah just realized i didn't mention it.
aznlilbabiegrl (6 years ago)
target has a lot of really cute neon colored ones with pretty good support! you should check it out :) I got the neon orange, neon yellow, and neon pink ones! i mean they also have the normal black, gray.. etc ones. but i thought the neon ones are so fun!
Alex Marie (6 years ago)
Going to be having a workout video soon! Please come subscribe to my channel so u don't miss out!
Twilight19922008 (6 years ago)
you want to sweat more?
Dee Dee (6 years ago)
i enjoy working out with jillian michaels & denise Austin here on youtube thier channel is BEFIT you'll really enjoy it
21vanilla (6 years ago)
wear a regular bra under ur sports bra for support :)
annevai (6 years ago)
sweating more is not going to do crap for your midsection! thats all diet and cardio hun! also work on some full body excercises. The ToneIt up channel here on youtube and community is AWESOME! Check it out! Thumbs up so she can see!!!
jarose29 (6 years ago)
I dress up for the gym too!! my friends make fun of me cause I wear all my makeup and I buy a new workout outfit every other week lol!!! it def makes me feel better especially when you see that your loosing weight and toning up its a motivator for me.
texas7312 (6 years ago)
Ta- ta tamer at lululemon is the best sports bra hands down
ricanbeauty 23 (6 years ago)
would love to see more healthy living vids!
leslie delgado (6 years ago)
Perú! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
ilma ernovic (6 years ago)
thanks can wear this for school when A have gymnastic
blackdiamond21000 (6 years ago)
she is sweet...
Samantha Rios (6 years ago)
Man I just love your vids! You are my number one go to guru. You're doing a great job Sonia!!!! Get your work out on girl!
LydiannaBella (6 years ago)
A good work out bra is a must
Yasmin Shah (6 years ago)
I have that gym bag !
AlyBabe87 (6 years ago)
I have those shows in pink and white. So comfy. And an old ex boyfriend of mine was a boxer and worked out a lot and he used to wear plastic bags around his whole waist and middle area under his shirts to lose weight and get fit faster. It was super disgusting but always worked. Try it.
edi acosta (6 years ago)
Id love to see some work out vlogs
Pixie Sparklez (6 years ago)
love how you wipe things down w/antibacterial wipes,people look at me crazy when I do that everywhere! Lol! I definitely understand how you want to protect your little one. :) I do it for the same reasons.
Vivian L (6 years ago)
I get all my work out clothing at TJ Max or Ross and also I love the yoga compression pants from Old Navy
Masiel391 (6 years ago)
@fanntarded target has great padded sports bras :)
Masiel391 (6 years ago)
Sonia! If u want to lose weight focus on your diet, bc weightloss is 80% diet and 20% workout. Look it up :)
Kalipup18 (6 years ago)
what about the silicone skullcandy headphones they have different size ear buds.
lenalici0us89 (6 years ago)
What laundering detergent do u use? Lol the scent from mine doesn't linger.
raecat90 (6 years ago)
I love your dress! Great gym looks!
oceandowdell (6 years ago)
What are your shoes called? I wanted to buy a pair online but I wasent sure which ones they were! :D
nuu solia (6 years ago)
what helps get rid of your mid section..is a waist wrap. They have TONS at Ross, my husband and I get it from there ALL the time :) it's like...7bucks, can't beat that ;)
kikaymomtoo (6 years ago)
Try yurbuds earphones - they lock in and don't fall out :) best buy
FELICIA16RENEE (6 years ago)
Azusa? Like azusa in CA?! Lol
kikaymomtoo (6 years ago)
Haha-I wear my yoga pants at work--- they pass as scrubs :)
MeLonY Ellen (6 years ago)
I love how down to earth and real you are!
Jessica Klassen (6 years ago)
so gorgeous! <3
AsTheMoonAscends (6 years ago)
hello! showing my camel to everyone! lmao ! god i love you , thanks for always keeping it real and being down to earth .Thanks for not getting all generic guru on us and trying to look, dress and have the same film set up as all the other guru's .You are yourself and that is awesome and i love you !!!
Kay Lynn (6 years ago)
give myself a blackeye hahaha omg im dying
FANFAN_ME (6 years ago)
What sports bras would you recommend for support and (nipple) coverage? Also, what types of underwear do you wear to prevent wedgies from happening during your runs (that is a personal problem of mine lol).
Diana Reyes (6 years ago)
haha ur so hilarious in this video and you look fabulous! I wish I could look like when I have my baby in February, I'm gonna have to get on a serious diet :/
liltinky18am (6 years ago)
Whats the name of the shoea plzzzz

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