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Me drawing wolf hybrid (eagle/fox/deer/wolf)

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Commission for Soraelna. Media used: Wacom Bamboo Tablet, Sketch book Pro Song: Serenade ~ Katethegreat19 This took about 45 minutes to draw. I don't like how the coloring came out
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Fuzzy Ferret (3 years ago)
very cute
kiecothewolf (5 years ago)
Are you still taking requests? I know this was from some time ago, but if you can, I was wondering if you could draw my fursona,if you are still taking request,then i could send youa private message in more detail :) Thank you!
the Decoy (6 years ago)
a Griffin from Norway :D
@forestdragonsnake no it's free. If you can send me a message of the description, i'd be glad to draw it. Like more in detail
I agree, but it's probably because I'm not that good at drawing antlers. I still gotta practice
sure. just send me the description or a picture of it via messaging
thank you!!!!
soraelna (8 years ago)
It's meh babeh! *pounces* Yeah, the colors are a bit bright, but the features are there. Actually, I'm thinking about changing the colors anyway...

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