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10 BEAUTY SECRETS Every Girl Should Know!

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Hi guys! I wanted to share a bunch of my beauty secrets with you so I hope you enjoy this! XO Makeup Tutorial on Orange Look Worn in Video: https://youtu.be/yFLeQqa29wQ VLOG CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/AmyMacedoVlogs SHOPPING LINKS & CODES Ebates (Cash back on purchases + $10 when you sign up) http://bit.ly/1WmC5tn Makeup Geek http://goo.gl/74ojoS Morphe Brushes http://bit.ly/1SHCOTz Sigma Brushes http://goo.gl/Qq6r1m Use code "AmyMacedo" for 10% OFF ESQIDO Lashes http://goo.gl/dXZkWb Use code "AMYESQIDO" for 10% OFF Vanity Planet Mini Pro 360 Facial Cleansing Brush http://goo.gl/eU46jZ Use code "Mini7AM" to purchase for $45 (reg. $150) + free US & CA shipping MUSIC Provided by NoCopyrightSounds https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds - Stay connected: Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat @AmyMacedo Vlog Channel http://www.youtube.com/AmyMacedoVlogs Website http://www.amymacedo.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/macedobeauty For Business Inquiries, please contact: [email protected] Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. Some links are affiliate links.
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Text Comments (817)
juhi sen (10 days ago)
3:38 have u put concealer on ur knuckles tooo😅😅😅😂😂
Nataliughh Sanchez (4 months ago)
The blackhead thing doesn’t work at all
#### ا (5 months ago)
how speak Arabic
Nassim TV (6 months ago)
slt !!!!!!! toi cv ton âge stp !!!!!!!!!!Merci
queensharanja 06 (8 months ago)
Even chubby girls can look the prettiest.. like me and Amy...love u soooo much
Lolo Lolo (9 months ago)
Мне эта женщина без косметики больше нравится
chi raz (10 months ago)
Without makeup u are amazing
sara simmons (1 year ago)
Wow I just realized you’ve lost so much weight! Good for you! I can tell you’ve worked really hard! You’ve always been so beautiful tho!
corinne n arriannas (1 year ago)
she looks so much more gorgeous without all the makeup she has a natural beauty and her eyes omg
Kristina Pimenova (1 year ago)
You look beautiful without makeup you don't even need makeup your Perfect!😍😍😍😘😘😘
Amber Jacobs (1 year ago)
I always put deodorant on anywhere I shave especially down there. It prevents ravor burn to. Works wonders actually. I've been doing it for years and years and years and never had razor burn. (Not the gel kind either) 😛 Just a lil tip.
Cheyenne Castillo (1 year ago)
Amber Jacobs does it matter what kind of deodorant? And do u put it on before or after u shave
Amber Jacobs (1 year ago)
You should defiantly do a updated one and makeup mistakes to avoid! I love these vids. 😍 thanks girl!
hannah Carr (1 year ago)
Her eyes 😍😍
S A R A H s (1 year ago)
Princess Farooq (1 year ago)
your face is soooo big
I shaved my face once I got a bunch of acne but it is gone now
Kanoi Ruiz (2 years ago)
you look so beautiful without makeup!
bracita15 (2 years ago)
I was biting my cuticle as I was watching this 😆
bumper entertainment (2 years ago)
5 weird and crazy beauty secrets from around the world ... facepack using bird's poo etc .
Chelsea Eli (2 years ago)
You should where a red lip more you like Snow White ❤️
you're so cute 😍
wuyifan ismine (2 years ago)
your nails are so goals 😩😍
Neeta Shewaramani (2 years ago)
You look so good without make up tho❤️❤️😭😭
Victoria Leuang (2 years ago)
Where did you get your tea tree oil?
Usha Mani (2 years ago)
u r a doll
Jaan Khan (2 years ago)
you are so cute and sexy and very attractive. and am learning to English. Coz i need your tips and it's very helpful for me .thank you so much.
Jaan Khan (2 years ago)
I am indian girl so am trying to understand your language.
Chloe Rogers (2 years ago)
Your eye colour is so pretty, I really love your hack videos xx <3
Engr. Asif Ali (2 years ago)
without makeup look nice
Шта те брига (2 years ago)
Madhumita Bisht (2 years ago)
styling spray??? hair styling spray or what? i didnt understnd what u said.
Jaime Torio (2 years ago)
your eyes are beautiful!!!😍😭
Paola Rodriguez Rivera (2 years ago)
first video that I saw from you💘 you are so pretty
Ali Hussain (2 years ago)
your skin is veryyy very good
ayesha faizan baby (2 years ago)
u r so pretty..
Sanamshaikh Shaikh (2 years ago)
very helpful
Aom ออม (2 years ago)
I like your eyes color.
Candace Colagioia (2 years ago)
I would b scared to shave my face
Ashley Renee (2 years ago)
you're so pretty.
Mališa Hrvatska (2 years ago)
You are so beautiful without Make Up. 😍🔥
Ceci Eklundh (2 years ago)
I shavde My face and IT was the worst misstake I ever did, And i regret it so bad!!!!!!!!!!😩😢😢😢 my mackup dose not go on smoother it dose not look nice!
Linn Dubbel (2 years ago)
NEVER USE BAKING SODA TO WHITEN YOUR TEETH! thats even worse than the typical harsh teeth whitening tools you can get at the drugstore. in Germany all of those products are off limits because they harm your teeth so much :( pls don't do it
Mafuz Choudry (2 years ago)
hi Just wanted to ask what face shaver u use and is it rechargable?
MC Miller (2 years ago)
Her makeup is flawless and she looks so good even without makeup! Beautiful!
MC Miller (2 years ago)
Her makeup is flawless and she looks so good even without makeup! Beautiful!
souka bella (2 years ago)
Nina Tavernier (2 years ago)
her hair is so nice and healthy woah
Nina Tavernier (2 years ago)
woah her eyes 😍
Claire White (2 years ago)
WAX, but dont shave!
Madeline Swifties (2 years ago)
Amy you're doll? You have too make up!
Suzie Taylor (2 years ago)
I want to see a "best setting powders for oily skin" tutorial!! =D
Miruna Munteanu (2 years ago)
OMG I love your eyes
Courtney Phillips (2 years ago)
I use coconut oil on face and hair to
Candace Colagioia (2 years ago)
Does tea tree oil dry out pimples
Mollipop417 (2 years ago)
when diluted in a carrier oil, it works as well as benzoyl peroxide. It will probably take longer, but it wont irritate your skin the way benzoyl peroxide does. But be sure to dilute it, because essential oils are incredibly potent, including tea tree oil. I applied it to a zit (undiluted) on my cheek once, and less than a minute later I had to rush to the bathroom to wash it off because it made my eyes burn. she may have been using a cheap one that is already diluted, so maybe it didnt burn her. just be careful!
Sadia Iqbal (2 years ago)
which nail paint shade you're wearing
Gabriela Bastos (2 years ago)
omg you're beautiful! loving your videos so far
Anna Abel (2 years ago)
Dilute the tea tree oil with a little bit of water (1:1 ratio) before applying to your skin! It's very strong and can burn your skin if you don't.
Elen Tuzur (2 years ago)
shaving your face!!! my god how stupid
Shezu Yuel (2 years ago)
Such a video girl 😊Superb!!
Weendy Lry (2 years ago)
I love you Amy ♥ you are so pretty and your makeup is always on point
2000reyrey (2 years ago)
You are just so beautiful keep up the great work I watch ur vids all the time
Britt Van rijn (2 years ago)
Ur so beautiful
Alexis Veal (2 years ago)
I wish I looked this good without makeup😩 lol love this video💖
Gabe Brown (2 years ago)
I'm allergic to coconut so ahahahahahaaaa
Mollipop417 (2 years ago)
try hemp seed oil :) also, coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of 4 out of five, which makes it much more likely to clog your pores. hemp seed oil is like a 1 or a 0 :)
Lil Chancla (2 years ago)
"so just take some coconut oil..." me: How to get breakouts as a teen 101 :)
Judith Ponce (2 years ago)
your are so pretty without any makeup, and thanks for the tips. amazing
Princess B (2 years ago)
I use coconut oil for lots of stuff too. defo robbing beauty hack #1
Hey Nicole (2 years ago)
I will never never shave my face!!thats why wax made for
Lina Rodriguez (2 years ago)
i love how her intro is not log
emilie gregory (2 years ago)
Eye color is incredible
How do you cover up your pimples and make them "disappear"? For me I always end up having the redness show through or, maybe my skin around it will start to flake and make it look worse.
Kasia Gawle (2 years ago)
where are your eyelashes from?you are so gorgeous!
Y R (2 years ago)
You're very beautiful girl
futuredok (2 years ago)
whats the name and color of the hair dye you use?? looks bomb. i want some dark dark luscious black hair
Neva Nyx (2 years ago)
Hahaha. no. I'm super allergic to tea tree oil. and another oil on your face? Stop the coconut mask, I bet you'll clear up. good stuff otherwise.
libertetou jours (2 years ago)
RoadWorkAhead (2 years ago)
i personally hate the smell of coconut oil sfm
Mollipop417 (2 years ago)
Unrefined coconut oil smells like coconuts, but refined coconut oil smells like nothing. Its like crisco :)
RoadWorkAhead (2 years ago)
+Sprinkle Penguin thanks
Sprinkle Penguin (2 years ago)
There are ones without smell, btw love ur pf photo
ileyanis montero (2 years ago)
ELy Briggs (2 years ago)
I'm thinking of shaving my face but what do I use to do it with
BadandBoujee x (2 years ago)
lol looks like she eats the lip oil😂thts how my mate applies it😏
Miriam (2 years ago)
Her skin 😩😩😩😩😩
Learnand Becrafty (2 years ago)
Her lips
mariahxworld (2 years ago)
I think the reason ppl say your hair grows thicker with shaving is because waxing makes your hair thinner
Nony Chan (2 years ago)
For anyone wanting to make their teeth whiter without any chemicals , Just use olive oil as a mouth wash for 10 minutes . It sounds gross but it actually works and you will notice the difference from the first time !!
Lily Saephan (2 years ago)
I love your eyes! 😍
Libby Jones (2 years ago)
What colour is on your nails😍❤️
olive r (2 years ago)
Omg ur bare face is literally flawless 😍 ur skin is so perfect
precious watson (2 years ago)
youre so pretty
Kwther Alfaraj (2 years ago)
tea tree must be diluted with water or lemon oil , jojoba oil any moustrizer oil anyway tea tree is the best for acne treatment!!
Amy (2 years ago)
I bite my cuticles really bad!!! I hate it but I can't stop 😐
Millie CraCra (2 years ago)
coconut oil for teeth whitenin its soo good trust me
Romy Kmr (2 years ago)
beautiful eyes!😍 (I'm German😅)
Glitter Better (2 years ago)
so i can use my father's shave to shave my face or what?!
5:05 I'm sorry for this inappropriate joke but it looks like she is brushing her teeth with cum 😂😂😂
Elizabeth Ortiz (2 years ago)
WOW! Tx for sharing. definitely using most if not all of your tips. :-*
Joanne Ball (2 years ago)
Omg do not shave your face!!!
kait h (2 years ago)
I've been shaving my face since I was 13 (and with a regular razor!) and I've never had any problems, no razor burn, and my hair did NOT grow back thick and dark (that's a myth.)
Grissel Badie (2 years ago)
Omg don't scrub your teeth with baking soda! It ruins your enamel.
lawless red (2 years ago)
so how does your face feel when you haven't shaved for a while, and got no makeup on?
María FJ (2 years ago)
you look like Kylie Jenner in a picture of her instagram

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