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Prince Harry & Prince WIlliam’s Cutest Brother Moments | Harper's BAZAAR

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Take a look back at some of their adorable brotherly moments. Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoBAZAAR https://www.facebook.com/HarpersBazaar https://twitter.com/harpersbazaarus https://www.instagram.com/harpersbazaarus/ https://www.pinterest.com/harpersbazaar/?auto_follow=1 America's first fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar has showcased the visions of legendary editors, photographers and stylists since 1867.
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Text Comments (571)
Reana Tomas (5 days ago)
Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! now I want a Brother!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Oh wait I have one. 😑
Kim Tran (7 days ago)
I wish l could have a brother like that but mine just stays in his room n when he is hungry he goes downstairs n when he is full he goes back up to hit room he is a party pooper😓😓
Wonhee Kim (11 days ago)
그녀도 방법이 있다 .그녀도 부잣집 딸이다.
Wonhee Kim (11 days ago)
일본화장품사장딸은 서울 모제과점에서 모 사장 아들과 사모님을 처음 만난다. 사장님은 자신의 아들을 놀리지 말라고 말했고 그의 아들을 놀리지 않지만 그의 아들은 나를 놀리지 말라며 그녀에게 따지냐?이것이 사장자제와 첫 만남이라서 그녀는 조심스럽다.
Well, me and my lil bro always fight sooo... 😂
Umar Fahad nashter (14 days ago)
I am Queen William's
Umar Fahad nashter (14 days ago)
I am King William's
Khatuna Meskhidze (14 days ago)
..... THE BEST BROTHERS I KNOW!!! 👍👍❤️❤️
Tarii esterita (18 days ago)
Princess Diana193 (23 days ago)
Lisa St. Julien (24 days ago)
QT Butler (25 days ago)
Desa Markovic (27 days ago)
_coming from a ginger_
L4 Legit (1 month ago)
Why does Prince harry looks like a ginger?
Femme Boy (1 month ago)
Nothing interesting...
vanessa kaulitz13 (1 month ago)
Lo que dejo diana 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shear Trevo Charles (1 month ago)
Wow it was awesome may god bless them ⛪
😍😍😍😍😍 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Chez P (1 month ago)
Nice :)
Diya Goswami (1 month ago)
They are just awesome 👌...
Raquel Cauna (1 month ago)
Me encantan los principes William y Harry; los veo muy simpaticos , divertidos y bellos son iguales a la princesa Lady Diana. Sinceramente y de corazon les deseo la mayor de la felicidad para estos chicos q son geniales. Realmente se les ve good peaple!!! a los dos. Sean muy felices x todo lo q no fue su mama tan bella y amada x todo el mundo. Sabemos q la princesa Diana esta en el cielo con Jesus!!!
Ayla Nunyabiz (1 month ago)
please baby please, don't be upset Idk wtf is happening... I thought you wanted me to back off so I did. I'd di a thousand deaths
Dominique (2 months ago)
William got jokes!!! lol but notice harry is balding now..
fcuking Sg Invain (2 months ago)
THE POWER OF POWER (2 months ago)
i'm better than william, ooh yeah! haha!
Sibongile Mayahle (2 months ago)
Prince William's bald head like his Dad's Prince Charles
park chim chim (2 months ago)
Why does william has to go bald
Denise (2 months ago)
HE SAID BALDNESS! :( I'm crying!
Evelyn Zlon (3 months ago)
These young men were heartthrobs amongst not only white girls, but many blacks, as well. This is actually for a rather sick, sad reason. For the past couple of decades, British troops have been gang-raping local Kenyan women. This has a cumulative effect on the black woman's collective unconscious, which makes us more sexually attracted to the Royals, or at least some of them. Unfortunately, the rape victims invariably end up financially crippled as a result of their experiences, so this is another good reason to just gang-rape Kate Middleton on camera, and call it a day.
Moreno Mo (3 months ago)
1:20 got me too. That was sure photoshop. Cute to see siblings bond so good
jamal Mariam (3 months ago)
Bullshits .all royal families should be removed in this globe they take people's money and give us a shit .things will change in the future believe me
samia sarwar (3 months ago)
Harry's balding pattern is just like Charles's ...
Sevim Geçgel (3 months ago)
Diana mekanın cennet olsun güzel kadın bak bugün gelinlerin var
Deddy Trianto (3 months ago)
Harry loves william me too
Tanya Shavelle (3 months ago)
am i the only who one thinks william looks exactly like his uncle Edward? The queen's youngest son? Maybe it's the same pattern of baldness, but the two could pass for brothers instead of uncle and nephew. Those genes are strong!
Agustín Gómez (3 months ago)
Just like Frederik and Joachim from Denmark, or Naruhito and Fumihito from Japan. I guess.
Agustín Gómez (2 months ago)
My bad! The Danish brothers doesn't have a good relationship.
Amara Zuluaga (4 months ago)
Hermosa Hermandad
Alexandra Garcia (4 months ago)
jeanthree (4 months ago)
now both going baldy however William going faster
James Webb (4 months ago)
Thank you for such a wonder and delightful snapshot into the lives of royal brotherly love!
Tessa Ng (4 months ago)
Well, Harry sure was right! It was Princess Charlotte! Wonder if he had any predicting skills?🤔🤔
gdragonxxi 88 (5 months ago)
1:12 :(
serenity J (5 months ago)
Co Coco (5 months ago)
Raj Dutta (5 months ago)
0:53 Typical Brothers 😂😂 Prince Harry forgot that they are Royals
Elena Danh (5 months ago)
“I can’t wait to see my brother suffer more. And with any luck, it will be a girl then he can suffer more.” Wow, just wow Harry. 👏🏻
alie boender (5 months ago)
harrry is more his mom
alie boender (5 months ago)
william is more a snob than harry
OldskolFan (5 months ago)
They are close...but they have a passive aggressive relationship: which can be both healthy and unhealthy! But they are brutally honest with each other and make fun of each other... I bet being a Ginger had negative feedback and bullying for Harry? It does for most Red heads. And his brother being more handsome, smarter, and (more important) for the throne: I am sure it affected him psychologically! But it is also a lot of pressure on William to be perfect, strong, and have a cute little brother everyone likes more and who gets away with everything. It’s so great that they were each other’s best men at their weddings. A lot famous brothers end up feuding and never speaking to each other: like The Bee Gees and the Jacksons.
farah habad (5 months ago)
The worldwide loves the Royal family culture stay brothers proceed after math the Greater Queen Elizabeth. Hope you maintain worldwide orderly and Harmony. Thank you.
John Mondovi (5 months ago)
andika baskoro (5 months ago)
United Kingdom Crown in this day doesn't seems like in medieval age when Brother willing to kill Brother just to take the crown...... Prince Harry seems doesn't care about the throne or whatever.....they just like two happy siblings :) I really love to see them like this....
Code-Name- Agent-00790 (5 months ago)
Why are people so fucking ‘Naive’ by these scrounging hypocrites .
Im not like this with my brother tho lol
Meme Nene (5 months ago)
awww cute
Max Hellsing (5 months ago)
The song sounds like Green Day's "Give me novacaine"
TJO (5 months ago)
*Marvelous scene of the Caucasian natural habitat*
bboynever (5 months ago)
if Princess Diana was still alive
TEKLAZ (5 months ago)
Is that ever gonna change?
Aeroplanes Lover (5 months ago)
1:19 He looks like his son
Carol (5 months ago)
Prince William is quite handsome. He looks just like his mother. Sucks that he’s balding though lol
Maryam Zafar (5 months ago)
William looks more like Diana. I mean look at 0:11 William does look like his mother
Tan Poliak (5 months ago)
oh how william shaded gingers omg but that is the part of british humor... they are so cute, thanks to Diana for bringing them here and make a nice persons out of them
mistamousta (5 months ago)
Harry sounds like Gordon ramsey
UnitedEarthEmpire (5 months ago)
Hey harry dont make fun of your brother's baldness... youre going to have one too...
peekaboots01 (5 months ago)
They don't look a like at all.
Teow Hai Way (5 months ago)
Primce William at some angles looks like Seth Rogen
Buffy Summers (5 months ago)
I wish William would get his old hair back.He's still cute and all but he was truly so handsome in his younger years.
Buffy Summers (5 months ago)
You can tell they're very close..Love them ♥ also Princ George truly looks so much like his father.
CradleEpiscopalian56 (5 months ago)
How was Diana sitting with them as grown men?
retnavybrat (5 months ago)
You're welcome. 🙂
CradleEpiscopalian56 (5 months ago)
retnavybrat Whew! Thank you!!!
retnavybrat (5 months ago)
Are you referring to the clip at 1:20 ? That's not Diana, it's Prince Edward's wife, Sophie.
Carlenna Brattin (5 months ago)
they seem very close as brothers, i'm happy for them to get married, harry got married last week so proud of him
"The whole world's favorite duo." I never even knew about them and I'm considered about half the world, give or take.
Miss Lia (5 months ago)
do you live in a cave?
"The whole world's favorite duo." I never even knew about them and I'm considered about half the world, give or take.
When prince willian had hair!!!!!
logic logic (5 months ago)
i ❤ them so much
sebatian (5 months ago)
BUT they don't look alike
Chasing Enigma (5 months ago)
Dont lightsaber your brothers dick........ thats the future dick of Great Britain.
retnavybrat (5 months ago)
After three kids, I think Catherine's tempted to do it herself. 😁
realitybitesgirl (5 months ago)
William called Harry a Ginger 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Kath Kath (5 months ago)
I become so happy when i see the royal family together
Taylor Rush (5 months ago)
I just realized..I’ve never heard either of them speak before.
Chrystyna Mohr (5 months ago)
Pretty rich coming from a ginger lol
Baby Josie (5 months ago)
This so when there very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very young
Taryn (5 months ago)
I'm trying to see the resemblance y'all. I really don't see it, they look nothing alike to be brothers.🤔
MEGHA ARMY (5 months ago)
MEGHA ARMY (5 months ago)
Oh! Lady Di must be proud of them
vertigopull (5 months ago)
One's prematurely balding and the other monkey-faced loafer! Both mediocre and infantile people in their 30s. Don't say these are actually the "royals"?
anoja31 (5 months ago)
Lmaoo aww ;-;
Felicia Jakubiak (5 months ago)
them royal bald spots tho
psychic-reprobate (5 months ago)
Even the royals diss gingers
Jazryne Punzalan (5 months ago)
When he said he's gonna be an uncle again I was like "how sweet" when he said "I can't wait to see my brother suffer more" I was like "nvm😒😂
Elisabeth López (5 months ago)
Tenían cabello.
sexobscura (5 months ago)
when harry hugs the queen at 1:00
Rituparna Boro (5 months ago)
Did harry also inherit those hair loss genes?
Ita Lestari (5 months ago)
prince willliam more looks like his mom..and prince harry more looks like his dad..
Love Mac (5 months ago)
Ha ha funny boys, love their sense of humour 😁
Rara Evindra Sasmita (5 months ago)
Too cute
bird (5 months ago)
I'm like "hmm he's said a lot of problematic things so far... but he's hot im letting it slide for now"
Roberta L (5 months ago)
William... que principezão da porra ! uhauauahuah

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