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Introducing Whomp! Charmz

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Whomp! Charmz, the awesome new charms that make your bandz rock! For more info, check out: http://www.whompcharmz.com Directed by John Stewart Muller Written and Produced by Laura Boersma Cinematography by Frederick Schroeder Styling by Amy Crouch Editing and VO by Ben Waters Digital Effects by Aric Avelino and Julien Lormant For more great production work, visit http://www.granfalloon.com
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Text Comments (4)
Still Born (8 years ago)
Spartanoffaith (8 years ago)
What the fuck just assaulted my senses.
Casey (8 years ago)
Oh, your suppost to attach them to sillybandz n stuf. cool i guess..
yahRUCKyah (8 years ago)
wilford brimley was in it

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