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Madonna - Material Girl (Official Music Video)

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Madonna - "Material Girl" Official Music Video From the 'Like A Virgin' album Sire Records - 1984
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Lucas RM7 (4 hours ago)
homage to marilyn monroe? https://youtu.be/hEyWqVfY4vo
Mr. Sarcastic (11 hours ago)
Keith Carradine and ? I forget the other dude. To lazy to look him up 😁
John Kain (15 hours ago)
Who's the guy romancing Madonna in this song
landry spektor (20 hours ago)
I hope the idiot puta Mariah Carey gets ebola and die, or that she'll try to suicide again, she is a suicidal piece of shit!!!!
HIDE秀人 (1 day ago)
oswaldocer 3121 (1 day ago)
Yo vine pormas noche q hicieron un pñay back y megusto la cancion
Richard Kosiba (1 day ago)
always loved that slap
M. Bax (1 day ago)
Some (((BOYS)))
Tyler Reacts (1 day ago)
This was posted in 2017!?
Jose Silva (1 day ago)
This bitch teached women to be mean, nowadays women are real nasty bitches
John Raphaelesson (2 days ago)
piddthee gepa (2 days ago)
Diane Aragon (2 days ago)
I am a material girl !!!
Andryanto Kuncoro (2 days ago)
I love madonna.
dobqei qrtse (2 days ago)
dobqei qrtse (2 days ago)
Madonna is PERFECT!!!!
Isidora Bello (2 days ago)
whos the boy at 2:07
metiobyk (2 days ago)
I love Madonna, i' m from Poland, Europe
John skwa (2 days ago)
Who listens this in 2020 ?
Garrett Scharsch (3 days ago)
She's fine young old whatever
Mr Credence (3 days ago)
70s kids say hi
dawlsid raehol (3 days ago)
@Kent Michael, many write Mariah Carey is a suicidal piece of shit who tried to suicide because of Luis Miguel, but I don't know who is her, I know something about Luis Miguel because of Netflix!
Alex Oyarzabal (3 days ago)
old Mdna sucks
Jo Boy3OH2 (3 days ago)
Dammit man, Madonna was and still is beautiful...
Melissa Romero (3 days ago)
I first saw this when I was a teenager!
Ale ben (3 days ago)
Another timeless girl https://youtu.be/hEyWqVfY4vo
Kent Michael (3 days ago)
Mariah Carey tried to suicide in the 90's because of Luis Miguel, Mariah is an idiot!!!!
Kent Michael (3 days ago)
Love ya Madonna <3
Lizard Poo (3 days ago)
Amazing how here boobs didn’t pop out of that dress
Eva Sari (3 days ago)
Is right?
Nayra Oliveira (4 days ago)
marie rueda (4 days ago)
Taufan Aditiya (4 days ago)
Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend
SEVEN WILLIAMS (4 days ago)
ow! owwww!
27 millones en 1 año. Icónico
Consuelo Castle (4 days ago)
The original 7 rings.
Christina Lucas (5 days ago)
What? no human chandeliers? 😂
This song would controversial if it came out in 2019.
Roberto Martinez (5 days ago)
Vinicius Erk (5 days ago)
Mariah Carey is the American puta, her new album only charted 2 weeks, she hates on Madonna because Madonna still being successful!!!!!
Olivia Armstrong (5 days ago)
I cannot believe she's the same artist that sang Bitch I'm Madonna
special k (5 days ago)
Perla Ledda (5 days ago)
Me encanta la Madonna de esa época
Paweł Skrzypczak (5 days ago)
This is 1985 year , not 1984
Márcia Alice (5 days ago)
Madonna e Marilyn Monroe, amo as duas! ❤
leandro koa (5 days ago)
leandro koa (5 days ago)
Russell Blackthorn (6 days ago)
The ABSOLUTE greatest sex symbol of all time!!! Madonna is a true legend! She did that dress way better than Monroe ever did!!
Kelly Swat (6 days ago)
Madonna should make a song with Justin Bieber to have 23rd number 1 hit!!!!!!
all i want to say is: (7 days ago)
Damn she is beautiful
MrHumpty Dumpty (7 days ago)
Who lives in sydney and listens to WSFM and gets this song all the time?
iblard (7 days ago)
I prefer Maradona.
John Shutterbug (7 days ago)
Those chaps need mustaches!
gorigraward (7 days ago)
Madonna listen to me, I LOVE you <3
gorigraward (7 days ago)
Madonna is a genius!!!!!
Michał Mroczek (7 days ago)
Kuthreeh Degone (7 days ago)
puta Mariah Carey, she is an idiot piece of shit!
dantheman92317 (8 days ago)
Despite the song lyrics I always thought this video was very sweet since I was little. She ultimately likes and drives off with the guy who has no money
mrramos _ (8 days ago)
I thought she said cheerio girl lol
TheAnnerrk2 (8 days ago)
OMG Madonna is the best <3
Directed by Mary Lambert
Chico Souza (8 days ago)
The diva Madonna !!!
MyLittleDiscolite (9 days ago)
One of her more anti-semitic songs and thus my favorite
Kevin Hawley (9 days ago)
Not impressed. Is she really worth any of those things or being in my company which is obviously the only thing of true value in America.
Phenomenal Bipin (9 days ago)
Love from Nepal 10 February 2019
Robert Telarket (9 days ago)
This ugly shit whore madonna stole the first scene from Marilyn Monroe's movie Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. This was her first song in the 1980s when that son of a bitch ronald reagan was president and was only for the materialistic rich bastards and that's why this bitch made this song. I hate her and hope she dies yesterday!
irving060 (9 days ago)
Madonna <3
Sunny Sunshine (9 days ago)
Madonna is timeless I adore her!
Ale ben (3 days ago)
Timeless because she copy another timeless girl..marylin
copycatbellyache (9 days ago)
i always got confused with madonna and marilyn monroe
angel murphy (9 days ago)
I was 16 when this song came out
WantAPieceOfMyLife ? (9 days ago)
Still listening 2019 😭😂
Tiago Brito (9 days ago)
*Gold diggers anthem*
GS UENO (9 days ago)
São Paulo Brazil
no clout (9 days ago)
Alvin and the chipmunks 🐿🐿🐿
Kozmobot (9 days ago)
I like the older songs 😃 but these from 21st century are a crap 😕
Dennis Kissane (9 days ago)
Madonna slightly regrets this song
Ana Gualdoni (9 days ago)
un brindis por la libertad del pais jaja bel
Sulamita Ribeiro (9 days ago)
Flow Vevo (10 days ago)
Essa Música é Uma Das Músicas Perfeitas Que Eu Já Ouvi Excelente Ouvindo Em 08 De Fevereiro De 2019 ✔
Anahi lps/roblox (10 days ago)
1980 songs are so much better than 2019. And i was born in 2007
Aaron Jimenez (11 days ago)
She isn't really materialistic. She accepted the shy bearded man even if he isn't rich.
Darian0014 (11 days ago)
She's describe the perfect our world :( it's sad...
lizzy reyes (11 days ago)
Marylin Monroe ❤👌
tagreed aldahwi (11 days ago)
7 februry 2019
Ana Gualdoni (12 days ago)
si yo aceptaba collares de diamantes para revolearselos por la cabeza jaja belu mamina y lidia en la gloria
Jose Martin Galvan (12 days ago)
En jerez Zacatecas también oímos a Madona chauuuuu raza
NOONECARES (12 days ago)
Just me who sings this in math?
ivory louise (12 days ago)
0:00 to 0:50 was not in the original video on MTV.
ivory louise (12 days ago)
+momokoblue Not in 1983 when they first showed it. I was there having that shit rammed down my throat constantly for two years. Later, the directors clip was added. Not the part in the dressing room.
momokoblue (12 days ago)
yes it was...always.
Mavi Lopes (12 days ago)
all i listen inside Forever 21
Nouf. (12 days ago)
Elim Kwok (12 days ago)
Mr krab's theme song
HuzEiN hazAn CabDi (12 days ago)
ANNii R (13 days ago)
Watching this 02-2019 I can’t stop laughing 😂
Jillian Ashlee Jualo (13 days ago)
When was this done?
momokoblue (12 days ago)
xoxomrshoney (13 days ago)
1984: i love madonna! 2019: i love madonna! 2084: i love madonna! 2119: i love madonna!
Вы уже в 2119?...)
Davy Jones (13 days ago)
This is the proudest golddiggers anthem I have ever heard in my life.
Proto Type / Shrine (13 days ago)
you know we're living PAUSE in an ethereal world and I am an ethereal girl..
heri susanto (14 days ago)
for sure rich gilr 80% always love purr man but her parents dont like ahahah
Maria do Socorro Pinto (14 days ago)
Lindo cllipé
irel gasteiondo (14 days ago)
¡Esta es mi reina!
Kim Seok Jin (14 days ago)
I’m sorry but... Nobody gives a damn what year ur are watching this..

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