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Brennan Heart & TNT - It's My Style (Official Video)

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Show your love and vote for me in the DJ Mag Top 100! https://top100djsvote.djmag.com ---------------------------------------------- The official video for ‘It's My Style' by Brennan Heart & TNT Soon out on WE R Music Edited by Goose Frame / Video animation by Gergo Szabo Special thanks to Bass Events / The Qontinent 2015 Follow Brennan Heart on: http://www.facebook.com/djbrennanheart http://www.twitter.com/djbrennanheart http://www.youtube.com/brennanheart http://www.soundcloud.com/brennanheart Follow TNT on: https://www.facebook.com/technoboyntu... https://twitter.com/tnthardstyle https://www.youtube.com/TechnoboyDJ / https://www.youtube.com/tuneboydj https://soundcloud.com/djtechnoboy / https://soundcloud.com/tuneboy
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Text Comments (567)
Dimitar Andonov (20 days ago)
Hardstyle is so gay :-)
김나희 NANA (29 days ago)
*Sounds like eargasm*
Ramses FA (2 months ago)
Alguien sabe el nombre de la chica que canta!? XD
Sylo 1uniquely (3 months ago)
You know what time it is...! You know what fucking style this is!!! YEAH!!!!!! IT"S MY STYLE!!!!!!<3
ZombieBoy (3 months ago)
¿Sabes a qué hora es que sabes qué estilo es esto, prepárate para todo esto? Vamos a ridiculizar a un estúpido certificado como un hijo de madre, así es como lo hacemos. Nunca baje nunca más lento. aplaudiendo al ritmo del lanzamiento mi monstruo se vuelve loco, es mi estilo. ¡Mano arriba! aplaudiendo al ritmo liberar mi monstruo enloquecer es mi estilo.
This is Brennan HEARTSTYLE! XD
urban DanceMachine (5 months ago)
Brayan Perez (6 months ago)
wuaaa hardstyle forever holy shit let go 😭💪💪🙆🙆💀
A.L.-X (7 months ago)
This is a perfect video for the iphone x
Nicolas R (7 months ago)
Best part!!! 2:06
DJ VACKSTYLEZZZ (8 months ago)
Who's d vocalist?
SWK (8 months ago)
Don't like it.
Leonardo Sandi (9 months ago)
fuuuuuark zyzz bolivia from 2017
Sophie Lackner (10 months ago)
Zero (11 months ago)
Dude, I love your use of white and black. So realistic.
meneer Haas (1 year ago)
Wat doen al die nazi's hier?
TheEvolutionizt (1 year ago)
perfect track !!!! love it
Ørca (1 year ago)
name of mask at 2:13???
Nino giuliani (1 year ago)
I know even more horny songs, for example: Pokerface ........
Nino giuliani (1 year ago)
I think the song is also sau cool but I do not know exactly what it is there ....
Emiliano Zapata (1 year ago)
its puré dinamite
samir elgayer (1 year ago)
my name's jeff
Awesome,respect from Russia
Henri (1 year ago)
Fabian Den Bleker (1 year ago)
CRISS GUZMAN (1 year ago)
Jonas Lottin (1 year ago)
Marc Ie (1 year ago)
Met tnt is het best❤️❤️❤️
Suzanne awc (1 year ago)
Love it!!!
Suzanne awc (1 year ago)
It's my style... just HARDSTYLE!!!!!!
xxKloZxx (1 year ago)
that last drop tho
Elisa Han (1 year ago)
Anyone notice how "ridiculous" is misspelled?
The Situation Brah (1 year ago)
Daniel Freer (1 year ago)
0:45 is that porn stache (Mendez) from orange is the new black??
Hung Cao (1 year ago)
Jagdish Aher (1 year ago)
Hard style is real music
Bell Quinn (1 year ago)
Raptor.1 (1 year ago)
JuanKhaGaming (1 year ago)
Anyone know the name of the singer of this song? I've been looking for your name for a long time. :c
Celly Pinky (1 year ago)
Ohhhhh im crazy🙌🙌🙌💘💘💘💘
Randheer Chhabra (1 year ago)
what is the music in the start??
DJAMN Music (1 year ago)
aweosme track...
Connor Sweetnam (1 year ago)
go 1.25 speed, its mad heaps better
zuuzteam (1 year ago)
richtig geil
zuuzteam (1 year ago)
hardstyle is my style and anytime im hardstyle
Johan Nijboer (1 year ago)
mooi plaati hoor!
Dj GoJi (1 year ago)
is there any other song that sounds familiar to this? I need suggestions. -_-
Dj GoJi (1 year ago)
This sounds like pure transformer's music straight outta of the convention center or the original movie.
Project Marz (1 year ago)
Damn a year already ? time flies
Matthijs S (1 year ago)
This is the real classic Hardstyle sound, which we all Hardstyle-freaks love.
Ride like a BozZ (1 year ago)
Fuck RAW Fuck EUPHORIC . This is the Real HARDSTYLE
MarkDalsing (1 year ago)
It reminds me so much of the beginning of "nu-style".
D4n2s (1 year ago)
wer is wegen marti hier? :D
wartem (1 year ago)
First song ever that I have been able to listen to 100 times in a row without getting tired of it.
Ivana Urbanczyková (1 year ago)
Julien Hemon (1 month ago)
Ivana Urbanczyková t'aime 😁
Julien Hemon (1 month ago)
Ivana Urbanczyková taime et de le voir en fonction
wartem (1 year ago)
EHXKOR (1 year ago)
Never thought I'd hear "Master Blaster" in a hardstyle track! Fuck yeah!
DamesJean (1 year ago)
Best part of the whole video 1:32 .... love it when the beat bounces *pampampampamparampampampam*
Regina Große (1 year ago)
Jesus liebt dich
Towelie (1 year ago)
Wer ist auch von Marti da? :D
atomo capoeira (1 year ago)
Fanni (1 year ago)
Towelie ✋
pyrrohm (1 year ago)
reezlaw (1 year ago)
Who's the vocalist? Anyone?
jan wandelaar (10 months ago)
a girls from holland
_RageFace_ Hcf (1 year ago)
try this at 1,25 its sick
R!CE (1 year ago)
So glad good hardstyle is still alive ^o^
Dr. Herbst (1 year ago)
fav song +1
boaz hardstylelover (1 year ago)
geweldig nummer love de tekst. I AM FCKING HARDSTYLE!!!!!!!
Joan D. Perez R. (1 year ago)
Greetings from venezuela, i love hardstyle
S4B4T (1 year ago)
Intro is true hardstyle! mid is only nu hardstyle, outro is the best beast hardstyle!
dawid dsajkdahs (1 year ago)
mega style ;) good job
Thomas Weeda (1 year ago)
cookies madness (1 year ago)
👉🎵;-)awesomeness 💖
Ej Weź (1 year ago)
Ricardo Altamirano (1 year ago)
I fell in love with your song like
sergio k. (1 year ago)
Crypto Chan (1 year ago)
Oh it's nikita. Allo dar!
DirtyQwerty Official (1 year ago)
When u see TNT u can expect a reverse kick 70% of the time, Love TNT!
Benjamin Eg (1 year ago)
And they make the best kind!
sarajevoogirl (1 year ago)
its myyyyyyy style yeahhhhhhh
Cas H Eijkoop (1 year ago)
the prophet everlastingg
HardAsSponge (1 year ago)
got into hard-style when i installed 2 x 12" subs in my car. what a great decision!
GermanCHiiiLLeR (1 year ago)
haha :D nice ^^
Snow Reaper 42 (1 year ago)
Hard is my Style! 150BPM never ever go any slower!
Seweryn (1 year ago)
ThemaddV 150 BPM
MADD (1 year ago)
Unless it's classic Hardstyle in 145 BPM ;)
❤ Hardstyle Forever ❤
Gabriel Lazcurain (1 year ago)
it's my style
ozentom tonic (1 year ago)
it´s my style******it´s great
samir elgayer (1 year ago)
Jeff seid brought me here
hezdunnah (1 year ago)
Amaury Giloteaux (1 year ago)
Raw Soldier (1 year ago)
great job guys!
que rola mas hermosa alguien de mexico que le guste el hardstyle ?
Jacky Jon (1 year ago)
gute Nacht Techno 😀🎧🎶habt Spaß.
Ľuboš Mudrák (1 year ago)
so this is music in 2016, right?....right?
Düsenfisch123 (1 year ago)
there is nothing more to say! :-) love it moooooore
FROGMAN (1 year ago)
2:56 this is fucking dope
H4mst3r (1 year ago)
nope :/
Shiro x3 (1 year ago)
Hardstyle is my life <3
Meltdown (1 year ago)
Hardstyle for sure :) dammed what a pure feeling !
Simthilda (1 year ago)
amazing ❤
Unknown User (1 year ago)
1:33 Best Part :)
reezlaw (1 year ago)
MsUncleKevin (1 year ago)
Ugly voice fucking disgusting crappy bitch ... Song ok othervise.
Marco Lemos (1 year ago)
Zoltán Czakó (1 year ago)
legjobb :d
CAl 3erz (1 year ago)
#It'zMyStyle !!!
cali v (1 year ago)
Jeff seid!!

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