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How to fill in and shape your eyebrows

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♡♡ LIKE this video if you want to see more tutorials ♡♡ products I used here: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=2124 Latest Makeup Tutorial herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-cI7dd3zrg Site I am obsessed with right now http://bit.ly/OsloWR My sisters channel: http://www.youtube.com/ccpinks02 __________________________ For BUSINESS ONLY inquires please contact me via email [email protected] My public Mailing address: SCCASTANEDA POBOX 1103 Glendora Ca 91740 .......................................... Everything and Anything me: My blog - http://www.sccastaneda.com Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/soniaccastaneda INSTAGRAM - sccastaneda Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonia-Castaneda/425807130768038 FTC: I was not paid to make this video - I got this kit months ago at a party and finally got my eyebrows in shape to show you how I fill them in! Love you!
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Text Comments (349)
Jully Garcia (2 months ago)
Revlon commercial.
Angelica Garcia (2 years ago)
Does anyone know what the eyebrow kit is called??
Scarlett Smack (2 years ago)
My name is Scarlett & I was so surprised to see my name spelt with two t's and not just one😂🤗
Shanta Shantaa (3 years ago)
I dont can do it. How ai can do it. Butt is nice
April Carabajal (3 years ago)
the link should be to the exact product. The one u provided is just the front Web page and you have to find it..but the EXACT one in the video is not there
dmoranism (3 years ago)
hey, can you do a video on how you tint your eyebrow
Merdy (3 years ago)
I am new to makeup what is she brushing her eyebrows with?
Queen Of The Skittles (2 years ago)
just a normal clean mascara brush :)
Jasmine Harris (3 years ago)
Dont waste your time cuz she talks a lot, just start at 3:00
Hannah Cichon (3 years ago)
This is such a helpful video, thank you so much!
Kelli Leong (3 years ago)
Some of your guys comments, I trip😳 like really no one is perfect you don't need to judge on how it looks. I know your jealous on how pretty she is but you don't need to share it to the world😂 her eyebrows are nice. Stop trippin
wolves heart (3 years ago)
Mine looks like meh dad's -_- why do I have to look a little like meh dad
Lizeth Monge (3 years ago)
Not trying to be rude or anything one eyebrow looks higher then the other
kimberly a (3 years ago)
+Lizeth Monge , I totally agree with you
Alaa Al-Badri (3 years ago)
If u actually want to see the tutorial, skip to 3:00
Tatiana rodriguez (4 years ago)
Ur eyebrows look like shit
Pickle Dickle Sizzle (3 years ago)
that was unnecessary
Fatma4 (4 years ago)
her brow kit is in the description box!:)
Nancy Avila (4 years ago)
First time I want to "try" to do my eyebrows like this, and you made it look soo easy for me. Loved the video ! 😊
Hairs NieceysMakeup (4 years ago)
Hey! I've enjoyed watching this video. Very helpful nd informative. Have a great day
A. Benedict (4 years ago)
What was the kit called again?
meanner12 (4 years ago)
Does any body know the name of kit she using. I don't know if I missed it if she named it but I need to know.!! Lol
Supreme.Equine (4 years ago)
Mine are naturally shaped x :)
Alessandra Molina (4 years ago)
omg at 5:48 are you using mascara
Asya Ghostkeeper (4 years ago)
She said she's using tinted brow gel
Alessandra Molina (4 years ago)
okay I'm actually clueless on eyebrows what are you dipping your eyebrow brush into at 3:28??? because my friends use eyebrow pencils do you use like eyeshadow????
April Bourne (4 years ago)
Don't buy the Sigma Kit! It's $49.95 plus Shipping on Amazon, What's rip off!!! I'm getting a cheap kit. I know my eyebrows are worth more, but, $55 no Thanks...
Jada Mimms (4 years ago)
What kind of lashes are those?
jessy pineda (4 years ago)
What eyelashes do you use?
Corey Hall (4 years ago)
Where'd you get your lip stick?
Danielle thoe (4 years ago)
Can some one plz plz tell me where do u get this kit from like a.s.a.p
Isabela Arevalo (4 years ago)
Less talking more eyebrows!!
Katie Mejia (4 years ago)
New subbie 💜 I enjoy listening to your voice lol weird I know but hey. Also love your eyebrows thanks for the tips lovely
Rupal (4 years ago)
Really helpful! And You have pretty eyes!
Alexis Brett (4 years ago)
less about you, more about the eyebrows
Crystal Salinas (4 years ago)
I can't find the kit on the site!!
sofiejade (4 years ago)
great video ! i uploaded a video on how i do my eyebrows :)
Yolanda Pasallo (4 years ago)
Your eyebrows look fucked up ...thinking you are all that.. see your self in the mirror with that clown look of yours :D
Yolanda Pasallo (4 years ago)
No no sorry that comment was not for u I was disscussing with this other girl in another video and I dont know how I posted it here...ignore my rude comment you are really pretty and beautiful (no homo) and your eyebrows are gorgeous
Rachel Osman (4 years ago)
Wow that's mean :(
Jessica Santana (4 years ago)
Pleeeease don't chew gum during a tutorial girl. It looks nasty. But love you much.....muah!
Maria Orozco (4 years ago)
What is the kit name??
Cynthia Essiambre (4 years ago)
great tutorial! I am so lucky my eyebrows are not so thick, that I don't need to get them waxed or threaded, I clean around them by plucking the random hairs. I love the kit! I may get it, but I think the kit could do without the stencils, no one really needs those if you follow the natural growth of your eyebrows and eyebrow map properly. :)
Joanna Fuentes (4 years ago)
you really should cut the point...just saying
Lyndsey Chaps (5 years ago)
Thanks for the eye brow tips! You have very pretty eyes!
Yoraisa Minaya (5 years ago)
3:00, YW!
Linda Miriam Jellings (5 years ago)
you talk too much in the beginning...
kaycee91xxx (5 years ago)
get to the damn point
Aimee Lewis (5 years ago)
Ewww gum
Emily Holmes (5 years ago)
She reminds me of Hannah from PLL! 
Mia (1 year ago)
Emily Holmes Hanna? You mean Emily
nancy zacarias (5 years ago)
Where can I find this kit?
Victoria Daisy (5 years ago)
you are the nicest person i met on the internet today x
Jas Nicole (5 years ago)
dfl theyre not twins,,but maybe cousins.!!! love you
suiapili avi-rai (5 years ago)
What brand is the kit? Sounds pretty useful.
Miss Schellhorn (5 years ago)
That gum chewing ew
Brianna Goodson (5 years ago)
your * . You're is the two words "you" and " are" . Your is showing ownership.
Junior Ramirez (5 years ago)
what's the sett called
Anya Barlow (5 years ago)
Whats your eyebrow set called?
lale loyalty (5 years ago)
Tell about your masscara
Stacy (5 years ago)
Whats wrong with ur eyebrow lol jk
Jadele Gray (5 years ago)
What type of lashes are you wearing ?
Thalia Macias (5 years ago)
step one: already have thick brows
Alaina Dos-Anjos (5 years ago)
lol i know i stopped threading it hurt so now im waxing again its faster and painless hahaha when i was younger i always needed to fix them and now i regret it i have the triangle brows which i rlly love!!!
Samantha Hernandez (5 years ago)
Just skip to 3:00!
Myriah Carrasco (5 years ago)
Do these come together? Or do you have to get them separate?
JZdirectioner (5 years ago)
What is the package for your eyebrows called I clicked on the URL but it took me to the homepage and not the product
Jenna (5 years ago)
3:00 You're welcome
Christina Raristina (5 years ago)
i hate when I click on a video that says it ewill help do one thing and then the girl on there rattles on and on and on.........and doesnt even get into it for a while. Irritating
FreshHotCakes (5 years ago)
Are your eyelashes fake? And if so, please tell me where you got them and what their called!! THey look so natural and beautiful :)
Row Fasolo (5 years ago)
Skip to 3:00 to the start of it
Sydneybeauty13 (5 years ago)
Kortney kardasians twin
Cherryblossmchi (5 years ago)
Awesome!!!!! Thank u for the help
Jackie8923 (5 years ago)
I usually get my eyebrows waxed but I was wondering how long your eyebrows stay in shape when you thread them?
Hanna Maria (5 years ago)
I love your eyebrows, they're perfect
Carissa Alcocer (5 years ago)
where you buy make up box?
Lethal_Trilogy Royale (5 years ago)
Go to Salon professional makeup artist or manicure @carson and add eyeliner towards the fiittimg shape
carson alexander (5 years ago)
i need some advice because i plucked my eyebrows for the first time and i have 3 bald spots! HELP ME PLEASE!!!
belindalucero (5 years ago)
OMG I love your eyelashes!!! Can you please tell us what kind they are?
teambadchicks (5 years ago)
Lol u remind of Kourtney Kardashian
Tiki Dreams (5 years ago)
aww you just like me :D dont like pain but just do it anyway XD
CorianneCreque2011 (5 years ago)
Love it. Thank you for helping me out.
kikeniko (5 years ago)
nice good info...
Bet Harper (5 years ago)
se quiere parecer a Kim Kardashian
Isabella Gomez (5 years ago)
You talk a lot!
NommingZombieh18 (5 years ago)
NommingZombieh18 (5 years ago)
"I forgot one thing.."
Tay Elgin (5 years ago)
Where did you get the brow kit? And do you know the price approx.? thanks:)
Christine Bui (5 years ago)
Where do you get the brow kit??
tracey brown (5 years ago)
i enjoyed this
taylorcochran22 (5 years ago)
Where can I get this pencil
Janeth Alonso (5 years ago)
How old should I be to do this ?
Ayla Espinal (5 years ago)
where did you get those letters on your wall?? I've been looking for something like that
Rosemary Pan (5 years ago)
She got the kit from Sigma- same place where you get sigma brushes
Rosemary Pan (5 years ago)
Love that lip color!
Elizabeth Martinez (5 years ago)
where did you get the kit at??
Blue B (5 years ago)
Where did you get that kit
Candie Angel (5 years ago)
Are you wearing false lashes? Looks great though (:
oldladygrady100 (5 years ago)
your browse are amazing. I've done the threading and like it more than waxing, waxing gives me small bumps around my browse. But I haven't had them done for a long time I have just been plucking which in my case can be dangerous. after watching this I'm definitely getting them done
Imajustagirl (5 years ago)
Love it! You're the best!
Becka Villa (5 years ago)
@immaxprincessx3 omg thank you! lol
Meag Ashley (5 years ago)
She is Queen (6 years ago)
Eye brows do make a bug difference
Selma C (6 years ago)
I love your makeup in this video!!! You so pretty!!
xiomyev77 (6 years ago)
Hi Sonia, love your vids, what lipstick are you wearing here? I love it!
Dalia Tario (6 years ago)
oh gosh ! you're gorgeous !
Melissa Lopez (6 years ago)

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