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Super Mario World - Secret Levels

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Longest SMW Episode yet. ====================================================== Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/iRule/298783406826309 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iRuleYT ====================================================== Recorded using Fraps Edited using Sony Vegas Pro 11 Microphone: Blue Snowball ======================================================
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Text Comments (27)
Chicken Permission (1 year ago)
Commentary is terrible.
Jordan Wehking (1 year ago)
Chicken Permission kind of sound like Tommy Wiseau lol
5t3r3054x (3 years ago)
33:43 You should be prosecuted for videogame animal cruelty
Alec Mason (3 years ago)
Does anyone remember the one level that's just a bunch of yellow blocks, and the only way to progress is to spin jump straight down. Going all the way to right you could find a baby red yoshi.
Chris Hollandsworth (3 years ago)
No need to be sorry bro, it wasn't bugging me in a bad way, I just couldn't put my finger on where u were from. The English being so perfect, is what puzzled me. awesome vid on one of my favorite games.
HelloTardis (1 year ago)
Why the fuck does it matter where he's from?
Chris Hollandsworth (3 years ago)
Yeah, what the fuck is up with this guy's voice? seems like a decent enough guy, but can be mildly annoying at times and voice is bugging me. it's like a legit half accent or a forced half accent. otherwise the video was cool. good job bro.
denormal (2 years ago)
Well, sorry snowflake. He must feel so sorry that his tone of voice hurt your feelings. His voice sound fine to me. Thanks iRule, i enjoyed the video.
MKarma (3 years ago)
+Chris Hollandsworth sorry, I'm dutch and I made this video when I was 14 :P
Billy Stamina (3 years ago)
I live this persons vids he should be way more popular at least 100,000 subs
Man Kan (2 months ago)
Lol no
Wiizer Baanbaan (3 years ago)
จะดูไม่ได้ฟังมึงแพร่ม รำคาญ
Dave & Dan Modesto (4 years ago)
OMG NO! Donut Secret 2 can be VERY easily exploited for a very large number of extra lives! 
Dubby (4 years ago)
24 05 butter bridge u shouldn't have done that
M. Rhonda Warren (4 years ago)
OMG how did you save the game?
BluePhoenix2013 (4 years ago)
Damn You Chargin' Chuck!
Karen Conlan (4 years ago)
I have this ~~
Arth0n (4 years ago)
sir you just got +1 sub
Alexis Fillmore (4 years ago)
You forgot OH GOD NO, the creepy hidden level.
Alexis Fillmore (4 years ago)
Sorry, I feel stupid now.
derek davis (4 years ago)
-_- Theres No Creepy Hidden Level Its only in that game
Gibsonology (5 years ago)
Your a real pro at this stuff you should be proud
MKarma (5 years ago)
Back in the day I used a recording program called fraps. Which caused for audio desyncing over time. So in a long episode like this there's a great chunk without audio. Luckily I'm able to sync it properly now.
Mara Gierster (5 years ago)
Your video continues past 52:55 ha :P
HeroesOfTime (5 years ago)
FINALY a good video that shows all secrets! :D
Charliegn (6 years ago)
oh, and the ghost house in bowsers cave thingy has a secret exit as well.
Charliegn (6 years ago)
you dont want to be mlg! mlg wants to be iRule :D

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