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Runes of Magic - Grotto of Horror (Scout/Mage)

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I've started running as s/m to get a better feel for how broken the class is (in terms of NOT DOING DPS...) It's really fun, but scout as a whole is NOT a practical / viable class to pick for DPS anymore. Please help make this apparent to runewaker by posting to this thread - http://tinyurl.com/makescoutswork Talk about it, make suggestions, just say that runewaker needs to rework THIS ENTIRE CLASS. I hope to be make more videos like this... but I'm low on TP and don't really have the capability on doing EVERY class. Next up is probably Scout/rogue. My adjustment document can be found here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kYT67d2GQpwS68smLAIFFiiUcFo3JdwCQlTSUInid2Q/edit#gid=0 It's still a work in progress, but the community can put comments in it for suggestions and explanations of things. I started a good bit of general scout adjustments. Help the balance guys.
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Murat Serdar (3 years ago)
scout made bad choose very very bad choose :)
A Step Into Seclusion (3 years ago)
+Murat Serdar :)
noa (4 years ago)
man I miss this game, I wish the game was just released so i could relive early RoM. These songs had me laughing though haha nice video.
Artimi (4 years ago)
Is this game still p2win?
DigiLychee (4 years ago)
pay to progress faster just like 99% of other f2p games out there
A Step Into Seclusion (4 years ago)
idk im f2p
gabrielgonme (4 years ago)
If u want to play scout mage u need think about mage gear, the good skills on this duo class are magical, not phisical...
Leper Friend (4 years ago)
+Cike Greyscale funny seeing you here, cike. then again, its an endgame scout video :P
Cike Greyscale (4 years ago)
 * me-gone facepalms
A Step Into Seclusion (4 years ago)
Sorry for being rash, I'll explain more. Ignite is physical damage, but it gets increased highly due to intelligence.  It is the only skill where you will see a HUGE increase in DPS because of "intelligence (not magical attack nor magical damage)". Spamming ignite for DPS is NOT viable.
A Step Into Seclusion (4 years ago)
what?  the magical skills with this combo include: fireball lightning wind damage from wind arrow. Do you know how often wind damage procs with wind arrows?  1%.  1 out of 99 times it will proc. Also, ignite is physical damage.  Using magical damage food (pdam or patk) will not raise the damage from IGNITE.  IT IS PHYSICAL. Moving on. S/m is physical.  Don't listen to this guy please.
great video but theres this one thing i didnt understand. youre talking about this..scout? what does it mean? kind of a buff/bufffood? special tactic? idk. but keep uploading :)
+A Step Into Seclusion was supposed to be ironic ^^ I also had a scout, played for like 2 years, and yeah i agree they need a massive buff. just like back in chapter III :D Tomb with 3 scouts and 1 heal, that was awesome^^
A Step Into Seclusion (4 years ago)
?  I mean scouts as a whole are broken and need a massive buff.  They are completely unplayable at endgame.  Sure, they are fun, but they aren't at the level they need to be at.

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