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The Perfect Vagina (Cosmetic Surgery Documentary) - Real Stories

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Lisa Rogers investigates vaginal cosmetic surgery and why more and more women consider this surgical procedure. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from All3Media. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by North One Television
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Text Comments (1306)
Sjad Alame (4 days ago)
اكو عرب بل طيارة
MjoesikInDeHouws (4 days ago)
I'm getting my operation tomorrow.. so nervous! :-( wish me luck
Lanusangla Longkumer (4 days ago)
Good luck!
Umbigo Do Nelson (7 days ago)
Let's love our bodies the way they are !!!!!
Grace Stefani (7 days ago)
I know we should love our selves but trying to convince other women to not “cut up” their ladybits is not ok. Maybe one women’s definition of loving her self would be to get this surgery to feel more comfortable in her own skin.
Grace Stefani (7 days ago)
I get in so much pain because of my labia that I can’t walk for a some time after. Just make sure with an education documentary that you don’t shame women for also doing what they want. By saying that this deep down is for male attraction, it shows that you don’t know anything about a women who might want to take a procedure. I would never get one for a guy, I’m going to get one for my own comfort. Please be conscious of how you talk about this.
Abby Bfree (10 days ago)
I want to get a surgery
Pak Eko (16 days ago)
Loveigh Ladey (21 days ago)
I'm too busy to just compare my cookie to others
Johnny Tanod (24 days ago)
Johnny Goode (28 days ago)
Qeti Bitsadze (29 days ago)
joyful chan (1 month ago)
wtf the wax lady wasn't wearing gloves!
brittany palomitas (1 month ago)
It's insane!!! These women have problems... They are never satisfied with what the nature gave them... Is it that they want their vaginas hairless and childish?? That's disturbing
Spilt Tea (1 month ago)
*It looked completely normal*
Omar Vargas (1 month ago)
Girl at 10:20 is beautiful and i dont see an issue with her vigina its beautiful the way it is. No disrespect.
AngryLilMadScientist (1 month ago)
I really strongly dislike muslim men.
Laura Brinsdon (1 month ago)
Beef curtains hahahahahah
Pearl the rebel (1 month ago)
There’s nothing wrong with Rosie’s vagina
Thomas Anderson (2 months ago)
All vaginas are beautiful
Rivu Ghosh (2 months ago)
Make it real, as you deserve it.
Neshasvids (2 months ago)
I want to get mine done 💔
Malak Gubari (2 months ago)
Kimberley Amber (2 months ago)
Do not cut what God has given you they reasons they want thier girls to cut it off is cause they don’t want them to feel pleasure and cheat on them and also they say it looks neater for men on the other hand they have to remove the foreskin because a lot of dirt can be caught up in it and cause a lot of infections ect
Kimberley Amber (2 months ago)
Malak Gubari for that sure but not because you are pressure of that is is a culture. Stay blessed
Malak Gubari (2 months ago)
Sometimes its for a medical reason
Alexander Bemar (2 months ago)
I thought only guys worry about their sizes, otherwise can't please their partners.
Alexander Bemar (2 months ago)
Y the young women had to be virgin on their wedding day and night, but not the guys??? Where's fairness in this??????????????????????
TheMadHatter _19 (2 months ago)
If your friends rib you about this then you need new friends. Not surgery.
Vance L. Gilmore (3 months ago)
I'm quite disgusted by all of this. That is why I don't live with a female, or even associate with them socially. I've had it with that BS.
Tilly Pepper (3 months ago)
This is my personal opinion so no one get triggered, but in the whole hour long video she doesn’t once show her own “fu fu”. She shows everyone else and says to appreciate them, ( most of them not stereotypically perfect) but we have no idea what hers looks like
Noelle McClain (3 months ago)
Hair bugs me down there if I am moving around. I shave it all the time.
Berty Njoh (3 months ago)
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Dreamzone1 (3 months ago)
As long as its healthy, i'm okay with it
Vincent Valentino (3 months ago)
Not sure this is an objective doc. The narrator seems to be shamming these women and making conclusions for them :( The responsible thing is to let these women share their views and thoughts and experiences, not having a POV being forced upon us by the documentary filmmakers. This is why documentary filmmaking has a bad rap. Its a shame really.
Malak Gubari (2 months ago)
Vincent Valentino i know right like she won’t even understand their point of view
Marco Kettleman (3 months ago)
The way British women talk is so unattractive. I don't know why they're worried about their appearance though.
Jane Bogust (3 months ago)
why do people tees her
Kat M (3 months ago)
33:36 that guy omg. So I’ve always wanted surgery but the first half of the documentary almost stopped me. But it’s guys like him. That still make me
Erich Bachinger (3 months ago)
All about sexual liberation....
Dave Allen (4 months ago)
I wanna see the hosts vagina sculpture
jen W (4 months ago)
The ugly sister was just jealous of her beautiful sister. That’s why she made fun of her genitals.
Art & Anarchy (4 months ago)
That bald guy who does the vagina molds clearly just wants to touch and look at girls vulvas all day
boostedsil40 (4 months ago)
I worked with a guys who loved women who had extra bush and it turned him on big time,I myself like small breasts and im not attracted to big breasts at all but if a women has big breasts i wouldnt even think about it but in my mind my sexual preferance is smaller breasts,I always felt like big boobs stank and were kinda gross since i was young,What Im saying is every man has a difference preferance so someones so called ugly vagina will turn on many many men,And since were men sure we have preferances but we dont care at all,men are not gonna judge your vagna like a peice of art come on ladies were talking about MEN you dont need no damn surgery.
boostedsil40 (4 months ago)
Hey ladies what would be the perfect penis?does sixe matter?is bigger better?or maybe smaller at first and bigger after experince?also what about whidth vs length.so someone could have a 10in penis thats like a pencil or a 4 in penis like a soda can whats the best thickness and finally shape,Do women prefer the banana shaped guy or straight,do they like big heads small heads regular...Whats the perfect penis ladies.
Anon Kat (4 months ago)
Well what else do you expect from islam?
Raccoon (4 months ago)
ThePatronaG (5 months ago)
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Aaron Shaw (5 months ago)
Sham Sham (5 months ago)
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سفيان ضميري (5 months ago)
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Julia Molinar (5 months ago)
I personally have what a labiaplasty is made to achieve, and like the doctor said I literally feel like a child my labia Majora doesn’t stick out at all and I feel so insecure about it :( all my friends have theirs sticking out and I don’t know what’s wrong with mine I hate it so much I wish it would just stick out a little it’s weird that sometimes other people want to change something that you would rather have :/
Naturelover 1 (4 months ago)
Julia Keeryyl I have that same type. I love it! It is really beautiful you need to embrace yours. So many wish they had it like that naturally.
Dz Nutz (5 months ago)
The bologna winged ham sandwich has been very good to me.
korpakukac (5 months ago)
"If they find out my parents will kill me, then kill themselves"* *religion of peace
sath dena (5 months ago)
I'm willing to Mary with foreign girls I am from Delhi contact me +918448149545
Kelly Lux (5 months ago)
I had labiaplasty and it had nothing to do with anyone seeing my vagina or their opinions. The extra skin was very uncomfortable and more annoying than anything else. I’m so glad I had the procedure but I had it for myself. I had no pain following my procedure, I took my medication only the day after the surgery. Putting a tampon in is not a headache anymore and there’s no pinching when wearing clothes.
Raven Cyrus (5 months ago)
OMG watching them cut rosie was so sad. I had to look away for a moment
DirtbikeDude 150 (5 months ago)
Cut up baby boys ,, so look good for women later in life ??? Cut off nerve endings ,stop this madness
DirtbikeDude 150 (5 months ago)
Stop baby male mutilation ,circumcision
Young Flashy (5 months ago)
No I'm blessed I am circumcised idk why any dude would want to be uncircumcised
Keith Hinchcliffe (6 months ago)
absolutely ridiculous; I can't believe women are having this done. Personally, I love a full lips; the bigger the better, in fact.
Young Flashy (5 months ago)
No that is gross
Shock Diamond (6 months ago)
If a woman has something "wrong" with her vagina that causes pain or discomfort, sure, go have some form of vaginoplasty. If not, you have a psychological issue, not a physical one. You're visiting the wrong kind of doctor. Any person who truly loves you won't care and if you truly love yourself, you won't care either.
Julie Edwards (6 months ago)
Why do so many women and men have a different name for a vagina? Why is vagina so taboo? Half the population has one. Geez
Cynthia Bennett (6 months ago)
Amazing job on the film.
Shazia (6 months ago)
Excuse me “I’m a real woman and mine is nicely tucked in” and Iv never had surgery...how dare you say it’s not normal to have a perfect Virginia
Iulia M. (6 months ago)
I rejected every guy who wanted to get intimate with me even though I had strong feeling for them. I hate myself so much and I even wanted to kill myself . I am so afraid of getting judged about my appearance :( I totally get why girl would want to do the surgery
Abby Bfree (10 days ago)
This makes me sad, I totally understand how you feel
Ash Scott (6 months ago)
I remember this. They cut the part where they ask her if she can spot which of the plaster vaginas is hers. I remember though. It was the one in the top left corner
Quality _ (7 months ago)
it looks like an alien
L.C Marie (7 months ago)
No gloves during the waxing...? Are gloves usually not worn??
Ios5513 (7 months ago)
I love meaty lips to suck on
Gillette Abdi (7 months ago)
Kids watching vigina 😂
boostedsil40 (7 months ago)
A pretty vagina has no meat curtains but is puffy,the more skin the worse.no roast beef.
Chipmunk (4 months ago)
Same with penis, uncut is just.......🤢🤢 or if it’s below 7 inches, yeah no honey. Time to laugh and walk out
Annie R (7 months ago)
Notice how it’s usually unattractive men who make these comments about how a woman should look like to be appealing to them 😂
Claudi McG (7 months ago)
It's so refreshing to see such nice, encouraging and sensitive comments from the guys about this....
Roxanne Joyner (7 months ago)
This documentary is excellent! I think boys as well as girls should be educated on how we are all different, but yet normal. There are arrogant and rude men out there, as seen here with the painter. But why would you want him down there any way. He wasn't expressing love and care for an individual only what was required for his needs only. Educate, educate, educate! The world is educating already but not in a good way.
ScarStains . (7 months ago)
Plenty of women & trans women need to see this....
Aggrobiscuit (7 months ago)
Involuntary male circumcision of infants = normal and accepted. Voluntary labiaplasty of adult women = oppressive and sad.
Ios5513 (7 months ago)
Its a retarded world and feminists act like it isn't the exact same thing
Amardip Kumar (7 months ago)
OoOoO behind the camera u know she mean she mean she short hair doooo aka I want to speak to ur manager hair
Amy North (7 months ago)
I hate the look of my vagina. I have a large clitoral hood and my left labia Minora is long, because of this I get REALLY bad camel toes. I’m 15 and really want surgery because I’ve now got a boyfriend and scared of what he thinks ☹️
nanettemclean5 (7 months ago)
OMG! The loure of the toosh. eh?!!
Freaky Fairy (8 months ago)
35:10 I swear Rosie whispered "that's what she said" loooooll
Ivan Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Wow i didn’t really ever as a guy, at least the friends I hanged out with judge women because of their vag looks, and I’m currently glad I found this video because my gf is in that situation and I hope she changes her mind cause I love her the way she is, and don’t want her to do anything to herself.
Orange Cloud (7 months ago)
Ivan Rodriguez maybe try go down on her more often and every time you see her lady parts say ‘you’re so beautiful, I love the way you are’. I have been dating for 10 Years and I still feel nervous whenever a guy try to see my lady parts, it’s weird because I feel I’m old enough to handle this... I find that sentence works, so give it a try :)
Donald trump (8 months ago)
Veksksk Shh (8 months ago)
Men are exactly why women do this
korpakukac (5 months ago)
Part of the reason. How much is it actually women having delusions about what men really want?
Ios5513 (7 months ago)
Foua (8 months ago)
The woman who had surgery is going to feel more pain than pleasure in the future. Also flaps are a arousal zone, she’s crazy.
liten kanin (8 months ago)
I I literally screamed when they cut that girls labia. And OMG NOOOO don’t do that I feel sick. And sad, please don’t do that :( </3
Ios5513 (7 months ago)
They already did
liten kanin (8 months ago)
An adults vagina should look like it belongs to a grown woman. That means it will be bigger, darker and longer in certain places. But that is what makes the vagina sexy. That it actually looks like a sexual organ, bcs it is, and not like a little girls parts. Also hair is beautiful, especially a triangle is classy!
Mari Greer (8 months ago)
here's the thing. as far a v go, hers was nice. that's what men suck on..wats wrong with her !!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf
kbgoogle play (8 months ago)
Im confused
Zaleha Leha (8 months ago)
cantiknya vagina dia
Hirøshı R3đ (9 months ago)
Srsly mebnstruation for puberty . , .
Safikei (9 months ago)
This is completely heartbreaking.
Christian Nolasco (9 months ago)
Oh No
Meme Me (9 months ago)
She was a beautiful. This is the most stupid decision she had made in her life
Kalin Sage (9 months ago)
I think it’s sexy when the inner lips stick out further than the outer , IMO it’s more womanly , why cut it ?
Greek Millenial (9 months ago)
Vulva and vagina are two different things https://youtu.be/WndaKHsObFI
Bella Rose (10 months ago)
Really considering this since a guy I was with spread around that it looked like a tornado went thru my vag..
Ios5513 (7 months ago)
You probably told him he had a small penis first
Hilal Girl (10 months ago)
We can’t do this surgery bc our Arab men love our vagina
Always Hangry (10 months ago)
46:52 there’re Lots of men who love cauliflower 💐
Семён Семёнов (10 months ago)
10:29 Dr. Hand?! And what a barbaric operation! He just fixed minora's and roughly cut 'em. Is he really a doctor or a veterinarian?
Eniramoi (10 months ago)
God why am I watching this...? Never been concerned or insecure about mine, never even looked at it (in detail, I mean, like with a mirror). Actually I realise mine would be qualified as "pretty", almost perfect (from what I see when I look down). Too bad I don't want anyone in the world to see it ahah. Btw I found that girl's vagina kinda ugly... I didn't think vaginas could be that different and that ugly...
Eniramoi (10 months ago)
Marko 15245  I think vaginas are hideous organs, they're gross, I don't think even the prettiest one is perfect. I agree with that you said though, it'd be great if all of us stopped comparing themselves to others or fake icons
Eniramoi (10 months ago)
This channel does not reply to stupid people  But at least I don't sound stupid ^^
Eniramoi (10 months ago)
This channel does not reply to stupid people  But at least I don't sound stupid ^^
YuYu Interrupted (10 months ago)
I am extremely proud and kind of feel honored for paying the price of my vagina not looking the same after giving birth to my child. Yes it does change but it's such a beautiful thing ladies! It just another reminder that you have received the most precious gift of becoming a mother! Be proud of your VAGINA! #ALLVAGINASMATTER 😂
Renata Honorato (10 months ago)
She shouldn't be bleeding like that ! That got me scared!
Calvin Delaronde (10 months ago)
Yet there are so many women who have negative comments about uncircumcised men and make jokes about seeing a penis that is exactly the way it is supposed to be as well as look. Why do people consider chopping off parts of a babies body normal. That entire "well its for cleanliness" argument is a load of crap.

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