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Worst Date EVER! My Dating HORROR STORIES...

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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsetty ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty STORYTIME!!! I'm telling you all about my dating horror stories.... 😂 -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette (Luh-set) Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- Florida Age- 21 -------------------------------------------------------- S O N G S : -------------------------------------------------------- Not sponsored. -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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Text Comments (878)
Kate Your Mate (4 days ago)
DAUNA RANKIN (5 days ago)
He stole your glasses😂😂😂😂
Cruzvallejo364 (5 days ago)
That was karma you ghosted the other guy that really liked you well the guy you had a good friendship with ghosted you ! Sorry about your glasses though lmfao
Kathia Alfaro (8 days ago)
The one with the glasses🤣🤣🤣.. if he’s rich he could’ve just asked you where u bought them and got them himself🤦🏻‍♀️
Rissa Jones (16 days ago)
Im late but at this restaurant ive been too they tell you to say the name of a specific shot and it says add a specific thing in order to make or get u to safety
Mariam Tunkara (17 days ago)
I don’t know why but why do SOME GUYS thinks girl want 🥗 salads NO OFFENSE
Elly D. (28 days ago)
you are too nice for your own good. Lower your level of nice-ness! haha And yeah..the background music fits perfectly for every moment of your stories!
Rian Stout-Ryder (1 month ago)
Omg he’s so rich he could just go buy other ones
Gloria Ramirez (1 month ago)
“ DoEsN’T tHaT HuRt YoU’rE eYeS!?!?!?!?” 😂😂😂😂😂 I don’t know why that was so funny to me😂😂
Bethan Silcock (1 month ago)
the glasses story is so funny (sorry that he took them) ahaha
Francesca Ricca (1 month ago)
Iliana Cristina (1 month ago)
who else wonders how she is so pretty 😍😭
Meyah Chisholm (1 month ago)
It is to blurry my eyes feel like there throbbing
Ocie V (1 month ago)
Omgoshh girl. I would be so scared of all three of those men. I'm glad you were okay
Gracesen Woudwijk (1 month ago)
That's how you get killed, That's how you die
Manos Kouros (1 month ago)
Why don't you call the police they will take them back for u
Kassie Battle (1 month ago)
Ooo where did you get those frames??😂😍😍😍
Angelina Pecorelli (1 month ago)
defff do more 😍😍😍
Jenn Alessa (2 months ago)
I can't even imagine what would happen with something different than the glasses... that was way too freaking weird!
Satanen Perkele (2 months ago)
The "nice" guy who stole your glasses was most likely a psychopath. Since he ghosted you and posted pictures of him wearing your glasses frequently (he knew they ment a lot for you) that is clearly an attempt to hurt and drain you emotionally. Don't ever contact him again.
Akash Cinway (2 months ago)
this girl is so beautiful
Jaida E (2 months ago)
Some guys are just plain dickheads, but girls can sometimes be plain bitches...
pixelscanon (2 months ago)
Rich people Stealing!!! What else is new! I’m so sorry!!! What a huge jerk.
Sophie Quinn (2 months ago)
Lisette - I REALLY REALLY want you to draw me a tattoo girl XD never laughed sooo much in my life. That was hilarious!!!
LivingwithLarissa (2 months ago)
Why is she so pretty? 😭😂
Audrey Weinlader (2 months ago)
Okayyyyy the last story is creepy. The music doesn't help.
Audrey Weinlader (2 months ago)
The second one was soooo cringey.
Natalie Martin (2 months ago)
i don’t get it... y he takin her glasses man
Mercedes Fieldsend (2 months ago)
A starfish like what the hell btw you r so beautiful 😍🤩👌
민은경 (2 months ago)
The way u deal with these guys is sooooo good
민은경 (2 months ago)
Omg all of them are sooooooo irritating
민은경 (2 months ago)
Man, that first guy sounds annoying!!😖🙄
abby H (3 months ago)
please make more video of this.
Janka Kopkášová (3 months ago)
omg girl they are like so weird
Tj Rotich (3 months ago)
Am the type of person who gives the lady at the vegetable market a weeks notice if i wont be passing by for awhile. I do not know how to ghost people, i prefer to tell them that am not in the position to offer them my friendship/a relationship rather than just fallout of the map cause you know the world is a really small place. What if the person is my future boss,neighbour or a serial killer on the tether. Also I cant imagine letting a person go through the anxiety of why I wont respond to them. And last but not least, I wouldnt want someone to ghost me. I want to think am mature enough to face rejection and the person am intereacting with is mature enough to reject me in a polite way.
insta musiclover69 (3 months ago)
Some men need to back the fuck off..
Klára Jégrová (3 months ago)
Go to the police and report them as stolen.
Ni Ga (3 months ago)
What’s ghosting??? How do u ghost someone???
Loy Sordo (3 months ago)
The lights in the background are nice.
Cava a (3 months ago)
Your stories are so weird, how is it possible to meet stupid people all the time? 😂
4ever (3 months ago)
LOL... the stolen glasses story sounds like something they'd do on Seinfeld.
Lama28 (3 months ago)
He is rich yet he kept the glasses?? Lmfao wtf 😂
ganuv30 (3 months ago)
Girl, you are very pretty but a bit weird, it's pretty clear to me that these stories are fiction, especially the last one...but on the other hand- 1.4M subscribers, I guess this works for you.
Scarlett Alvarez (3 months ago)
What kinda bum ass if he's so rich he could've at least bought himself some glasses that fit lmao
ALONDRA Carrillo (3 months ago)
You have problem. I am a psychologist and you are a pathological liar.
Crystal Spruill (3 months ago)
make more story times
Hannah Crouse (4 months ago)
"You can't just show up at people's houses and say hi because that's how you get killed, that's how you die"😂😂😂I love her
Ma Ef (4 months ago)
WTF, that glasses guy...
vanessa jerolamon (4 months ago)
I like OkCupid. Me and like 4 of our friends all met their spouses on there.
Amy Velazquez (4 months ago)
What kind of glasses?
Mae D (4 months ago)
ghosting is rude too, you can be honest without being rude.
Lucylacemaker (4 months ago)
Plz help me I'm 10 and a 15 year old boy is sexting me! I can't block him!
erika (4 months ago)
“he gets lit all the time”💀
Ricky NJ (4 months ago)
this chick would make me gay....... thank god for other women.
Bethanne Shafer (4 months ago)
Girl u pritty I dont understand how guys can treat pretty girls like this
Christa Pennycuff (4 months ago)
Everytime I see you your lip gloss is POPPPIIINNNNGGGG
Cassidy DeBargis (4 months ago)
yo what the hell was the last story lmaooo i'm deaddd
Mariena Chandler (4 months ago)
(For date #2) I would've just said "You're rude, pushy, overwhelming, disrespectful and distasteful - BYE 👋" And just left.
xm lexus (4 months ago)
love those lashes!!! i swear you're sooo pretty! i tell my boyfriend all the time you're super pretty lol
2 PAC (4 months ago)
I mean the third report him I mean they would have done something
Livy Friedman (4 months ago)
My dad and mom met at a club and their happily married
Livy Friedman (4 months ago)
I am proud to be being raised by two AMAZING people
Nat V (4 months ago)
"And for the lady, perhaps a salad?" "uh perhaps not" "I'll have the steak, a rack of ribs, pasta with extra garlic, French fries, and a side of onion rings"
Rayne Madeline (4 months ago)
When she was talking about the last guys neighborhood and how it was like super rich and stuff the first thing I thought of was that she looks pretty rich. Like those earrings actually on fleek. 😂
Tyra Lodriqkes (4 months ago)
For the second one I would have ask to use the bathroom and bee line for the exit.
iamasiadenise (4 months ago)
i should def do my pof worst dates lmaooo
jill shakur (5 months ago)
Stephanie estrella (5 months ago)
Guys are fucking weird
Karin Salomon (5 months ago)
Boy you livin in a fuckin mansion, you can buy 100 pairs of these glasses I seriously do not get it 😂
Anoelle 001 (5 months ago)
Maybe you should call the police on the first guy if he tries anything again?
fritzhane (5 months ago)
Lisette you really are like a big sister to me. I like hearing stories from you. You go girl. 💕
Amarì Brown (5 months ago)
Im sorry but the third one has me weak asf😂😂😂like fr tho, why😂
Aly whatshername (5 months ago)
Lmao you were wrong for the first one although he did turn crazy but the last one kinda seems like karma . Some weirdos out there that's why you stay away from tinder
luke 1234 (5 months ago)
Guy catfish...says the girl who's wearing a lot of make up
luke 1234 (5 months ago)
It's rude to tell people honestly you don't feel it for them?! Ghosting is worse, be an adult
Sara Kurbyun (5 months ago)
Her video going in and out of focus every three seconds is maddening
R B (5 months ago)
girl i almost slammed my laptop shut when she said "you're out of luck"
Vinho Barato (5 months ago)
are those prada? i have a very similar one
Sirbrams (5 months ago)
Everyone on tinder got a Blowy or a licky lmao
*xxoreozforlifexx* (5 months ago)
omg I've been staring at the screen in shock. HOW RUDE HOW THEY DID THAT TO YOU
kellyslife (5 months ago)
you're makeup is so gorgeous!!😩😩😍
Sasha Singh (5 months ago)
hes rich he should have bought his own glasses
Harrison Mcwhorter (5 months ago)
lisette is good because him ordering my stuff and can you drive would've gotten cussed out
Averie Girls Dream (5 months ago)
That's messed up
andi de (5 months ago)
Very very funny, loved the stories. Can you tell me the name of your lipstick
peachgirl (5 months ago)
omg girl sue the glasses guy lmao that one had me heated
Sydney Alexander (6 months ago)
girl I would've called the police. fuck him. fuckin goof.
C Estrada (6 months ago)
Story #2 made me so uncomfortable lol 😂
UnicornQuinn3 3 (6 months ago)
I have those glasses lol
alisha mayers (6 months ago)
Do more of these please
Sunsetter678 (6 months ago)
Wow, this reminds me of my ex boyfriend. First, he looked like Garth Brooks, and lived in Baytown,Tx. I live in Houston,Tx, so needless to say, it was a long drive to come out for a date. Anyway, all was going pretty well one night, we were out and about when he got a call from his MOM... All of a sudden ( I SO wish I was lying about this shit right now!) he said that he needed to take me home right then and there, and get back to his house..ASAP! Being concerned that maybe something was wrong w/his Mo, and/or Dad, I asked if everything was Ok...HIS REPLY??? Oh yeah, everything's fine, MOM just wants me to take out THE TRASH!!! RUFKM?!!! So he dropped me off, and did just that. Needless to say, after I met my now Husband, I broke it off w/him asap, cause I appreciate a Man who loves his Mom, BUT I am not so much a fan of actual "Mamma's boys" like that! So I feel where this chick is coming from as far as bad dates, and stupid Men...LOL
Jasmine Powell (6 months ago)
This Biggs ghosted you over some glasses?! 😭
Mara Alb (6 months ago)
:))) The glasses! It happend to me. I was out of town and met someone, left them in his car and never got them back.
Gucci Babe (6 months ago)
Did anyone else focus on the misplaced bun rather than the story
Roterra Jones (6 months ago)
Met my boo on ok cupid cause tinder was getting a little to creepy for me, let's just say our first "date" / meet up was at a wooded park in New port Richey, a few days after Irma. Now the only reason I went was most likely because he was blind in one eye and he had to uber at the park, and I also looked up his entire family to make sure he was real,mainly his mother's page I checked dates and looked up his phone number. My creeper meter also didn't go off when I met this dude, so it turned out okay.
Ahnika Raskell (6 months ago)
so pretty. Love your highlight
Silentriver16 (6 months ago)
Look on the good side ...he took your glasses..he could have took your life..sick killers always have a cover..looks..money..something to gain your trust..
Zullala (6 months ago)
Maybe you can get a police escort to go to the house with you so you can retrieve the glasses. Honestly, even though you have a new pair that's just crap of him and he shouldn't be able to keep them. Even after you said it was effecting your health this fucking jackass decided to keep them! I'm so mad.
emlikescats (6 months ago)
ghosting is way worse than just being straight up with someone...

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