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10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know

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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty In today's video, we are talking about 10 Female Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know! From things you can eat to daily tips, I give you guys 10 hygiene tips to keep you smelling fresh! -------------------------------------------------------- P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D: Cotton underwear https://www.victoriassecret.com Probiotic http://amzn.to/2hKGZ7A Moisturizer http://amzn.to/2zRAVAN Sugary/sweet fruits Baby wipes/small towelettes -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette (Luh-set) Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- FL/LA Age- 21 -------------------------------------------------------- Not sponsored. -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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HotPocketBaby13 (5 hours ago)
Can we just take a minute to talk about how freaking beautiful she is 😍
Mrs.Jang (11 hours ago)
You gotta get paps once a year right after you loose your virginity.
I wear men's/guys clothing and I still get ingrown hair
Elaine Garcia (1 day ago)
Love this video.! Very educational especially for the young girls 💕
Stormy Smith (1 day ago)
Idk if its okay to use perfume soap but i use olay body wash and makes me smell really good. My problem is i dont feel clean unless the soap burns my cookie im not sure if its safe or not. Please dont judge me on that i just need a few answers cuz im confused if im doing the right thing or not.
JMR (1 day ago)
My mom never talked to me abt this so kinda feels weird if i bring it up, but im glad i ran into this vid
Potatoes For Life (1 day ago)
I actually love your hair so much!!! Like honestly, if I could choose anyone’s hair I think the world I would choose to choose to have yours. Love you Lussetty
Latika Mishra (1 day ago)
You’re honest n I loved that about you 💛
Beaches InCali (1 day ago)
This is like really late, but if you have a smell (fishy) you most likely have bacterial vaginosis and should go see a doctor. Clumpy is most likely a yeast infection, you should go see a doctor, and if it burns when peeing, that's a urinary tract infection and you should go see a doctor. These are mixed up so often and mistreated at home. Go to a doctor and you'll be on medicine for a week at most and then you're cured.
S. Davis (2 days ago)
All women have a *scent*. Different from a “smell”. Not quite the same
Woman Of God (2 days ago)
You started the trend and everyone followed. 😊🇹🇹👏
Keilonda Barber (3 days ago)
girl i only wear underwear in public and sometimes I just don't when Im in public. dont @ me lmao
Adia Hill (3 days ago)
I liked the SECOND she said being a girl is hard
Hannah Stotler (3 days ago)
You are a lifesaver. I am to scared to ask my mom about some of this stuff. Thank you for not making me have to ask her.
Honey Bee (3 days ago)
My husband likes me to sleep without panties😳😊 but its a good thing, skin needs air. Wipes are good too.
KYLIE (3 days ago)
Honey Bee you better make sure he doesn’t try to rape you..
Ryleigh The Queen (4 days ago)
Uh...i can only shave the top part not the bottom cause once i cut it and it hurt so much and it was bleeding so i wore a pad that day but its healed but im just scared its gonna happen again
KYLIE (3 days ago)
Ryleigh The Queen sameee
Lily Films (4 days ago)
Pap smear are perverted
Miyaina Childs (4 days ago)
Yogurt will make ur kitty smell good too.😀
Judy Abdalla (4 days ago)
when she said go to sleep with no underwear i was like hell yeah okay lemme try that! i went to bed last night with an oversized shirt and loose shorts and woke up this morning covered in blood cuz i got my period :)
Laurianne Levesque (4 days ago)
after a long day, a vagina smells like vagina OK
SleepIsUseless (4 days ago)
what if you have a lot of discharge? I’ve always been afraid to sleep without underwear because i don’t want to wake up and have dried discharge on my sheets. is it my birth control or should i go see my doctor about it?
nik barker (4 days ago)
Stay away from jeans for aure.They make you sweat downstairs and smell a bit funky..
Elettra Rosi (4 days ago)
I have one more suggestion for all of you... Put a bidet in your houses and start using it.
Mich Mu (4 days ago)
Really helpful!
I can’t sleep without panties... I’m on my period...
Sheri Townsend (5 days ago)
This is a weight issue. I have really skinny legs and a flat butt. I'm self conscious and everything else has meat on me but my legs. Any tips?
andrea salmeron (5 days ago)
is it normal to have hair on your stomach?
andrea salmeron (4 days ago)
thank you because i thought something was wrong with me 😂
Danielle Klais (5 days ago)
andrea salmeron yeah. Girls have hair just like men do, and in the same spots. Our hair can be finer, though that isn’t always the case. Hair on our necks, arms, legs, stomachs, and even feet is natural
GetOverIt (5 days ago)
Kezzie Young (4 days ago)
GetOverIt that is weird. Lol
E A (5 days ago)
Do people really sleep in their underwear?
Desiree T (6 days ago)
Hey girl, what camera are you using?
Miss Potato (6 days ago)
If you eat green peppers your cookie is gonna smell exactly like green peppers..
trash can (6 days ago)
she is the sister we all need
Ana Clara Vasconcelos (7 days ago)
Nevaeh Reyes (7 days ago)
i thought i was the only one that called my vagina a cookie !
Pink Diamond (7 days ago)
Who can sleep with underwear on?
Ihechi Njoku (8 days ago)
I don't think every girl has a smell.....my girlfriend for example doesn't smell like anything...literally like nothing
Sabrina Mitchell (7 days ago)
Every girl has their own pheromones and every girl has her own smell, right after a shower it's less noticeable.
indie rose (8 days ago)
every time my mom takes an antibiotic she gets a yeast infection so she just takes probiotics to combat it and it’s helped so that’s a tip if any of y’all have experienced that. also douches are NOT. GOOD. FOR. UR. COOKIE. do NOT douche !!!!!!!! just ask ur doctor about all that and about vaginal care brands trust me. it’ll help to know.
Mrs Keaks (8 days ago)
It’s soo true about sleeping without undies...shit sleep naked it’s the best 😂💗💯
Laury E (8 days ago)
The pro b works but I’m acne prone and t made me have a horrible breakout by the time I was almost done . But that’s because of gut toxins so maybe a good detox before taking pro b will work
razzyd (8 days ago)
i like how you made a video like this where you talk about things people are too scared to talk about or things that are taboo. love your channel!
¡Genia! Gracias 🧡
Poppy - grace (8 days ago)
Boys are legit sooo lucky
Renee Richardson (8 days ago)
U have to eat or drink pineapple for days if u want to change ur smell. My man only drinks coffee an his seamen smells like coffee
Renee Richardson (8 days ago)
I sleep naked cuz like u said I wear tight pants an my cookie needs to breath
Kimberly Maldonado (8 days ago)
Also always pee right after sex.
ebziemationz (8 days ago)
Puberty is probably Satan's relative.
Sadie silva (9 days ago)
Wow you are out here educating so many girls and women! Love this!
April (9 days ago)
I sleep natural. I have had a hysterectomy but I still sleep on a folded bath sheet thats soft. Just makes me feel better. I had Bacterial Vaginosis more than normal. Sleep naked and been a year.
Catch the WoAh (9 days ago)
The pineapple thing is right I love pineapple and I eat it everyday and my friends are always like oh wow why you smell good. And I never knew it was the pineapple.
Ohxunqi9 _exo (6 days ago)
I'm gonna start eating pineapple right away
3:45 Ok ya but what if ur on your period
Sabrina Mitchell (7 days ago)
If you're on your period then use your normal hygiene products at night. This is for the other 25 days of the month.
mphillips 11 (9 days ago)
How does sleeping with no underwear boost your confidence? Sorry I’m just curious
Life of Keza.k18 (8 days ago)
You may feel more in touch with your bod 🤷‍♀️
Kasey McCabe (9 days ago)
Yeah but...my dad wakes me up and sometimes my blanket is off and he will think I was .....u know and IM 12 and i don't so I don't want him to think so lol
Kasey McCabe (7 days ago)
+Sabrina Mitchell thx
Sabrina Mitchell (7 days ago)
+Kasey McCabe if any discharge gets on your shorts just be sure to wash them and dry them good. Lots of luckand i hope you are able to find ways to keep your body healthy 😊
Kasey McCabe (7 days ago)
+Sabrina Mitchell thx, but with if the....u know gets on the shorts
Sabrina Mitchell (7 days ago)
Pajama shorts girl.
South Hemi TV 5 (9 days ago)
you look/talk like a 5 year old. do you have any tips on how to look like youve gone through puberty and not be a joke? Thanks for the crappy grammerly ads before your video. almost as annoying as your video.
Carol Ilse Anne (9 days ago)
Never wear underwear in bed 😝😝😝
Pork Joomin (9 days ago)
The dislikes are from boys who miss-clicked 😆 This video really helped, it’s always helpful to ask mom, but sometimes you just need someone else’s input, so thank you!
Popo Thing (9 days ago)
Who Sleeps with underwear y’all the type to wear socks to bed
bllchvz (9 days ago)
hello! i am starting up a new channel and have posted one video so far. it was more just trying it out. me and my cousin will start putting out more and better quality videos so if you can watch my first video and subscribe that will mean the most to me💗
kNiVeZzz Z (9 days ago)
Okay you explained this perfectly !!!! 😘😘😘 Thank you
Holly Ann (9 days ago)
For those ladies on the pills there are progesterone only pills. If you feel like you want your body to produce estrogen naturally, progesterone only pills might be for you! So ask your doctor if you feel like this might be for you.
Catherine Whittaker (10 days ago)
I like using coconut oil
Psi Thurisim (10 days ago)
I wish we had more YouTube videos like these when I was growing up. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, and pain as well as trips to the doctor.
Angel Jones (10 days ago)
Shes so pretty and i wanna like this girl so bad but i dont 😭😭
Tap In (10 days ago)
Saw this and knew I needed this. (Not because I stank or anything...I shower)
kera davis (10 days ago)
this is so helpful. and you are beautiful love you sis. you killin it😘
cierria Zeller (10 days ago)
Hygiene tip: wear mesh underwear with a sponge pad so you can easily rinse out underwear and sponge then put them back on. Make sure the sponge is thick enough. Buying pads is outdated. A sponge can be washed out and put back on. With mesh underwear you can wrap in a papertowel and put them back on. Lose the feminine spray...thats disgusting.
Khadija El habri (10 days ago)
Wow u really make it seem as if it has a nose 😂
Cheri Aguilar (10 days ago)
Alyssa Cassell (10 days ago)
Girl I have thick thighs even if I sleep with no underwear my legs keeps my cookie from breathing
Malum Agnes (1 day ago)
Alyssa just try what i said out okay. Also if your thighs meets together when u are walking you can also use white baby powder. My mom always used to apply that on my elder sister coz they got thick thighs. U are such a beautiful woman. Have a nice day.
Bird Dookie (1 day ago)
Alyssa Cassell HAHAHAHA same
Ryleigh The Queen (4 days ago)
Fr 😂 im "thick" ppl say but it wont breathe even if u dont have panties on
Malum Agnes (7 days ago)
If you sleep alone you can try to spread your legs. That might help
Foxy Fox (11 days ago)
So what was she saying i dont get it at all but i wish i did
Jenny Craig (11 days ago)
People just don't understand, so they would rather teach it being normal no it's not normal women aren't supposed to wear pants a pussy is meant to breath so of course if you wearing pants that thing going to smell like some crawled in it and died Deuteronomy 22:5, Zephaniah 1:8 pants is considered strange apparel to a woman, that's why the restroom doors for a woman picture of a lady with a dress and on the men restroom doors is a man in pants, if you were given the commandments, you're not too follow things of the world you're suppose to follow the commandments if not it's consequences follow the commandments or have pussy problems and think it's normal
Iris (10 days ago)
stop judging others
Cindy Velazquez (11 days ago)
“If you’re gonna get with someone then you should be eating pineapples like a few hours before”
RoachDoggJR /Raven (11 days ago)
S m e l l y p a n t Lol I’m ALWAYS paranoid about that.
Stephanie Sissons (11 days ago)
She spends a good amount of time on each one, and she says it like she a perfesional like she's spend TIMMMEEEE on dis... (prob has but you get what I mean)
Harriet B (11 days ago)
Yasssss to the no underwear sleep!! I literally can not even sleep with underwear on ever.
Qeannie Nassor (11 days ago)
So very true you are what you eat
Qeannie Nassor (11 days ago)
Thanks very much for explaining
Qeannie Nassor (11 days ago)
Yes I do use baby wipes
Its your Girl Mya (12 days ago)
Heyy boooo
tatianamarie fonseca (12 days ago)
She know more than my bum a** health teacher smh 🤦🏼‍♀️
SraPollofrito (12 days ago)
What a lovely and professional youtuber. I hope you pursue a medical degree because I would love to be your patient 🙂
megasaur (12 days ago)
My mom never went over these things with me so I love and appreciate these kinds of videos
Rhy Hunt (12 days ago)
Discovered you today. What camera do you use to record your vids and what editing tool. Love your look and channel💕💕💕
I’m on the pill and so far I’ve had no problems
I use a rag to clean down there with room temp water is that ok
: [MushiMush] : (12 days ago)
My mother never did anything beyond a bit of eyeshadow, eyebrow plucking and lipstick. She forbid me from it until I was 15, and my sisters ignored me mostly. This was a big help.
CelestialCelest 1700 (12 days ago)
2019?? Anyone??
Holly Drucker (12 days ago)
What a sweetheart you are... you explained everything so well. Peace out!
Laycee Lay (12 days ago)
What are ya sayin, YouTube recommended?
coolguyabc21 (12 days ago)
Girl pussy stink
Sil mm (12 days ago)
Shit I literally just bought a pack of like 12 silky underwear 😂
Aidanharas shafiie (12 days ago)
U r sooo pretty.
Exotic Moons (13 days ago)
Go to sleep with no underwear I’ve been doing it ever since I was born
Lily Beth (13 days ago)
You can make your cookie smell like flowers if you use natural ways....actually the natural smell is like flowers
Hodhod 82 (13 days ago)
Im always scare to sleep without underwear... always thinking, there might b insect getting into my vagina😂. That ill skip. Give us an example of a moisturizer please?
Gabrielle Birnie (13 days ago)
Boys don’t have pierods which sucks😒
vanessa kennedy (13 days ago)
my downstairs has always been very m o i st and this vid really helped
lexus rojas (13 days ago)
She's right. Like so right listen to HER
Tara King (13 days ago)
I have in ALL reality have always contained the same “smell” down there. It isn’t like bad it’s just there you know? Now days I have sweated.. then yes it is more of a musty smell. I notice a HUGE change after having a child.. some embarrassing ones too!! I have way less discharge now and I also notice a tab bit of urine leakage now and if I have to pee I best be going then because I just can’t hold it like I used to. Husband says he feels no difference, but I do! I feel my bladder was the most changed! And my pelvic floor muscle as well! I’m 5ft 129 pounds and my baby was a whopping 8 pounds and 11 1/2 ounces and 20 and a half inches long! Huge baby of 27 hours labor! 3 hours pushing and it did a toll on my body. I developed an autoimmune disease after it (Graves disease) and I now also have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome... it’s amazing what a woman’s body goes through! Be kind to yourself and know, not everyone is the same! Good hygiene is key! Make it fun! Get good smelling safe products to keep yourself clean down there! Don’t make it a chore at all! I have slept naked for almost 6 years now as my husband does too! We both notice less sweat and he has less chaffing down there! It’s amazing what a good “airing out” can provide!!
Nadia chet (13 days ago)
Guys insert their smelly thing into us
Raine Hilbero (14 days ago)
I sleep only wear underwear when sleeping but now I'm gonna sleep naked.

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