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Want to know how I get my perfect glow!?! You won't even believe this self tanner!!! Watch me apply the 2 hour express tan and get the most perfect tan in 2 hours. And it lasts for 10 days!! I'll show you everything you need to know from choosing the right formula to how to apply it. To buy the tan go to: http://lovingtan.com Use this coupon code at checkout to get the applicator mitt for free: MALLORY My Links: Blog: http://malloryervin.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/malloryervin/ Snapchat: malloryervin Twitter: https://twitter.com/malloryervin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialmall... or https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialM... Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/malloryervin/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Make A Vision Board DIY" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSh4UJSJ6Us -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Sacha Cabral (9 days ago)
This was the most helpful video I have seen. Thank you!
Mallory Ervin (9 days ago)
Omg yay!!!!! So happy you found it helpful! 💙💙
Morgan Hubert (2 months ago)
Is it bad to use a loofah in the shower to wash with self tanner on?? Does it break it down sooner?
Mallory Ervin (2 months ago)
I might make it come off faster
Awabby (5 months ago)
you're so funny! i love watching your videos.
Mallory Ervin (5 months ago)
Thank you for watching!! 😘
scrapper900 (5 months ago)
I 💕 this tanner! Best one I have ever tried. It’s quick and looks totally natural. No streaks, no orange and it lasts for over a week!
Mallory Ervin (5 months ago)
Right!! The best!!
LINDA Veres (5 months ago)
Thanks for this video. I am looking for a tanner to stop going to the beds. Getting older and really afraid now. Getting dark spots on my legs. But I love a tan! I am outside alot in the country. Southern LOL! Thanks again! You are super!!
Mallory Ervin (5 months ago)
This is the best stuff ever!
Destiny Ranee (6 months ago)
Love your channel so helpful subbed girl 👍
Mallory Ervin (6 months ago)
Thank you!! 😘😘
Katie Huskey (7 months ago)
So when you wash off in two hrs ur not scrubbing ur skin right.m because that will take the tan off? Also how long does it last?
Mallory Ervin (7 months ago)
Right just rinse!! It’s last at least 4 days for me!
Juliette (7 months ago)
I subscribed after 10 seconds i started this video. I just love your energy.
Mallory Ervin (7 months ago)
The Yancy's (7 months ago)
Hey girl!! How does it smell? Does it have the strong spray tan smell?
Valeria Beliard (7 months ago)
I just discovered your video because I just received my 2 hour express Loving Tan today, but honestly you are hilarious! 😄 will check out more of your videos 💜
Mallory Ervin (7 months ago)
Omg honestly the best tanning stuff on the market!!!!! Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!!!😘😘
Lola Diaz (8 months ago)
u remind me of that rich girl in princess and the frog lol
Aaleo 7 (8 months ago)
What’s the ingredient that starts with an E???? 😂😂
Emily Sanchas (8 months ago)
Do you switch off foundations when you tan your face, or do just not use it
Dom Anderson (11 months ago)
You are the funniest. :)
Mallory Ervin (11 months ago)
Thank you!!!!
Simply Style (1 year ago)
you crack me up ahahhaha i love you and I remember watching you in your season of the amazing race its funny I came across you again!!1
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
+Simply Style comes full circle sometimes!!
P Irvine (1 year ago)
Your accent went threw me like cutting glass
Gina Walters (1 year ago)
Ok - so now I’m going to tan!
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
+Gina Walters do it!!
Telli Luke (1 year ago)
Love!! Your personality!!
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
+Telli Luke omg thank you so much!
Stephanie Quintini (1 year ago)
"If you can't tone it, tan it." Haaahaaa!!!
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
+Stephanie Quintini words I live by! Thanks for watching!! 💞
Susannah Henning (1 year ago)
Do you need to shave my arms too?
Christa Merritt (1 year ago)
If you can't tone it, tan it. Lmao hilarious!
Christa Merritt (1 year ago)
you have beautiful natural skin! so glowy and healthy! great video!:)
Jacqueline Coppola (1 year ago)
Thanks to you I got my free mitt :)
BUTTERBUNS23 (1 year ago)
I ordered this the other day, I can't wait to get it, so excited
Amber Killough (1 year ago)
do you have to shave your arms to use self tanner? I am have never used self tanner and I don't have my arms either.
Thalia Padilla (1 year ago)
Do you put moisturizer on your face before you apply the tan?
Snow In October (1 year ago)
My name is mallory too🙂😂
Tiffany Kornn (1 year ago)
I loved your video!! I used the 6 hour dark mousse formula and it turned me slightly orange.. I did a lot of research and took all the steps to prep for my fake tan but I'm wondering if I did something wrong or if dark just isn't for me because I'm so fair
Callie D (1 year ago)
I have such a hard time with my hands and feet. The build up probs are real! Like I feel like my knuckles are bigger than most girls :/ any suggestions??
Alexis Keefe (1 year ago)
This video was so cute, I know it was like a serious video but girl you just crack me up.
Samantha Paige (1 year ago)
I just came across your channel and I already love you! you're hilarious and gorgeous!! Definitely subscribed! This video was posted a long time ago but I was wondering how you get that perfect tan on your hands. I use the same brand and mitt, however last time I had an issue with orange knuckles! Was I using to much product? or is there a special way to apply the tan on your hands? I use the deluxe dark mousse. 💛
Shauna Nhana (1 year ago)
Hello Mallory! I am a first time Loving Tan purchaser but I'm not having very good luck and was hoping for your experience/advice. I purchased the loving tan 2 hour ex in dark. I've done it three times now and my body isn't any darker for some weird reason. However my hands are DAAAARK brown. I need to take it off! I've tried the exfoliating glove, baby oil, and rubbing alcohol but no luck. I've sent customer service an email hoping for some help but no reply yet. Do you have any ideas for me. I would so appreciate it! I have a wedding coming up soon and I'd prefer to not have to wear gloves lol. Thank you!! :)
Brooke Latour (1 year ago)
I absolutely love the 8hr dark tanner. I recently tried the 2hr delux in dark and for some reason it didn't work. when I rinsed it off I was pale again. I didn't do two coats so I'm trying that today in hopes it works.
monica teves (1 year ago)
I love this stuff use it all the time but sometimes even after waiting an he or so I feel like the color doesn't stick or comes off in the shower
Claire Rogers (1 year ago)
How long does the bottle last you for? How many applications?
Brittany Wetzel (1 year ago)
just ordered this product, except its not the 2hr one! I'm a bit nervous to do it since it will be my first time self tanning. any recommendations?
Chrissy Owl (1 year ago)
LOVE your accent omg
Lily Richard (1 year ago)
How do you tan your hands? Loving Tan says to just run your left overs over your hand, but I got dark knuckles last time!
Hannah (1 year ago)
Very helpful video! Thank you!
Rūtiki rūta (1 year ago)
Hi, i want to ask you here do you buy it from?
Lauren Grewe (1 year ago)
How  many applications does a bottle get you through?
Carrie Merrill (1 year ago)
Lived it! Thanks how does it were? Does it get pachy or peeling?
Kim Peterson (1 year ago)
loved this video you're hilarious! So, I'm super super white! and i love fake tanners but I always get build up around my ankles and just wondering on any tanning tips for the feet and hands any weird spots! Thanks for the video ! I will defiantly try this brand out !
Taylor Peebles (1 year ago)
Do you need to wait 24 hours before applying? After you exfoliate and shave?
Cheri Sprecher (1 year ago)
Because of your very helpful video I just purchased my first order of Loving Tan 2 hour Deluxe Express! Thank you sooo very much girl!
Audrey Patrie (1 year ago)
"If you can't tone it, tan it!!!" lol that's my new motto!! 😂
Jessica Harshbarger (1 year ago)
omgosh i love your personality! cracking me up gal!
Christen Huffaker (1 year ago)
Hi Mallory, I can't wait to try this! Thanks for the discount code. We are going on vacation soon and I'm curious how the color holds up after you've been in the water....do you have to reapply after swimming?
Chrissy Owl (1 year ago)
i love your voice and i got this tanner it works like magic!
LongLashlovestanning (1 year ago)
do u realise how much money you would save buying a spray tan machine and bottle of tan. These tanning mousse makers are robbers
Myriam Marcos (1 year ago)
hola en la cara te lo dejas 1 hora o 2 horas?
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
+Myriam Leon Castillo 😘😘😘
Melissa McGrath (1 year ago)
Thank you for such a great video, I just got mine last night in the mail, I got home from work & the package was there, so as soon as my daughter went to bed- I was like- Shower & exfoliation time....LOL!!! So.....I did everything from A-Z from all videos Ive seen.,.....and Im going to say to ANYONE on the fence about this (because I totally was, I was afraid of self tanning since about 1994 when I was in high school and had some orange experiences- LOL)......well, let me tell you- I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this product, hands down, BEST self tanner- IN THE WORLD!!!!!! Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that is nervous, or skeptical, I am telling you- if you follow instructions, exfoliate, use the mitt, lotion and moisturize where it says to in the drier areas of your skin- if you do all that, 110% I cannot see how you wouldnt be in LOVE as I am!!!! I will NEVER be going back to a tanning bed again, I am BEYOND thrilled, I never thought I would love a self tanner, but I LOVE THIS!!! And I will be going on the site right now to get the Ultra Dark, I did dark for my first application to try it out! :)
Right but how come there wasn't an end result in the video?
Kimberly Stinson (2 years ago)
Do you still use this product?? I'm looking to start some kind of self tanning routine, and I've never done it before, so I'm absolutely TERRIFIED!! I obviously want a product that works well, and that is pretty foolproof, since I'm a newb!! My biggest fear is those god awful self tanner hands😬
Witty Vixen (1 year ago)
You would mostly safe the hands for last. The best method I did was using a plastic glove and put a small dot of self tanner on it.. then I rub it in real fast and get in between the fingers. It actually came out really nice, not too dark and it looked real good since I didn't apply too much.
Felicia Miskiv (2 years ago)
What if you have eczema, will it be patchy?
Jennifer Wailes (2 years ago)
How do you do your hands? Thank you!! PS you crack me up! :)
Kiana Esquivel (2 years ago)
i need some help mama mal!! i'm naturally like a NC25 but my formal is coming up and my dress is a gorgeous strapless baby blush long gown! I don't want it to wash me out so should i get the ultra dark or just regular dark??? ALSO I DON'T KNOW WHAT COLOR TO ACCESSORIZE WITH OR HOW TO EVEN BECAUSE IT'S STRAPLESS?? HELP ME BIG MAMA!!! Lol love you girl!
Zach Malloy (2 years ago)
Idk... 60$ for such a small bottle.. but it seems like such a great product at the same time.
julittok (2 years ago)
I assume you mean 60AUD, just buy the regular one it costs half that price it just takes longer to develop the result is the same
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Zach Malloy it's worth it I promise
Jennifer Oller (2 years ago)
Got my order today using your code... I am super white so I went for the lighter color. Applied it tonight and will wash in the morning.. fingers crossed that I don't look ridiculous 😂
Jennifer Oller (2 years ago)
Mallory Ervin I love it! I've only used it once to test it out but we are going on a cruise in December and I can't wait to use it! ❤️
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Jennifer Oller yayyyy let me know how you like it!!
Politic This (2 years ago)
Is this good for pageants? I'm running for Miss West Virginia USA this October and I'm on Catching Kelce October 5th on E! So I am in need of a good tanner. Let me know!
Politic This (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! I sent you an Instagram message thanking you as well!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Jamie Leigh Reichert oh it's the best bc of how stage lights hit it!! And congrats girl!!! So excited!! You've got some great things coming up! Anhhhh
charry verhage (2 years ago)
your funny, I really enjoyed it but I would have loved to see after the two hours . i'm gonna get this stuff I've been using fake bake but that's a liquid
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+charry verhage thank you so much!! I know! I totally forgot to show that. I like this one way better than fake bake.
kayandrae11 (2 years ago)
I always watch these tan with me videos but I never understand how you get your darn back!? Please help a girl out! I need a good even tan all over the body!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+kayandrae11 sometimes I don't do my back 😬. But they do have special mitts that a lot of people use! 😘😘
Karen Petersen (2 years ago)
Just ordered my third bottle of Loving Tan (love it) and wanted to thank you for the code for a free applicator mitt! What a nice mitt!!!! Totally didn't know what I was missing by using a cheapo mitt! LOL! Anyway, wanted to also thank you for your videos. You are always so upbeat and such a joy to watch :-).
Mila Patrick (2 years ago)
how long does this last after you apply it?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Mila Patrick 5 days at least
Diana Dolen (2 years ago)
Do you apply the tan to your ears??
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Diana Dolen a little
Jessica Maria (2 years ago)
I have very dry skin and cannot go very long after showers without moisturizing. For this reason I am choosing the 2 hr express over the regular so i can quickly wash it off. Now, is it okay for me to put on full body lotion after the wash off shower? Thank you :)
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Jessica Maria that's perfect!! And absolutely! That's better to slather lotion on!
Ashley Mendez (2 years ago)
Hi I love your accent lol 😊😊How long do you leave the other one for? Like if you don't want to sleep with it? & also , can I use any mitt?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Ashley Holguin thank you so much!! 😘 usually a few hours to overnight. 3 hours usually and yep
Holly Catherine (2 years ago)
Omg I literally want to be just like you. So fun and bubbly!!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Holly Catherine oh so sweet thank you so much!!
royal gamer! (2 years ago)
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+royal gamer! thank you so much!!
Kim Vittetoe (2 years ago)
Love this brand! I discovered this a year ago before my husband and I's wedding. It really does go on well :)
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Kim Vittetoe isn't it awesome?!
Bay Noland-Armstrong (2 years ago)
how many tans can you get out of one small bottle of the 2hr express?? thank you!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Bay Noland-Armstrong about 3
Sarah Marie (2 years ago)
Do you put lotion on your body beforehand?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Sarah Henson only on my knees and elbows!
Jenna Coker (2 years ago)
You are a hoot!! I just found you from Alex's channel. So I am curious how do you get your hands and feet so perfect? That's my problem!! :-)
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Jenna Coker thank you so much!! So glad you came over. I don't do the fingers and toes much at all. And wipe the knuckles off after application.
Summer Rosebush (2 years ago)
I have keratosis pilaris "chicken skin" on my legs, its basically dry raised red bumps completely covering my entire legs, would this look awful over top of that, do you know? I ordered it already but didn't think about that until now so now i'm worried
Summer Rosebush (2 years ago)
okay sweet thank you :) also, the loving tan instructions say you should wait at least 24 hours after exfoliating before tanning, does that really matter?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Summer Rosebush hmmmm I'm not completely sure but I think you'll be fine! When I have razor bumps or bumps from waxing it actually makes them less noticeable
Jeffery Harris (2 years ago)
have you tried youniques beach front?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Jeffery Harris I haven't
Joanna Cerisano (2 years ago)
I'm late to this video, but after hearing you talk about this and seeing how great it looks I have to get my hands on it! Love your videos!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Joanna Cerisano thank you so much!!
Wing Yee Luk (2 years ago)
Dear i am Asian with pale skin...what color you recommend? Medium or Dark?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Alexandra Johnson 👍🏽😘😘
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Wing Yee Luk I'd say medium 😘😘
Alexandra Yarovaya (2 years ago)
It depends on what color you'd like your skin to be. If you want a really dark tan then buy the dark one, if you want a subtle, more natural tan then buy medium
HazelDawn14095 (2 years ago)
How did you order your tanner? I've tried the website for LovingTan and because it is international my cards won't let it go through. I didn't know if anyone else had that problem let me know!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+HazelDawn14095 hmmm really? Can you do PayPal? I haven't heard of that happening to anyone.
Claire P (2 years ago)
I'm so late to this video, but omg you crack me up! "I feel like I'm taking tanner off from 1995." 😂 I love you! I'm totally going to try Loving Tan after this.
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Claire McGivern Hahhahha thank you!!!!! 😂😂 and you will love it!
Saskia grace (2 years ago)
She's so funny I love her!! Thanks for your help I have nice tanned armpits now ;)) xxx
Saskia grace (2 years ago)
+Mallory Ervin thanks for the reply, keep doing what you do my lovely <3
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Saskia Jenner and hahhahahhhh you gots to tan those pits
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Saskia Jenner thank you so much!
AmyKnits (2 years ago)
I've really got to get some of this self tanner.
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+AmyKnits girl it's so bomb!!
Meganleighann 21 (2 years ago)
I have acne prone skin. :/ is it gentle? No harsh perfumes?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Meganleighann 21 I think you'll be fine. They're really careful about the ingredients.
Sara Saeed (2 years ago)
Ahaha so funny😁 Mallory ive ordered the dark 2hr express I'm quite pale do u think I should just leave it on my face an hour but on my body 2hrs too?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Sara Saeed thank you!! I think you'll be fine with 2 hours. The bronzer washes off some so it won't be quite as dark as when you put it on. It will be perfect with your skin!
Natalie Contreras (2 years ago)
I recently discovered this product and I'm quite interested. You actually sold it to me! I'm just about to go purchase it but I do have a couple questions. I've never self-tanned but I really would like to, would you recommend this product to beginners? Also, how long does it last? Thank you so much in advance! Love your personality! I'm looking forward to watching you more often!
Natalie Contreras (2 years ago)
+Mallory Ervin thank you so much! Definitely heading over to their website!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Natalie Contreras I absolutely would! Maybe get the medium shade. And mine lasts at least a week. It really depends on your showering Ana exercise and just skin in general though. Be sure to use the code Mallory for your free mitt too!
Lupita T (2 years ago)
You are so awesome! I can watch your videos all day ❤️☀️love your personality. XOXO
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Lupita Torres thank you so much!!! 😘😘😘
Beauty In Every Daye (2 years ago)
Thank you for all the info! I recently purchased my loving tan and can't wait!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Beauty In Every Daye you're so welcome!!! Girl you will love it!!
Erica Schnippel (2 years ago)
Hey Mal! So I just got the loving tan deluxe ultra dark...I used it once, loved the color but after about two days there was cracking around my wrists and ankles, do you have any advise? I saw some people put lotion on problem areas before applying. Please help!!!;)
Erica Schnippel (2 years ago)
+Mallory Ervin yes I did exfoliate in the shower right before I tanned with a sugar scrub. Do I put the lotion on before I tan?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Erica Schnippel hey girl!! So yes I had that issue too. You have to stay really hydrated. Like a greasy moisturizer almost. And press it into your skin really good instead of just rubbing. Hope that helps! Also did you exfoliate and put it on with the mitt?
haifaa algasid (2 years ago)
wtf she didnt even show how it looks after she showered
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+haifaa algasid didn't even think to do that sorry. I will on the next one!
ashley girlll (2 years ago)
my ankles, the tops/front of my feet keep looking orangey! i have the regular loving tan in ultra dark (should have gotten the express, i have a 1 year old and showering in the AM is not fun!), any tips of my feet!?
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Andy Roach exactly!!!!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+ashley girlll hmmm I'd go lighter on them or put lotion on them first as a barrier.
Blondifull Life (2 years ago)
that always used to happen to me as well so I would stay away from putting it in those places...NOT the way to go lol. I recently learned to moisturize really well in the drier areas (knees, elbows, feet & hands) first. then put the tanner on right after. if u have dry patches or skin at all u can also mix half tanner half lotion for those places that absorb more tanner. it reallly really works so well. it ends up looking more flawless then u would expect! also, I figured out you need to use a body or foundation brush to blend in the smaller areas & it looks amazing!
Corinne Francis (2 years ago)
So crazy excited for your wedding series! I'm getting married next May ! I can't wait to see your suggestions! Our theme is romantic rose gold and pops of silver so now I have to start thinking about center pieces and it's so hard lol
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Corinne Francis oh thank you so much and congrats!!!!!! Oh I love your theme!!!!
Makeup by Rowan (2 years ago)
Omg your hilarious!! Love the tanning video! And the colour is amazing! X
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Makeup by Rowan thank you so much!!!
iliana gonzalez (2 years ago)
Girl I need your help! I am going to Puerto Rico in 10 days! Need to order this.... Which one do you think will give me the best results? The express or the regular one ? Please respond #desperateToLookTan 😃😂
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+iliana gonzalez get the ultra dark in regular! If you have the time and can sleep in it do that!
Anne-Bleakley Jones (2 years ago)
Now I don't feel so bad for being out of breath while tanning lol! You are too funny girl! Congrats on your engagement! 💍💍💍💍
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Anne-Bleakley Jones hahahhhha it's such a strenuous task! And ahhhh thank you so much!! I'm so excited!!
Olivia Cleveland (2 years ago)
Just watched this and can't wait to see the new videos that will be able to come from your engagement! Tanning, tutorials, shopping oh my! <3 congrats!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Olivia Cleveland ahhhhhhh ahhhh thank you so much!! 😘 I'm so excited!! I'm doing a series!!
Stephanie Parker (2 years ago)
I loved this video. I have heard such good things about Loving Tan but I am blonde and fair so I thought it would be too dark. After watching this, I am going to buy some of the 2 Hour Express. Great job!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Stephanie Parker thank you so much!! 😘 and my mom is the palest ever and she can use it! You'll love it!
Lindsey M (2 years ago)
Hi! Do you think the 2hr has the same staying power as the 8hr? What is the biggest difference between the two besides the time? I have the 8r in dark and I get pretty good color with one coat.
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Lindsey M I think it's the same. The only difference for me really is the time. But I def love the regular and the color of it!
pcross88 (2 years ago)
Just got my Loving Tan yesterday!!!!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+pcross88 woo you're going to love it!!
Hannah Woolwine (2 years ago)
I really wanted to see your after because I used this tanner in dark(2 hour express) I literally exfoliated, put cream on only on my elbows, ankles,ect. I looked super dark until I rinsed off... I'm maybe half a shade darker than I was before but even then I don't even know. I can't tell a difference at all. Super disappointed ):
Hannah Byrd (1 year ago)
Hannah Woolwine okay same!!! I got out of the shower exactly the same color and I'm so sad. Money down the drain. Did you ever try it again? My tanner was on 2.5 hours
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Hannah Woolwine oh I'm so sorry you didn't like it!! Did you take it off right at the 2 hr? How many layers?
Sarah Draugelis (2 years ago)
Wish I could hire you for my next shoot!!! You are just a light!!!! Keep on !!! :)
Sarah Draugelis (2 years ago)
+Mallory Ervin oh wonderful!! I'll check your website eh? I'm based out of Chicago though!
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Sarah Draugelis girl you can!! And thanks so much! That means the world!
Jessica Armendariz (2 years ago)
i loveeeeeeeeee your personality
Mallory Ervin (2 years ago)
+Jess Armendariz oh thank you so much!! 😘

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