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Natural Beauty from the inside out! Healthy Hair Skin and Nails! | SCCASTANEDA

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Today’s video is all about Natural Beauty from the inside out. As you know, I am super into healthy living. If you live a healthy life it will show through healthy hair, healthy skin and healthy nails. Thank you to Pefectil for sponsoring this Natural Beauty from within video. Make sure to check them out here https://bit.ly/2RXgNE1. ♡FOLLOW ME Instagram: http://bit.ly/IGSccastaneda Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetSonia Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBSonia Snapchat: sccastaneda FTC: Sponsored by Prefectil Thank you Jesus!! Thank you guys for continuing to support me and this channel!
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Text Comments (28)
Norma Lee (26 days ago)
I just take a prenatal even tho i'm not pregnant. It has E.V.E.R.T.H.I.N.G you need💁‍♀️
Rosa Coria (28 days ago)
Does she cook or does she have someone cooking for her? If someone cooks for her that one thing that she stress free about, and in turn helps her skin..😂
sides1974 (28 days ago)
Nice to know that u can run to ur local Walgreens & pick it up! So convenient 👍 30 day supply $17.99 & if u buy a 2nd bottle, its 1/2 off.
BetYourBottomDollar (28 days ago)
Heidi Klum!!! What an Awesome experience!! I'll Definitely be looking into this product!!
luly b (29 days ago)
Go Sonia! You're freaking awesome👐
Catherine C (29 days ago)
check you out! doing big things!!
Tracey Lynn (29 days ago)
Wow!! So awesome for you!!! Im going to try this and the price point is amazing 🤩 you should defiantly do a follow up video in a month or two to tell us how it has worked for your nails👌
Kara Denise (29 days ago)
I loved this!! Your outfit looks so cute doll
Myrna B (29 days ago)
You looked great 👍🏼 look thinner gurllll!
geekista (29 days ago)
I have no idea why I dont like her. She gives me mean vibes, the funny thing is that I know nothing about her lol. Edit: I mean Heidi, Sonia you are the best 😆
millie soto (28 days ago)
I don't like her Heidi lol. In my opinion, she's too much of a show off - just saying.
Daniela (30 days ago)
Omg!! Sooo proud of you Sonia!! Will have to try for sure!!
Nancy P (30 days ago)
Heidi Klum always gives me a coo coo vibe lol 🤔
sccastaneda (30 days ago)
Nancy P she’s normal - promise!
sunkissgirl818 (30 days ago)
Ohhhh I will def try this!!!!!!
jeshikaness (30 days ago)
love it
Jessica Moran (30 days ago)
jeshikaness ty
Brassknucks23 (30 days ago)
Check out Tati and her Halo Beauty supplements. I wonder if now that it's being endorsed by a celebrity...will people NOW stop being do hard on someone (Tati) for going in the direction she has. It's unfortunate that it'll become even more of a trend after a celeb embarks on whichever path. Hope you. Check Tati's products out, I'm curious what you think.
Martha Carrillo (30 days ago)
Wow! Great interview. Congrats! xoxo
Alexis Hernandez (30 days ago)
Hi beauty 🖤🖤🖤😍😍😍
LunaDee (30 days ago)
You were amaze balls sis!! Xo from hawaii
sccastaneda (30 days ago)
thanks babe!
Dee Luther (30 days ago)
Great Nice VideO As AlwayS ThaT Thumbnail ThO LovE It Your Beautiful Self 😍❣Makeup LooK Amazing❣😍 Hope you Have a Spectacular Weekend as well
Shaybay R (30 days ago)
Handled like a true G! Girl you are working it and I couldn't be happier for you!! ❤
Shaybay R (30 days ago)
+sccastaneda I give you so much credit because you really held it down and asked everything we needed to know. Truly helping us out, like always!!
sccastaneda (30 days ago)
i was going through it that day, i was late and I still pulled through! hahah Thank you!
Sheena (30 days ago)
Omggg you got to hang with Heidi Klum. Ugh she looks so good for her age and being a mama. Then again you are beautiful yourself woman :)
Shaybay R (30 days ago)
My Boo be comin through!! ❤❤❤

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