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Love Me, Love My Face (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

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Jono Lancaster was born with the rare genetic condition Treacher Collins Syndrome, which affected the way his facial bones developed while in the womb. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Twitter: https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Special Edition Films. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. https://goo.gl/LwMcmY Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu
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Text Comments (272)
Nassolo Aminah (6 days ago)
You are hand some like any other human being you have got a very beautiful body.
Judy White (7 days ago)
This is such a sad, yet wonderful story. Secret Grandparents,Wow! Jono and his girlfriend and his MOM are so nice! I hope he has a great, amazing life with children of his own someday! God Bless You Jono!
Lyf f (7 days ago)
For any parent who rejects their OWN child is just plain evil! Thank God they gave him up because to be raised with parents like that they would have damaged him even more!!! It's a blessing in disguise...God is protecting him from probably some of the most horrific people on Earth! He has the mother God choose for him and she is the one who unconditionally accepted and loves him! I pray for his continued strength and motivation because he really is where he should be💓💋🙏✝️
Lyf f (8 days ago)
He's already better off than a man who is super good looking because of his Beautiful spirit which attracted a beautiful woman outside but more importantly inside because it takes a beautiful soul to see another beautiful soul💓🙏✝️💋
TheSassleburger (8 days ago)
I love this guy
A.P.B ! (9 days ago)
I wonder if a plastic surgeon could do cheek implants. It seems it would be an easy fix. If he doesn't want to that's even better.
bluefirekin (11 days ago)
I hope Jono's birth parents see this documentary. They need to know just how precious this incredible man is. I hope they see this and that they feel remorse for rejecting him twice. Seeing his tears broke my heart. If I was his mum, I would be the proudest woman on Earth. Such determination and strength and positivity. His girlfriend is one lucky girl. xx
Claudia Krizay (12 days ago)
Hi first name is weirder than his face- " Jono????????"
What a beautiful young man, he is doing great things in his life and his real parents dont deserve his love bc he gets to share who he is was meant to be in this world. To teach others how to love.
If anyone knows about spirit, at 41:00, watch the Elli's mom's chest...an Orb came floating down over her left shoulder and it floated down over her heart and down her middle of her stomach. Wow, so cool, curious what family member that passed away that came for a visit. So sweet!👻👻👻❤❤❤
Sarah S (13 days ago)
Mum Jean i love you.
Sarah S (13 days ago)
"It's not about one thing. It's the whole package." Yah you totally got it right girl!😜
The modern mongoloid (13 days ago)
He looks like a baby sloth
Schatzi P (13 days ago)
There are so many advances in Plastics right now. But it is not just about adding structure where it is missing it takes an artistic eye. Dr Eppley in Indiana or the Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic or Mayo clinic could definitely add structure.. and it would look completely natural. A simple sliding genioplasty and custom jaw and cheekbone implants that Dr Barry Eppley performs would make a huge difference. I am only mentioning this as Juno was talking about things he does not like. Even the custom cheekbone implants will help support the lower eyelid.
Amberly B (14 days ago)
He's darling and I love his attitude
Cathy Myers (14 days ago)
You are handsome....JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!
M L (14 days ago)
A mother is not only the one who gives birth to you, but a parent who loves you and cares for you with unconditional love, just like that beautiful mother did with you, right there by your side. You are blessed with two beautiful women in your life. So blessed. My dad raised us, so I know your sense of void of a biological mom, but love made it all right. I wouldn't change my dad or my life journey. Love your spirit and your personality. 💕 I cried with you profoundly. Today I am a mom/ grandma who shares unconditional love. A big hug and big smile for you and your mom and lovely girlfriend. Mary
Ronnie-Lynn Dolan (15 days ago)
I can’t wrap around my mind, how people would assume someone is disabled because they don’t have cheek bones. Or that he found himself a girlfriend! Look at that guy he’s a catch 10/10 all the way around. He looks different so what. There’s so many genetic disorders and genes that can make people have unique physical characteristic traits. That’s the beauty of this life! 🙌🏻
Janna Mattix (16 days ago)
You are truly inspirational.
Cassandra Kastaneas (16 days ago)
My parents have rejected me regardless of a normal face... people are cruel and great, it has nothing to do with physical appearance.
Cassandra Kastaneas (16 days ago)
He is brilliant and I totally love his hair!
Grammar Police (17 days ago)
I’m quite judgmental but even I have to admit, he doesn’t look HORRIBLY UGLY or anything
Rachel Pettit (19 days ago)
I know Jono will most likely never see these comments but I have to say anyway, he is amazing. His mom that raised him is amazing and all the mom he needs. His girlfriend is amazing. He is amazing. As a mom I cant imagine leaving my child because he looked different. Much love to him and his family.
BassLikeTheFish (19 days ago)
Thank God his mom gave him up. Sounds like she would have been terrible for him and he probably wouldn't have turned out as good as he did!
BRIAN (21 days ago)
I hope that people who have given up their children think twice about not meeting them..
Thats up to me
Michael Gillilan (21 days ago)
wild , to high fo this
max max (22 days ago)
such a gentleman !!! GOD BLESS em'
Paul Casson (22 days ago)
Monsters! psychopaths! they didn't even give him a reason, heartless, unfeeling bastards. He was lucky not to be raised by his biological parents, can you imagine how terrible they would have made him feel growing up.
Betül Kizmaz (23 days ago)
This was probably filmed years back. Do they still dont want to meet Jono after all these years?
Sara H (23 days ago)
I was like, poor boy, then he said "god made me like this for a reason"... get outta here, there's no good god, that's why you look like that.
Joshua Oana (19 days ago)
I guess you will find out the hard way when it is time.
Vincent Valentino (22 days ago)
wow, you know its not about you, right? idiot!
lindamac2 (23 days ago)
lindamac2 (23 days ago)
so upset not right, such a beautiful young man
jennie tucker (23 days ago)
It broke my heart when he got the call about his real parents...but in my opinion, he's better off. Who needs biological parents like that!?! He has a real mom in his adopted one!
Tracy Slechta (23 days ago)
You’re not even bad looking.How could someone be so heartless and cruel to their own child.They are probably embarrassed of themselves for what they did or what they have become.Its too bad they still are only thinking of themselves .
Shona Richards (24 days ago)
Such a lovely man.
Zayn Mander (24 days ago)
He's a cutie, wow when he started to cry I started to cry. I can't imagine going through that, bless his adopted mother.
Jimmy B.S. Roastbeef (24 days ago)
Not sure if the Kids perceived him as being ugly though...more a bit strange.
Harajukafist (24 days ago)
oh my god the hair.
Donna salazar (24 days ago)
I honestly don't see nothing wrong with him. He look fine
Ashley Yaw (24 days ago)
I think he's cute
Henraj the stalker (24 days ago)
Height and frame is everything
Diane Squires (24 days ago)
The couple have the same hairstyle!
Kelsey Kotanen (25 days ago)
Jonos , I admire your strength and confidence. Never change who you are, because you are beautiful. Love from Canada
ko ko (25 days ago)
They can’t believe he’s found love and I can’t believe she’s 19. Anyways he has an amazing attitude I’m ver happy for him
G Q (25 days ago)
Mogs me tbh
zombiepi (25 days ago)
Also, that race challenge. I would not last 30 seconds. Props to him. Amazing athlete.
zombiepi (25 days ago)
Your mum is that lovely woman with her arms around you. That is all you need. Screw the others.
Heksedans D. (25 days ago)
I have seen documentarys about you earlyer too....and yes, I love your face, your charm, and your spirit!!!☺❤
Maureen Daly (25 days ago)
Baby - You are Perfect in all ways!!!
Justgowithit (25 days ago)
Keep living the dream Jono! Don’t be shy, there’s no one in this world who would t love you and your wonderful soul!
aliyamoon80 (25 days ago)
I never would have given him up. And the adorable woman who loves him...I'd totally love her as well!
Karen Bochinski (25 days ago)
Jono dis sooo cute. Love the girlfriend she is beautful. Forget biological parents. Love the adoptive parents they are awesome. Jono is blessed
G (25 days ago)
How tall is he?
G (24 days ago)
+Henraj the stalker That's what I was thinking. His height and frame saves him. If he was short he wouldn't have a gf.
Henraj the stalker (24 days ago)
G tall enuff to have a gf
Jo Blo (26 days ago)
Kadra GebreAmlak (26 days ago)
It’s never nice to meet shallow selfish people
Mari Poopsicle (26 days ago)
What is normal? Normal can mean everything to everyone so Jono is normal no matter what he thinks or anyone else thinks
nicole nicole (26 days ago)
What a brave soul. You'll go far.
Dutch Confetti (26 days ago)
he's got a great smile.....and that body. WOOF!
J Brown (26 days ago)
This guy is my role model.
L 432hz (26 days ago)
Incels don’t have any excuse do they?
Henraj the stalker (24 days ago)
L 432hz keep the word 'incel' out of your mouth ya dumhead
L 432hz (24 days ago)
Henraj the stalker You called me dumb. I never insulted you directly.
Henraj the stalker (24 days ago)
L 432hz I'm a proud incel. Don't go around bullying incels, you're not a nice person.
L 432hz (24 days ago)
Henraj the stalker Takes one to know one. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me lol Have a nice night.
Henraj the stalker (24 days ago)
L 432hz how so? He's tall with a good frame. If he lost his body he would lose his gf. Dumb roastie.
Stephanie Doolittle (26 days ago)
I don't get it?? His face is fine. hes attractive and confident. The hair is AMAZINGGGG....
SOKAK DÖVÜŞÜ (25 days ago)
your eyes cute 😚
wayneOFgotham Brittany (26 days ago)
No one else questioning they’ve been together 3 years and she’s 19 that means he was 22 when she was 16?!?!
MegaJazz4 (26 days ago)
Assholes worthless humans ... you have your mom already... it's not the birthing it's the taking care of you that's who is your parent. I have a dad that doesn't love me only mom and I don't need him I'm blessed I have a strong mother.... stay strong they don't deserve you!
Katherine Kirkhope (26 days ago)
Beauty is as beauty does.
Yolanda Galicia (26 days ago)
I agree with your girl friend: they are selfish. You don't need people like them in your life. Your hair style really fits you. It's awesome.
No Content Found Here (27 days ago)
Nancy Howard (27 days ago)
Jono. Please be happy with the mom you have. I found my parents. My mother tried to kick and punch my baby out of my stomach when I was pregnant. My father said he kill me. Drunks and nasty mean people. I was raised in the Florida United Methodist Childrens home. I knew finding my parents would be awesome. No. No. No. You come from crappy parents but you don't have to be crappy. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️
Nancy Howard (27 days ago)
Good looking man Good looking woman
Tomi Hietala (27 days ago)
Huge respect to you man. Don't ever change. Cheers, Tomi from Finland.
mardcon2002 (27 days ago)
That Mom, is all the Mom you need. It did with it brilliantly. Jean for Mom of the year!!! In still crying.
Apda Darang (27 days ago)
Oh no don’t hate your face it’s beautiful how you carry it . More power to you and mom
MsDancetaria (27 days ago)
His girlfriend is really lucky.
noah sanderson (27 days ago)
I had a bad day....problem solved after 5 minutes of this. Love in every direction.
Debbie Green (27 days ago)
I think you are a great looking young man. I actually think you are a hottie with a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, an amazing personality and a hot body! I'm old enough to be your mom, but, I can't help but keep looking at you!!
Chase Stallings (27 days ago)
Keith urban Momo.
Chase Stallings (27 days ago)
It's Momo.
Adzy82 (27 days ago)
Watching in Perth Australia. I wish I bumped into you whilst in East Sussex would’ve glad had a pint 🍺 or six. I’m impressed by your gf’s maturity I’ve dated girls ten years her senior with absolutely no common sense... keep enjoying life bud!
Tamela Grace (27 days ago)
Looks come out in your personality. . Nothing worse then a good looking person who can ruin there looks by opening there mouths. I can see what she she see in him. He is a very kind person. Screw his parents. They don't deserve him
shittywitty09 (27 days ago)
Do they get there hair did together?
E. Green (27 days ago)
"Good luck! Don't die!" "He's gonna die...." 😂😂😂❤👍👍
He is more man then most
Tay Leigh (27 days ago)
He’s adorable! All three of them are such lovely, beautiful people, and the Mum did such a great job! Who wouldn’t want a Jono? The birth “mother” leaving was a deficit on her part, not his.
Ramen TV (27 days ago)
What sort of English accent is this?
Renn Bear (28 days ago)
Your real mum is already right by your side. ❤️
Marlene Holley (28 days ago)
He's handsome...
Brees Girl208 (28 days ago)
He is very handsome! Reminds me of my darling blonde nephew, adorable.
Ramona Zavada (28 days ago)
Jono you have a wonderful life. You are truly loved, and that is all you need.
Donna Robinson (28 days ago)
He's handsome with a great smile! Such a beautiful couple.
Daniel Reishus (28 days ago)
@4:26 he’s got nice hair...
c.a. greene (28 days ago)
Obviously the birth parents don't deserve his admiration or respect. God has given Jono a wonderful life and beautiful spirit! And an amazing hard body! You go boy!
India M (28 days ago)
I’m glad his parents gave him up. They clearly were not able to give Joni the life he needed and his adoptive family did a fantastic job of raising him
Alanna Baker (28 days ago)
wow,, this guy should do TED talks....what an inspiration story. I just love his support team ...
tasha shaback (28 days ago)
this is so inspiring dear
Da Vao (28 days ago)
So cute
Cepler Light (28 days ago)
chris pevey (28 days ago)
This documentary is ruining all the ads I came to see..
Phyllisha Hart (28 days ago)
nayan basistha (28 days ago)
49:55 i just wanted to hug him ♥️
RememberRox (28 days ago)
His appearance isn't shocking at all, I think he is quite the snack actually!
Ingrid Jager (28 days ago)
So....mother is pregnant 9 months. But give him up for adoption because die did not liked what she see? We are not al wat getting what we want but ...with a child? Ridiculous. So happy for that guy, it shows everybody can find love.

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