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See ehn with all due respect and all protocols duly observed and without any disrespect to anyone WE CAN'T CONTINUE LIKE THIS!!! If we want to listen to music we know who to turn to..we have dem Davido and Wizkid!! In fact personally I believe our music industry is doing way better than our "Political industry" if I can put it that way. Every single act of negligence is claiming real and innocent lives out there so we need whoever has been appointed to represent us in any capacity to face and do is gaddem job to his best capability without any distractions. I don't have any problem with anybody porting from any party to any party... just do your job and let us see results abeg!!! Leave other people's jobs, Music/Drama (which they are doing perfectly well....hmm ok nollywood still dey mess up sha) for them. NB: Pls o I'm not shaking any tables...I just thought after 1.5 hit tracks the "breaktime" suppose don finish. Meanwhile I know PVC is not necessarily the solution but it is indication of an intent to make a stand and make a positive change. Hence, that's a start! ___ God bless Nigeria and everyone who genuinely is doing his/her quota to make it better😇 ____ What do I know sef? kmt
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Emma ose joooor
Ipfi Ndlhovu (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who's thinking the song should have been longer??
God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬
Yehudajjah (10 months ago)
This is great, will try against all odds to get my PVC,weh don uncle Dino and ohemgee.
Fola Oyedepo (10 months ago)
Youngie EB (10 months ago)
Dino na thug 😂🤣😂
joy jesse (10 months ago)
On point....
Lade Afolabi (10 months ago)
Well done Mate! The future is in our hands o! Let’s not sell our future and that of our kids for short term gain
Dave Mendrix (10 months ago)
Short .... :-(
AY Nigeria (10 months ago)
Dare Michael (10 months ago)
Takeitback... SOWORE 2019
Ezali (10 months ago)
Vote Mr Omoyele Sowore. He was born to lead. He's a fearless & upright man. The stakes are bigger than just Nigeria. We want to take back Africa. Enough is enough.
Akhahon Lucky (10 months ago)
Sowore for president 2019
Okunloye Oluwatobi (10 months ago)
wow.....i love this
Linus Akali (10 months ago)
Nigeria first
Oluseun CA - Ajayi (10 months ago)
Gosh, this is talent!
Paul-Ayodeji Atobatele (10 months ago)
OMG do some songs for Sowore
Adedare Ajiboye (10 months ago)
Thank you for this. I hope other artists also make skits for youth awareness towards the next election. .The youth are the leaders of today not tomorrow. .The tomorrow as been reached sinceeeeeeeeee
Rachael Desmond (10 months ago)
You know you just the best at doing what you do sir. Abeg take accolades sir.
Olamy Alade (10 months ago)
I love this...
jonathan daomi (10 months ago)
I was waiting for your version for two days now..😎
Valerie Jacob (10 months ago)
😅 beware of anyone offering you 'stupid money' to write campaign songs for them oh... dem fit say if you no go sell your vote, say dem go try other means. 😞
Valerie Jacob (10 months ago)
EMMANUEL EZEUDO it is well. Watch and pray B4 then sha oh! 😅🙏
EMMANUEL EZEUDO (10 months ago)
Valerie Jacob this is really true... Their money will be tempting... Until then sha
Queen B (10 months ago)
God bless you more and more!
Elijah Shodeinde (10 months ago)
The first level of awareness we all need to take seriously. Go get your PVC.
Eyitayo Olakunle (10 months ago)
Ebun -Oluwa (10 months ago)
Too much talent man! Good one
Shol Hassan (10 months ago)
I love this...
Tobias Charles (10 months ago)
Mayowa Adeola (10 months ago)
Osasehi David (10 months ago)
Nice one bro💯💯💯 Keep it up 👏👏👏👏 GOD BLESS🌹👑👑🎉
Muyiwa Praiseworth (10 months ago)
I kinda saw this one coming......
Gbenga Agboola (10 months ago)
Good job!
Olumide (10 months ago)
Nigeria must be great🇳🇬
joy jesse (10 months ago)
Olumide ..... Yes bro
Kafilat Adeshola (10 months ago)
Olumide Amennnnn ooooo
Kamervibes 237 (10 months ago)
This is lit
Bilikis Sikiru Alashe (10 months ago)
pretty bella (10 months ago)
Yes oh
Ese (10 months ago)
Yet another dimension...☺☺ Nice, as usual.
sarah obari (10 months ago)
Well said bro
Osarenkhoe, Bryan Efe (10 months ago)
Get your PVC and do what? It's too ambiguous.
Ezali (10 months ago)
osarenkhoe efe Vote Mr Omoyele Sowore. He was born to lead. He's a fearless & upright man. The stakes are bigger than just Nigeria. We want to take back Africa. Enough is enough.
Gbenga Agboola (10 months ago)
osarenkhoe efe Bro, no need to apologize. I get your point now and I am no fanatic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Osarenkhoe, Bryan Efe (10 months ago)
Gbenga Agboola PVC is used to cast votes during an election and for identification purposes when required. My argument is, Emmanuel is complaining about the Nigerian situation and says "Una don suffer me reach". So he is gonna get his PVC and won't sell his vote. I believe that was clear. But what should be clearer is get your PVC and send Buhari and his legion back to Daura. Sorry if you are an APC fanatic.
Gbenga Agboola (10 months ago)
osarenkhoe efe what do you use PVC for? He said he won't sell his vote. Do you expect him to tell you who to vote for?
Danny Dollars (10 months ago)
I love this song Always on point Pls bring back adventures of brother Pius or if you don't want to continue with it let us know
Ft Asa (10 months ago)
I love the harmony. Wowww.....such talent
It'z Golden Bae (10 months ago)
Dis is indeed great, much love bro 😘
DJ Mannie ENtw (10 months ago)
much much much Better I love the twist 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Omolara Adefisayo (10 months ago)
Boda Emma,I say wehdone Sir
Missy Ishiodu (10 months ago)
👌👌👌👌👌👌..Emma I hail o!
kayode yomi (10 months ago)
😂 thanks for this bro...
Habibulai Olowu (10 months ago)
This is lit bro
Samuel Adedire (10 months ago)
Dope bro 😂😂

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