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Second Date Update: Stuck in the Door

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Text Comments (10)
Jennifer Agustin (1 year ago)
How's it going, Claire? How was the date?
Kathy Weekes (1 year ago)
He has the creepiest laugh,right out of a psycho movie
Lisa Bergstrom (1 year ago)
I would kill for a follow up to the second date lol
Ammie Bridge (1 year ago)
Why is she going out with him. He asked if she could connect him with his friend.
Von S (1 year ago)
Claire needs to ask santa for some self-worth. He's only going to use her as an opportunity to run into her friend again.
Kirk McLoren (1 year ago)
what a lame guy
Victor James (1 year ago)
he just wants to hit some free ass
bugladeereelz (1 year ago)
they'll end up on war of the roses
BurgundyBelle (1 year ago)
I think Claire is making a HUGE mistake. If I found out that a first date had actually been interested in some other gal, I would be so crushed that my heart wouldn't even be in a second date. She will end up regretting this because he will probably be wanting to hook up with Rachel. He already said that he wouldn't mind hooking up with Rachel. She will end up regretting this.
misstinashexo (1 year ago)
YES! Can't believe she actually wants another date with him! SMH
Seventh Mist (1 year ago)
Alcohol = Bottled Stupid.

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