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Male Presence at Ewha | Boys at an All-Girls School???

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why are there SO many boys at an all-girls school?! i had been getting a lot of questions lately about male presence at Ewha, and to the best of my ability, I elaborated a bit on why walking around campus during busier portions of the day may feel like you attend an entirely co-ed school. 21,000 women vs 10 men article: http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=1992390 follow my daily life! www.instagram.com/rachelrose.diary/ what's your favorite citrus? i've been eating a lot of grapefruit lately! - rachel Music by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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mister Twister (7 months ago)
Hello Rachel Could you help with information about tuition fees for master degree in 2019? I can not find it in net. Thank you for your video and for your help
n a m (5 months ago)
mister Twister Hi. I've enquired the same a few days ago and they sent me a file that contains the information. Check their website, it must be there. Or you can drop a mail at [email protected] and they'll help you almost immediately. :)
rachel rose diary (6 months ago)
Since I only studied abroad and wasn't a full-time student, I unfortunately can't help with undergraduate admission, much less graduate :( but best of luck!!!!!!!
Sam A (7 months ago)
So do the dormitories "close" at 10 pm as well? That would mean you couldn't get to your room after 10 pm, right? What if you come back e.g. from sports class or meeting a friend late? Thank you for the informative video btw :)
rachel rose diary (7 months ago)
My next-door dorm neighbors were guys from Germany! lol I don't remember if I mentioned that in the video or not 😅
Sam A (7 months ago)
rachel rose diary Wow, thanks a lot for the quick reply! 😊 Alright, good to know. Yes, I'll probably be in the international dorm, since I'm gonna be an exchange student for 1 year 😜 Haha and reading the comment section and watching the video, it really seems like we guys from Germany are literally all over the place 😅😂 Have a great day~ 완전 고마워요!!
rachel rose diary (7 months ago)
The dorm building for regular students has a curfew, but the international dorms do not! There is a gate next to the international dorm buildings that usually isn't locked, so you can come and go as you please. If you are in the regular dorm, however, with the full-time undergraduate students, missing curfew usually means you need to find somewhere else to go for the night 😅 one of my "regular" Korean friends got locked out on Halloween night and had to find somewhere else to go! But most likely you'll be in the international buildings, where no one gives a hoot lmao
PrincessSakuno (7 months ago)
You're a great speaker!
rachel rose diary (7 months ago)
oh man that means a lot 😄 thank you!!!!!
Alex Revolver (7 months ago)
You treating boys like we are monsters we feel pain and we have emotions not all of us are rapists I never harmed anyone or anything in my entire life I respect everyone more than you probably do and I helped more people then you can ever think of this is kinda rude think about what you say or watch your videos.
rachel rose diary (7 months ago)
THOMAS Ninan I'm used to co-gender schools and dorms, so it all felt totally normal. The guys I met were all kind and respectful 😊 and to your other point/comment, I already (and happily) identify as Christian!
THOMAS Ninan (7 months ago)
Alex Revolver became iam a man and I find some men very irritating and stupid and because iam s man I find girls attractive so I would be irritated with the stupid idiotic men
THOMAS Ninan (7 months ago)
rachel rose diary did you feel excited to see the guys or irritated
THOMAS Ninan (7 months ago)
rachel rose diary Have Jesus and he is a Man
THOMAS Ninan (7 months ago)
Alex Revolver men ARE monsters some not all they disrupt friendships, rowdy so buzz off
Lolie Popie (1 year ago)
sexist 1:16
rachel rose diary (1 year ago)
It's still an all-girls school lmao idk what you were expecting
let me die in peace (1 year ago)
"Your testosterone is polluting our air " lmao im dead
Luca Manuel (1 year ago)
I am a male student from Germany and will be attending the international school of Ewha in the winter semester. After this video I am kind of relieved that I will not be the only boy studying at Ewha:) So thanks for the video
TheHitman488 (1 year ago)
I am also from Germany and will also be at Ewha this fall semester:) Nice to know there are more men then expected o:
rachel rose diary (1 year ago)
of course!! I actually knew a lot of boys from Germany! I would say Germany and France were where most of the guys I knew came from ^^ good luck at ewha!!!
Daniel Schuster (2 years ago)
This is great information! I am a male student in the USA and will be attending Ewha Woman's University on an exchange program during the Spring 2017 semester. I fall into the category of men who wanted to study in South Korea, and Ewha was my only option to do that. Do you know approximately how many international students there are TOTAL who attend Ewha?
rachel rose diary (2 years ago)
glad it was helpful!! and i'm not 100% sure of this, but i believe there are about 1,600 international students a year...this may include both exchange AND full-time matriculated students, but again, not sure. at any rate, there are plenty of you!!!! and have fun!!! good luck 😊
Yasmine - (2 years ago)
Hi rachel, I watched your videos and in one you were talking about peace buddies. I would like to ask you some information about it. Joinig a club like that seems very interesting and I would like that but I'm vegetarian and don't drink. If they would eat out or go drink something would that become a problem?
rachel rose diary (2 years ago)
Yasmine - actually, a PEACE Buddy was fired during my semester for drinking with students. so you don't need to worry about that at least - and in terms of eating out, it will always be a little difficult, no matter if you are with your PEACE Buddy or not, because there is a lot of hidden meat and fish! I will eventually come out with a PEACE Buddy video, so please look forward to that 😊
Sabrina Ko (2 years ago)
What is your lipstick color it's so pretty!!
rachel rose diary (2 years ago)
Sabrina Ko Colorpop Ultra Satin Lip in "Mess Around" 😊❤️
Thank you! I was a bit concerned about male presence in Ewha and you tackled it so well. btw. your hair is so nice! What do you do to it?
rachel rose diary (2 years ago)
i'm glad i did a good job! and lol thank you, but to be honest, it was left natural the day before and then I slept on it......this is actually messy "day two" hair 😅😅😅
Bambi (2 years ago)
Really love your make up and hair in this video :) Thank you for the video ^u^
rachel rose diary (2 years ago)
thank you so much ^^ and you're welcome! i would love to do more videos like this, guided by questions and comments submitted by you guys
Annie Chen (2 years ago)
How easy is it to make native korean friends there?
Annie Chen (2 years ago)
this helped me a lot! thank you so much <3
rachel rose diary (2 years ago)
very easy! but it is much easier to make friends outside of school, actually. In Ewha there is something called Peace Buddies, where every international student gets grouped up under a native Korean student who becomes like their mentor! There are around 4 Peace Buddy events a semester, but once a week your Peace Buddy will host a lunch, where you and your group of other international students go out into the neighborhoods and eat together ^^ but the Peace Buddy system is a lottery...meaning that some Buddies are great, but others are nonexistent. One of my friends never even met hers. So outside of school..... ....i would recommend language exchange events. these are held at bars, cafes, and there are apps for this as well such as Hello Talk. I met some dear friends through language exchange, and one even became my boyfriend. There is also another group called Sayul which i mentioned, which pools students living in similar areas. Unlike Peace Buddies, which are supposed to be very dignified, those in Sayul will take you out to drink and go on adventures far away from school. The friends I made in Sayul were from mostly Ewha and Yonsei, but they were honestly some of the best friends I made and I would never ever trade the experiences I had with them for anything. in short, making friends is easy, but you will most likely need to explore options outside of school. this is actually a great topic, and i may put in on my list of potential future videos just so I could elaborate further!

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