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Text Comments (1641)
OMG I ALWAYS WAXED AND IT'S THE WORST!!!! I need that razor. As an extremely hairy girl, hair removal is expensive and painful.......
cloverr child (5 hours ago)
girls are supposed to remove the baby hair (side burns) in front of their ear? I letted mine grow out
Bhad Bhabie (10 hours ago)
You look like that red head from clever tv Arron
pekniecia (12 hours ago)
girl your skin looks goooooood
Sierra Pavlov (22 hours ago)
OMG your eyes are eyes are soooooooo pretty!!!
Tonia Karamaliki (22 hours ago)
Yooo.. you're so fucking pretty.
Wow. To have to buy crap to add darkness to your skin is crazy to me.
This is so great. I just think you brush your hair too roughly
lara z (1 day ago)
how the hell the hair doesnt grow much thicker? i mean, if i shave my face, in 2 months i will have a beard
lara z (1 day ago)
ur so preety i wanna cry
wack spazz kidz (1 day ago)
ugh i wish i could lotion all over my face like that 😂
Aarianna Nelson (3 days ago)
I wish i had time to do this for myself, but i cant. Im always busy with sports or school.
fateme_501ts (3 days ago)
Do you do all these every week???want too know plz^^ Your skin and hair look soooo good
Winona VH (3 days ago)
Wait, in the thumbnail u look over weight, but it turns out ur Soo gorggg
Reveluv (4 days ago)
ur so pretty i cant
ZerlieeFilms (4 days ago)
Me: *puts any product on my skin other than my prescription lotion for my stupid ass skin condition* -Whole body breaks out. Hah love life, I have been finding myself watch other people with really good skin do these routines because I can never use products
LEILANI BELTRAN (4 days ago)
omg am new here! And your so beautiful!!
Megan Flanders (4 days ago)
shes so pretty what the heck
pocky subliminals (5 days ago)
Your skin is so perfect I am jealous
SoTaa _ (5 days ago)
I siting and watching ur video, wonder why ur skin so smooth
Only shave your face if you have perfect skin! If you have any texture issues, acne scars, etc then shaving your face will accentuate the imperfections...
Kaeli Ann Marie (2 days ago)
I have texture on my face and I shave it and nothing changes lol
Savy Says (5 days ago)
Do an updated one plz
Liberty Papi (5 days ago)
I thought you aren’t supposed to shave your arms what??
Juliana Vik (5 days ago)
She has such a big face
ariella g. (6 days ago)
Carol Kuruvilla (6 days ago)
No girl don’t tie your hair up when it’s wet because it can start to stink and get greasy because I once tied it up when it was when and woke up and it was literally oil coming out my hair🤣
Bo de Waal (6 days ago)
You’re so so pretty whitout make-up
J B (7 days ago)
Your skin is so smooth and even everywhere!! Help a sister out, what do you do to get it so even? Mine is clear, but really splotchy..
samantha vargas (7 days ago)
This is to much work lmfao
Paige Clark (8 days ago)
Curly hair girls left the chat.........
دارت الكيس ديال الحمام ... المغاربة 😂
Amaria Torres (8 days ago)
Don’t put ur hair in a bun when it’s wet ur gonna get dandruff
Melissa Nasri (9 days ago)
Shave with razor
Amanda Lynn (9 days ago)
what a natural beauty
Hey, love this video. Ur like a goddess to be honest. Just wanted to give a little tip, it’s better for your hair if you don’t brush it when it’s wet. It causes it to break and frizz. Your hair looks everything but that, it’s gorgeous. But I just wanted to say that, I noticed an huge difference when I stopped brushing is when it’s wet. I now just brush it out before I shower💕
Sof In Tha House (11 days ago)
what is pamper😂
Svetlana Villegas (12 days ago)
That hair, omg you have so much I’m so jealous 🤯
Shaly Laly (12 days ago)
I wish i had this woman’s skin!!
ماكيش ضاراروحك يالالا😂😂😂 اين انتن ياجزائريات 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
maya tmor (12 days ago)
Unique nath (12 days ago)
may I know why tanning is important??
Emma Green (12 days ago)
your flawless xxx
Person 101 (13 days ago)
A natural beauty
Gilda Martinez (14 days ago)
I wash my hair exactly the same girl
Keona Kaya (14 days ago)
Anime is life (14 days ago)
Omg she look like a baby
The Mendoza fam (14 days ago)
I love your routine just one thing, don’t brush your hair while it’s wet because when your hair is wet it’s when it’s more weak!.
Jessica Jordan (14 days ago)
Your soo beautiful
Renne’s Luna (14 days ago)
Um cold water opens pore and warm water closes pores
Andrea L (15 days ago)
Damn you shave your arms with a razor?!?!
Sherdel Maduro (15 days ago)
The only part i do is wash my face and a whole hair routine 😂
Jolly Jhope (16 days ago)
I love how I'm the only one with a extra profile picture. But anyways, I only pamper myself when I'm stressed about a test, looks like today's one of those days :,)
Harleen Sandhu (16 days ago)
What razor did she use for her face?
You are so beautiful
Laci Six (16 days ago)
Susie Thompson (16 days ago)
I love this💘
Blasian Miranda (17 days ago)
Well I don’t shave me legs or anything else but my arms
Iam KaylynIrie (17 days ago)
You look like a baby 😍😍
Sofia Elisabeth (17 days ago)
finally, someone else who shaves their face!! its so much nicer applying making without hair
Girl Tales (17 days ago)
Getting amber scholl vibes
Starlyn Alligood (17 days ago)
Can you make a video on what planet you're from? You cant be born on earth, this much beauty is just impossible 😍
Kanon Suzuki (17 days ago)
Kiko 70 (17 days ago)
Youre face is too cute
Daisy Kemi (17 days ago)
Hot hot hot water POUR BOILING WATER ON YOUR FACE! Jk y’all plz don’t
vyrodox (17 days ago)
Close your mouth lmao
Nora Watson (18 days ago)
Jees I woke up at 4 am so I watched this
اكو عرب بالطيارة✌🏻
Laila Sickler (18 days ago)
You’re literally so gorgeous 😭
Doon Doon (18 days ago)
you don't put on toner after facial cleansing? that will dry out you skin in the long run and cause premature ageing please use toner to save ur skin - a self confessed skincare addict
Abuoch Lok (18 days ago)
Natural beauty 🙂😀😃
Alienated K8T (19 days ago)
Subbed! xx
ruby Muasya (19 days ago)
Omg that’s why my hair has thinned on my roots cs of putting conditioner on the roots thanks for the information
ruby Muasya (19 days ago)
Facial is hair is beautiful lol why’d you remove it 😂
Aino ! (19 days ago)
If I looked like that, I would never ever complain about anything again.
Lorisa Kirkpatrick (19 days ago)
Your shaving cream says my name❤️😂
marie lovdal (20 days ago)
How are you so beautiful omg i fucking cant
Arwa Arwa (20 days ago)
I feel soooo clean idk why🤣
Kaylee Lane (20 days ago)
Videos like this make me motivated to do a full skin care routine but I know tonight when I go to bed imma just use hand soap to wash off my makeup lmao 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Trisha Meloling (20 days ago)
Last time I tried to trim my own eyebrows one magically disappeared 😂 it’s a while since then I’m afraid to do mine now
Allie Combos (20 days ago)
You should not be brushing your hair while it's wet. Or put it up. That's why your hair is damaged
Alyssandra Contreras (20 days ago)
your hair looks so pretty and healthy like???
HAYDEN Mary (20 days ago)
You are skin and hair GOALS 😍😍😍
Cristina Antoniuc (21 days ago)
Wow that looks AMAZING!
Abbie Harris (21 days ago)
Wow your like perf xx
Brooke Harnisch (21 days ago)
I hope u know that you are gorgeous 🚫🧢💓💓
Riley x Msp (21 days ago)
What’s the point of shaving your arms?
Ariyah Manuel (21 days ago)
You said you suffer from fizzy hair you’re acting like it is a condition💀💀💀.
Slayingx Torin (21 days ago)
Her hair is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. It's GORGEOUS.
Jordan Teliaferro (21 days ago)
I'm I trippin or does she look like the girl from the show " Deep Creek"
SpanishKvndy Benitez (21 days ago)
This is me on a whole Sunday
Samantha Jamilla (22 days ago)
8:27 i was scared i thought you sliced yourself
Zara Mwangi (22 days ago)
Your skin I'm living
Hannah Salvato (22 days ago)
try putting the castor oil on your roots!! its to help it grow
Lexi P. (22 days ago)
Wow her skin tone has gotten a lot darker...
Andrea Balogova (23 days ago)
Ur like so pretty
Noriah Dzakafi (23 days ago)
Yow what is pamper routine??
AJ Beeby (23 days ago)
this was really satisfying
Lauren 0518 (23 days ago)
The thing is I would wait to brush your hair when its wet because your hair is more elastic when its wet so it's easier to rip out so I would wait till its dry to brush it
Lauren 0518 (23 days ago)
I am not a hair stylist but I suggest this so you dont have hair loss in the future
Jada Marie (23 days ago)
I cry every time she twists her hair, that’s soooo good for damaging your hair

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