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73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue

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Actor Michael B. Jordan invites Vogue into his home and answers 73 Questions. In this episode, presented by the Google Assistant, Michael talks about his role in Black Panther, working with Sylvester Stallone, and his love of Japanese culture. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. 73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue Created by: Joe Sabia
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Text Comments (8803)
Star Opinion (3 hours ago)
Dear boys that are exposing these thots..... KEEP DOING IT 😂😂😂😂😂
R Alanis (4 hours ago)
You definitely know what´s great in life bro; that bottle of Don Julio 1942 at 4:47 is insanely good.
Sebastian Pollerberg (2 days ago)
I love his house!!!
palmira chirungo (2 days ago)
Oh my gooood
Mary Jacob (2 days ago)
I love anime😂😂😂😂❤️
Aatrox of Justice (1 day ago)
Theresa Iiga (2 days ago)
Me thinking abt what him and Cathrine could've been weh 👀😩 But ACE FAMALAYYY 😄😂💛
just van rooijen (2 days ago)
Call of duty of course
Jose Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Delicious daddy
Tima Øtakû (3 days ago)
Humble and Handsome and he watches ANIME 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I'm so in love
Jasmine Womack (4 days ago)
*sHe NeVeR tOuChEs A dOoRkNoB*
Tyresse Jackson (4 days ago)
Cristina Catana (4 days ago)
I think this man is the most beautiful man ever seen !!!! I truly cant stop looking at him every time i catch him on screen !!!! His my favorite
Juvens ndiho (4 days ago)
Call of duty boysssssss
Lucas Habtemariam (5 days ago)
this is so staged
Tommy Magical (5 days ago)
I thought it was Micheal Jordan the basketball player
Cheezeto Lk (5 days ago)
Wait he lives with his parents
Hounin Kyoma (6 days ago)
3:30 and They anime is not cooool.
- Oblivion - (6 days ago)
Who did the punch?
M Altura (6 days ago)
Lami.a nimo!!!!
Keden Williams (7 days ago)
What ?! He was in Cape Town
Gee Mun (7 days ago)
Love MBJ but this is so set up
James Robertson (7 days ago)
6:38 Stupidest question of all time.
Love Magnolia (7 days ago)
I love the way his soo honest about even the most embarrassing questions! So this tells me his loyalty.
Yunis Alkahtany (8 days ago)
he got me gassed when he mentioned ANIME...i like him alot more
James Cano (8 days ago)
Really big fan
James Cano (8 days ago)
Hey when u see him again tell him I said hi and I am a fan of him
justthejenkins (8 days ago)
He is so sweet!!!
fluffy fluff fluff (8 days ago)
All I wanna know is... DID HE GET THAT RUM CAKE OR NAH
Faze_Joeymga6 (8 days ago)
He’s my favorite actor
Drei N (9 days ago)
Justice young ???
Lord Snow (9 days ago)
His parents seem nice.
thania19816 (9 days ago)
Dave The G.O.A.T (9 days ago)
That sweater 🔥 bro
Lana (9 days ago)
"She'll never grab a doorknob" - that was really sweet when he explained a first date..
District 13 (10 days ago)
Interviewer- "What do you think about Black Panther?" Jordan- "It's gonna be incredibly original" Me- *watches movie* Me- "It is literally just the lion king. not original"
HoopleHeadUSA (10 days ago)
Great answers and interview.
Rose Brand (10 days ago)
I want him all to my self.. Is that Selfish... Too bad he doesn't knowni exist
Dien M (11 days ago)
i want him. bad.
Avy Brown (11 days ago)
Mrs. Dixon32 (11 days ago)
Must protect at all costs
Genesis TV (11 days ago)
is this Chronicles 2 ????
Gamez (11 days ago)
So much girls are thirsty in this comment section
Kaja Tibaut (12 days ago)
They cut out the part when michael use siri😂
Jk025 (12 days ago)
Anime gang
Tina Holewinski (13 days ago)
I’m in love!!! Lololololol
Kacie London (13 days ago)
He is so attractive man.
ShAmSo AdAm (13 days ago)
I just can’t get over how hot he was with dreads in Black Panther
WC Babe (14 days ago)
Yay for Cape Town!!! Come back soon..
The Comics Club (14 days ago)
its black bolt
Amin Be (14 days ago)
73 Questions With Elon Musk !
Young G (14 days ago)
6:30 but he became killmonger the villian😂
LMAO RuDy (14 days ago)
I'm surprised he's not annoyed
Mianna Desirae (15 days ago)
The Broski97 (15 days ago)
He speaks swahili Omg
Yaniel Acevedo (15 days ago)
I’m here after creed ll
Yaniel Acevedo (15 days ago)
“Animes da best”
Abdul-Aziz Moore (16 days ago)
I didn’t hear what he said blah blah blah
Veronica Walker (16 days ago)
A true gentleman makes sure the lady never touches the doorknob 😍
NBAcraze Xxx (16 days ago)
I feel like he is passing off Michale b jordan
Miss smoothie Queen (17 days ago)
BlkQueenK (17 days ago)
This is my 528683 time watching this video
Kera (17 days ago)
yes cape townnnn
Claudia Vlahović (17 days ago)
Briana 666 (17 days ago)
Mario Landeros Garcia (18 days ago)
Landon Mardi (18 days ago)
He did not say nothing about Tesse Thompson
Roald Peters (19 days ago)
Aay my boi support rsa 🇿🇦🇿🇦
Befooo RotMG (19 days ago)
interviewer voice is annoying
Luke (19 days ago)
He’s such a down to earth guy! I’d love to meet him sometime, also such a great actor! He deserves to be in a lot of big movies in the future!
unknown man (20 days ago)
He is a family guy!!!love that
Kimea Jordan (20 days ago)
I love you B Jordan but I have a boyfriends
Funky Nugget (20 days ago)
Same favorite comic book character bruh yessss
The Black Velveteen (21 days ago)
Anime, carbon tax, James Baldwin, beautiful house, lovely parents, body, smile: JEEZ CAN I LIVE THO 😍
sarita walker (23 days ago)
At the I dont date black women lol. Tell em!
Vlogo Vish (23 days ago)
8:05 is so cringe!! 😂😂
Nika Zelinková (23 days ago)
Perhaps little childish in some moments but still he is for me the hottest man on this Earth,that voice, those movements, gentleman...and those beautiful brownie chocolate eyes, i just get lost in them over and over again..
BeechT21 (23 days ago)
I love u creamy mo fos!!!!!
Jackson Dotson (24 days ago)
Dee (24 days ago)
I love him 😣 marry me
JUST YEA H (24 days ago)
I can't believe he dated Catherine piaz
Official Heaven (24 days ago)
So you do date black women, interesting🥰😘😍👅
Julianna Soriano (24 days ago)
newark, new jersey 🗣
someonenew hello (25 days ago)
catherine’s ex
xtalll Lala (25 days ago)
“ what’s one thing I really wanna achieve ?” “ real domination in really wanna leave sth on Mark”
xtalll Lala (25 days ago)
Really wanna leave my mark in this world
Georgia K (25 days ago)
Holishia Dowell (25 days ago)
We have so much in common it's insane
Honest000w (25 days ago)
Yea... he is a gentlemen and well spoken. That makes him attractive ❤️
ANYA'S WORLD * (26 days ago)
This look like a interview for a dateing 😂🎞
David Robinson (26 days ago)
Must have that hoodie
Navjot Kaur (26 days ago)
He's a full black version of Drake
alex munoz (26 days ago)
I love how he still caries on with his day even though they e so many questions
Sensei Pabin (26 days ago)
ayyy gang anime is the best
Patrice Murray (26 days ago)
Michael B Jordan is so Cute
Adrian Heves (26 days ago)
This was very great. Thank you vogue!!!!
Mariame Rose (27 days ago)
In black panther her name is kill mon ger
Lakendra Baldwin (27 days ago)
Camera man- 6:20 What's the craziest rumor u heard about yourself? Micheal B.- 6:23 "That I don't date black women😂😂
Eibhilin O'Reilly (27 days ago)
guys if we all get in a plane and crash it into a mountain we'll go back to wakanda. dm for info
Harmony Armour (27 days ago)
Lord this a fine as man
Coutny Hudson (27 days ago)
Leave a like if you south african ☺
Bad Vibes (28 days ago)

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