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73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue

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Actor Michael B. Jordan invites Vogue into his home and answers 73 Questions. In this episode, presented by the Google Assistant, Michael talks about his role in Black Panther, working with Sylvester Stallone, and his love of Japanese culture. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. 73 Questions With Michael B. Jordan | Vogue Created by: Joe Sabia
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Text Comments (7984)
Soo Logiic (26 minutes ago)
Him: "You cannot lick your elbow its impossible." *looks at elbow*
danny Kabbani (2 hours ago)
Gamer Jay (3 hours ago)
No wonder Niki Minaj can't keep him off her mind 😏
Princess_Shelle (6 hours ago)
That's sweet that he takes care of his parents
Princess_Shelle (6 hours ago)
I love his personality, but he's not the best looking guy to me.🤷‍♀️My opinion not every woman on Earth is crazy about him. Love his style, genuincy, humbleness, and smile.
King James Bangura (7 hours ago)
He is my idol
Zachary Hoogland (7 hours ago)
Still lives with his parents... what a loser
Chris Castillo (6 hours ago)
Zachary Hoogland no his parents live with him there’s a difference 😂🤣😭😭Dumbass
JimIN MyHeart (8 hours ago)
Let me drink your sweat DADDY 😜😜😜😜
Deacon (8 hours ago)
*american dream*
Chocolate Queen (8 hours ago)
efosa baldwin (10 hours ago)
anime for life
ZULU ZERO (10 hours ago)
Is no one gonna talk about how cute his mom is
ZULU ZERO (10 hours ago)
I have seen better looking
Jha’Nay Smith (12 hours ago)
Alicia Myers, Yasssss!!!💃🏾
Amari Wright (12 hours ago)
He got that good apple juice
Mr. Jay (13 hours ago)
So good to see that he loves with his parents, it's rare to see this nowadays
lavar anthony (17 hours ago)
Wow he likes anime, he doesn't look like that type
Your Daily Dose of Tea (18 hours ago)
NJ gang where u at?
Erica Sunly (18 hours ago)
When this man said goonies as one of his favorite films, I already know he's a sweet heart
Makenna C (19 hours ago)
Lol he's such a nerd I love him so much.
uasi auvele (1 day ago)
The camera interviewer tho lol !!
Adia (1 day ago)
lol i tried licking my elbow
Yui X Arata (1 day ago)
Who else started to die when he said he loves anime I was like “ FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS THE BEAUTY OF ANIME ITS SO RARE FOR A FAMOUS PERSON TO SAY THAT “
Dethxpalo (1 day ago)
So fake and scripted
Anita Luca (1 day ago)
I don’t see Nicki Minaj as his type. At least not to get serious with. Just my opinion.
Mel C (1 day ago)
yup you dont DATE black women stop lying
Celine Reviero (1 day ago)
Oh he likes ironing,food (Mexican to be exact) and The Goonies too😅Who else is just taking notes of the similarities?👀😂
Fernando Ramirez (1 day ago)
The gift that keeps on giving???? Brrraaaaaa u got them herps? Lol jk
suleiny beltre (1 day ago)
His parents seem so sweet and warm . Lovely interview , it was chill and had a good pace
Agbor Quinta (1 day ago)
Michael B u are just the best....I adore u
Reinecouturia (1 day ago)
Look at that house!!! Is that really his? If it is hes just showing the floor plan!
KingJayyzWorld (1 day ago)
2:40 You can tell this is scripted He put his hand up for the shake before he asked about the handshake lol
Blue is the name (1 day ago)
coolest place he has ever been is in SOUTH AFRICA!!!
73 questions with kevin hart!!!!!!
jj Snyman (1 day ago)
Yeah South Africa
NGHT KingJeddy (1 day ago)
For his favorite line he should’ve hey auntie but black panther wasn’t out
ss_godking (1 day ago)
U love anime u my friends now
Fozia Sahib (1 day ago)
Come back to South Africa for your wife! 😂❤️
Nicki Minaj (2 days ago)
Nicki Minaj has a chance
Itzririyass Duhh (2 days ago)
His mom is beautiful 💐
Mark Washington (2 days ago)
when he said carbon tax i kinda cringed
If he got shirtless and I met him irl, I’d probably be pregnant. 😂
Geek Grace (2 days ago)
I'm in love with him
Stella (2 days ago)
He seems like the douchiest fuckboy ever. :/ But handsome anyways.
penny pie (2 days ago)
2:13 😂😂
Rhonda Bell (2 days ago)
sexiest man alive😘😘😍💞💑💎💍
Natalia 123ttt (2 days ago)
He is my fave actor he likes anime
Noluthando Phakathi (2 days ago)
3:15 proud South African😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Edward Cullen (2 days ago)
I just have so much respect for this man 👌🏼I alresdy seen this video but I’m just ready for CREED 2
khuang96 (2 days ago)
first time I've seen an edited, not one-shot 73 questions, still good though :) his parents were sweet
Ayden Sandoe (3 days ago)
Did he say rice as in rice gum for his best friends
Cynthia B. (3 days ago)
why did the hamburger patties already have cheese on them before they put them on the grill? 🤔
I Code (3 days ago)
Call of duty hands down .. is it a new version of call of duty... i would love to play it....
Pegasus Pony (3 days ago)
I feel like he is perfect for me but I can’t have him because he’s a celebrity and I’m a normal person and he doesn’t even know I exist 😭
The Kyrie Irving MVP prediction didn't age well
Anna Fagnidi (3 days ago)
La chocolatée yummy 😋🤤
Curtis Mills (3 days ago)
shoutout for the malcom gladwell mention!
ilyes fcb (3 days ago)
This Was The Best Episode ! 🔥👌
Serena Hudson (3 days ago)
Omg Eeeeeeeeoooowwwww hot 🔥🔥👌
Mantas Siauciunas (3 days ago)
I can't catch who's his favorite singer? did he say Margo Ray???
Shaniya Ward (3 days ago)
it will be funny af if he got a son and name him Michael c.jordan
Sandra Singh (4 days ago)
I'm here after Nicki Minaj's Speech.
Rena Ricks (4 days ago)
So fine
Jonathan Penn (4 days ago)
i have one question, how was it like to film black panther ? Because you really had to shoot it in water and in the movie you fell i think ( the only reason i said i think because the last time i watched the movie was like 5 months ago) when you fell was it fake? well of course it was fake what am i thinking. lastly when prince a chala got stabbed was that a fake knife and of course fake blood and i love those costumes BYE HOPE YOU REPLY
Nadeko Sengoku (4 days ago)
hes me, loves food and japan
teateateateatea (4 days ago)
*Nicki Minaj has entered the chat*
SerenitywithPrayer (4 days ago)
"wheres wallace ?" What movie is that ?
John Conor (4 days ago)
he's starting to become one of my favorite actor...
surphan studios (4 days ago)
My man
fatima vinga (4 days ago)
Okay future husband 🤤😉
I'm Michael Jordon, Stop it, Get some help.
Nia Gray (4 days ago)
yooo his mom popped up like georgiana in get out
Luis Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Really? You didn’t ask him where’s Wallace?
"Anime is the best" for all you anime lovers....
THE GOONIES YESSSSSSSSS. he's my celeb brother:)
Tony Bologna (4 days ago)
What’s the point of saying his middle initial every time?
Loading Name (4 days ago)
2:10 olayyyyyyyy
M Sund (4 days ago)
Who puts cheese on burgers BEFORE they're cooked?!?.. weirdos
Jamal Imam (4 days ago)
So many chicks here thirstier than nicki
Samuel Benton (5 days ago)
Micheal B with that Black Bolt shout out. Yo 1 more reason to like him!
Laila key (5 days ago)
LEMONZEXPRESS1456 (5 days ago)
Anime ?! I’m inlove........
domino productions (5 days ago)
Why 73 questions
RecedingHairline T (5 days ago)
Every girl in the comment section is so thirsty smh 🤦‍♂️
Itzel Perez (5 days ago)
Hold on did he say rice?
Jon Marco The Asian (5 days ago)
Bruh he didnt even try to go in 😂😂
Kee.SaceNJ (5 days ago)
That house tho , such a blessing
omolani Ayanshola (5 days ago)
MATTERSGAME (5 days ago)
This is such a fake pre scripted interview. Lol his dad put up his hand for the handshake before the interviewer even asked about their secret handshake. Makes you think how much of this is Michael’s real answers and how many were made up so that he could be more relatable to people.
krissyrep808 (5 days ago)
Following him for a long time. Happy to see him get recognized and become huge in Hollywood. !
Chelsea Reid (5 days ago)
Who came here after nicki called out his name?.
Leandra Chavez (2 days ago)
Me lmao 😂😜
Momo _______ (2 days ago)
Chelsea Reid 😭😭
Nathan Solomon (2 days ago)
That was just a stunt to promote the people's choice awards and creed
Pegasus Pony (3 days ago)
Chelsea Reid omg meeeeeee I watched nick is video then this vid popped up
BlazeGamer100 (4 days ago)
I did
Ms Sagittarius (5 days ago)
He’s an Aquarius 😖but I still like him
Jasmine Buckner (5 days ago)
Hebru Brantley is my favorite artist too! I met him and he is very kind and intelligent. He gave me his autograph and took a picture with me as well. Very nice man.
King Lena (5 days ago)
Talent : ironing 😂👍🏽
Samira Adams (5 days ago)
His favorite place CAPE TOWN ❤😁Glad I live here
MNCEDISI SIBIYA (5 days ago)
Coolest place you've ever been is Cape Town ..... Damm brother
Kookie Squad 21 (5 days ago)
His so cute!!!!
Andrea Williams (5 days ago)
His a sweet guy, love his answers to all the questions... I wish I could meet him 💖 and plus he said my country and city was the coolest place his gone to 😊💖
Raymond Frank's (6 days ago)
Anyone else remember when he just wanted to play ball but they wouldn't let him so he went into the gamg life
Placide Ngoma (6 days ago)
7.09 to 7.12 he's right

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