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Serious Gambling Addiction Ireland HD Documentary

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Serious Gambling Addiction Ireland HD Documentary Problem Gambling Facts Ireland has the third highest gambling losses per adult, in the world (based on 2016 figures). Ireland has an estimated 28,000 - 40,000 problem gamblers (2015 UCD/Dept of Social Protection research). Fewer than 1% of people who would benefit from problem gambling treatment receive it. (Gamble Aware, 2011). Adolescent gambling in Ireland is 2-3 times greater than that of adults (Irish Institute of Public Health, 2010). The health and social costs of problem gambling appear to exceed government revenue gained from gambling taxes and businesses (Irish Institute of Public Health, 2010). ​1 in 5 problem gamblers attempt suicide - more than double to figure of other addictions (U.S. figures, National Council for Problem Gambling). ***********************Extra Tags ******************************** gambling,gambling addiction,csgo gambling,gambling addict,compulsive gambling,gambling vlog,gambling documentary,casino,addiction,poker,csgo,gambler,jackpot,gamble,funny,blackjack,slots,cs,slot machine,roulette,gambling addiction recovery,las vegas gambling tips,gambling back,gambling estÁ de volta ao csgo!! (rip valve),gambling is back,high limit slot machine gambling,gambling debt,story time my gambling addiction,problem,the gambler,gambling,gambler,addiction,problem gambling,problem gambler,problem gamble,gambling addiction,casino,poker,clip,hd,how does one stop problem gambling,gambler's ruin problem,mathematical problem,problem gambling (disease or medical condition),gambler movie songs,gambler full movie online,gregory alan isakov that sea the gambler full album folk suitcase town guitar boulder,the gambler clip,documentary,hd,full documentary,bbc documentary,nature documentary,documentary (tv genre),full hd,documentary 2017,national geographic,watch documentary hd,sun tzu art of war documentary hd,hd documentary,history,documentaries,history channel,science,the,nature,animals,bbc,discovery channel,wildlife documentary,ufo documentary 2017,free documentary,ireland,northern ireland,history of ireland,top 10 amazing facts about ireland,facts about ireland,ireland facts,ireland referendum,ireland history,republic of ireland,ireland rugby,travel,dublin,irish,rugby,history,australia vs ireland,dingle ireland travel,fungie dolphin dingle ireland,aran islands ireland,galway ireland travel guide,galway ireland rick steves,ireland travel video,ireland travel guide,inishmore ireland,irish,irish people,ireland,irish people try,irish history,irish people react,irish music,irish slang jacksepticeye,jacksepticeye irish,understanding irish people,anicent irish myth,irish mythology,1 hour of irish music,irish celtic fantasy music,irish snacks,is the irish flag on the british flag,irish celtic music house stark,irish celtic music house stark celtic irish fantasy,irish celtic music,irish food.4realdocumentaries,documentary,money,channel 4,kids,roma,hd,hq,gypsy,children,gypsy kids,gypsy child thieves,gypsies,gypsy life,family,travellers,rich,wealth,romania,romani,funny,life,news,tv,culture,wedding,help,abc,tv shows - topic,gypsyrich,porn industry,pokie,full length documentaries,full documentary,pbs,documentaries,movies,topic,sexual,transgender documentary,hardcore,itv,porn,bbc three documentary,rich kids,extraordinary people,
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Text Comments (17)
Nicholas Hudson (7 days ago)
They need to be closed down or burnt down they don't pay out as much as they ment to I've been in there office s where they are massive loads of cash in sacks either thounsonds or millions of pounds which they are told they ment to fill the Machen up with it which they dont
All my Hydrogen Generators made from recycled materials from construction skip in DUBLIN @UCbh5a1_NgGRpNNtgOP6l_4Q
Frankfurt 13 (25 days ago)
This is a prime example of why modern documentaries are by and large shit. They seem more concerned with the presenter than the subject matter.
macho clerigo (1 month ago)
If its hard earned money do not use it for gambling..its better to earn small but sure than to gamble and lose everything.better go to jail than get addicted with gambling.
mamuburaa (2 months ago)
The afterthought of "Wish I had bet more" isn't exclusively part of the addictive aspect. It's only natural, but it's the most common mistake in gambling to overthink in hindsight. That's useless with independent random events. Even when there are aspects of skill like most card games and race/sports betting, if you don't have that skills and knowledge you're relying on the luck of the draw anyway.
D L (3 months ago)
Wish I could under stand the guy talking at 28 min, 45 sec. he talks too fast
Gavin Davis (3 months ago)
Free to sign up, will prevent you from signing into all online gambling sites that have signed up to the programme, later this year all online gambling sites licensed in the UK will be required to be part of the programme. https://www.gamstop.co.uk/
Daniel Hateley (3 months ago)
Hi guys i am a gambling addict... i want you guys to follow me to help support me over come this addiction. i have stopped gambling for over 1 month so far and have been gambling for 6 years, i made this video also to help others so we can do it together.. please sub and share... thanks so much.. it means everything.. love from Dan.. here is my video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN6rzonl7sE&t=54s cheers ;_)
Steve Kingston (3 months ago)
Im not being flippant BUT, Tony10 won €10,490,000 but only stole €1,750,000, so his €9,000,000 odd winnings make him a pretty fucking awsome gambler in my book..Jus sayin...
RB Boxing (4 months ago)
Can't help but think of Love/Hate whenever I see RTE, what a series that was!
Damien Karras (4 months ago)
I'm addicted to that evil gambling for years. Lost absolutely everything like many other addicts. I can't even see a therapist or a facility which are specialized to treat gambling addicts. I haven't payed my healths insurance rents for years, because of my gambling addicton. How paradox is that? I can't even get help from those institutions who are supposed to help sick people? Thanks merkel and the system. Gambling companys are robbing the peoples money without getting punished and they are even supported by the government.
RS4 B5 (2 months ago)
Deutsch? It's due to tax revenue. If the goverment basicly allows gambling, they will be generating tax income. It's a proven system, which has this downside, that normally where people would buy a car, a kitchen or other shit, is slowly becoming absorbed by the gambling eco-system. If i was you stay away from slots, spielhalle, all that kind of shit. If it's too difficult try to move to a peacefull area for example. You need to reset yourself. Start over again. From the beginning, and never go to such places ever again. I know your problem, i used to live in the netherlands and i've seen germany transform into a shit place all over the place. Spielhalle in almost every city, gas station, all that shit. The once beautiful germany being transformed into a third world country zone with esp all those immigrants now taking place. Take care man.
SohaiL Rehman (7 months ago)
Bad Bad Games
Bobga Ronard (7 months ago)
They should better join Forex trading
macho clerigo (30 days ago)
If you guys want real rush go to syria join the army..isis will consume your adrenaline
RS4 B5 (2 months ago)
Any trading does'nt give the "rush" slots do. So sooner or later a adreneline addicted gambler starts to get bored with trading in the first place.
Murtaza Kash (4 months ago)
same shit

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