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Sci-Fi Short Film "White Lily" presented by DUST

5135 ratings | 442886 views
Subscribe and watch more sci-fi shorts on DUST: http://bit.ly/2aqc5vh "White Lily" by Tristan Ofield A tense spaceship captain and co-pilot set out to investigate a comet, when a technical fault cuts to the core of their relationship problem… Leon and Isobel are nearing the critical point of a long space journey. Leon relaxes, watching a hologram of blue skies and recalling a holiday he and Isobel had – but doesn’t remember one of the features she draws attention to, a vase with a white lily. The purpose of their expedition is to investigate a comet. Perhaps because of his fractiousness, Leon sets a flight path that Isobel considers dangerous, and the ship is damaged in the process of its exploration. Buoyed by the success of their trip, Leon and Isobel discuss what they’ll do when they return to Earth. Isobel gets a word wrong, and it becomes apparent there’s something is amiss – she is a holographic companion for Leon, based on the persona of a former lover, and is suffering from the same fault as the ship’s other systems. Isobel insists that Leon reboot her, but he is reluctant to do so since it will wipe her out. Their relationship is what’s keeping him together, and for Isobel it’s one that’s based on someone else’s memories. Isobel insists on the reboot, and Leon reminisces about the ‘real’ Isobel, for once addressing the hologram as if it’s her. These are their last moments together. Then the reboot is completed and the holographic companion that was Isobel asks Leon in a blank computerized voice what he wants to call her. Leon prepares for a very long and very lonely trip back to Earth. DUST: Binge-watchable Sci-fi DUST is the first multi-platform destination for binge watchable sci-fi. We feature science fiction short films and other content from emerging filmmakers with stunning visual effects, captivating plots and complex character explorations. Robots, aliens, space exploration, technology, and human experience are all a part of DUST. Explore, subscribe and follow for more: Subscribe to DUST on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2aqc5vh Watch more: http://bit.ly/2amTSen Website: http://www.watchdust.com Instagram: http://bit.ly/2amAhRt Facebook: http://bit.ly/2aqYgtZ Snapchat: http://bit.ly/2a9EV44 Sign-up for DUST newsletter: http://eepurl.com/b_SKAz
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Text Comments (478)
Max SMoke (1 day ago)
The plot twist seemed likely considering the way he was treating her. Also, man and woman, super-long trip together... what if the birth controlled failed??
7Steels (2 days ago)
I missed something. Why did they have to fly so close to the comet, which damaged the right engine and caused the problem with the hologram??
Mike turner (3 days ago)
Good film but sad.
steppenwolf (4 days ago)
how sad. he had an almost perfect duplicate of his love, and he lost it all. the quality of this short was great! although i have to say flying through the canyon could have been done better by the addition of maneuvering jets; would have been a lot more convincing.
Sam Harper (7 days ago)
That's sad.
P (7 days ago)
Hmm. Should've gone with holographic twins or triplets. Built-in RAID-like strategy for backup/redundancy to maintain data integrity.
Patrice Galacteros (7 days ago)
I am fed up with all these dystopian movies !
Mika Kamppi (9 days ago)
Pretty deep, same relationship I have with my home Linux vpn server.
zane carter (9 days ago)
Very well done 5 stars
SideShow Bob (10 days ago)
Just caught this "DUST for the first time on one of the (23) channels, must say a kind of twilight zone feel with outer limits, very, very good content. Definitely support.
N0rdman (11 days ago)
Intro; a lot of meaningless banter, then nothing happening, then quite an interesting little joyride. Then it seems one is a hologram, so what? No, not my cup of tea.
Tim Berry (12 days ago)
He should have answered "Lily"...
maingun07 (13 days ago)
I think I'm partially sociopathic in that I don't miss people, not really. Not like other people apparently do. I can spend weeks alone, never talking to another human. I live alone far out in the country and prefer it that way. I haven't felt lonely in so long that I'd forgotten what that felt like. This made me feel lonely.
Their God (14 days ago)
That's one beautiful spaceship! 😻😏 keep up the good work *DUST* 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Chancellor9grunge (14 days ago)
Quality work from a quality director
Mr. Sander (14 days ago)
04:08 objects should slow down at apogee and speed up at perigee. 😉
Roger Balcer (16 days ago)
Please don't send Brit speakers into space, should they run in to aliens more powerful than we are they will want to exterminate us all just so they don't have to listen to that hair pulling accent !
SistorCarrera (16 days ago)
nd to understand what girls think,we are different und spelling bad
Alex Castro (17 days ago)
Why are futuristic starships built with steel like WWII submarines?
Steve Jankowski (17 days ago)
This reminded me a lot of Joi from Blade Runner 2049. Nice production value. The story just seemed way too familiar. Good job though.
Scotty S (18 days ago)
Well done. I really enjoyed it. It about midway through I suspected she was a hologram.
Julia Connell (20 days ago)
this is why I love the Dust sci-fi shorts - because they are of such great quality
OMGZ Studio (21 days ago)
I would like to see a behind the scene is it full greenscreen with accessories, etc
Farkas Gábor (25 days ago)
szuper :)
Hrvoje Lovrić (25 days ago)
Great ship creation!! :)
JOhn Rohnson (28 days ago)
fantastic. great story
Michael M. Ashworth (29 days ago)
,,, Danger Will Robertson Danger ,,,
Brinner Dang (30 days ago)
Was that a Firefly class ship? (Please forgive me, I can hardly tell a Ford Galaxy from a Chevy Nova... ;)
P (7 days ago)
I actually thought it was an Andorian ship from the thumbnail, that's what brought me here (Star Trek fan). But I think it's a homebrewed one-off for the film.
KHOKHAR 777 (1 month ago)
Un limited energy producer invent after few year. In start world think this is the bestest invention this is more dangerous than nuke and human start race to collapse earth. Device use same method but in 2 different way and I can't use exactly world but world is very near just unlock some rule. Research not agree to think above limits and that day they will think it's happens. Mark my world you good days no more.
Mr. McCartney (1 month ago)
If I could have reset my ex-wife, I might have still been married. NAH! Just kidding!
IbnBahtuta (1 month ago)
A gem. This film dissolves your sense of disbelief and engages you without you noticing. The film ends with you wanting MORE. :)
DUST (1 month ago)
That's a great little review, thank you
tristan ofield (1 month ago)
Wow, reading back people's comments has been extremely encouraging. Thanks to everyone for watching! My name is Tristan, I edited and directed White Lily. We have launched a Kickstarter for our next scifi Citrus. As part of the campaign we're giving away all our rushes for people to cut their own versions of the film. Anyone with an interest in getting their hands dirty might want to give that a go. The ks can be found here http://kck.st/2y91Bvh if anyone would like to help.
Mylionking (1 month ago)
On the Ship its written in Arabic the United States of Arabia....???? or The United Arab States to be precise in translation...
Marko Max (1 month ago)
the shaft was executed flawlessly. 3:10 LUV the bike light ^_^ Oh and what's with the arabic decals?!
Shannon Smith (1 month ago)
Super cool video. The flyby of the comet was a bit quick, not planned well and super cheesey. The rest was great.
hakim kaddour (1 month ago)
It's about loneliness, but I felt sorry for him because he was originally alone in spite of the presence of the hologram. the reboot reminded him systematically that he was always alone.
Joey551 (1 month ago)
I liked this one. It was well made. I would have liked more of it.
tecums3h (1 month ago)
Good stuff. Very good.
C. Alvarez (1 month ago)
Creepy... Totally recalling the relationships with the ex, baby's mamma #2, and all other women I encounter here.. Thanks for sharing!
Eyaura Eya (1 month ago)
This is why I always back myself up everyday.
Daddy Pig (1 month ago)
Well, that's 10 minutes of my life I will never get back. Shit
Jose van wersch (1 month ago)
Nice film.
mazin kegan (1 month ago)
Why the ship name is written in Arabic "United Arab States" outside and every thing in English inside ?
Sir Lion (1 month ago)
Great video. Shame that 312 jealous people down voting and trying to throw shade on a gem.
ХУ И ТА!!!! АХАХА!!!
Japan Body Logan (1 month ago)
Greg Malone (2 months ago)
Well done w/ White Lilly. Professionally executed, engaging and not smacking of amateur in any way. A rarity, even on DUST. There's an often subtle line between this kind of film and one that aspires to be like it. Sometimes manifested in the dialog, sometimes the cinematography, sometimes the casting, sometimes whether the film is too 'self aware' and 'self important'... you know it when you see it.
AllaMortify (2 months ago)
There are two things I'm not sure I understood in this: 1. Was Isobel a solid light recreation of a human he knew, hence her personality, the hotel memory bit and him mentioning a relationship sort of with her? Perhaps the point is that she would keep him remembering someone waiting for him back home? 2. Is he just observing the comet for a long time on his mission/job or is the ship damaged and that's why he is looking for some sort of problem and spoke about the length of time it'll take to get back home?
tristan ofield (1 month ago)
1 Yes 2 They have been observing the comet for a while but the crux of the data is gathered in the flyby. I should have made that clearer.
Maxell deNomie (2 months ago)
My... I've just seen the first two epi's of Sofia and Tesla... I'd love to play in one of yalls films!
Matthew Bailey (2 months ago)
How does a hologram have mass???
Matthew Bailey (2 months ago)
Why does the comet have a coma so far from a Star? Comets only form a coma(tail) when they get inside the orbit of Saturn. They don’t look like they are inside the orbit of Saturn. And the scale-effects on the nDynamics are off. It makes everything look too small.
dyvanna1 (2 months ago)
I forgot how good this is. F
mrmeval1 (2 months ago)
Whiny assed bastard goes to space and whines for slumball earth
Watchable. Writers should have left out the ridiculous Armageddon style aerobatics and collisions.
Doorwolfe (2 months ago)
wow , you realy got the vacuum look down
PacalB (2 months ago)
Interesting ... “United Arab States”? What’s that doing on the side of the ship? Anyone know the story behind it?
tristan ofield (1 month ago)
We were thinking about private companies pushing out into space. Its clear that the new space race will be undertaken this way. We thought that the Middle East might continue their hunt for natural resources on other planets/comets/asteroids. Just one of many companies or conglomerates.
Shanice Sharonda (2 months ago)
Well that was boring
Robert Gelinas (2 months ago)
why does the ship have its writing on the side in arabic? sign of things to come? @ 2:16
Jake C (2 months ago)
They went all that way to crash into an asteroid?
tristan ofield (1 month ago)
Like all those aliens who get all the way to Earth and then crash. Interstellar travel = fine. Seat belts, no, no, no [RD joke]
Kenneth Carpenter II (2 months ago)
Who would design a short jewish yet unattractive hologram to fly a ship for years? The jews
Kenneth Carpenter II (2 months ago)
These guys stole a scene straight out of Armageddon. Tisk tisk. And whats with the dude playin star fox with the controls in a small undersized valley? Fail thumbs down
Kenneth Carpenter II (2 months ago)
Long term space travel without a woman to comfort you "sexually" is not plausible!
L'Italiano - The Italian (2 months ago)
Wow... really wow...
Mike Naughton (2 months ago)
Well done. I enjoyed that. Made me want to see more of this story.
David Kennedy (2 months ago)
This is so good. Great CGI, amazing acting and a superb storyline. This should be shown on Film4/Channel 4 during a sci fi short season. Great short!!!
Wilson Dias (2 months ago)
Mike The Gamer (2 months ago)
A solid hologram. we need those.
Paris (2 months ago)
The british accent... lovely !
Nathan (2 months ago)
Very well done. But why was I thinking at the start that she was not Human? It was the "Memory Check" that I believed gave it away. But all in all Directing, Acting, Lighting...Very well done.
Llama Monster (2 months ago)
Peach cobbler doesn't get the recognition it deserves.
Joe Zona (2 months ago)
Loved this one!
jimmi der (2 months ago)
how can a hologram leave an imprint on the pillow?
Anthony Jones (2 months ago)
Hard light hologram? Like Ace Rimmer in Red Dwarf.
TheAlienPunker (2 months ago)
Well that sucks...
Ron Villejo (2 months ago)
Isobel: Remember people as they were, don't speculate how they are.
Ron Villejo (2 months ago)
Imagine being able to re-boot your relationship - your lover. For some, the notion of starting afresh has a certain appeal, which can offset the loss of good memories.
Sabonn Jones (2 months ago)
Back up your data, dufus!
moreno franco (2 months ago)
Wonderful and intriguing
steven frasier (2 months ago)
Most "Sci-Fi "is actually "Sci-If". This script is Sci-Fi with "Heart". I really dig this one. This short has all the potential of a Full Scale Production. Longer build up of the love affair invests the female character with an audience that shares the loss with the male character.
Jay Clark (2 months ago)
Alien ripoff.
youcef arhab (2 months ago)
trop bon white lily presented by dust ces tres bon tres tres bon.
CauseAndEffect (3 months ago)
Sci-Fi's noise outside of the spaceship again.
Steve Blake (3 months ago)
Last line - what would you like to call me? Answer - anytime 😂🤣😂🤣
Kenneth Haines (3 months ago)
wow felt the emotion both gave ,very well done
John Baran (3 months ago)
Not bad. It was entertainting
Rider of A Pale Horse (3 months ago)
I have a complaint!!!!!!! You short films need to be about 90 minutes longer. You have the skill, You have the talent. You also have some great writers. Use them all and make the leap. .. Thanks
Syncopator (3 months ago)
Seemed pretty obvious she was artificial from the beginning, for some reason.
brujaja Aknot Wrought (3 months ago)
When she says [subject] [verb] [object] ... great moment.
crash58 (3 months ago)
Got it in first 60 sec. Sort of variation on Donovan's brain.
FotoschoPro (3 months ago)
Why did they fly into the fucking asteroid?
Will Tabacchi (3 months ago)
The ship is traveling at near light speed, hits a rock half their size and no nuclear explosion???
Derka Derka (3 months ago)
Is this Red Dwarf?
deltavee2 (3 months ago)
Derka Derka (3 months ago)
The Twight Zone did it better.
s.o.v.a (3 months ago)
Women on space ship - bad luck. Be smart, take a hologram with you.
Richard Warnock (3 months ago)
Keeping the memories of reboot I forgot!! Keeping the memories of reboot I forgot!! Keeping the memories of reboot I forgot!!...............
RoverIAC (3 months ago)
Wow, that was pretty good. I feel bad for the guy but well, at lest it wasn't a hardware failure. (I find these Dust movies to be better than the Phillip K. Dick Electric Dreams TV series.)
Fred Rothganger (3 months ago)
Of course, in the real world, an AI would have backups. Just reload the last working copy.
Stephen Dahlem (3 months ago)
NOVA Guy (3 months ago)
Make 4 pin power connectors great again!! (6:48) Nice movie! Acting was great! I could see this being expanding. not sure what the point of flying into the comment was...i can't remember if it was just for science or for fuel...or maybe neither. i will have to watch it again.
tristan ofield (1 month ago)
No you are right. I could have made that clearer.
Mark Wandrey (3 months ago)
The production quality of these companies is impressive. If they ever want to tackle a feature length, they're free to contact me. I have several cinematically written bestsellers I'd enjoy seeing done.
tristan ofield (1 month ago)
Jesus Mark you have written a LOT! Which book have you enjoyed writing the most? Where should I start reading?
Internet Quality Police (3 months ago)
Poor idea for a short film. When you only have 10 mins to tell a story, you should make sure it's not so predictable as this. The dialog was abysmal and in places, meaningless. The surrounding detail was ill-thought-out. Noises in space = does not happen. Sending people to distant places = will never happen ... you send probes. Sending one person only = total madness. Also let down by the poor rendering and physics modelling in the 'flying through magic asteroids' sequence. Finally, the story outline would only have been impressive coming from a 10 year old. The only redeeming feature ... the male actor.
Internet Quality Police (3 months ago)
If reading opinions that conflict with yours causes you to become so upset that you have to post insults, then I would suggest staying off the Internet, and confine yourself to simple book burning activities in the privacy of your own home.
deltavee2 (3 months ago)
Internet Quality Police Your asinine comments are outdone only by your ridiculous handle.
Cenotaur1 (3 months ago)
I read the description before i had 70 seconds of the short watched...d'oh.

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