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Beauty Haul - Makeup, Polish and Perfume!

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Are you proud of me yet? I am on a roll!! I hope you guys enjoyed this video, don't for get to LIKE it! Watch my latest video featuring my TWIN!! http://youtu.be/LVobWvYG0Z4 My public Mailing address: SCCASTANEDA POBOX 1103 Glendora Ca 91740 .......................................... Everything and Anything me: My blog - http://www.sccastaneda.com Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/soniaccastaneda INSTAGRAM - sccastaneda Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonia-Castaneda/425807130768038 FTC - I bought it all baybeh!
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Text Comments (324)
Morgan Bondarko (4 years ago)
You look so pretty in this video. I mean you always look great but I really like your look in this one
Emily Ortiz (5 years ago)
Tutorial PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!
Marybelle De La Cruz (5 years ago)
Brooke E (5 years ago)
What are you wearing on your lips?!! Can you do a tutorial on this look?
Diana Miculescu (5 years ago)
herring gull is also a bird
Katie Gillette (5 years ago)
Wow. I can't believe people hop on youtube just to tell beautiful girls they're ugly. Bad day, angel faces? Try figuring out what's really making you so miserable before you go spewing your nastiness all over public forums. And maybe try to gain some maturity while you're at it. You're gorgeous Sonia, I hope you don't waste one second of time on the negative comments.
Queen Bey (5 years ago)
I really don't know what the whole hype about you is cuz first of all you look NOTHING like Kim kardashian you actually wish you looked like her second of all you look like an average chick meaning you are not pretty and look like whatever, and third of all you look like Michael Jackson straight out cuz of your eyes and nose.
Queen Bey (5 years ago)
Ur ugly
LifeofAdriana (5 years ago)
Love your hair in this video
Ari Vega (5 years ago)
I haven't seen it lately! but I've seen it in South San Francisco's Ulta! I totally "eeeeped" when I saw you <3
Edna L. (5 years ago)
The Versace perfume is my favorite! It is just perfect!
Isabelle Bernuy (5 years ago)
I love you Sonia! Stay true to yourself. 3
mellie49er (5 years ago)
Ive seen the display of the nyx mascaras here in the sf valley, at a sears where they had a bunch of drugstore makeup:) i was like omg thats sonia!
K D (5 years ago)
I've seen it I'm in Boston
HeyMickey (5 years ago)
Herring is a fish, not a bird. Love ya!
SuperSasha1969 (5 years ago)
annoying how she keeps moving her bangs the entire video!!!!!!! ugh
Acela Guitareo (5 years ago)
make more videos with your little boy Jude!!!
Anti jameela (5 years ago)
I hate the customer service at the Ulta i go too, in Glendora I went in there and got some of their buy one and get 50% off stuff they totally didnt even discount it, or gave me the "free gift" with my benefit stuff. never going back.
Jocelyn Moreno (5 years ago)
I also want to know what's on your cheeks! Love the way it looks :)
TBLove2012 (5 years ago)
What do you have on your cheeks? It looks amazing. Anyone know?
alex casco (5 years ago)
Can u please do a tutorial for ur eye makeup
Elsy Carlos (5 years ago)
You are super pretty Sonia <3
babiephatzj (5 years ago)
I love your makeup in this.vid
Jessica Micieli (5 years ago)
i found the brow wiz ran out very quickly! but i definitely agree that it is better than the wooden pencils!
XHL763 (5 years ago)
I'm in NY and haven't seen your NYX.... If I do, I"ll pick one up...
Samantha4yaa (5 years ago)
your nails remind me of some of tarte's packaging. looks cool
Chicasita Bln (5 years ago)
Miss your vlogs!!
Reg Dvln (5 years ago)
Sally (5 years ago)
I'm from NJ. I know 2 ultas and have not seen your pic there!!! I FRICKIN LOOOOOOOVE your lipstick!!!!
Ashley Rose (5 years ago)
Uh, lots of people like seeing what other people bought. That's why they do haul videos ... If you don't like watching them then don't watch videos that say 'haul' in the title.
Vicky Loves Pretty (5 years ago)
PLEASE! A tutorial on your hair in this video! Thanks, Sonia!
Nma728 (5 years ago)
Makeup tutorial for this look, please! Or at least an eyebrow tutorial! Love your brows!!!
Rachael Acevedo Patton (5 years ago)
What brand and nail color are you wearing in this video? I like it and gotta have it.
missmndz (5 years ago)
You are just so like able!
Candice Capps (5 years ago)
YES I agree!
Ivy (5 years ago)
Iv been wanting to buy that anastasia brow wiz. Eyebrow tutorial pleassssse
I G (5 years ago)
miss ur vlogs!
cris d (5 years ago)
Herring is a fish, nice color though.
Natalie G (5 years ago)
Sonia! Sell some beauty products on posh! I am waiting lol
TheRealKB (5 years ago)
Just pin back your bangs/fringe!.!.
Clarissa (5 years ago)
Girlfriend you look like your in highschool with ya hair like that, lol .
Janette Zamora (5 years ago)
Love your makeup, but please fix your bangs! Your constant side swiping your bangs was annoying!
Nikki Reyes (5 years ago)
I've seen your NYX display at the Sears in the Inland Center Mall in San Bernardino. I haven't been there in about 2 months so idk if it would still be there or not... but when I first saw it I had a mini fan girl moment, I was like I watch her on youtube!! :D
Debra (5 years ago)
Your display is all the way in Des Moines IA!! :)
Brenda Alvarado (5 years ago)
I've seen the NYX display with you on it just last month. I live in Atlanta, GA!
KayBeauty14 (5 years ago)
And your hair look amazing I'm in love can you do a updated hair care routine?
KayBeauty14 (5 years ago)
Hi, I don't know if you will see my comment but I hope you do... I've been watching your videos for a few years now and I FINALLY made a channel so I could subscribe to you, and I just wanted to say I love your videos and your so funny! Your my favorite beauty guru!
Daisy Gutierrez (5 years ago)
What color is your nail polish Sonia? Gracias!!!!
Sophy Curls (5 years ago)
Just a helpful suggestion for us viewers - if would be really helpful if you included in the down bar all the products you talk about in your vid! Instead of having to pause and rewind for names like i do :)
Lucita Magana (5 years ago)
I missed you :) glad ur back w your hauls!
awomansaffair (5 years ago)
great haul! :)
Samantha Wray (5 years ago)
I live in Detroit n I saw it about 6 months ago..... Haven't seen it since then.
Blanx76 (5 years ago)
More haul please (on clothing)
Yvonne Gomez (5 years ago)
Mara Stafford (5 years ago)
You are so pretty <3
Anya TD (5 years ago)
more vlogs! lol
cutest123 (5 years ago)
in love with your bangs. they look fantastic on you. actually i'm in love with your hair overall. the color is perfect for you.
lisig12 (5 years ago)
what blush are you using thanks
adriemarie85 (5 years ago)
In sept-nov I think* oops
adriemarie85 (5 years ago)
They used to carry the NYX mascara case w/your face on it at the Ulta in Hastings Ranch in Pasadena :) this was in towards the end or so of last year!
The Style Chronicles (5 years ago)
Loved your haul!! I hope you are doing well!! XX ~ E
Al3ChaN (5 years ago)
your lipstick colour! I like it. please what is it??
JeoLovesyou (5 years ago)
Love all the products. Especially the lip color yur wearing, and your hair looks AMAZINGLY gorgeous ::D
campsbaygirl (5 years ago)
The tan in a pan looks so cute! Your makeup is gorgeous as usual sweetie! :)
Sabs Hernandez (5 years ago)
May I just ask what lippie you're using? :) It's gorgeous!
Aiyana Friedlander (5 years ago)
Do they usually give you free stuff @ checc out??
Aiyana Friedlander (5 years ago)
Yeah, pin them bacc!!
V334YY (5 years ago)
WhittniBubbles (5 years ago)
Could you do the I heart spring tag! :)
Zerlina Chan (5 years ago)
I like your hair.
Leslie T (5 years ago)
Butter Fly (5 years ago)
Ikapny707 find something better to do with your time! Her bangs annoy you, seriously get a life!
Liza H (5 years ago)
I definitely want to know what you think of the Revlon powder. Nice haul
Maria Giles-Gordillo (5 years ago)
You always look so lovely :)
MsSizzle29 (5 years ago)
Makeup tutorial please.....
Annie Carson (5 years ago)
pplloveme1 (5 years ago)
Pin ur bangs out the way it's distracting
sjhernandez777 (5 years ago)
please do a tutorial on your makeup here!!!
Gillian (5 years ago)
And I feel the exact same way about the powder you didn't like! :)
Gillian (5 years ago)
I really like this video! :) great job! :)
Tiffany Wells (5 years ago)
Check out my ULTA HAUL on my channel!
blogwithme21 (5 years ago)
Tutorial on how you style your bangs please!
peggy (5 years ago)
love your make up in this video!
oriana grey (5 years ago)
Do a makeup tutorial on what u wearing now! Please
KARINUX951 (5 years ago)
Girl... You look fantastic.
Melly32807 (5 years ago)
Eyebrow tutorial please!
NAYOTG (5 years ago)
You look pretty with your bangs
Mari C. (5 years ago)
Do you have an eyebrow tutorial? i love how yours look
WanderWithAlice (5 years ago)
Great haul! Hey ladies! I just started making videos! Please come and check it out! Thanks! XO
Cristina Zepeda (5 years ago)
Me Encantan Tus Vídeos, Si Los Hicieras En Español, Tuvieras Muchísimos Mas Subscriptoras, Porque Están Buenísimos Todos Tus Vídeos, Saludos y Bendiciones !!
sandyluvsNandJ (5 years ago)
Love every single video of yours! You look slimmer Sonia can you share your healthy living habits please. : )
pt135314 (5 years ago)
You look like you've lost weight Sonia! Can you do an updated weight loss/diet video?
reina tsigole (5 years ago)
Beautifull you are. You are such feminin. And you push me to take care of me ^^. Luv'you
NicoleSVZLA (5 years ago)
Can you do a makeup collection plz?
Gayle Benjamin (5 years ago)
A herring is a fish but there is a bird called a heron, so it depends on the spelling :)
A19XI4BX (5 years ago)
I love you, you're so real.
kiniyahdeen (5 years ago)
i work for Ulta and yes your pic is there in my store. st louis mo
Casey Case (5 years ago)
LOVE YOUR MAKEUP!!! Tutorial please
ZEPOLAZTIRAM (5 years ago)
I saw it at my Ulta but I don't know if its still there. I'll tweet you is pic if I see it again
Alma D Arre (5 years ago)
love your makeup!!!!

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