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James Deen Talks About Farrah Abraham's Vivid Tape

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Porn star James Deen says Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham never owned the sex tape.
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Lisa Meyer (2 months ago)
Just copped to it Farrah she’s hoping she’ll come out like Kim Kardashian! All about money!
renae eastham (3 months ago)
You're Beautiful James and a complete sweetheart :*
LonelyWolf (4 months ago)
Anything for Money! Now she looks like a “Botched” plastic surgery! She needs to get a refund!! No joke!!!!
Lewis Ariki (5 months ago)
What is this “expressing herself sexually” when she is just a rude, nasty, ugly, slag? She got her “fame” or Notoriety from opening her legs, then did this film (no judgment on porn) but don’t act like it was a little home tape made with your partner... it was only made to make her money. She is deluded to think she is soooo classy as above and better than absolutely everyone!! She is rude and inarticulate. Uggh and such an ugly person! (And I don’t mean her appearance)
Juanita Sinnett (5 months ago)
Dude looks like Ted Bundy
APK Sand (5 months ago)
This man sounds more honest and believable than anybody in Congress today, including Trump.
alex martinez (7 months ago)
another day in the office lol
brenton. (7 months ago)
he got in, got out, got his cut, he’s done lol on to the next one
Vixen Johnson (10 months ago)
Farrah is backwards, confused, loose and an idiot.
Chanelle Ali (10 months ago)
so she made out she was dating him! then she changed her story and said he raped me. then she changed it again and so yh it was to get famous! like Kim kardasian!????????
jay longton (10 months ago)
She is a pig!
Katee B (11 months ago)
Bitch isn’t worth a dollar! Let alone a million!
Piff Spot Music (11 months ago)
Any woman that like this dude i hope ur twats turn inside out so u cant have kids #please dont impregnate dumb bitchs or libtards ty
Surf Board (1 year ago)
The only James Dean I know was the movie actor, RIP 🙏🏾
Whoknows ? (1 year ago)
Ohhh that's how pornstars do it. They get tested first. That makes me feel better that their clean. Lol
Brittany Baxter (1 year ago)
Awe, what a charming guy. Lol! Honesty is definitely best.
Star Non (1 year ago)
I just came to read the comments
Amanda Stetson (1 year ago)
her dad is encouraging her to but not her mom as much, he was on set when she was filmed..sophia was too at vivid, on negotiation day and day of filming.
BlueGypsyDoll (1 year ago)
he's a puke though. I dont even like ferrah but he's not being completely honest.
Tami Gorman (1 year ago)
It's not a movie James Dean you dumbass it's just two people fucking on camera...wtf porn stars are not stars they're just filthy pigs
Tami Gorman (1 year ago)
Farrah is a dirty whore
Emma W (1 year ago)
Got no time at all for Farrah and her actions but he is a fucking vile specimen of a human being.
BIG SCRAPY LOC (1 year ago)
haha this fool split her butthole real good... high 5 !!! Farrah keep up the bad work bby girl ;))
jonathan mano (2 years ago)
fucking hate how americans say like in every sentence did these people LIKE even go to school?!
jonathan mano (2 years ago)
America isn't a race dumb shit
MarMar88 (2 years ago)
ZQ (2 years ago)
M£GA M€G (2 years ago)
Zoya Qazi People are calling him a creep and Ted Bundy on here...thts well respected? the only reason the media never bashed him is because he never lied to them nor does he continuously show the world how classless and psychotic he is like Farrah. Plenty of adult stars get treated the same way and are of several different ethnicities and races. Plus, they each ask for this type of attention BC of wut they do.
Denise Caldwell (2 years ago)
She's such a lowlife idiot who thinks she's smarter,prettier then everyone else what got me when I watch teen mom where she was uninvited to the white party in hamptons she said it was because she's on teen mom that is why they didn't want her there when her mom says it's prob cause of the porn she flips saying no it's cause teen mom she treats people horrible and it makes me sick to hear an see how she does her mom!!! And saying to Simon that she won't wait 2 years to get engaged/married because it's only for ugly girls to wait 2 years idc if she does porn or makes sex toys it's her life but don't lie bout it and think your shit don't stink just be honest it's nobody's life but her own do what ever floats your boat!!!! I WISH TEEN MOM WOULD GET RID OF HER FOR GOOD!! Just my thoughts
JHaaby TV (1 year ago)
Denise Caldwell couldn't have said it better myself
Harley Moonshine (2 years ago)
he sounds like a feminist 💓 fine as hell too 😍
DeeDee Inc (2 years ago)
Steven Quinn (2 years ago)
A monster as is Farah the apocalypse is intriguing She is a terrible thing that will destroy her parents daughter and anybody who is near RUN MEN FASTER FASTER AND FASTER
Andrea Allen (2 years ago)
I don't want to see it there both nasty pigs
Marleaha Hatch (2 years ago)
8 Girls have made the same claims.But won't press charges against him or the ones shooting it!! If he is drugging them & Raping them, he's Fucken Scum!!! Farrah is such a Whore to begin with & lies out her ASS!!! SHE'S A POOR EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER & DISRESPECTS HER PARENTS EVERY TIME THEY SPEAK . SHE'S ONE THAT NEEDS HER ASS KICKED AGAIN & AGAIN!!! KARMA'S A BITCH FARRAH. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!! HAS ANYONE WATCHED HER SO CALLED MUSIC VIDEO "BLOWIN" LMFAO OH ITS A DOOZY!! Gotta watch it folks,you will get a good Chuckle.
Max Moore (2 years ago)
Marleaha Hatch Many girls also say he is a gentleman to and big on consent. Farrah is not innocent in this one
Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald (2 years ago)
Wonder who owns the tape if she doesn't and he doesn't.
SLW6 (2 years ago)
vivid. duh
Kyle Johnston (2 years ago)
he's definitely a creep. I read on his wiki bio, that he has wanted to be a porn star since he was in kindergarten. how does a kid that age even know about porn or sex at all. my kid is 7 and has no idea about that stuff.
Joseph Downarowicz (10 months ago)
When I was six my sister’s boyfriend at the time got an adult film movie that he got from a Bachelor party my sister and her friend were in her room looking through high school pictures because they just graduated a year ago so she was 19 and they had the movie on her screen I came in and first thing I saw was lady going down on a guy the next day me being a six years old I told my parents my dad went to my sister’s room found the tape my sister told my dad she got it from her boyfriend and he was no longer welcome back to the house he immediately apologize to my father and I’m 24 years old and my father still not over it I told him Dad it wasn’t even that good.
Amber Rivers (1 year ago)
Kyle Johnston molestation. Explains his obsession with kink and his rapiness
La Fam (1 year ago)
Kyle Johnston my first blow job I was 12
preston dickson (2 years ago)
MarMar88 (2 years ago)
I used to play with my dick under the table in 3rd grade while the girls next to me would watch. They even touched and played with it themselves. My stuff is all over pornhub now. I'm proud.
corrina bell (2 years ago)
Ya, because an extremely famous porn star needed a boost to his dwindling ego so he traveled the streets looking for a complete bonehead attention seeking whore to have a one night stand with. 🙄
Cas Clay (2 years ago)
Joy Pope (2 years ago)
he looks like my ex!!
Tim schlingmeier (2 years ago)
yes the james deen is a car for sun on big
Tim schlingmeier (2 years ago)
yes the james deen is a car for sun on big
Sofie Leech (2 years ago)
It was good? I watched it a year ago and I'm still having nightmares.
Paul Barboza (11 months ago)
This was the worst porno I have ever seen she even makes that stupid crying face while doing anal. I'am glad vivid stands behind satisfaction or money back policy.
Pretty jackson (2 years ago)
Daniel Kautu Yuck
Sofie Leech (2 years ago)
+Daniel Kautu It's not hard to find
Daniel Kautu (2 years ago)
Can you share it please/
lizeth (2 years ago)
ohhh james deen is so totally adorable mmmmm kisses for him
VeRnSquad5611 (2 years ago)
She's tryna pass it off as a sex tape and he's basically saying, this girl contacted me and it was all her plan, she's tryna make it seem like she was exploited when she exploited the show team mom by making a porno
hey you (2 years ago)
if I was him I would deny having sex with that clown looking skank. .I wish she would die already
Dana Johnson (2 years ago)
+Hey You except it is on video
Jessa Guzman (2 years ago)
u should be a shame of your self . Selling a video tape and making this poor girl look like a monster . Shane of u
Alena Lyn (2 years ago)
If she was going to pretend it was an accidental sex tape, she should have used a less known porn actor! What a dum ass!
MarMar88 (2 years ago)
She's not a smart girl, this shouldn't be too surprising at all. HAHAHA.
Daniel Kautu (2 years ago)
James confirm it was a porn scene.
Rayna Clarke (2 years ago)
Exactly! Anyone who believes a word she says is as empty headed as farrah herself.
K3eOne (2 years ago)
idk why but this guy is always trying so hard to look intelligent. The way he responds to the questions, he's trying to make it look so professional. Dude you're young, he is not wanting to answer a question like he thinks some copyright shit is involve... its ur personal income, ur allowed to talk about it. She is using the sex tape to her benefit and made a million dollars off of it... now since you're the professional porn star, just answer the fucking question, did ur profit end up being near as hers? Like this guy is making this entire thing look like its a law class in harvard like jesus christ get your head out of ur ass.
K3eOne (2 years ago)
+Tom L Company told him to not discuss the finance, him saying " yeah i earned almost near as her" could been said or something. They claim she made a million and probably did we will never know but the exact finances arent out there .
Tom (2 years ago)
+K3eOne the movie company asked his specifically not to discuss the finances of the movie. not sure what else you want from the guy. he actually seems like a pretty genuine and articulate dude.
Scrambled Egg (3 years ago)
She was trying to do a Kim K, but failed miserably... She hired a professional porn actor she's just a stupid idiot to tell everyone it wasn't a porno.
Vianey Bocardo (2 years ago)
also she is so attention hungry she let the tape be "leaked" for attention and because everyone can see through her crap and she isnt getting the type of reaction she was dying for, now she wants to say it wasnt a porno it was for "my own pleasure"...ok farrah everyone is just as stupid as you are 😑
Mountainvictory (3 years ago)
There's something creepy about James Deen but he's attractive at the same time.
Kenroy Cherrington (2 years ago)
Handsome guy but it seems........he's a serial rapist!
Jason (2 years ago)
+Mountainvictory a lot of pornstars call him a rapist. There are no safe words, and he doesn't stop or care too.
A.M. Arteaga (3 years ago)
God, he looks like Ted Bundy. o_o
shreef khoder (1 year ago)
A.M. Arteaga he worest than him
Alisia Tabaku (1 year ago)
A.M. Arteaga damn that's creepy
DKVS (2 years ago)
Holy shit...i knew he looked like someone. You hit the nail on the head....heh...head.
Hilda Z Campos (2 years ago)
A.M. Arteaga jajajajaa
Call me Misssociopath (3 years ago)
He is tellin a truth
Shaun Weston (3 years ago)
he has rapey eyes
R (8 months ago)
Shaun Weston hahahha best comment ever!
Shay Heard (2 years ago)
tiredofthebull that's what this rape culture wants you to believe
tiredofthebull (2 years ago)
+Shaun Weston Stoya and James were dating, working together and they got into it one day. Stoya was pissed and she got on her twitter, started writing random crap while pissed. She pushed send and then said "oh shit" afterwards instead of before. Hence why its out there and hence why nothing has come of it. You can't rape someone that has agreed and signed a consent to work on a PORNO with you which involves sex. That's almost as dumb as taking your daughter to mcdonalds everyday then accusing McDonalds of making your daughter fat.
Shaun Weston (2 years ago)
Just read Stoya's Twitter the accounts of Bonnie Rotten and various others.  No smoke without fire.
Courtney Conrad (2 years ago)
+Shaun Weston you can't believe everything on the news
Mike C. (3 years ago)
Guy like that gets anywhere near my daughter -- I split his head open.
ThePistons4life (3 years ago)
Lol the women on these comments just prove that women watch porn..love how they deny it...they love it and they are as horn as us men..I love it :)
ThePistons4life (2 years ago)
+Grace Scarlett I agree 100%...
Grace Scarlett (2 years ago)
I think it's awesome when women admit to watching porn, many of us do. And while not every woman watches porn, not every man does either. There is nothing wrong with watching porn, everyone (or most everyone) has a sex drive, and that's not a bad thing
Mort (3 years ago)
Fonzi79 (3 years ago)
I like James!
Shannon K. (3 years ago)
FINALLY! He said the word PORNO. In Farrah's interview with Dr. Phil she went to crazy lengths to make it clear that it wasn't a porno, which it obviously is & always was.
SBJTV (3 years ago)
+John Ryan The comment above says it all. Dean made it clear this was in fact indeed a porno. But then Farrah went on Dr. Phil and claimed that it was a "private sex tape" so clearly someones lying here.  Farrah claimed that Dean put it out in the open because he was doing it for fame and attention but in reality everyone already knew who Dean was from the beginning so that makes her a complete liar.
John Ryan (3 years ago)
+Shannon Kumar I'm still not even sure what the controversy even is. James was hired to shoot the scene and he did. What's the big deal?
maximolomo (3 years ago)
he seems to be telling the truth she is just a fame whore making up all sort of stories to get noticed
Artemisia Glauci (3 years ago)
Wow. He is HOT. P:
Tina.Hororka (3 years ago)
Because I saw him couple of times in interview and in his jo :D :D :D I believe him better than Farrah who actually seems like all she wants is fame. James is famous for what he does. :D
Josh France (3 years ago)
she took it up the ass like a champ.  wasn't the first time lol
Dorian Rawles (3 years ago)
Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Video
crys abidin (3 years ago)
My boyfriend looks just like James Deen...I'm definitely the lucky one ;-)
Xtina Nunyabizz (5 months ago)
Suuurreee. Cool story bro
samanthasapato123 (6 months ago)
Sure he does
googlesu (3 years ago)
+crys abidin I think some guys would be happy having a GF looking like their favourite porn star
Raquelly Eye-opening (3 years ago)
What I seen it sounds like he has nothing to hide.
Educated Black Man (3 years ago)
him and Taylor Swift should date.....see what i did there......mwahahaha
pineapplepen (3 years ago)
+TheWitchOvAgnesi google some comedy show
SpikeFlea (3 years ago)
+pineapple Maybe if it was actually funny, you wouldn't have to...
pineapplepen (3 years ago)
+pineapple" You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye" the porn actor is James Deen, making reference to the real James Dean. I feel old when I need to explain this kind of stuff
pineapplepen (3 years ago)
+MrStifleras listen to taylor's 'style'. you'll get it
adriana rdz (3 years ago)
+MrStifleras it means they've fucked the same amount of people that is indeed ALOT
Scarlet Naranjo (3 years ago)
Why would anyone become a pornstar?? Its so filthy ! We all do it.. but to that for a living yuck! Im sure his family is very disappointed !
Scarlet Torres (3 years ago)
porn is awesome
HaleyQuinn (3 years ago)
+lectorman21 sex can be what you want it to be, unless its not concessional.. 
a classical paint (3 years ago)
+adriana rdz What's wrong with debauchery? Not everyone wants to live with a stick up their ass. Porn is a normal occupation, even if it isn't commonly admitted to be. How would anyone else be insulted by porn stars? That honestly makes no sense. A pharmacist isn't offended by a construction worker simply because of what they are. Don't be the demand to their supply or even bother to consume their labor if you have such disdain to sex workers. They are not lesser than you. I think if you are so uncomfortable with them, it translates to an enormous amount of self consciousness.
HaleyQuinn (3 years ago)
There is times where porn has a lot of issues in it. Its not always pitch perfect, and most of is fake.
adriana rdz (3 years ago)
Don't confuse sexual freedom with debauchery and do not try to make porn look like a normal occupation cause IT'S NOT. You can make a kite out of your butthole if you want to but don't make such statements you insult people who do have a profession.
Krystal smith (3 years ago)
why call him James Dean tho lol
Cat Bug (3 years ago)
+Krystal Smith James *DEEN, actually. He got the nickname because he used to wear a leather jacket and smoke and I guess that made him resemble the actor to some. He also was somewhat homeless at a point, and would stay in abandoned places, like James Dean did in "Rebel Without a Cause". His real name is Bryan Sevilla.
Krystal smith (3 years ago)
I believe him and he's hot ... lol an I've seen the sex TAPES" SHE IS DELUSIONAL AND GROSS he's gorgeous tho
Tom (2 years ago)
+Jay A how is she perpetuating degradation of women? shes right, Farrah Abraham is a gross human being. Maybe not physically, but mentally shes disgusting and doesn't have one redeeming quality about her. her lies, deceit, and slander towards this guy who was just doing his job does more to degrade women than his work in porn. shes a walking example of the false truths in this "rape culture" where the womans word is so much more highly valued over a mans. Except the problem with her is shes so stupid and her story is so clearly bullshit it instead only serves as an example of why this feminist division of sexes is so ridiculous in the first place. you dont exactly help your movement either. with your blind devotion to the womans word over the mans no matter how fucking stupid it is, you embody that pattern of narrow minded, uncompromising thinking that hardcore feminists do little to deny.
Shaun Weston (3 years ago)
+Krystal Smith you're in a fangirl daze.
Jules Volny (3 years ago)
+Krystal Smith Let's do a sex tape. That would be cool...
Brenna Keating (3 years ago)
i know hes  a porn star and would maybe be a sleaze, but i actually think he's telling the truth about the whole thing.  and considering how farrah is trying to lie and spin the whole thing off by saying that he betrayed her and is such a mean guy, i think he is being pretty nice and mature regarding the questions they ask him about her.  i think shes a vain, selfish, irresponsible little liar.
Painted perfect (2 years ago)
I agree
Danielle (3 years ago)
totally agree with you
Cobra Skating (3 years ago)
He's a pretty awesome dude not gonna lie
HaleyQuinn (3 years ago)
Hes actually quite genuine. He just does porn because he loves sex, thats it xD but from each interview ive seen hes goofy, sweet and really smart.
Lauren 94 (3 years ago)
Hahaha I just don't care
earthlight (4 years ago)
this guy sex with the other pornstar in rough sex
Mike dunno (4 years ago)
It's terrible the extent to which large sections of the US are blatantly misogynistic and anti womens sexuality (who gives a fuck if an adult woman wants to make a sex tape and sell it) whilst this little worm betrays her
Angela Powerr (4 years ago)
I want to marry him. Yes, I want to marry a porn star.
ThisIsGonnaBFine (4 years ago)
This Man will die Lost and Go Straight to Hell if He doesn't Repent and Turn His Life to Christ Jesus!!! Wicked!, Wicked!, Wicked!!!
Pollyanna Principle (10 months ago)
@ThisisGonnaBFine. He's just doing porn. It's not like he's a serial killer on death row. Would Jesus really punish someone just because he's getting paid in a job where he enjoys himself? At least he's working.
Roberto Ortega (10 months ago)
Maybe he can save you a seat. ☺
isaiah edwards (1 year ago)
ThisIsGonnaBFine he’s making money and he ain’t hurting nobody in anyway so.
Robert Springer (1 year ago)
Porn is art, it's 2018 everybody watches the hub.
HaleyQuinn (3 years ago)
Your making christians look bad, stop it
E Reed (4 years ago)
his story actually makes sense unlike farrahs on dr. phil and couples therapy
410harmcitymdjw (5 years ago)
Who the hell is James Dean does anyone know
Sarah Minter (4 years ago)
+RcadezArts his producers gave him the name James Deen. It wasn't his idea.
RcadezArts (5 years ago)
James dean was a famous actor in the 50's known for his roles in east of eden, rebel without a cause and giant, he died after those 3 in 1955. The guy in this video you probably refer to who calls him self James Deen and not Dean, he's a pornstar (don't ask me how I know), he got that name only because he smokes cigarettes the same way James Dean used to. Silly to call himself like that I know.
BusquedaBlues (5 years ago)
you sound like a dork m8.
Alexander James (5 years ago)
And your grammar speaks your age. Get a girlfriend and stop masturbating so much.
BusquedaBlues (5 years ago)
you sound like a dork m8.
Alexander James (5 years ago)
Gentleman? I have seen idiots comment on how energetic this average American is. Are you familiar with underground parties? They are the ones where it costs an and a leg to even watch (let alone participate), trust me, these guys and girls would eat James Dream up and spit him out in bubbles. Example: Scratches, bruises, kissbadges and so on. The point is that (porn) is work, nothing else. James Dream does a lot of scenes for Kink, I would hardly call that rough, American glamour porn, yawn.
Lena La Kittie (5 years ago)
Totally! He is too fine! Pretty pathetic that girl tried to pretend it was anything other than a staged performance.
anitabelikov (5 years ago)
She wanted money to pay for her daughter's college, and she wanted fame.
falloutgirl902 (5 years ago)
he....seems like....a nice..........guy?
jake snope (5 years ago)
Full sex tape for free here - TeenMomFarrahSexTape DOTblogspot DOTcom
Justin Tran (5 years ago)
www.sextapefarrah.com - See Farrah Abraham in her sextape today! Free Download!
Mariachiloco1231 (5 years ago)
I want to be like James Deen when I grow up
Akhamesh (5 years ago)
Deen is such a pimp.

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