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$100 Dollar Challenge: ALPHA M. VS TMF (Vote For The Winner)

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Text Comments (18608)
alpha m. (7 months ago)
Make sure to vote for the winner & give this video a 👍 if you want a rematch!
Milan Urbanc (2 months ago)
alpha wins 😁
hugo vences (3 months ago)
Jose took the dubbb!!!
Ed The Nimble Boxer (3 months ago)
But both of u are amazing
Balkrishna Acharya (4 months ago)
Kavasia (5 months ago)
alpha m. Nah alpha you took the l
Cioara Gargamel (16 minutes ago)
Jose won all fhe way
The Ultimate Fighter (8 hours ago)
Alpha won bro
vazvaz voova (12 hours ago)
اغبيو بيج😂😂 0:06 that's so bad 🤣🤣 5:17 10:25
chug rock (22 hours ago)
Fabian Granados (1 day ago)
Alpha man wins his style is better to me,and dude that tshirt is awesome.
chiranga shalitha (1 day ago)
6:18 that's what that's what that's what
Wadu Hek (1 day ago)
Jose is at least 7’10
SPECTRUM cRiSpY (2 days ago)
Francisco Madrid (2 days ago)
Alpha all day bro
3aziz youtube (2 days ago)
I vote for alpha
Shubham Singh (2 days ago)
Alpha wins
Aman John (2 days ago)
Jose is winner
Gangana Perera (2 days ago)
Alpha wins
Azad Miah (2 days ago)
Aaron Marino rans the show. When he talk you just need to listen. Wherever he goes.
Azad Miah (2 days ago)
Aaron Marino can act.
Dilip Patil (2 days ago)
Aerban Hasib (3 days ago)
Raja Marthandan (3 days ago)
both r awesome
damien pitt (3 days ago)
Alpha got it
Aymen Daaloul34 (4 days ago)
Reading the title i though they will fight
GUSTTAVO AARON (4 days ago)
Um wtf? I didnt know hosea was so tall
New fashion channel King of fashion kof
Dennis Canan (4 days ago)
#STAR BOYS (4 days ago)
Terri Yee (5 days ago)
Terri Yee (5 days ago)
He's so tallllll
Prince Cordova (5 days ago)
José no cap
ProNite (6 days ago)
alpha the type of zuniga to challenge jose
Khagendra karki (6 days ago)
Alpha You killed it..
Pretty Arrington (6 days ago)
Both my people 👍🏽
JT Channel (6 days ago)
Alpha m looks 4 foot tall haha
JT Channel (6 days ago)
I can't believe tmf is huge and alpha M is really small..but stylish
Joseph Lieras (6 days ago)
Wayne Jackson II (6 days ago)
Fabian Perez (6 days ago)
Markanamer 1 (7 days ago)
Alpha all the way.
denarts (7 days ago)
the people in the background tho
SADUN DILAN (7 days ago)
Lewis Tamez (7 days ago)
Part 2 please
Mr.gamer 999 (7 days ago)
Sujan Mhrjn1301 (7 days ago)
Jose looks good in 1st outfit and alpha looks great as well😮😮😮... yeah i want part two
Shawn-Carl Solagnier (7 days ago)
Alfa no doubt.Very creative.Experience is always better
ediGoesPRO (8 days ago)
Btw... Alpha wins
ediGoesPRO (8 days ago)
Part 2 pleaase you guys are amazing!! And seeing you both together is awesome!! Thumbs up!!
Dougs Man (8 days ago)
I'm subscribed to both
Nani :3 (8 days ago)
Aaron won like an alpha
Enzo Bermudez (8 days ago)
Does alpha have a free n pass?
sam (8 days ago)
Alpha hands down
christian barrueta (8 days ago)
I will say Jose the black t shirt give him great look bien jose y como hago para tener unis de esos t shirt
mpacj6c (8 days ago)
Alpha is way hotter!!
Facuu Acevedo (8 days ago)
What shoe is using alpha??
jonathan mangione (9 days ago)
I vote for alpha m
Fernan Gonzalez (9 days ago)
Jakxzombie Games (9 days ago)
Is Jose taller than average or is alpha shorter than average?
lhartz1616 (10 days ago)
Dwarf vs beast
Jakub. M (10 days ago)
Is alpha just small or is Jose just tall as fuck?
Mattias Rannik (10 days ago)
can somebody tell me what shoes is jose wearing?
Atri Dey (10 days ago)
Jose look like a tall freaked giant n Alpha just look like a baby in front of him 😂😂
Dhyey Shah (10 days ago)
Alpha won
Usman Zia Bhutta (10 days ago)
Alpha m Is short
*EVERYTH!NG EX!ST* (10 days ago)
tmf.i love it.he is very stylish and badass .but u alpha somthing good
Aaiyah Vlogs (10 days ago)
Yasss rematch in Miami 🔥🔥
Edward Paniza (10 days ago)
"I will spank you like a stepchild". Dark, Alpha. So dark.
Leo Bakhache (10 days ago)
Essential tee as my clean up cloth and Pete and Pedro as my lube my dick is gonna get 50 inches
Leo Bakhache (10 days ago)
I would spank u like a step child😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leo Bakhache (10 days ago)
I love this😍
Biswajit Roy (10 days ago)
Alpha M won!! Awesome street look man!!
El Ganso (10 days ago)
Alpha called Jose, Zuniga😂
Junior Rivera (10 days ago)
Sepehr de (10 days ago)
Alpha m
G0oMeR 553 (10 days ago)
Alpha m is a bad boy sexy style, tmf is a summer guy ez outfit
DAN x BEE (10 days ago)
Spoofy Zact (11 days ago)
Fuckin trash
I am a big fan of Jose, but I think alpha won this challenge
Darshan Thacker (11 days ago)
Alpha m won the 100$ challeg myself
Ashu Bhosale (11 days ago)
Alpha men
Mr.Vsnake (11 days ago)
6:18 “thas wus thas wus”
Ainz_ Mrig_ (11 days ago)
alpha m for me...cuz that T-shirt is awesomely sexy
Tainted fainted (11 days ago)
Alpha definitely won this match
Ravi Thanki (11 days ago)
Alpha all day
Rafi Ashraf (11 days ago)
Jose’s shoes got high heels I think.
Rico Vergara (12 days ago)
Alpha wins!!!
Igor Krstić (12 days ago)
2:19 kinda short for "alpha"
Jacob Suarez (12 days ago)
I follow both of them!!!! This a once in a life time moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vinay Kumar (12 days ago)
I vote for alpha m
Yaw Militant (12 days ago)
In fact you guys did well... Buh my vote goes to Jose.....
아디 티아 (12 days ago)
thatmagic dude (12 days ago)
why does it always look like alpha is wearing make up
Divyaditya Singh (12 days ago)
You nailed the challenge alpha.m
khuang chera (12 days ago)
alpha M
sara Kole (12 days ago)
Rainon Rinson (12 days ago)
Both are like messi and ronaldo !!😁
Shreyansh Shukla (12 days ago)
My boy alpha
Hi there! (12 days ago)
Tmf fam all the way!!!
Dec Jeramieh (12 days ago)
dudes kinda cocky well I guess it's for entertainment purposes but then humility is more sexier than what any guy could wear
Miguel Nieto (12 days ago)
The winner was H&M by far 😂
MOST WANTED (12 days ago)
Mango (12 days ago)
nah this nigga got an android

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