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Everclear~ White Men in Black Suits

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Martin Sagastegui (4 months ago)
1986! Anyoneeee?
Keni Turner (1 year ago)
Live the way we want to and hope they go away.
Joe Leon (3 years ago)
Yes I think they're diminishing... :)
Pharaoh Prince (5 years ago)
I can still hear all those people sayyyyyyy...
Smedley Butler (3 years ago)
+Pharaoh Prince Ancient Egypt was also a breeding ground for those that followed the religion of the fallen angels... Why did you choose the name Pharaoh Prince? Are you a freemason
Smedley Butler (3 years ago)
+Pharaoh Prince It is about the men behind the curtain. It is funny because he calls them "white".... well he may be technically correct, most of these people do have "white" skin, but they do not consider themselves to be "white" people. As a matter of fact they see themselves as almost a different species. To tell you the truth they are the seed of the serpent, and their rule over this godforsaken planet has been here for longer than you can imagine. It is also funny because these people control most of the modern forms of Christianity that you seem to hate so much, in order to prevent people from being able to hear the true Christian message (which I am sure is very different than what you think it is) It is a brilliant tactic.... and it obviously worked on you.
Alexis K (3 years ago)
I think its about struggle
Pharaoh Prince (5 years ago)
Not sure what this song is about. What do you think?
Pharaoh Prince (6 years ago)
the forefathers were taking orders from a HIGHER POWR (mostly ROYALTY). They wrote your LAWs in the usa like that. The constitution knows this. The forefathers in usa are masons. How fucking stupid are these christians in usa? Fucking retards.
Pharaoh Prince (6 years ago)
christians cant put me in prison. I fucking hate them so badly they dont own a god damn thing so they better shut the fuck up.
Trevor Shuler (7 years ago)
@scabbybuttcrack Thats not what your mom said.
Leikeze6 (7 years ago)
This is a great song
Trevor Shuler (7 years ago)
@bigdane87 Im not a man, Im a teenager. I dont really like Everclears new stuff, it sucks, justin bieber more then sucks. No need to be such a prick.
bigdane87 (7 years ago)
Respond to this video... MAN.. as in im manly n stuff..
Trevor Shuler (7 years ago)
@bigdane87 And Everclear sold out after sparkle and fade :l
Trevor Shuler (7 years ago)
@bigdane87 Lolz mickhead mentioned him.. i should have ignored D:
bigdane87 (7 years ago)
@DeathCycleBand beiber ugg really? don't mention that sell out here please :)
Trevor Shuler (7 years ago)
@Mickhead23 Im gay, and hes ok but i fucking hate him. I think your playing around
Pigheaded Mentalcase (7 years ago)
im gay i love justin bieber and im not playing around guys hes hot
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