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Android Apps - 08 - Go Launcher Widgets - Task Manager

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The developers of Go Launcher EX have developed widgets to go along with it. Task Manager allows for apps to be killed from your home screen. NOTE, not all apps can be killed unless you have a rooted phone, and even then, depending on how you have your phone setup, some apps will run all the time. Don't get carried away killing apps or your battery will take a hit! Market Pages: Go Launcher EX - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.gau.go.launcherex Task Manager GOWidget - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.gau.go.launcherex.gowidget.taskmanager Links: Developer Homepage - http://golauncher.goforandroid.com/ My Homepage - http://www.rgddesigns.com
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John Marker (6 months ago)
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hasan saglam (4 years ago)
Kashifalich Kaashi (4 years ago)
у меня таковой.
vadiraj govind (5 years ago)
I am very much impressed, very much use full to everybody.
Agriya (5 years ago)
Go Launcher is an extremely awesome android application. It helps you to change the outlook of your android home screen. The task manager is the must have widget of Go launcher. It helps you to free up some space as well.
Willie D. (5 years ago)
Tried e-mailing you the picture but your e-mail address came back as invalid. I posted the wallpaper on Google+ and will update the description with a new link. Thanks, Willie
211ssw (5 years ago)
Originally found your 1st GO Launcher EX video & that led to my avid use of all things GO except for Prime! I got into trouble with lockscreen that I didn't know came with it- I was accustomed to auto thinking all GO= great! Never DID locate that super green wallpaper even tho you told me where it was- repeat info please? I'm again subscribed & hope you also do S4 videos. Thanks, Sandra. Use [email protected] (there was mixup on my YouTube signup that I recently discovered. Thx Sandra
Kevin Ringor (5 years ago)
Este GLOBE Connecting people :)
Kevin Ringor (5 years ago)
Jad Jado (5 years ago)
erwin tmo (5 years ago)
Mone Chan (5 years ago)
مافهمت شي بس شكله جميل
Talita Kelly (5 years ago)
Asep Suryana (5 years ago)
Kmjihnji ijozfb
Asep Suryana (5 years ago)
thang er2011 (5 years ago)
Dulce Navarro (5 years ago)
It is galaxy s2 Your phone?
shartov (5 years ago)
Short press the home button on note2 and I get the task manager not the home screen. Did you run into this problem?
Ashraf Al Abiad (5 years ago)
Vinay Salvi (5 years ago)
it most imp
Willie D. (5 years ago)
On newer versions of Android I agree with you, but for folks running older 2.x versions of Android, task killers actually do well as long as you're not too aggressive with them :-)
Jason Griffith (5 years ago)
ph10m (6 years ago)
Don't people realize using task killers is just the opposite of what android phones are designed for? Android is built with an automated process that kills apps that aren't used and when you open other apps, it will always prioritize the latest ones. You'll end up using more battery by killing an app and opening it later than by leaving it alone.
Thomas Esco (6 years ago)
Kool widget..
Vexatious (6 years ago)
Does it drain battery?
Chiwal Yeung (6 years ago)
Willie D. (6 years ago)
Thanks for watching!
Darci Tolman (6 years ago)
Very helpful, thanx
Neior (6 years ago)
«Хреново» .....«Хреново» .....
Assad Officiel (6 years ago)
Le! At
옜날두희 (6 years ago)
JoDa MM (6 years ago)
على شحم
Chris (6 years ago)
ankit gupta (6 years ago)
Ashleigh Ratkovich (6 years ago)
Akhmed Khamzatov (6 years ago)
Koksal Mercan (6 years ago)
Cok guzel
Willie D. (6 years ago)
Not sure what you mean by tether privately. Do you mean tether your wireless connection to your PC but without it being visible by others?
Lynn Johnson (6 years ago)
Would like to tether privately.
Willie D. (6 years ago)
I am glad you found this useful :-)
Becky Murray (6 years ago)
Great video for people like me! I am not tec savey!
Willie D. (6 years ago)
Thanks for watching :-)
Willie D. (6 years ago)
This is true for newer version of Android, everything 2.x and above. However, there are still some cases where an app will get stuck running, such as a game freezing, or a picture continuously trying to upload. In those cases, it's nice to have an easy way to kill the app.
Willie D. (6 years ago)
Por el momento no.
Willie D. (6 years ago)
In this video I used an HTC EVO 4G. My current videos are done with an HTC EVO LTE.
Eko Prayitno (6 years ago)
What is your phone to use ?
Jared Jilton (6 years ago)
I got this info from an android designer....so I do say, it is a very reliable source!!
Jared Jilton (6 years ago)
Your actually NOT supposed to kill apps that are running in the background! Unlike Microsoft, Android memory is made to stay full!! It does this mainly for speed!! If you use alot of apps, like Facebook, & twitter, & maby text a friend, then check an email, the app will idle in the background. If the app is killed it's of course is gonna take longer to bring you back to the app. It also uses A LOT of your battery. It has to star apps back constantly! So my advice is "don't use a task manager"!!
Willie D. (6 years ago)
Thank you for taking the time to watch :-)
Willie D. (6 years ago)
Cuando tengo tiempo voy a traducir todos mis videos :-)
Angel Johnson (6 years ago)
Brad Williams (6 years ago)
Thank you for taking the time for the post.
Willie D. (6 years ago)
Glad you found this useful!
Willie D. (6 years ago)
I don't recommend having the auto-close apps in the background as this usually makes your battery life take a hit and can bog down your processor.
Willie D. (6 years ago)
Thanks, glad you found this useful, make sure to subscribe for more useful videos and tips.
PATTY PERRY (6 years ago)
Great apparently,thank you I love this and its free thank you
Erica Ferreira (6 years ago)
Very nice and clear!!
Lord Vader (6 years ago)
Would been better if you showed more about Setting How to Auto set to close Apps running in background & auto cache clean Is there a another Better App to do that ? Thanks
LAZ (6 years ago)
very help.ful .x. ty
Ashaad Morton (6 years ago)
In running go launcher ex on my evo 3d and I love everything that it has to offer, and I honestly think it's the best on the market!
ishi kawa (6 years ago)
May thang như chi
Willie D. (6 years ago)
@killerjayce151 Yes, it's called Widgetsoid
JAYCOLL (6 years ago)
Is that an app that allows you to have icons in the status bar is so please tell me what that is:)
Micro306 (7 years ago)
@humancar2n ok ty :)
Willie D. (7 years ago)
@micro306 It's a Honeycomb theme.
Micro306 (7 years ago)
what theme is that ?
Willie D. (7 years ago)
@chaosfoevr done using an app called widgetsoid. See my Apps In Depth playlist.
Rajat Shr (7 years ago)
How did u get that bar of application on thr notification screen???
Willie D. (7 years ago)
@cmvalenti79 What version of Android are you running?
Willie D. (7 years ago)
@Rawrfearmeh333 you can customize the crap out of your phone with Go Launcher. Check my homepage for different homescreens I've created with Go Launcher.
Christina Valenti (7 years ago)
I installed this a few days ago and although when I hit the "x" button, it does kill the apps, for some reason it appears that my memory DECREASES as opposed to INCREASING. Can anyone shed some light on this for me??
Osolomio (7 years ago)
If you want the same thing but not want to run go launcher ex, just install Taskiller free, it should have a red android as the icon.
P H (7 years ago)
Thanks for the great tutorial.
Sugito Brooke (7 years ago)
slow to open, not sure if it will
Ox King (7 years ago)
You also can kill single apps by touching the icon in the field.

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