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More adventures in replying to spam | James Veitch

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James Veitch has spent years doing the tireless, thankless work of replying to spam emailers so you don’t have to. He returns to TED to tell the tale of yet another spam email adventure, this time with a vital lesson attached: How to annoy your way off any spammer’s mailing list. TEDArchive presents previously unpublished talks from TED conferences. Enjoy this unedited talk by James Veitch. Filmed at TEDSummit in 2016.
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Text Comments (13245)
THIS GUY HD (6 hours ago)
This is *ART*
Samuel Louwerens (10 hours ago)
The guy at 5:53 is having an heart attack
Victor Mohan (11 hours ago)
this is so fake. but still funny
Rainbow Rocks (11 hours ago)
This is great.
Meowlock (17 hours ago)
10:05 is that Amanda Fucking Palmer? Radical.
Oscar Wilde (21 hours ago)
This guy sucks ass. Vacuum cleaners can damage your penis if not lubed. Tell me I'm wrong or spank me
Abbigail H (1 day ago)
This is so funny!
Lia Brooks (1 day ago)
His voice sounds like Daniel Radcliffe. I wonder if this was set up or it actually happened.
Mr H (1 day ago)
This guy is good
TheGamerTim (1 day ago)
I needed a good laugh today, thank you 👍
Acid Pop (2 days ago)
all the dislikes are probably from spammers
banananutmuffin (2 days ago)
5:53 that one dude is living his best life
Lainie Picklesimer (2 days ago)
Wioleta Dudka (2 days ago)
''Where is Mass? Ooooo is that where the toaster is?!'' Good one! Congratulations! For me its a masterpiece! Consider being an actor.
Rahulium (2 days ago)
Raj Ramesh from Customer Care Service xD btw i'm from India.
TheTank421 (2 days ago)
“Why do people reply to spam emails?” Because you have no life.
Finn Dowdall (2 days ago)
This Guy is amazing
Alice Reading (2 days ago)
This has been sitting in my recommendations for two years and I've finally watched it. No regrets.
Angel Rose Mensorado (2 days ago)
He sounds like Grian and this sounds like something a Grain would do 🤣
Muhe Vend (3 days ago)
If that were true....
Guchu Sokukuki (3 days ago)
5:55 I friggin love that guys reaction in the audience 😂😂😂😂😂
Andrei Mitoiu (3 days ago)
Andrei Mitoiu (2 days ago)
+ClearlyEnhanced M indeed #,^^
Andrei Mitoiu (3 days ago)
+ClearlyEnhanced M indeed
ClearlyEnhanced (3 days ago)
Well put
BroCraft (4 days ago)
Did you get your toaster?
Travis Maynard (4 days ago)
Wait you mean to tell me all the spammy emails i get from women wanting to meat up isnt true :(( i toldmy mom about some of them. fuccck im a los
Jingchun Chen (4 days ago)
this guy seems so idiodic that he's genius
Butterbaum (5 days ago)
This is legit amazing
Goldbug 456 (5 days ago)
Justin Jahn (6 days ago)
I think the 'long lost dying relative giving you a massive inheritance' ones are the most persuasive. I am still waiting for my pile of cash...
Jennifer Coleman (7 days ago)
I've had spam saying they didn't think I was real when I was calling them out. Lol
The Venetian Harper (7 days ago)
I feel like a great super power would be the power of being persistently annoying, but the real power being that it compels the villain to be able to do nothing but respond to everything you say, whilst getting more and more irritated and bewildered.
Peachess Art (7 days ago)
5:53 pft that guy on the right tho
David Nash (8 days ago)
Top man!
d u c k (9 days ago)
*_laughing while sitting on the couch watching TED covered in blankets_*
Zach Thompson (9 days ago)
MMG did it better
Danita Jorgensen (9 days ago)
Who are the 7k people who dislike this hilarious video? And why do they/you dislike it?
spenzee (9 days ago)
I am from south africa
anoop baby (9 days ago)
I think he is faking it
Aqua Chan (9 days ago)
5:52 of course we count Pluto, Pluto IS A PLANET
Eben Holderness (10 days ago)
how the fuck is this a ted talk? this guy just did the same thing people have been doing for years. and it has nothing to do with science
Carmo (10 days ago)
I need a scam so I can post stupid stuff at it
Capitan Spoiler (10 days ago)
i could go for a toast right about now...
Leah_Croissant (10 days ago)
This man is a legend. Get him the toaster. Stat.
the hero we need
sawy9940 sawy9940 (10 days ago)
What is the guy at 5:53 doing
Kieran (10 days ago)
These broke ass scammers
Thomas Tsui (10 days ago)
jjlovepuppies (11 days ago)
Orange_Man Bad (11 days ago)
This is racism toward african
Mighty python and the holy grail
Wasabi Thumbs (12 days ago)
I really want that red toaster
Random Obsessions (12 days ago)
That’s one way to do it
kirby march barcena (12 days ago)
The Army Intelligent got trolled. And James had fun.
Marcel van Dongen (12 days ago)
Why does this keep popping up every now and then again, I saw this like 3 times now
Cindy Cease (12 days ago)
Help https://youtu.be/zkrknYQq5zE
Master of Wynn (13 days ago)
I think this guy likes hummus...
Animals Forever301 (13 days ago)
James, you did it. You broke this man
Learning It Quietly (13 days ago)
27b/6, anyone?
icefrout (13 days ago)
*hacker voice:* "I'm in"
Hannah Pabinguit (13 days ago)
Is this a comedy routine or a Ted talk
adhesive stiky (14 days ago)
Imagine if this person was being honest and had 7.5m pounds worth of diamonds and royal bank of Scotland was a real professional bank that was giving away free microwaves for accounts
Michał Rodzik (14 days ago)
That look like fake conversation via email just to get crowd applause...
SixFilmsGaming ! (9 days ago)
That is not fake. It is text on an edited email-like background because James Veitch does not want to give everyone his email.
KLJF (14 days ago)
how could we do this with a "fake" email address ?
MrGamer789 (14 days ago)
This is more of a comedy sketch than a TED talk but whatever, it's hilarious
*he does it only for the hummus*
everything is salad (14 days ago)
Stand up comedy at a Ted talk. Dude's a freaking legend
IvyTruong (14 days ago)
This man is a god
snaila1984 (15 days ago)
Head of costumer care.... cannot stop laughing 😂🎉
A C (15 days ago)
Aye Lmao (15 days ago)
1:09 90% of r/teenagers in a nutshell
Jake Towers (15 days ago)
https://www.facebook.com/mywebsiteengineer/ <------ OMFG WHAT IS THIS ITS INSANE
Casual Weeb Scunt (15 days ago)
Blockbusters thing got me so hard XD
Jimin's SugaKookie (15 days ago)
You are annoying af, and it's amazing😂
CDF Freeman (15 days ago)
I'm sry this is hilarious!!!!!! I actually enjoyed every second of this!!!!!!!
Nightplayer 81 (15 days ago)
But... What about the bouncy castle :(
mwothe (15 days ago)
A lot of this is fake. I don't know why on earth this is a TED talk.
Downright Clueless (12 days ago)
Why not tho?
Dave Bell (15 days ago)
Veitch for the Win! I love it! I've had my fill of spammers and scammers, but the one that stands out for me was the guy calling from a boiler-room, offering me a solar power system. After several times politely explaining that I already have a system in place and requesting they (always the same "he", though) stop calling me, I was getting angry and rude. Still to no avail, as I would get 4-6 calls a week, always at inconvenient times. I resorted to angry demands to put me on a do not call list, and he finally responded, "Not going to happen, sir!" A few calls later, he told me as an aside, "I was poking your mother the other day, and she said I was much better than your father!" I had to break down laughing, and he did, as well. That was the last call from him! Can't call it a great win, but the calls stopped...
Ducaso (15 days ago)
*I ' M I N .*
Sandy Hardstone (16 days ago)
.co.in? You should have asked for a picture of bob or vagin.
T Tube (16 days ago)
Please send the doggy to the egg and deposit the extra doggy to bob and tell bob the go the the toot and get the big gummy bear
A.B 129 (16 days ago)
thanks for coming to my ted talk
I thought he was gonna start singing 4:52
Nathan Shinholt (16 days ago)
How does one reply to a video YouTube keeps spamming in your recommendations?
Steven Porter (16 days ago)
Top ten Marvel characters that can defeat Thanos with the infinity gauntlet *
TJL productions (16 days ago)
This brightened my day! GJ!
I comment because in 10 years someone will read it and think, wow that's 10 years ago
Meghann Ducken (17 days ago)
The toaster is at a warming shelter and mass is at our lady of Lourdes Spokane washington
Meghann Ducken (17 days ago)
It even matches the microwave
SerenityM16 (17 days ago)
Y’know, the most unbelievable thing about this, is that those diamonds would be worth anything XD
Canal 7 yt (17 days ago)
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Kacie Colandria (17 days ago)
I received a phone call once telling me that if I just provided my social security number I could get 2000 bitcoins and when they finally allowed me to talk I told them I made more bitcoins selling porn than that. They offered me triple. I offered them a glass dildo. They hung up
Martin Bammes (17 days ago)
8:49 That's Phillip Zimbardo.
Gaming Xtra (17 days ago)
This is the greatest (and funniest) video I've watched in a while.
Richard Richmond (17 days ago)
I have not seen anybody who is more unserious as James Veitch! I am an army intelligent.
J348 (17 days ago)
Thank you, LOL was invented for you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!
Poles Apart (17 days ago)
The 6.8 thousand people who disliked this video are all Arabian princes
Samusic (17 days ago)
Fake made up
Dylan Kumar (18 days ago)
The guy at 5:55 really enjoyed that joke
Sneaky Pete (18 days ago)
How can I get more spam emails I want to pull a James Veitch
J. Matney (18 days ago)
Best 10min and 20sec Ive ever spent on YouTube
Moose M (18 days ago)
love that!

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