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More adventures in replying to spam | James Veitch

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James Veitch has spent years doing the tireless, thankless work of replying to spam emailers so you don’t have to. He returns to TED to tell the tale of yet another spam email adventure, this time with a vital lesson attached: How to annoy your way off any spammer’s mailing list. TEDArchive presents previously unpublished talks from TED conferences. Enjoy this unedited talk by James Veitch. Filmed at TEDSummit in 2016.
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Text Comments (11631)
Son Goku (5 hours ago)
His a legend!
Sloth Hawk (6 hours ago)
He's gonna toast some hummus.
Meric Ekinci (9 hours ago)
This Guy is boring after 8 Mins.
Freindlygamer38 (11 hours ago)
8:11 bottom right 🤔
KTB (16 hours ago)
There was a james veitch ad playing before this lmao
Aliza Nazir (19 hours ago)
Martin Carter (1 day ago)
Fantastic timing dude, thanks for the clips and the content.
Dylan Ezell (1 day ago)
Somebody get this dude a Netflix special
Sunny Reviewer (1 day ago)
this all must be made up completely
Amit Bali (1 day ago)
8.5k dislikes from spammers
Dylan Cutler (2 days ago)
Lol the GO AWAY at the end there is the best 😂😂😂
[MG]Blue7ire7orever (2 days ago)
stomach cramp from laughing
Boreal_Fierce (2 days ago)
Hmmm. My counselor at my school last name is Koroma..
Samantha S (2 days ago)
He’s the one dad who trolls his kids all the time lol
Todd Furneaux (2 days ago)
Check out the app AdKaddy - they give you a new "consumer" email address. Really cool way to declutter your personal inbox and stay connected to brands you love on your terms.
Definitely Not Jimin (2 days ago)
You make me want to answer the 428 spam emails I have.
snoookie456 (3 days ago)
This is my entire internet experience in a nutshell. Spammers come. I outspam the spammers. Spammers give up and say "please stop spamming". Happens every time.
Randomous (3 days ago)
we are fake
TechNOGeek Reviews (3 days ago)
James Veitch the man who scams the scammers
Thea Robertson (4 days ago)
I was waiting for the Pluto bit!
Nikola covek (4 days ago)
I think he is replying to automated spamming program
Google Google (5 days ago)
They’re both wrong. In fact there are 10 planets in our solar system and yes Pluto is one of them.
Dr B (5 days ago)
this guy broke the system
Isabel Engelstad (5 days ago)
I love the recurring theme of hummus and precious goods
David Yao (5 days ago)
I’m going to die from laughing, but I think this is scripted.
ctrain 8 (6 days ago)
Ideas worth spreading
Carlos Uribe (6 days ago)
He can attac He can protec But most importantly, he can scam the spam 🔥
BrandonG092 (6 days ago)
5:53 when your mom says something Stupid but you need money .
Carlos Uribe (6 days ago)
Elias Schäfer (6 days ago)
3:55 headbang
Ruth Jemima (6 days ago)
CeramicBunnah (6 days ago)
Katrina Iniguez (7 days ago)
Amanda Rosado (7 days ago)
He's too funny.
Kalen Hixson (7 days ago)
That moment when you get a scammer to say “PLEASE STOP EMAILING US”
xXJackscapegamerXx (7 days ago)
xXJackscapegamerXx (7 days ago)
Anwer Fatah (7 days ago)
banananutmuffin (8 days ago)
the lady laughing at 8:36. same.
Nawal Hasiba (8 days ago)
8:37 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Francesca Daino (9 days ago)
Anushka Saha (9 days ago)
5:54 the dude laughing on bottom right You're welcome
AJ Music (9 days ago)
Are we gonna ignore the lad’s laugh at 5:53
theUsesOFnot (9 days ago)
funny, but definitely made up. no spammer writes replies like this.
Justin Iglesias (10 days ago)
I wonder how much his Blockbuster membership card is worth. XD
ztoob8898 (10 days ago)
1,000 carats of diamonds would weigh about 7 ounces (200 grams). Hardly requires a trunk to carry around. Usually the scammers' math errors are in the other direction, like claiming $100M in $100 bills will fit in one trunk. That much cash would weigh about a metric ton. So yeah, we're not dealing with "an intelligent," here.
Fuck you (10 days ago)
Fcutdlady (10 days ago)
The funniest. Thing is when you get the scammer off the script they are on
dkphantomdk (10 days ago)
Sounds a bit like me when I have those phonesalesperson calling trying to sell me stuff. - I have lots and lots of fun.. once an insurance called to sell me "fireinsurance" and I told them I dont need it because I dont plan of having a fire in my house. - she tryed desperatly to explain that fire is not planned but can happen as an accident.. but she never could make me understand that I need it. ( the conversation was alot longer than this )
Sergio Díaz Nila (10 days ago)
we need a google ai for this
Hereva Tauhura (11 days ago)
I think I've just found the real riddler🙏👑😂😂
sus817 (11 days ago)
He is my new favorite person
あかし (11 days ago)
Our James only wanted his free toaster
LakeSide87 ! (11 days ago)
Looking through my email for spam just to do this!
Bella Smith (11 days ago)
Beautiful!!! I wish I could get those emails
Dy-Dy Herz (11 days ago)
What a hero
5:52 does anyone else see that guy head banging?
Syamsul Arifin (11 days ago)
What a funny joke :D
Vrael1022 (11 days ago)
I have a Tiny Penis
Red Dwarf XII (11 days ago)
Just came across this in my Youtube recommendations. Glad I clicked on it. This guy is a genius
Alice Esck (11 days ago)
Loved 😂
SCP 049 (11 days ago)
all james wanted was a toaster.. 1 like=1 prayer for another chance for James to get his deserved toaster
Tony Masala (12 days ago)
scheis Gymnasiasten Humor bah
Curtis (12 days ago)
he was 35 when he did!!!??? this he looks like 23!!!
branndon g (12 days ago)
I love this guy he got the SCAMMERS got to say don’t email us again
Badsha Islam (12 days ago)
You are the hero we want and need Ha take that batman
alexander horvath (12 days ago)
Like if you’re going to reply to scam emails
Skeptic Eevee (13 days ago)
pluto is a planet hate to point that out to ya
E Alex (13 days ago)
You know you've won when you get an actual scammer to say 'stop emailing me'. Legend.
AD G (13 days ago)
what is ironic, I do this same crap to the sammers via email and over the phone.
lowbuckfabrication (13 days ago)
The blockbuster card lol
lowbuckfabrication (13 days ago)
Akshita Ramesh (13 days ago)
The funny thing is that two of my friends(they’re sisters) have the last name korouma and my last name is actually Ramesh, and that’s actually a bit of a not popular last name (it’s mostly popular as a first name)
Homero Medina (14 days ago)
I remember he mentioned in one of his videos something about a free email service that doesn't send you spam email
David Banner (14 days ago)
That man is my hero..... I hate telemarketers..........
Dharmishta Mehta (14 days ago)
That was amazing 😂
Ruhi K (14 days ago)
5:53 the one dude tho 😂
have you seen origanal?
Elena (15 days ago)
I have no idea what that is but this dude on the thumbnail looks like an ugly version of tom holland tho
maxwell smart (15 days ago)
Excellent and very funny!
Great Wazzoo (15 days ago)
easy crowd
Albret Einstong (16 days ago)
Albret Einstong (16 days ago)
100% risk free and it _dose_ not attract *any* danger!?!? Woaw. That’s pretty cool.
izzy brown (16 days ago)
"ive done some research"
Crazy Funny Cats (16 days ago)
He’s the gummy lizard 🦎 king 👑 of witty
Kim Hunt (16 days ago)
*O N E L O V E*
Pen and Percussion (16 days ago)
I am laughing so hard...
Prog4Prog (16 days ago)
5:53 and repeat cycle
freemustangdreamer (16 days ago)
Great now i want a toaster !
Rick Arnold (17 days ago)
Now I want to open up my spam folder and have some fun.
Kiki Marinov (17 days ago)
He reminds me so much of the 10th Doctor
Doneandgone (17 days ago)
What's really funny here is that this guy talks about taking the piss out of people who exploit the more credulous among us... but no one seems to doubt that the exchange he says he's had really took place. Honestly, no one thinks that maybe just maybe his story is made up???
Tyrese Okeke (17 days ago)
How do they get your number, because I would love to do this!
Doneandgone (17 days ago)
So yes, he's quite funny... But really does anyone buy his story?
taci limq (3 days ago)
Doneandgone If it’s not a true story, it’s really spot on. Scammers really reply like that.
Mike Hamelin (17 days ago)
this guy looks like Andy Dick but doesn't annoy me like Andy Dick.
1kileras (17 days ago)
How can I get that kidn of spam massages? All i got are click that or that ;/
BUBB134 (17 days ago)
The guy at 5:53
Belkar Bitterleaf (17 days ago)
I have not laughed this hard in forever. Not all heroes wear capes good sir.
Zachary (17 days ago)
5:53 dude laughing
Gypsi Minion (17 days ago)
I can't get ready I keep laughing too hard. Great one

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