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Top 10 retired Ex-P0rn Stars Life After P0rn Ends

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Top 10 unforgettable ex-Porn Actress’ life After Porn Ends Top 10 unforgettable ex-Porn Stars Who Live Normal life After Porn Ends 10. Mary Carey At one point Cleveland native Mary Carey was making $300,000 per month doing porn. P.S. Not Mariah Carey After retiring, she ran for governor of California twice promising to legalize gay marriage. Election took place October 7th, 2003, she lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now she focuses on comedy and acting and has appeared in a few reality TV shows. 9. Asia Carrera Asia Carrera Lemon was a Mensa International member who walked away from a full academic scholarship so she could appeared in 389 adult films. She is an atheist. As in 2014, she wore a colander in honor of the religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for her Utah driver's license photograph. Now she’s a stay-at-home mom raising two kids in Utah. 8. Raylene She appeared in 456 films during her career. Raylene acted in the "dirtiest of the dirtiest" videos until she was scooped up by Vivid Entertainment, where the footage was "less disgusting." She is now licensed real estate agent. 7. Tera Patrick Tera Patrick started her career in 1999 and appeared in 130 films. Tera now runs the production company, Teravision INC and is a millionaire. 6. Tiffany Million Tiffany Million appeared in 129 titles during her career. She now runs her own business as a licenses private investigator. 5. Houston She was the first porn star to receive a $1 million paycheck and auctioned her labia trimmings for $50,000. After retiring she went to nursing school. 4. Jenna Jameson She was once considered ‘The Queen of Porn’ and has won more than 35 adult video awards. She started her company ClubJenna while she was still doing porn and is now worth $10 million. 3. Sasha Grey She stared in 315 films and was the youngest person to win AVN’s Female Performer of the Year Award. After retiring she has become a mainstream actress, appearing in movies, TV shows and voice acting for video games. 2. Amber Lynn Amber Lynn followed her big brother, adult film director Buck Adams, into the family business and she had a 17 year career in porn. She now runs a real estate practice and does sobriety counseling. 1. Lisa Ann Lisa Ann starred in 522 adult films and directed another 53. She is probably most famous for her Sarah Palin impersonation. The 43-year-old Lisa Ann only just recently retired from porn. She has launched a porn star boot camp to help people who are trying to get into the adult film business Lisa Ann also hosts a weekly fantasy sports show on Sirius XM. Music: DOCTOR VOX - Frontier by THOMAS VX https://soundcloud.com/thomas-vx Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Our Facebook Page goo.gl/2WW45B
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Text Comments (141)
polygamous1 Sozou (7 days ago)
Porn is like lottery for every lucky one there are a 1000 ruined lives "Ladies n G/men" make your choice, even these "lucky ones" they are still damaged good, forget about them having a normal family life
aztec eagle (8 days ago)
Their vaginas are blown out. They cant feel normal dick anymore.
BestTop10 (6 days ago)
Why do you think so?
Tony T (21 days ago)
Some whores can survive oh what a shame
peter shaw (22 days ago)
She auctioned off her trimmings this begs the question who would want to buy them and for what purpose
Nicholas Zarra (25 days ago)
Porn stars,strippers,escorts,etc hate their lives. They do what they do because they are emotionally damaged and probably had bad fathers
Donald Trump (1 month ago)
Happy for them
Kwek Keong Low (1 month ago)
I miss asia carree
randy martinez (1 month ago)
I wanted to do porn so bad can men do porn
Norstrom (1 month ago)
mos of them used to be my cum waster
Tony Mario (1 month ago)
Asia is really a shitbag. Threw away her money, her dignity, and became a dumb atheist. Yes, I know she is a Mensa member (so am I)..but her views conflict with the majority of physicists, astronomers, and advanced mathematicians, etc. Of course, it was because she was broken emotionally and thats the prevalent theme of atheists today.
Bob Loblaw (1 month ago)
Mary Carey: so talking about something she did in 2003 is "current"? I saw her in 2009 in Celebrity Rehab and Sober House and she was all fucked up. At the end of her appearances on those shows, she was still a drunk. Any word on whether she successfully got help for that or is she still drinking? You mention the fact the she retired from porn in 2003 but you fail to mention that she re-entered porn in 2009 with the film "Celebrity Pornhab With Dr. Screw". So did she re-retire from porn or is she still doing porn? Your "update" on Mary Carey is the worst half-assed bullshit I've ever seen, chuck this video and try again. Thumbs-down, you suck.
Jono G (1 month ago)
Lisa Ann is hot.. But I'd rather Sarah Palin
Great One (2 months ago)
They should to be killed because they are the most dirty minds in the world... shame on every government gave them way to make money by spread their legs . We hate USA the source of bad in the wide world ..
Najo PATRIN (2 months ago)
We enjoy Julian RIOS porn star retired how is he? Could he still holds up for his wife Lanny Barbie.
Najo PATRIN (2 months ago)
Could you tell us how many women a male porn star could fuck per day? As well for a female how many guys could female could handle per day?
JJWalker (3 months ago)
Jenna J doens't have 10 million wtf is this shit
Daffa Ellong (3 months ago)
I want to know if Buck Adams fuck his own sister Amber in real life .
Robyn Kosta (3 months ago)
What is the secret is to suck the right COCK.
Dexter Haven (3 months ago)
A lot of them come crawling back for the dick and cash... Amber Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Tracey Adams, Shana McCullough.
Branon Fontaine (3 months ago)
Lisa Ann is so f**king nasty, how anyone can think she's hot is beyond me.....
Joe B (4 months ago)
Lisa Ann please come back!!! You can do porn until you're 95!!!
Mclovin 2018 (4 months ago)
hu juou zidhaghei meei piyaar ji dil ghaalou meei ham shei kiyi dounyi ji ham aap shei ham ji ham nee maloum ji ham
amber lopez (4 months ago)
Washed up and used up. Just gross....Barf!
Thomas Buxton (4 months ago)
When I first starting watching porn, Tera Patrick was all I would watch; her body, voice was too much for me I still get hard just thinking about her
Rodrigo Martinez Alvarez (4 months ago)
Lisa ann es my fantasia
Johnny Boy (5 months ago)
top 10 filmed whores
priya chauhan (5 months ago)
I am in love with Lisa's Ann Marry me
mostafa sayd (5 months ago)
i like to see all porn actresses have normal life during porn career and after retired .. that makes life fair
lukeslc (5 months ago)
I am sure I will get some flack for saying this, but every single one of the young ladies in the video above deserve FAR, FAR better than this. They are daughters of God. They come from greatness. They have potential beyond their current understanding. I honestly wish that NONE of them was involved in this "industry" and this "business". They deserve to be treated as daughters of God. In their heart of hearts each and EVERY ONE of them knows this to be true. Pornography is a cancer and cancer kills. This cancer will kill your self-respect and it will kill your spirit. But they can get out of this and leave it behind. Those who back and fund this "industry" are part of what is known as a "secret combination". They care ONLY for themselves. One day soon, they ALL will be exposed for what they really are, and the ALL will be destroyed.
Markus Patients (6 months ago)
I wonder if number 3 is still playing "Head" games ?
Mohamed Abdelhakim (6 months ago)
I am egyptian and moslim I want to say that porn star look slave like in the past they want to be rich faster but all of them have bad life and fail to do family we must stop that industry in all the world it is fake
Mohamed Abdelhakim (4 months ago)
Ok let me fuck your wife or girlfriend if it is simple for you
mostafa sayd (5 months ago)
no .. it's art .. and fantasy .. within "industry machine that needs to some adjustment to be more fair for porn actress"
Master of the Universe (5 months ago)
So stay in Egypt
Moussa Keita (6 months ago)
Let us fear Allah Almighty and stop watching these kinds of videos that will give us nothing but push us to hell: It is not too late we can catch up by begging the forgiveness of Almighty Allah and stopping to look at these videos .Cheeroke, Pinky, cleo and all the other strippers and porn star are humanized satans who want us deviated from Allah's way and brought us into hell. May Allah give us faith to submit to Him Alone and to covert in Islam the religion of God the Creator of the heavens, the lands of men and all that exists between them.
tempo529 (6 months ago)
Still whore's.
Funkymonkeypimps (6 months ago)
1:50 “Auctioned her Labia trimmings”...........now there’s a sentence I’d thought I’d never hear!
beameupscotty50 (7 months ago)
I think Lisa Ann & Amber Lynn are still doing movies
Mr Yellow (7 months ago)
So providing others with ur ass can make u a millionaire .. and after earning that illegal sperm money u can start living a normal life
Jing Garcesa (8 months ago)
They are just the few lucky ones who got out of the porn without having hiv or aids some pornstars suffer depression drug addiction some of them ends up takin their own lives😢 sad but true..
Bob Loblaw (1 month ago)
Most of them commit suicide or die of a drug overdose, which is basically suicide. Porn is not a good thing to do for a living.
Charles White (8 months ago)
Lisa Ann is pretty as hell, but 522 movies? You know her pussy is worn out
Wedge Antilles (9 months ago)
Good for them.
Damian Mousseau (9 months ago)
Most these are back in the business
mostafa sayd (5 months ago)
why do they back again ????? money or don't find another career ?
the man (9 months ago)
Lisa Ann has been back for months
Wedge Antilles (9 months ago)
Yeah, except none of them.
knessi ng (9 months ago)
Lisa Ann came out of retirement and did 3 scenes. Houston came out of retirement and didn a couple of scenes. So retirement might not be permanent.
Alex Villanueva (10 months ago)
I go wit lisa she beautiful
Mitchell Golston (10 months ago)
Lisa Ann is my favorite she loved gang bangs and interracial and loved the monstercocks . I'd love to watch her suck and ride huge ones
Tom Dotson (10 months ago)
What ever happened to shelby caldera and Hailey jewel
Darryuoz Dark (11 months ago)
What about Belladona ?
balaji venugopal (11 months ago)
Raylene is best...
Откуда такие страхопиздищи берутся!?
Vinod Menon (11 months ago)
Liked the video on 10 retired porn stars-love to all and to also to miss lisa ann who is still in the business in a maybe indirect-only wish they are very sexually educated so to say-if mom is there children can count on being protected so to say-love -thanks.
Minooch (10 months ago)
Punctuation is your friend. Use it.
trwent (11 months ago)
I cannot believe that Christy Canyon is not on this list. And Jenna Jameson looks like a total skank now; she looks sick. I heard she had a drug problem when she was filming porn and I bet she still does have a drug problem.
Wedge Antilles (9 months ago)
Yeah, how dare people get older and not follow mandatory rules about plastic surgery and other shit , shame on them for having a choice now, unlike before.Yeah skanks all of them.
jamil mohd (11 months ago)
they all r going to hell.. thts for sure mark my word
David Thomas (6 months ago)
another uneducated hypocrite, talking shit but here you are watching.
Wedge Antilles (9 months ago)
jamil mohd: do you have kids?
Minooch (10 months ago)
Mark your word?? I can barely comprehend what you wrote, you uneducated bible-thumping loser!
Dave K (11 months ago)
mostafa sayd (5 months ago)
it's only greet when u behind the screen .. not front of it ,, it need to be greet to porn actress too socially and after retirement
Wedge Antilles (9 months ago)
Only because you watch it.
Patrik (11 months ago)
FFS learn to spellcheck.
Nick Radogna (1 year ago)
William Freeman (16 days ago)
Definitely my all time favorite
11DNA11 (1 month ago)
+Anonymer Benutzer Nobody gives a shit.
Anonymer Benutzer (2 months ago)
Stormy Daniels is too
Trae Parsley (6 months ago)
Nick Radogna lmao.
jmallen330 (1 year ago)
"normal" haha
p1ngach3 (1 year ago)
4.0 in Nursing School?. Almost impossible.
anum khan (1 year ago)
can any one tell me background music name ?
Minooch (10 months ago)
Sure. It's called "Lick My Love Pump".
TubeBarth (1 year ago)
Glad that post-adult-film they've survived and they're maintaining peaceful, fairly normal lives... MUCH better news than the usual untimely death.
Roger Moore (1 year ago)
I still like Raylene the most. He had perfect feet and so does Tera Patrick
Prashant Dhuri (1 year ago)
They forgot some honorable mentions like Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa...
mostafa sayd (5 months ago)
what's about mia khalifa.. i think she left porn because of her family .. what did happen after that?
Arif Patel (6 months ago)
Prashant Dhuri you dirty
sincitydude31 (9 months ago)
All of these chicks were in the business for a long time. Mia Khalifa really wasn't. There are a few others they didn't mention that i would add before her too, like Gianna Michaels, Brianna Love, and Olivia O' Lovely.
manohar reddy (1 year ago)
Prashant Dhuri 😂😂😂
GantzIsSloppy (1 year ago)
I used to like Asia
Wedge Antilles (9 months ago)
GantzlsSloopy: Yeah, unlike now, where she actually has a life right?
Minooch (10 months ago)
Never been there, is it nice?
Jeffrey Moscardelli (1 year ago)
I miss raylene was the bomb
Dave K (11 months ago)
Jeffrey Moscardelli Oh YES!!!
brutal666 (1 year ago)
When Showing Amber Lynn the first Picture is NOT her but it's Playboy Playmate Penny Baker
Chrispy 0566 (1 year ago)
I have listened to Lisa Ann's fantasy football show on the radio and she's actually super smart and can quickly rattle off statistics from a million different games, and I have bet on players she suggested and she's right 90% of the time!
Mousi Zai (1 year ago)
Nella Ab (1 year ago)
Semih1309 (1 year ago)
where is sibel kekilli?
mostafa sayd (5 months ago)
i don't think sibel kekilii is that famous in porn like she is in game of throne
Minooch (10 months ago)
Suckin' my cock!
ee.Miguel lGalvan (1 year ago)
I want to come upon her stir, and videos I'm a man
Tony BP (1 year ago)
My sister is a pornstar. For a long time we thought she had a normal job until we found out. She says we have nothing to worry about because everything is handled in a very professional way and they are always checking themselves, but even so, I worry about the atmosphere of the industry and mostly the people she deals with. Obviously it's kind of embarrasing, especially now that friends of the family know what she does. Sometimes they ask about her and it's very uneasy. I suppose it's normal that curiosity makes them ask questions. Anyway, that's what she chose to do I just hope that one she retires she can live with her decisions and don't affect her in any way once she moves on.
Kip Kasper (3 months ago)
Straddllw they ain’t testing for every known disease. In fact many common but less detrimental disease are completely ignore I.e. herpes. Also the 7 day window allows for “actors” to contract and spread disease in between scheduled tests considering how they all be making sex like a rabbits. There was an AIDS outbreak not that long ago that got a considerable number in a few days. The most important message is that we should all be aware of the precedents set as result of our actions. It’s going to be near-impossible to convince anyone of your genuine concern for privacy and dignity when you are known to show your butthole to anyone for pocket change.
Straddllw (3 months ago)
Hi Tony, I am not in the business but know several who are. Do not listen to these people claiming diseases. They get tested once every 7 days and if anyone is found to have an std, that will literally halt the industry for several days to have everyone tested. It impacts on their bottom line so pornstars take the health aspect of their career choice very seriously. Despite what many claim, a lot of pornstars are in loving relationships, only difference is that there are a large number of them who are bi and into swinging/open relationships. The average turnover rate in this industry is unfortunately 5 months and the reason for that is there’s a lot of social pressures from people outside the industry disapproving of them, discriminating against them and making life difficult for them. E.g families, financial institutions, friends, landlords, etc etc ... It is not the porn but rather people’s reactions to them that causes unhealthy outcomes like depression. Please be kind to your sister and reach out and let her know that you care about her without any judgement. She’s a grown woman and can make her own decisions. Make sure she’s financially educated and get residues for her shoots and be her own boss. One day, the phone will stop ringing for her as she grows older and if she hasn’t been financially responsible, building up her brand and her business, that’s when it will all catch up to her.
Dexter Haven (3 months ago)
That's sweet. Awww, I hope she gets lubed up nice before her next anal double-fisting by some lez.
Anibal Padilla Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Tony BP what's your sister's name? I wanna see her doing her professional work ;)
The One (7 months ago)
Tony BP really man?? And no one can prevent her fron doing that?? Is it for easy money?? Thats weird man. Watching a porn movie and see ur mother or sister being fucked by rocco. Or any other big black mandingo
king lord (1 year ago)
Damn Asia Carerra looks like Roseanne Barr
Rovertino Tse (6 months ago)
Can,t believe how Asia Carerra Changed?
Wedge Antilles (9 months ago)
Le Huy-Anh (1 year ago)
Don't forget *Luna Lane* who is now Dr. Simone Dubois-Edgar, an *astrophysicist* based in Toulouse, France!
Noob (1 year ago)
I did not know Sasha Grey was a porn star.
Mrtnz Mrtnz (2 months ago)
She’s the DeepThroat QUEEN
useyurhed (5 months ago)
She did disgusting porn
Jason webb (1 year ago)
HHHGeorge maybe he's 9
HHHGeorge (1 year ago)
maybe he isn't an obsessed septic.
BestTop10 (1 year ago)
She was star of the industry :) How couldn't you know?
littleteethkeith (1 year ago)
I want to spread Raylene's butt cheeks apart and lick her asshole until kingdom come.
Yet no one will go near you in your iron lung.
masterg134 (1 year ago)
BestTop10 (1 year ago)
littleteethkeith, interesting. I would never do that. I would only spread her legs for putting in her. I think it is disgusting lick pornstar or prostitute anywhere.
littleteethkeith (1 year ago)
+BestTop10 As long as she is disease free yes.
BestTop10 (1 year ago)
But there was so many porn star men. Their cum. Do you want her yet?
Balwejira Salim (1 year ago)
Why don't u accept movies play
BestTop10 (1 year ago)
You want to watch porn on YouTube? It is against YouTube Rules.
Alvin Lizada (1 year ago)
What is it about PORN STARS and REAL ESTATE they totally jive. :)
mostafa sayd (5 months ago)
i think her boob plays big role in good buisness relationship with clients
Hamza Rouadi (1 year ago)
Alvin Lizada cerca n tcelolarari da una donna
It's "jibe," you illiterate.
Steven Manchester (1 year ago)
Good point. I even remember a report on Harry Reams (Deep Throat) who went into real estate after his porn career ended.
sena mukina (1 year ago)
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