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Vote or Die - Naruto Style

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Naruto is told by PuffDaddy (Aka Orochimaru) the importance of voting.
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Text Comments (16)
Rougamaru (9 years ago)
Why thank you! ^_^ (funny thing is, this COULD happen in the series if they wanted it to.)
SilverHawkKohaku (9 years ago)
LOL nice
Rougamaru (9 years ago)
You should've edited it so naruto sez "MUFF DADDY!?!?" to jaraiya.
Rougamaru (10 years ago)
Naruto to all of konoha-"Vote Uzumaki for Hokage, Or I will muther fucking kill you! VOTE OR DIE BITCH!!!!!" Sasuke-"That's it, this village has gone to hell. I'm out."
Yume Mitsuki (10 years ago)
Kabuto lol
UnknownNobody (10 years ago)
If someone did this with Hellsing it would be Vote and Die.
Mystery Twins (11 years ago)
Matt Jimenez (11 years ago)
vote or die bitch!
Petter L. Aasen (11 years ago)
This was great:D
Tom Brooks (11 years ago)
Lol Orochimaru has even more respect now. ^_^ I love the part where he called Naruko(Naruto girl form) a bitch. Vote or die? What is that suppose to mean? What you think it means, bitch? xD
hserfj (11 years ago)
that guy is like a japeneise pimp
TraciPeteyforlife (11 years ago)
this vid was almost perfect. if you had just had a clip of Naruto scared spitless at the end it would have been perfect. as is just damn good! Thanks for the upload!
Vincent Borg (11 years ago)
nice work i found it just 2 funny :)
Sourpumpum (11 years ago)
This was really funny. You did a good job.
Ramonerdna (11 years ago)
that was excellent the lip syncing was perfect but in the end naruto should have looked worried
robomattster (12 years ago)
wow very funny nice job makin this one

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