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Laugh along with me as I share my school horror stories with you guys! Just so you know, these stories are horror as in "bad" and "funny" not necessarily "scary" or "supernatural " :) Instagram: @Luhhsettyxo My Sister: @miss_tera ------------------------------------------------------
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Kary O'Hanlon (8 hours ago)
Elle (13 hours ago)
DAMN who dis?!! I thought you were Ariana Grande
GymnastCrew9 Paityn (2 days ago)
hooman of earth (2 days ago)
Anybody watching this in 2k18😭😭
Lazy Potato (3 days ago)
My school gave suspension for 5 days for having dog hair on my shirt I repeat 5days
Salam 12345 (3 days ago)
Lol I laughed at the “new driver” one
TheSlime _Room (5 days ago)
Your so pretty
Michele Jackson (6 days ago)
Are you sure your 10th grade teacher was not the penny wise dressed in a teacher outfit?!
Eve Nicholas (6 days ago)
My School has banned, Slime (I mean they do have a point it does distract people) hugging, HUGGING! Also they banned hoodies and we have to have our cardigan/Jumper all the way down our arm. Also we have Uniforms which is so Annoying it is literally so un-comfy 😡
Madisons World77 (7 days ago)
I love your and my and all of cats
Maya Tejeda (7 days ago)
the wifi went off for an hour :/
Brianna Sara (8 days ago)
Once this kid coughed and said excuse me and got written up for it
iiAleena (8 days ago)
I’m 12.. and my foot size is 8......
Leah Hags (9 days ago)
My cats name is BeeBee too!!!!
Olivia Naufahu (11 days ago)
you look like Ariana grende
Melissa Reed (11 days ago)
Read more
Lola Boo (11 days ago)
First time here and I love her
#itsme amanda (11 days ago)
crafty sis (12 days ago)
I hate my school
evelyn vega (12 days ago)
i got detention for opening my backpack for an eraser
Audrey N (13 days ago)
My school banned Nike headbands & I was scolded at because I was wearing one,in front of the class & it was so embarrassing😭
Amelia boyd (14 days ago)
The worst thing that has happened to me ( and is continuing to happen, kinda ), is when I started dating this boy called Jake. Yea lol that was the worst thing in the world.... lol no that's not the whole story ( although It could be ). I dated him then we broke up. The were back together... then broke up.... then got back together. We we're properly known as the 'on & off couple'. It was sooooo annoying. We have FINALLY broken up and it is AN END TO IT. The only reason we we're an 'on & off couple' was because most of the time Jake told all his friends he was still going out with me. EVEN THO I WASNT! Or my friends would text jake about me and he would ask them to ask me out for him. This happened a lot and I would tell them no. BUT MY FRIENDS ASSUMED THAT WAS A YES! So they would go and tell Jake I SAID YES! I DIDNT! And now we are friends... -ish. And whenever we hang out people always say " oohhh love birds" NOOOOOOO!!!! So as a conclusion: Jakes fantasy is that he has dated me over TWENTY TIMES! Reality, Jakes been out with me once....
Omg u are so funny!!
Kgdt Bhyj (16 days ago)
Oh my gawd so long ago am I right 4 years ago
gillian forde (17 days ago)
My name is Gillian and LOADS of people pronounce it wrong
Syd.Glzzy (18 days ago)
U changed so much
Akiramj Nation (19 days ago)
Omg same thing my sister got in trouble for wearing a head band
NoelleTheTheatreGeek (21 days ago)
my sophomore year my school shut off the WiFi during state testing so that there would be enough bandwidth for the computers and I had run out of data. yep. for two weeks all I was able to do on my phone was play candy crush
Zoë N Intza Vlogs (21 days ago)
My friend got suspended for saying hi too a boy
CRAZY COOKIE11 (23 days ago)
Wait how would ya get severe blisters if the shoes were too big ???????
Jermani Bennett (24 days ago)
OMG ur last story people say my name wrong aaall the time
XOXO (25 days ago)
She has changed x
Daniella Rocks (30 days ago)
Lolllll 2018?
Aaliyah Ceja (1 month ago)
Ava's Channel (1 month ago)
Why you getting 5 days 5 days of detention when you just wearing a headband that's stupid really stupid
kaci bennn (13 days ago)
What's up wit ur profile pic lmfaoo
Violet cardenas (1 month ago)
2018 anybody
Deasia Brown (1 month ago)
This was a crazy story you had a horror childhood 😂😂😂❤️
Archie (1 month ago)
I have the same out fit on
Denise Soto (1 month ago)
That my aunts name lisste
denisha _18 (1 month ago)
My big sisters middle name is lezette
Savage Sisi (1 month ago)
My teacher got me in trouble because I farted in class
Ellie M (2 months ago)
You remind me of larri
jazy jenkins (2 months ago)
I seriously love your videos ! It's lazy day and all I'm doing is benge watching your videos
Samara burton (2 months ago)
Wow! This was 4 years ago!
lissette ramos-lerma (2 months ago)
girl i understand that bc people also call me lizzette and im like wth do u see a freaking z in my name huh huh HUHHHHH!!!!!!!
LivingwithLarissa (2 months ago)
Omg with the headband thing, that happened to me! My teacher yelled at me because I was wearing a medium sized orange headband and she told me to go to the bathroom and take it off!! It was just a regular orange headband with cute golden triangles on them! She classified my headband as a “hat”!!!
Haley Guerrier (3 months ago)
I named my stuffed animal frog plush thingy BB
Chyna Parks (3 months ago)
💓2018 Anyone💓
Maria K (4 months ago)
i was sent to the principal for running off of the track onto the field for about 1 meter. in the same year i was sent to the office for brushing grass off of someone’s knee. the world is a crazy place.
Habeba's everything (4 months ago)
who else is watching this in 2018 and also once my freind almost got susppended foe not sitting in the right seat in the bus yes we had seat orders so that we wouldent talk to people who were our friends
Briana Jones (4 months ago)
WHY??? 😂😂😂😂
Isla. Lawson25 (4 months ago)
I got a detention for dropping my pencil in class😑😑😂
Amelia's Memes (4 months ago)
“ I am going to talk about school horror story !” *smiles*
Coco _X0X (4 months ago)
My crush thought I was someone else because I was wearing a hoodie than he said "I think I have a crush on Lisa" u-u My name is Alexa.......MY LIFE IS RUiNED u_u. R.I.P life
Nicole Appel (5 months ago)
A normal day at school is a horror story
Allyson Glascock (5 months ago)
Um these weren't horror stories. 😂
LaNya Gilkey (5 months ago)
LaNya Gilkey (5 months ago)
me and my friends Report it are Strings teacher 👨‍🏫 put us in a closet
Nada Tamer (5 months ago)
My bestf almost got suspended because the guy sitting next to her was eating chips...crazy ik
Kaci Myers (5 months ago)
'Like a day without sun' ENGLAND EVERYDAY !!!
Slytherin Jerzey! (5 months ago)
who is watching in 2018?
Britny Bower (5 months ago)
Elísabeth terceİr0 (5 months ago)
my teacher got arrested for harassing 9 yr old girls wait i am 11 am i am shoe size 8.5
Alyssa Montoya (6 months ago)
Girl u been through a lot!
Unicorn Girl (6 months ago)
My horror story is one time I went to my favorite candy shop but......they closed the shop forever😮
Michelle Marquez (6 months ago)
Anyone from 2018?😍
October Girl (3 months ago)
Cupcake Vlogs (6 months ago)
When you where talking about your name the same thing with me because I have a very hard name to pronounce
Natalie Cabral (6 months ago)
1:34 lmaoaoaoaoa
Charity Thornton (6 months ago)
who watching this in 2k18 lol i am
Mireille Porstmann (6 months ago)
Anyone watching this in 2018??
Kalia _B (6 months ago)
ur mum sounds like the best
Gym Flipper (7 months ago)
11:10 same. It’s annoying when people get my name wrong all the time
Amaya Rose 롯 아머야 (7 months ago)
My sister's middle name is Lisette
Eboney Bentley (7 months ago)
I love her name
Favour N (7 months ago)
I luv this video💗✌😁😁😘😘
Favour N (7 months ago)
A can of peas.... Wow😁😁😁
Kimbria Ashley (8 months ago)
who else loves lisette so much that they’re binge watching old videos 😂💓
Moshi Bear (8 months ago)
My teacher gave us two weeks to complete this assignment and I'm a huge procrastinator so I waited to the last minute to do it... It took me about 8 hours to finish it and then I had to print it IN COLOR but you know I don't have a printer and it is SUNDAY and everything is closed. So then me and my mom go to CVS to see if I could print it there but of course CVS just prints out pictures so then we go to FedEX which was so far away but it was open. we took like an hour because my paper was missing some information somehow the file didn't have everything. Finally we print the paper but it was pouring rain and I have to put the paper under my shirt so that I didn't mess it up. But I still messed it up :/ and my paper still was missing some stuff. Back home, I have to turn in the paper to turnitin and guess what!!! I turned in the wrong paper. It was a copy of a book that I used to get info. So had to resubmit it and it usually takes about 24hrs for resubmissions to upload and my paper was due at midnight....
Baby Ally (8 months ago)
i️ believe high schools have day cares and that’s where they get the kids from
Taylor Rae (8 months ago)
Science project
Erika Fry (8 months ago)
FirstName LastName (11 months ago)
Wow 5 days out of school suspension for a head band I had friends who swears at teachers, threw food at the school, got into fights, and only got one day in school suspention
memes are memes (11 months ago)
Oh so when you're in her class you can finally come out the closet Okay I'll go home
zara chambers (11 months ago)
They forced me to take my headband ôf and it was so embarrassing cos my hair was very damaged and I couldn't tie my hair in a bun cos it was so short😂😞😞😞
MorgySaurus X (1 year ago)
I got locked out for 2 days because my English teacher sexually harassed me.
The2fabulosfriends (1 year ago)
My sisters name is Chloe and at her graduation she was called Cleo
Ashley Dailey (1 year ago)
My high School also had early childhood education. It was like a real preschool at my high School lol
Teresa Hampton (1 year ago)
hey my big sisters name is Lisette too!!
bunny and me (1 year ago)
Isn't weird that her incidents every other year Like and comment if you agree🤔
hey kaziah (1 year ago)
this video is still hilarious lmao 😂 please make more of these horror stories 😂
Lauryn Mair (1 year ago)
i also got suspended all because my hat was black how mean are they
Lauryn Mair (1 year ago)
you mite have had a black cloud following you
Bianca Franklin (1 year ago)
Hey,was that daycare teacher's name Nicki Wright?she sounds familiar
kalkidan dereje (1 year ago)
omg you're so cute and I love you so much and let me know if you have snapchat account
Anna Marie (1 year ago)
These stories were so funny!
Anna Marie (1 year ago)
This was so funny! Especially in the beginning! This is the first video I saw of you! And now it's 2017 June 5th and I still love you and watch your videos! Ilysm you've always been pretty and funny!
Elizabeth (1 year ago)
woah she looks so much younger
Sabrina Katherine (1 year ago)
I watched this video a few times, and I swear this time, I've never heard her talk about the mud and having to walk through a woodsy kinda place. (3:50)
Hailey Carroll (1 year ago)
your voice is so pretty,
Alyssa Mae (1 year ago)
we're your parents okay with you skipping school? 💓 also your parents are so nice to do all that for you xx

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