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Jason Isbell "Elephant" // SiriusXM // Outlaw Country

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Text Comments (541)
Doormaster77 (1 day ago)
Very soulful expression through the vehicle of music, thanks for the gift of music.
Jimbezze (3 days ago)
this is a masterpiece
wayne daley (10 days ago)
Dam that's good 🥇
roinuJ zonuM (22 days ago)
This is true talent
Jacob Dexter (26 days ago)
This song reminds me of Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens for obvious reasons and I never thought any song could hit me in the gut like that one. But here we are.
Joseph Jones (1 month ago)
I wonder how many times he had to rehearse this song to sing it without breaking down.
Keith Wayne Jones (1 month ago)
been listening to this song on repeat today. so fucking good
Jeff Adams (1 month ago)
OMG. I have been listening to If We Were Vampires. This is so deep and so amazing.
westcoastOGee (1 month ago)
sFvSaucyyD (1 month ago)
This song is truly amazing.. but gave me a solid two days of depression.
Sean Crutcher (2 months ago)
Just wow.killer writing
Grant Crawford (2 months ago)
might be the saddest song ever
Ben Nelson (3 months ago)
I’m 37 and my dad is 66. After fighting for 6 years he’s getting down to the nitty gritty and it won’t be long now. Dammit if this song doesn’t resonate. Fuck cancer.
Jackson Wilson Music (4 months ago)
I started liking country music about a year (almost exactly) and I’m now started to listen to the older country artists (Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, etc) and I’m now finding Jason Isbell’s music and it’s great. As of right now, my favorite artists, in no particular order, are Luke Combs, Chris Stapleton, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Morgan Wallen, Brad Paisley, George Strait and the Zac Brown Band.
Lucijan Sepec (4 months ago)
He is not here to fight He is here to share his victory
Tv 5150 (4 months ago)
Holy fuck this song
sammy scotch (4 months ago)
Share cropper eyes 👀
benglassman (5 months ago)
Nice to hear a strong young lyricist but John Hiatt been doing this for 40 years............
Fuh Cough (5 months ago)
What's your point? Seems like you gotta little hate in your blood. This man here is the greatest song writer of this generation.
I just discovered this record by Isbell. The whole record is amazing, but this song caught me immediately. Such a wonderfully talented songwriter and performer!
Logan Rogers (5 months ago)
It's funny how I always come back to the same songs. The songs that make me cry. The songs that I feel like nobody else understands. The lyrics. The emotion. The tears.
Theo Vs Theo (5 months ago)
RIP to the love of my life, I will fly with you soon
Nigel Tufnel (5 months ago)
no one dies with dignity...
Adam Randall (5 months ago)
Best version
texvanderburg (5 months ago)
No words.
Adam Randall (7 months ago)
I've never seen sharecroper eyes but I know what they look like. No one dies with dignity.
jmmacb03 (8 months ago)
I came here to find out who wrote "Maybe it is Time" for "A Star Is Born". What a talent! Thank you from Toronto ♥
Raymond Owens (8 months ago)
He is amazing. You have to listen to The Nashville Sound.
Michael Garrity (8 months ago)
Truly an incredible song----so much truth and sad beauty to it---and so painful--but we have all been in a situation of this sort---or if not--will be...A REAL TRUE COUNTRY SONG if there ever was one......
Vibe Higher (8 months ago)
On Someone Else's Dream (8 months ago)
great storyteller
Sandra Marten (8 months ago)
This song. Mighty, mighty truth. Jason Isbell.
David R (9 months ago)
2018 and Jason wrote Maybe It's Time (A Star Is Born). Dude is a GOAT.
Kathryn B (1 month ago)
No shit?? Best song in the movie, makes sense.
cullen Irishman (9 months ago)
I just recently discovered the drive by truckers and subsequently this man here. I'm now a lifelong fan
Sissy Sanders (9 months ago)
Like ✌️😊😊😊👍
angelo y. (10 months ago)
She said Andy, you're better than your past Winked at me and drained her glass Cross-legged on a barstool, like nobody sits anymore She said “Andy you're taking me home” But I knew she planned to sleep alone I'd carry her to bed, sweep up the hair from her floor If I'd fucked her before she got sick I'd never hear the end of it She don't have the spirit for that now We just drink our drinks and laugh out loud And bitch about the weekend crowd And try to ignore the elephant somehow Somehow She said Andy, you crack me up Seagram's in a coffee cup Sharecropper eyes, and the hair almost all gone When she was drunk, she made cancer jokes Made up her own doctors' notes Surrounded by her family, I saw that she was dying alone But I'd sing her classic country songs and she'd get high and sing along She don't have a voice to sing with now We burn these joints in effigy and cry about what we used to be And try to ignore the elephant somehow, somehow I've buried her a thousand times, given up my place in line But I don't give a damn about that now There's one thing that's real clear to me: No one dies with dignity We just try to ignore the elephant somehow We just try to ignore the elephant somehow We just try to ignore the elephant somehow Somehow Somehow
Steve Payne (11 months ago)
we burn these joints in effigy
bill bohannon (1 year ago)
incredible songwriter and musician , comes from the heart
Aussie Owner (1 year ago)
This has to be the saddest country song of all time. Jason Isbell is amazing. Bought this record on vinyl. Almost worn out now.
Tyson Wheeler (1 year ago)
Gutted. Genius.
Roger Sharman (1 year ago)
Jason Isbell is the greatest Songwriter so far In the 21 century bar none, simple.
Robin W (1 year ago)
I've listened to this song hundreds of times...goosebumps every single time.
Mike Chase (1 year ago)
He’s making an absolute killing. He owns his record company and distribution as well. He makes me the same selling 150-200,000 albums than a band that sells 1-2 million albums. Very smart move and that doesn’t even take into account the money he makes of those who’ve signed into his label.
Adam Randall (9 months ago)
Kendall Levesque (1 year ago)
Fan of Jason Isbell?? Check out my cover of his song Speed Trap Town !! Also hit subscribe and share this with your friends!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTvI_8cJkkU
The85F0X (1 year ago)
Did anyone else get punched in the stomach?
The Eye (1 year ago)
Its a hard thing to deal with being the elephant in the room. I've been trying for 7 1/2 years now and I've seen friends to scared to even come by or call.
Jerk My Crank (1 year ago)
I can somehow manage to hold back being choked up most of the song, but when he he says the line "she don't have a voice to sing with anymore", it gets me everytime.
Josh beddis music (1 year ago)
best song written of our generation every song is like a movie really paints a picture
There are plenty of songwriters I love, but none of them move me like Jason Isbell.
P-Hoss The Boss (1 year ago)
Holy shit even live you capture every emotional moment in this song perfectly
Christel Siebenberg (1 year ago)
The best song I've ever heard about cancer. Brilliant and true. No compromises. This is what art should be and do.
Jason Logan (1 year ago)
One of the best tunes that I've ever heard.
Pilgrim551955 (1 year ago)
Me story hit home run my wife passed away with cancer cried all the way through it
The85F0X (1 year ago)
112 people missed the meaning of this song.
John Critcher (1 year ago)
My favorite version of this modern classic.
Shawn Sikes (1 year ago)
Lost in Vegas brought me here great song
James Wilson Jr (1 year ago)
Jason Isbell is hands down the best singer/ songwriter that is still putting out music. In my opinion his song writting ranks up there with Kristofferson and Shaver.
Garett Smith (1 year ago)
Undeniably beautiful song, whole album is amazing...truly brilliant stuff
Brian Remington (1 year ago)
Jeez listen to that guitar! D-45?
I do believe it is. Beautiful guitar.
Southernblueeyes78 (1 year ago)
It’s songs like this that put Jason Isbell on a songwriting level few can achieve. I cannot listen to this without tearing up. It so perfectly and vividly paints the picture....just listen and you’ll see what i mean.
puteraslayer (1 year ago)
Can someone help me I'm a fan of country song and I am from Malaysia what is rebel country and country ?
Jacob Clark (1 year ago)
Daniel mckinney (1 year ago)
So true
Alyssa Wargala (1 year ago)
I see why John Mayer says Jason Isbell is the best lyricist he's ever known
Max Rooks (8 months ago)
“Jason Isbell is the best lyric writer of my generation. He lives at a level where even great writers can only visit.” -John Mayer
And what a compliment that is right? John Mayer is a brilliant songwriter in his own right. Jason Isbell's songs move my soul!
YUKUN (1 year ago)
Still don’t understand what elephant means in this song ,can anyone tell me?
YUKUN (1 year ago)
Chris Gonyea thx for that
Chris Gonyea (1 year ago)
Basically the "elephant" is that big issue everyone knows about, but doesn't want to talk about at all costs. In this case, someone dying with cancer...no one wants to acknowledge that fact in front of her.
Thelegendhaha (1 year ago)
That is just insanely good. Such a sad song. 😢
Shoe Chew (1 year ago)
It can be sadder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7oRZI0b44c /watch?v=v7oRZI0b44c
Mark Guy (1 year ago)
My wife was going through breast cancer when this song came out by Jason truth lies within the lyrics of all of his music. But this song truly broke my heart. I will always be a fan of this man.
jeteye97 (1 year ago)
That second verse was very poignant to me and helped me resolve some of the feelings I had when my sister lost her battle. She was halfway across the country and i couldn’t do enough to help or be there. But the elephant didn’t care and ran it’s course. When I heard that verse, I understood she had what she needed and death is our own singular experience, regardless of who’s there.
kaybird13 (1 year ago)
The sharecropper eyes line is just so breathtakingly sad. Wow.
Randy Scott (1 year ago)
Great artist are no longer recognized that’s what happens when you have business people running an industry they really don’t understand plus they don’t come from the social class that produces this music so there you have it hope you enjoy lady ga ga!
Lou Marino (1 year ago)
This song tells this story incredibly. He's got some wicked good talent.
Mishelle Rauth (1 year ago)
The talent of this man is incredible. Music and lyrics to this song are achingly sad yet beautiful in a way. From one who's been at the side of a friend dying of cancer, this song is amazing. Best songsmith I've listen to all year :)
Tina Rodberg (1 year ago)
Wow...just wow. First time the "F" word really needed to be in a song.
Most talented man in Nashville!
Young Dylan (1 year ago)
I really miss my Mum.. this has been horrible
Bamaboompa (1 year ago)
Nice version. TO ME Jason's songs are like pain pills. I can only take so many at one time. BUT I heard this song shortly after I started chemo and was completely blown away.
Davis Millard (1 year ago)
This is SUCH a fantastic song on so many levels...
pee wee crayton (1 year ago)
I lived this song with my first wife...first time I heard it I cried....I felt like he was listening to is in another room.
Roger_Clay03 (1 year ago)
Fuck this song is strong.
Thea Hutchinson (2 years ago)
Not many songs out there that top this one.
hazey matheus (2 years ago)
RIP mom
Rhyme & Reason (2 years ago)
This is talent...
GroovyGirl1990 (2 years ago)
Came here from the Daily Show tonight....this guys needs to be seen and heard. This one is a keeper.
David Boguzes (2 years ago)
Touched by genius
Kari Boersheim (2 years ago)
So sad :( And so freaking amazing! Jason Isbell is just incredible <3
Slomo (2 years ago)
Mac McKinnon (2 years ago)
Just an incredible song. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melody, beautifully sung. Bravo.
Scott Reed (2 years ago)
a moving song to be sure. from a musicians perspective, one subtle detail I note is that throughout the chord progression, he never leaves the D note on the B string with his 3rd finger. it rings throughout the entire song. its subtle, almost hidden, but persistent...the little elephant in the song, musically
Danny Dealin (2 years ago)
This song is so impressive with the imagery. Every songwriter should play this until they dream of an angle to compete with it. Sir you set the bar with this one. Maximum respect. You went Tom T Hall and Springsteen with the visuals.
Leo Kregul (2 years ago)
am now your gone not home
Leo Kregul (2 years ago)
all I can say is sorry Dad I should have listened more an talked less because now your home an my words dont mean much in a song
Mika Edison (2 years ago)
SuFFeR (2 years ago)
Right! Jason's the man, Yvette is not as cache but just as deep.
Thomas B (2 years ago)
Silly Idea: Call up Ryan Adams, hit the road together, sing some songs (without a backup band) and make music history - (and all of us very happy). Thanks for your music!
Scott Stevens (2 years ago)
Guy is so talented.
emmy jenkins (2 years ago)
roger wyrick (2 years ago)
would love for Jason and Don Henley from the Eagles to write together , they both seem strangely tormented with the gift of painting pictures with their vocabulary.
sammy scotch (4 months ago)
Woukd never think of those 2 writing together. Interesting
Widowmaker Heartattack (2 years ago)
That Martin D42 Sounds Beautiful. This guy is bringing back REAL !
randy poor (2 years ago)
Brian Horn (2 years ago)
Unfortunately I have lived this song. I have never heard anyone put these emotions to words. "There is one thing that is clear to me, no-one dies with dignity. " powerful song
James Schuhs (2 months ago)
Hello. Fellow survivor here. I wish I could say it made me a better person, but the price was high. Hope all is well on your end.
5yearsout (2 years ago)
I too have lived this song, the line about dying with dignity gets me, but the line that does it for me is "surrounded by her family I could see she was dying alone" always brings tears to my eyes because that's how I felt while going through treatment. The final journey we all have to take by ourselves.
Kevin Cawser (2 years ago)
Ta. Will have a look.
Larry Sheppard (3 years ago)
He might just be the most gifted writer of this young century. The young man writes fantastic songs.

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