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Secret Garden : Raise your Voice

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Artist: Secret Garden Song: Raise your Voice Album: Earthsongs LYRICS: Chorus: Raise your voices! Raice your voices! Praise Him - the Living Word To the heavens high ascending Raise your voices to the Lord Though the night be dark and fearful Though we face the dimming day Though the heart be sad and tearful Trust Him, He will light the way (chorus) Throgh the mists in this vale of sorrow Through the glass we but darkly see We will rise again tomorrow Then, our eyes will lifted be (chorus) Long the road that has no ending Far the path that has no turn And the soul is never wending To the place it first was born See the host of angels singing When they hear that trumpet sound When the piper's call is ringing Then shall my soul be ever homeward bound (chorus) Mountains tall and seas will thunder One unceasing chorus ring Hean'v and earth will sleep no longer Then the universe as one will sing (chorus)
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Text Comments (86)
Margaret Smith (2 months ago)
they came to teach that the SECRET GARDEN IS WITHIN YOU... The FATHER.. it is YOUR FATHER fragment in you that lights your way. These people are from Pleiades where I spent a good deal of time before beginning my earth mission 400 years ago.. always makes me homesick.
Tammy W (3 months ago)
Raise your voice to the Glory of God.
Song of the trees ring aboves the skys.. Echoes drifting lands do sing.. Raise up the birth of the land.. In the places of hearts.. Angels sings of the glory.. Drifting winds sing within the trees.. Evening shadows llulabyes dwell upon the eve.. Flourishes in the daffodils.. Blooming upon the hills.. Singing to the dells, is the breath of the angels.. Lift your limbs as your voice sings.. Raise up your voice to the skys.. Reach for hope in the lands seeds.. Arise to mornings days n sing.. Happyheartedone..
357344 (10 months ago)
Chrissy (11 months ago)
This will be on Heaven's play list for sure!!!
Chrissy (10 months ago)
Thank you, Love! Your reply brought me to tears!!
Love (10 months ago)
Chrissy the angels already have it in there playlist they are singing it now. Plus there is no time in heaven so no need to worry about missing music like this when you get there.
Mauricio Simão (11 months ago)
ENVOLVENTE....... Um hino de Louvor à Vida. Essa musica cresce dentro de nós. É dificil parar de ouví-la.
RoZita Bartok (1 year ago)
Does this group have any songs that aren't beautiful?
Chrissy (11 months ago)
I sure haven't heard any!
XIV Words (1 year ago)
bombardieroutlander (1 year ago)
jutka nagy (1 year ago)
Nagyon szep.
Ferencné Széchenyi (1 year ago)
Köszönöm szépen Miklós!
Lanny Ratna (1 year ago)
Very touching music
Juan Ernesto Zurita (1 year ago)
Que hermosa música que proviene de este coro de ángeles, que belleza,
Dimitar Stoev (1 year ago)
old the best licics music
Luciene Farias (1 year ago)
ThePoisonCooking (1 year ago)
I'm crying... So beautiful song from Heaven...
Judite Campos (1 year ago)
sensacional maravilhoso adorei
PL SantaRosa (1 year ago)
Paquet Claire (2 years ago)
Quand j'écoute cette chanson j'ai l'impression d'être au ciel avec mes anges Merci pour cette douceur.
Hasan Deniz (2 years ago)
wonderfull songs..
Kleiser Oliveira. (2 years ago)
Deus seja louvado para todo sempre!!!! Linda Música!
Sylvia Barroso (2 years ago)
Rachel Ikin (2 years ago)
I throat it was a hymn
Victoria Reece (2 years ago)
To Tina Turner
Raice your voice. That valuable inspiration extends, with the same harmony and beauty, against political manipulation, emotionalism..., with its drastic globalized social consequences.
nostressannie (2 years ago)
Rodel Balallo (3 years ago)
To God be the Glory...
me imagino que soy yo ,la que vuela y abraza la naturaleza ,parese que ciento el rocio
uspjeh zvijezda (4 years ago)
People sing "Raise your voices" but God Shiva says to His children "Remain silent and continue to consider yourself to be the souls, eternal beings of light, the infinitesimal points of divine light, and remember Me, Your the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, in the form of the Point of Light so that all your bad, sinful karma is erased before the end!
Love (10 months ago)
uspjeh zvijezda There is no end love never ends.
Digna Angelica Caceres (4 years ago)
Preciosa melodia inefable
Mirta Ayude (4 years ago)
Muy bellla ¡
Shan Wang (1 year ago)
Mirta Ayude
Mirta Ayude (1 year ago)
espero les haya gustado
Mirta Ayude (4 years ago)
yo escucho musica tranqui todas las tardes .FELICIDADES ¡
357344 (4 years ago)
Magnificent!  So beautiful and uplifting!
Tiborné Sályi (4 years ago)
Csodálatosan szép ez a videó... Köszönöm szépen.
Tiborné Sályi (4 years ago)
Nagyon köszönöm ezt a szépséget.
Carol Qin (4 years ago)
love it so much, I think I have listened it for more than 500 times.
Olga Novakauskiene (4 years ago)
*Raise your Voice* Excellent Thank you
klára városi (4 years ago)
Néha egymagamban. Írta Miklós Csaba . Néha, mikor csak ülök elmélázva, egyszerre visszalépek a múltba Érdekes, soha meg nem ijedek úgy látszik, vállalom régi énemet Jó ott a múltban fiatalnak lenni, vagy gyermekként, őszintén sírni Még a jövőről semmit sem sejteni sejtelmek között csak szépen élni Látni, ölelni, akik ma már nem élnek csak újra elhinni, megélni a szépet Jó volna egyszer örökre maradni a mai valóságba , nem visszatérni De nem lehet, mert a barátaim nekem azt sohasem engedik meg Hiszen szeretnek, szívükben őriznek tudom, soha, soha el nem engednek…
klára városi (4 years ago)
Köszönöm , hogy olvastátok. Én viszont mindig elmaradok . Jó éjszakát kívánok. Klára
Gabriella Heinrich (4 years ago)
Nagy élmény volt látni és hallani, a vers is tetszik!
Mester Nagy (4 years ago)
Nagyon tetszik
Ilona Janovics (5 years ago)
alyna385 (5 years ago)
wow miraculos!
JTK52537 (5 years ago)
Pilar Calle (5 years ago)
brunothedog01 (5 years ago)
awesome voices''
Pilar Calle (5 years ago)
The music of Secret Garden has been brought down to Earth frequence directly from the frequency where GOOD resides and has a healing effect. This is very much needed in these times of challenges for so many people.
Adelbert von Deyen (5 years ago)
Awesome. Thumbs up!
Maham Naviwala (5 years ago)
Just fascinating
maria fink (5 years ago)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.
Aohoshi Iloilo (5 years ago)
O_O Why Philippines?
Aohoshi Iloilo (5 years ago)
I think of Jesus and God when I listen to this. Amen to all off you. :)
Ângela Maria (5 years ago)
Niwa Mineo (6 years ago)
C' set Bon
Niwa Mineo (6 years ago)
C. est bon Musique la boax A demaim
fangeisia (6 years ago)
love it
Eliseu Oliveira (6 years ago)
Reşat Budak (6 years ago)
I like Secret Garden so much. This song reminds me Cathars.
TheGockelgorski (6 years ago)
Nature's true beauty shines in this so wonderful & relaxing Music Video creation....
Keylla Lemos Moura (6 years ago)
Let us praise our almighty God, all nations, all people in the World!!!!
Volker Madert (6 years ago)
Coronation of love in heaven cathedral.
moemi dezzotti (6 years ago)
mas que bello!!
topazlake85 (7 years ago)
This was beautiful ,Kuga! True celebration of beauty of sound and vision ...I enjoyed the video after a day of hard work in my own garden ;)) Thanks!
T. W. (7 years ago)
świetna stara muza ponadczasowa
QuercusSola (7 years ago)
Contemporary Christian Music cannot even compare to this. :)
QuercusSola (7 years ago)
Raise your voices! Raise your voices! Praise Him - the Living Word To the heavens high ascending Raise your voices to the Lord
Theresia Swiebel (7 years ago)
jsmybaby (7 years ago)
great discovery of this song ! how beautiful it is !
Roy Compton (7 years ago)
Simon Ismael (7 years ago)
Sound like Church music......beautiful and uplifting.
SamFrancis (7 years ago)
Beautiful... this should be in the hymnal....
Lim Deming (8 years ago)
The best that I'd ever had~D
Matakshaman (8 years ago)
I think it sound a bit like the national anthem of Germany x'D
Irene Pinheiro (8 years ago)
Beautiful! Merry Christmas !
flutefun999 (8 years ago)
meh...sounds like a church service.
Mexycan Karencita (8 years ago)
If there is something better, I'd love to know what!
Astreya Anathar Bhael (9 years ago)

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