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2016 AVN Awards All Access: The Red Carpet

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Adult Empire is taking you behind the scenes of the porn industry’s most prestigious night at the 2016 AVN Awards. Check out red carpet interviews conducted by our exclusive correspondent Kayla-Jane Dander as she chats with adult’s top talent including Eva Lovia, Sadie Santana, Dillion Harper, Ryan Driller, Romi Rain, Jessy Dubai, Dana Vespoli, Abigail Mac, Adriana Chechik, Anna Bell Peaks, Vicki Chase, Cindy Starfall, Sarah Vandella, Kayden Kross, Manuel Ferrara, Dani Daniels , Tanya Tate, Venus Lux, Keisha Grey, Katrina Jade, Skin Diamond and Kendra Lust. (0:28) Eva Lovia (2:29) Sadie Santana (3:26) Dillion Harper (3:42) Ryan Driller (6:04) Romi Rain (7:30) Jessy Dubai (8:40) Dana Vespoli (10:17) Abigail Mac (11:20) Adriana Chechik (13:39) Anna Bell Peaks (15:09) Vicki Chase (16:57) Cindy Starfall (17:40) Sarah Vandella (18:49) Manuel Ferrara & Kayden Kross (20:39) Steven St. Croix & Dani Daniels (21:58) Tanya Tate (23:04) Venus Lux (24:58) Keisha Grey (26:41) Katrina Jade (28:43) Skin Diamond (30:29) Kendra Lust CONNECT WITH US Twitter: https://twitter.com/adultempire Tumblr: http://adultempire.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdultEmpire
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Text Comments (1036)
1mperi4l (13 hours ago)
You know ur a realy big wanker when u can identify every pornstar thats been interviewed.
RX Tube (18 hours ago)
Alee Khan (1 day ago)
Whenever I see you kendra my weapon is automatically uppp
Prashant Jaat (1 day ago)
Kendra lust no 1
Fucking President (1 day ago)
Why the hell is this on my recommended list?
Oskar Schindler (1 day ago)
Awards for c..k sucking and anal, wtf!
Gurdik Ru (1 day ago)
Сборище шлюх!
Abdeo Bill (2 days ago)
Gavnochido (2 days ago)
Where all bitches gather
sasi arasan (2 days ago)
Where is Lisa ann
فؤاد محمد (2 days ago)
SP xav (2 days ago)
6:20 at 6:47 full beautiful moment 😍
Marcus Mullings (3 days ago)
Lol bunch of horny bitches with fake tits and ass
David Newsted (3 days ago)
I do not know how they pride themselves on this work and how their fathers view it in pornographic I can not understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!
junaid khan (3 days ago)
Nice sexist hoty
Simo Anttila (4 days ago)
Kendra Lust is the most hottest and most beautiful woman in the world.
Jess Connelly (4 days ago)
The announcer gets he prise for stupidest tattoos🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Tahir Moutaki (4 days ago)
I was watching league videos how the fuck I ended up here
Jabbar Ali (4 days ago)
Ayush Tandon (5 days ago)
got new names for collection 😁😁😁😁
monster hotdog (5 days ago)
Cristy mac my all time favorite
Stanley Chaney (5 days ago)
I seen all of their vids
Andra Clark (5 days ago)
These people are so proud of being sluts
Haroon Sardehyay (5 days ago)
oh my favourite scene is two in one hole.
John Templeton (5 days ago)
the prolific porn industry has by far the best looking women, but imo some of the better more genuine performers are the amateurs
هههه✋✋حلو سستيل
I noscoped JFK (5 days ago)
gotta do some research now... #nonutnovember
mmm mili (6 days ago)
So how can i join..?
mmm mili (6 days ago)
I wanna join your pornster gang
benny tintu (6 days ago)
I like kendra lust madam in the industry.she is amazing
raigo shinken (6 days ago)
I search cream pie recipes on google..and then ended up here
tahnid helal (6 days ago)
Alura jenso,sara jay
Kiara mia fan like hit
jerish joseph (8 days ago)
i want to interiew
Shtirlits1 (8 days ago)
Сукааа, вот это я понимаю , сборище проституток.Блин, и практически всех знаю по именам.
FOXBODY 351W (8 days ago)
Bunch whores.
Imran Qureshi (8 days ago)
Romi rain g I love you mere ko bhi sath le Chalo na Mai apke sath movie banana chahta hu really
sajid ali (9 days ago)
Rainia belle super number 1
Bibi Abdou (9 days ago)
Fuck you everybody 🖕
優さん (10 days ago)
this should be called merely Harlot Awards
That latex dress is hoooooooooot
Jefferson Provazio (11 days ago)
KenDRA_ \ _ada esquerda '
flownet07 (11 days ago)
Why aren't they nude? I would recognise them more easily...
The Boss (11 days ago)
19:20 wtf happened there
say wut (12 days ago)
REPENT!! the end is near
Henry Pinto (12 days ago)
My two favorite ladies romi rain and Kayla -Jane danger I love ya both very much
Henry Pinto (12 days ago)
Kayla - Jane danger I love all your tattoos you are the most beautiful women I ever seen love ya very much
Henry Pinto (12 days ago)
Kayla - Jane danger you look amazing you are a very beautiful women I love ya very much
Kareem Mans (12 days ago)
These guys are in a world of their own for real.
zueiras (12 days ago)
A Kendra e das boas pra se fuder gostosa
Elie Kabasha (13 days ago)
God please save your people
تجنن مثلي 🌷😘💡
Jose Guido (14 days ago)
Sadie santana Ago a movie with you sadie
Mustafa Sarıkaya (14 days ago)
25:00 my favorite :)
Samul John (15 days ago)
so beautiful
Samul John (15 days ago)
I miss u
darko galic (15 days ago)
Tanya Tate 22:00....is on my desktop as a wallpaper :) !
esa khan (15 days ago)
Why are they so decent ?
behnam ghasemi (15 days ago)
full of proud and glory matherfuckers
а этак хуй подумаешь, что они шпиливилли
DICTATOR SATANIA (16 days ago)
Easy i see kendra lust in the thumbnail, i get hard, i watch
Honky Tonk (16 days ago)
The vapid interviewing the vacuous.
MAX MANUS (16 days ago)
Their fathers...
GALER VODGALS (17 days ago)
i love Kendra Lust
eric morinho (17 days ago)
This is crazy
melchor garcia (17 days ago)
Where is paris hilton
Freedom Ring (18 days ago)
the only difference between these women and women in hollywood is the women here don't pretend not to be whores.
Ben (19 days ago)
Here for the names #NoShame
Glenn Thomason (19 days ago)
YouTube put this on a recommend list for me?. I'm not a porn person .then they go around shutting other people's channels down for dumb shit . I don't get it. So they promote. Porn and shut down other forms of free speech??
Ka Htoo (20 days ago)
Join pornstar to become famous
Eduardo Bautista (20 days ago)
Romi Rain is beautiful but she speaks like an alcoholic women 😂
dinko bratoev (20 days ago)
i was watching femenist`s videos how the fuck i got here ??????????? Kappa
Alex Sanchez (21 days ago)
I love female porn stars i would love to bang them all
WS Intern (21 days ago)
Allahloves Mydick (21 days ago)
Recognise for being a cock sucker?
Abdullah Al Nahyan (21 days ago)
To be honest - most of the porn star's dress here are more conservative than that of Oscar or Grammy award program participant actresses'!!
Izio Shaba (22 days ago)
these women are *way* more attractive at this event then that shit they perform on on set
Raheel Shah (22 days ago)
Kendra lust is best
jack nakub (23 days ago)
cherry torn i love you
Nikolai Samstag (23 days ago)
HUBERT DARK (23 days ago)
co za kurewki ja pierdole
Mohammed (23 days ago)
Vamos_Real (23 days ago)
I can masturbate 100 times in a week for Dani Daniels
Abhishek Sathe (23 days ago)
Ohh boii. Here we go again.... ..... .......
Ant Sara (24 days ago)
got coke?
Varun Bhagat (25 days ago)
looking sexy and hot in backside
santos guerrero (25 days ago)
Y hoy porq no andan enseñando la panocha?
Tinsel Town Limited (26 days ago)
I've fap twice...I'm not ashamed...
seen Srinivasan (26 days ago)
So many bitches...wow..nice
Rahul Singh (27 days ago)
i love ❤ kendra lust . wanna hav sex with her
Caleb Oliver (27 days ago)
liking sex is human nature. the "performance" they speak of is anecdotal, but the older i get the less i feel pity or some sort of shame for the women. its not a lifelong career, fuck it. no pun intended. oh and at least the cream (lol) of the crop is mostly damn attractive people, cant much blame em. their parents probably cant either
Thomas Smith (27 days ago)
Just here for names.
didier renault (28 days ago)
trop séduisante...
FrenchCut (28 days ago)
Kendra lust 😋😋
MrFwlger (30 days ago)
america is a fucked up country
lordan steam (30 days ago)
Keisha Grey wow!
Mark Daniels (30 days ago)
Shocking that these ppl really think they’re movie stars.
Me Too (30 days ago)
Romi has amazing eyes

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