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asha sydney (9 months ago)
nice video :) I was shocked to see you only have 72 subs
Ava Wicker (4 months ago)
He has 141k now😂
Nobel Dejene (4 months ago)
Onderišinová M (4 months ago)
ihussein06 (4 months ago)
ihussein06 (4 months ago)
Jasmine Hemahrahsh (5 days ago)
I need this type of energy for 2019😂
Ethan Gilbert (14 days ago)
Lol jk
Ethan Gilbert (14 days ago)
I’m watching this to see if I’m gay
bekki j (14 days ago)
number 8... okay next number 6
How To ? (15 days ago)
Why tf is he so cute tho🤷🏼‍♀️
Miss Alyssa (15 days ago)
Lets support eachother
Stacey Fuentes (15 days ago)
Idk how he doesn’t have a girl lmao
Vanesa Nunez (15 days ago)
I though he wrote down what he was gonna say and he was looking at the paper the whole time, then I noticed he was on an exercise ball!
Janeya Bella (15 days ago)
U hella finnnnnnnnnnnnnnee
Meagan & Morgan Baio (15 days ago)
Dude go get a girl and any girl will be lucky to have you for a boyfriend. I mean for goodness sake you are hot so go out in the world and get a girl
WildTigerDanger Cool (15 days ago)
K, k, k! I’m trying it invite me crush to a sleepover with a bunch of friends, and I planned to watch a scary movie, AND I HATE SCARY MOVIES, and I will sit next to him while we are watching a scary movie. Oh bye the way, literally everyone I know ships us and thinks he likes me back, he always is sooo nice to me, and looks at me with this flirty smile, oh, and I caught him starting at me like.......all the time, and when he be doing the worm on the floor (you know, the one that looks........ NASTY), he looks at me with ANOTHER flirty look!!!! ahhhhhhhh☺️😊😍🥰
Kirby (15 days ago)
Kamari Ellise (15 days ago)
Wow dude your so freaking preciousss😩 your next girl is gonna be so luckkyyy😌!
Lara Sylskar (15 days ago)
Haha love him
Shania Green (15 days ago)
U cute and all but I really wanted u to slip back on that bouncy ball 😂😂
I do most of these but im ugly 😂
Riley Davis (15 days ago)
BOI I DONT DO NON OF TTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEESSSSSSSSEEEEEE IM A CHILD 7 YEAR OLD LITTLE ONE YES IM A GIR NOT THOSE TIPES OF GIRLY GIRLS IM A GAMER GIRL BOI why just why did i watch this WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????????????????????😞😒😒😒😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒U_U:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:(~_~~_~~_~~_~~_~X_XX_XX_XX_X):):):):):):):)::[:[:[:[:[:
cali cutie (16 days ago)
lowkey... just wanna rub my hands through your hair😂
Nique Griffin (16 days ago)
Only if I was old enough
Jasmine Brawner (16 days ago)
i laugh all the time
Jasmine Brawner (16 days ago)
is it just me or is he kinda cute
Evie Allister (16 days ago)
Thinking to myself: is he on a bouncy ball or something? Right after Him: I’m bouncing on this bouncy ball Me: 😧😧
anycela torres (16 days ago)
What’s your insta
690 deaf birchz (16 days ago)
Excuses, im lil bit tipsy but WHERE CAN I GET BUNCH OF U from here?!?????!!!!!!!!????!!?!?!?!?
Stormie Mwangi (17 days ago)
"Eat,get fat." 😂😂☠☠
I am currently 10 years old as of 2018 and I have had a bf before.And u haven't had a gf before?!?!?!?!?
Kaylee Muyu (17 days ago)
Yk damn well you lying, talking about “I’ve never had a gf” 😏😂 The whole time I was watching this, I was just thinking, if you’ve never had a gf then how do you know what you like ⁉️ A lot of the things you’re saying are based off of relationship experiences 😂
Heather Deja (17 days ago)
Charlie puth is that you lol jk😘😀😂
itslyndseyyy (17 days ago)
who ever is crushing on him in his school should watch this and do all of it to get him
Meadow Bothel (17 days ago)
Sure lend me your sweater lol
Kirsten Day (17 days ago)
tbh i was surprised that he has never had a girlfriend cuz damn he is hot af
Briona Odoherty (17 days ago)
Your cute 😍
buteravel x (17 days ago)
how is this even possible that he's a single.... he's adorable
Stella L (17 days ago)
Lol cuddle is da best😍
Stella L (17 days ago)
"Hate me,love me,I don't care"👌😂
Catherine. fromGreece (17 days ago)
If you like a girl who does all there things we should be dating .... like..... you're so cute .. 😄
Jeffery Doherty (18 days ago)
I agree on all of them except for the girls eating a lot but that's just me bro
Jeffery Doherty (18 days ago)
I agree on allo
Emily Hornby-Smith (18 days ago)
He’s cute
Miles Asher (18 days ago)
no wonder he was bouncing so much! xD
Ken Sedwick (18 days ago)
I'm only 12 and we r a month apart
Ken Sedwick (18 days ago)
I already have a hot ass Girl and her name is Destiny
Aleina Hansen (18 days ago)
Can I have one of your hoodies?
Kudter Stucki (18 days ago)
Amen cuz
Valerin Roncallo (18 days ago)
3:09 💀
Dakota Cortis (18 days ago)
Your cool
Foreverdreamingcorpse (18 days ago)
Ya cute ❤️i need a guy like you ur joke 😂😂
Johncarlos celis (19 days ago)
I also like it when a girl laughs a lot.
Emily Jones (19 days ago)
What if it's my bf
Nevaeh Sanchez (19 days ago)
I’m shocked you don’t have a gf😍💗💋
Amber Tomasino (19 days ago)
i love this guy lol
AyyeItsEm X (19 days ago)
He's a lil awkward, but it's cuteeee
Sienna McGrath (19 days ago)
Is he sat in a bouncy ball or something because he won’t stop movin🥰
Nandi Covers (19 days ago)
yeah 5:41
רנין עדווי (19 days ago)
I cantt he is so cute!!!!!!
Amber lin (20 days ago)
Hey dm me
Kleyr Capio (20 days ago)
Your so cute and funny
Ariana Caceres (20 days ago)
I think I would be your match...but.. I'm 13 1/2 soooo yahhh
Ariana Caceres (20 days ago)
If u look like 🍰 and u haven't had your 1st smooch WTF are u doing with your self, and I'm not saying act like a dog
Nevaeh Sanchez (20 days ago)
Love 💗 your channel
Renee Wright (20 days ago)
Wait a minute 😂 so your telling me your cute and have a good humor and is cute let me think about this now how do you not habve a gf 😂 I don’t have a bf either so welcome to the club
Amina Mohamed (20 days ago)
Yo he's so hyped think sum would actually slide in his a DM's💀😂🙏
fluffy panda 07 (21 days ago)
I need to meet u how old r u and what's ur number ur hot and have an amazing peraonallity
Amy Keating (21 days ago)
That awkward moment when you do most of these things but you are still single
charlie puth's twin
Hi Michola (21 days ago)
I can be your first girlfriend😉😂❤️
lovly isabel (21 days ago)
"never even hugged a girl" LOL sounds like my bro 😂😂😂
Jeffy Fan (21 days ago)
Been here since 72 subs😘
SadieMae (21 days ago)
how has he never had a gf??
Emilie 17 (21 days ago)
I want a boyfriend soo bad❤️
Emilie 17 (21 days ago)
Omg I think ur rlly hot lol🥰
Trinity Lance (21 days ago)
This was actually funny
Keara Harkin (21 days ago)
I just found your channel it came up in my suggestions but I can already tell I’m going to love your channel. 💖💖
harvey faisin (22 days ago)
what would u do if a girl don't think she look beautiful and scared to show the way she look
Marycarmen Diaz (22 days ago)
Is it just me but I was waiting for him to fall of whatever he was bouncing on.
Beautiful Flower (22 days ago)
He sounds like a good YouTuber
Sofia Resendiz (22 days ago)
"smash that like button like its your girlfriend" WoAh ThErE bUdDy
Zona Wassell (22 days ago)
I'm my gosh I love your videos
basic sweetheart (23 days ago)
I think you should stop speaking like that no offense but that's just my issue but you're cute though
Mariah Chacon (23 days ago)
Jay you look like Charlie Puth
Briana Adams (23 days ago)
So I just came across you like literally right now haha,but you really cute and funny keep doing what you are doing.Always stay positive.
Mari Li Hjartnes (23 days ago)
Eat and get fat😂 that’s so easy
Megan Martinez (24 days ago)
Omg he so goofy 😂I love him he cute 😍
samantha sentana (24 days ago)
can i touch your hair?
neejrahadzic x (24 days ago)
nice video, but i just ask myself how many times you said "like" 🤣❤️
Bella Miller (24 days ago)
He is hot
Zara (24 days ago)
Is he on a trampoline? 😂
sunflower 21 (24 days ago)
how much you say "like"😂
Megan Deakin (24 days ago)
How tf is he single and hasn’t had a gf wtff 😍😂
Mia Celice Melberg (24 days ago)
R u sitting on a fucking yoga ball or something Edit yes u are
Dana Jacks (25 days ago)
That neck tho🔥😍
Keely Laye (25 days ago)
oOOoooOooohhhh I love him mmmmm
Chelsea Sterling (25 days ago)
omg he is perfect
uncooked chiken (25 days ago)
this video made me laugh and reminded me how lonely 😩 i am. 😂 it’s all good yk.
Haley Undone (25 days ago)
How old are you? 😂
GucciTaechu 7 (25 days ago)
He literally cant stop moving... 😂... Cute...
Andrea Radovic (25 days ago)
Halie Viernow (26 days ago)
Can I slide in your dms😌🙃
Zaynah Bashir (26 days ago)
This guy is soo cute like srsly this is wat every girl wants
clara perera (27 days ago)
Ya im eat a lot....

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