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Have a laugh while I mess with this Nigerian Scammer!

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Have a laugh with me as I scam a Nigerian Scammer. Actually this one was from Ghana, but most my run in's with previous scammers where from Nigeria, so I left the title that way. Originally I thought this scammer was Nigerian but I found out during his scam he is from Ghana. Unfortunately I can't redo the video at this point so just go with it :) Come with me as I make my entry into the fun and exciting new sport of ScamBaiting. Don't get mad at someone trying scam, instead use them to entertain you. Please feel free to reply with your own wonderful scambaiting stories. Here is the facebook link so you too can offer help Serah Love's Vampiric mom. https://www.facebook.com/search/more/?q=Serah%20Love&sid=0.8911364297382534 or https://www.facebook.com/serah.love.96?fref=browse_search For FREE access to my private and unlisted videos, sign up at http://www.Tarrinlupo.com Music Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... #scam #scammer #scamming
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Joyce Patrick (2 days ago)
Well, I'm from America, and this is an actual picture of mine on this picture with me. We have been engaged for almost three years.he is waiting on me, to send him money to come to America, other wise, he not coming. If you reconzie him, please let me know. I have yet to send him any money. My family and friends, won't allow me to.
Lynn Milton (3 days ago)
Lori Cook (4 days ago)
Their idiots lmao they send me fake checks all the time lmao I get them too hahaha
Astra (4 days ago)
But... my father is Nigerian. And if you were wondering, no my father is not a scammer
Toko bulu (6 days ago)
one time a scammer calling me saying that I won a million dollars LOL he sounded like he was from India so I told him yeah really I won a million dollar and he said yes so I told him I like to take that million-dollar and shove it up your ass and he said f you and hang up. lol😂
Thomas Arbec (8 days ago)
Sure lots of fun wasting their time but you're also wasting your own time
Colleen (9 days ago)
i was married to a nigerian lol actually theyre very stupid & quite backward ..they literally attend cyber cafe classes to learn how to especially middle aged divorced lonely females so please lonely women IM A WIFE OF A NIGERIAN IGBO & THEYRE OUT TO GET YOU!
YNOT PAUL (9 days ago)
your a legend🤣🤣🤣🤣
Simon Gabb (11 days ago)
Love scams where I live we have local l abbreviations SOR & NOR. We just ask them to choose one and the suburb. Quite often the suburb is in the other area
Simon Gabb (11 days ago)
I tell then that they've called the local child trafficking hotline, that all calls are recorded and also are traced back to the caller. 9/10 "times they hang up. If they call again, I ask how old is the child they want., usually ends up with me saying hello anyone there. Only once have they called back a third time. I told them that I will not pay that amount for a minor. Should see the looks I get in the office. Works a treat. Al o Change child for drugs. This also works
ʝσυяиєу мαи (11 days ago)
I once had a brief conversation with a nigerian woman online telling her i was ghanian. She told me that she hated ghanian & my mother is a Ho😭!
Elizabeth E James (12 days ago)
Get it right about the Countries. The 1st is Ghana, not Nigeria.? Also, there are scammers all over the world. I gave my full bank account to someone on the phone and that is here in U.K. It is just great we must be alert and not fall for them anywhere
Robert Driehuijs (13 days ago)
Lose the hat Woody
Charmaine Balzan (13 days ago)
Men and money are out of control
Tony Blakk (13 days ago)
This dude is so high
Barbara L (14 days ago)
Freaking hilarious!!! Hahh.. 🤣
Susan Brazzell (15 days ago)
They all love me and want to marry me after three minutes they usual use military high ranking officials photos GENERALS DRS ETC THEY TYPE BROKEN ENGLISH and always have a son or and widows who had a wife who was killed in a bad accident kid in military school what a riot I mess with their heads but in a different way and play like I'm going to send money but get em good Busted they get really angry
Mama Bear (15 days ago)
I got a call one day from a guy claiming his name was David, telling me that I was approved for a grant in the amount of $9800. But to receive the grant I had to go to the Western Union at Walgreens in the amount of $300, and my bank account info so they could deposit the grant into my account. I told the guy not going to happen ever and hung up. And he had the audacity to actually call back so I took the phone number and called the sheriff's department and I never got another call like that. And I'm no longer on Facebook or other similar sites. Solved the problem real quick. Lol
Lexi's Veggie Food (16 days ago)
And someone I know of is being scammed out of cash to "come to the USA cause sjws a millionaire who can't get to her money"
Lexi's Veggie Food (16 days ago)
People hyjacked some accounts to people I know
Ralph Kinsley (16 days ago)
419 Eater - The largest scambaiting community on the planet! Check it out.
John Conforti (17 days ago)
I told one who gave me an exorbitant amount of money for something I was selling in check form printed on office paper. He stated he would overpay me if I would cash the check and send him the difference. I told him Thank you, because I live in a pore villige wear the ruler of our tribe dimands we pay for our priveledges. I told him that this will make our king viry happi and he no beet me or my chilgren no moar. He threatened till I told him I'll have my brother in the FBI investigate.
THE ACOUSTIC CAGE (17 days ago)
I am a phone scammer....i have made millions of $$....maybe billions....i stopped counting after $65. Now im about to go load up on pickles and a air hockey table. Thanks, bitches!!
Phobo Phobia (19 days ago)
If your half smart you can wreck these scammers ! I use google voice for a spoof number then go to scammers.info that have all these scammers numbers and call them with fake numbers and just waste their time well I work on other stuff ! They get pretty mad ! They are not hard to mess with and I love getting calls from them on fake numbers :) People don't help you out on the streets so why do you think these people will help you online or over a phone just cause they say things like i'm IRS or Tech support for microsoft ! They are trying get people 50+ age group that don't understand this stuff as much ! if its from India just don't fall for it and don't use a real number to mess with them just a fake one or a VPN online !
Josie M (20 days ago)
Augustine Omeihe (21 days ago)
LoL funny lines dude. But believe me that guy isn't Nigerian.
curtis morris (21 days ago)
Must be lonely to have nothing better to do..
Son Nefes (23 days ago)
Well is very possible they to replay u with some bad magic ;)
Rosie Brandt (23 days ago)
So what you when you know what being scum ? Did you asked for help or did you report this because they all over online??
Rosie Brandt (23 days ago)
This person he used a woman or man you use military or femose name or
Rosie Brandt (23 days ago)
Oh yes looks out for Facebook Nigeria a lot of them at Facebook they use a different picture I can give you a name account at Facebook ok let me know
Siree Shindle (23 days ago)
Is there something we can do to report or expose these scammers? I'm willing to bet someone could make REAL , LEGIT money if they came up with a solution to finding who these people are and stop them. This happens to me at least once a yeat! I'm not sure what this scam is, however I posted a watch on CL and had two inquiries via text. Both of these people were supposedly at "work", could not text so they gave me a Gmail address to respond. Never responded, just so curious as to how they were going to try to get money. Probably the send more money then send difference back, not sure. They seem to be coming up with new schemes all of the time. Does anyone have info on where or how to report these people?
Kerry Foster (23 days ago)
Yes I love the lovely smiling girls with big Tits who want to befriend me. They have no pictures or postings or information! And usually live in some weird place miles away. Such fun.
copper cool (24 days ago)
They need to be killed if they get caught. They are disgraceful to Africa
toxin burn (26 days ago)
man i sure did waste some money on internet and watching this intro :P
Brian notafan (26 days ago)
i laughed so hard i think i sharted myself
Brian notafan (26 days ago)
guy looks like howdy dooduty
Brian notafan (26 days ago)
deep 6 the tiny hat
Cynthia Hawkins (26 days ago)
My husband was born in Mexico, at 74 he's still bilingual: and when we got a "Microsoft Tech Support" call from Pakistan last week, he launched into a three minute non-stop tsunami of Spanish obscenities!!. It did the trick..they hung up in terror.
Cynthia Hawkins (26 days ago)
I am a 70 year old retired NYC teacher; and I thank GOD I never went ahead with a FB account. You wouldn't believe the poorly written bullcrap e.mails I get by the dozen, which are probably robotic generated from Russian girls/Latina/Chinese girls. Along with semi porn, ugly fotos (Best in Show, mixed breed)...Asking "do you want to marriage me?", or "please RELPY do you know what I am wearing?" or "I having a need for you babey"..really laughable shit. My e.mail address contains the suffix "girl", which the spammers are too dumb to notice - means that I am a woman. (As well as a senior citizen) But try as I may - these sexually insatiable, non-existent e.bot girls keep hassling me. I love high tech!!! Cheers, y'all...
Sharay's Corner (27 days ago)
Are there any marriage guys on here?
Chad Baber (27 days ago)
What about whatsapp and hangouts im talking to someone now that is in Nigeria she seems really sincere hasnt asked for money but will find out soon if this is real or im I just really lonely.....
jinbeanz (28 days ago)
Kenneth Kallmodin (1 month ago)
I was over to Ukraine and date two women. They were just looking for an adventure no serious relationship.
Elaine Evans (1 month ago)
so funny . thanks for sharing. you're bad ....hahaha. good for you.
Kam Murphy (1 month ago)
valomo reg (1 month ago)
Is that nigeria fool
Mary Torti (1 month ago)
Hey there! I am a Nigerian and I must confess I am so ashame listening to this video. First anyone who falls for the 419 is a pretty dumb and greedy person. It takes two to tango. 100% of the time the scammers don’t use their real name or picture, they just download a random photo from someone’s Facebook and besides majority of the scammers aren’t women, they are men pretending to be woman 👩 even if the talk on phone they try to change their voice to sound like women. Back home some of them were my neighbors. Once one pretending to be woman used our house phone to talk to one of his American client without my consent, it turned out that the lady called back later to give him her western union transfer info and I happened to pickup the phone and I told her the person that spoke to her was a guy impersonating a woman, I told her to go canceled the transfer because she will get nothing in return, I begged her not to contact him or say that I told her anything about my neighbor but guess what? She sold me out! She. Emailed my neighbor and told him everything I said. That was scary, some of these guys that fall for them deserve their ordeal because it was their greediness that leads to their fall in the first place
John Kuwik (1 month ago)
Using the face of a pornstar... lmao! That's just asking to be fucked with
Porsh Mazwai (1 month ago)
Get to the point.....!!!Boring
Mary Shadd (1 month ago)
Omg your hilarious keep it up i laughed so hard i cried. Thanx for that!...lol just realized im about 7 yrs late on this one
Barry Thacker (1 month ago)
Instead of I am scammers use am, a sign. A telephone call with them is impossible ask for a phone number. It can be fun.
Oluyinka Fakunle (1 month ago)
How are you sure it's not someone from the US. You sink your teeth into one country and believe whatever. You must have a lot of time on your hands
Mazlv38 (1 month ago)
I had that girl talk to me for long time asking me for money i knew she was a scammer as i was done before. She's everywhere all over the web sites American women are scammers too
Joy Smart (1 month ago)
Nigerian scammer title on a video about a scammer from Ghana really??
Kimberly Bars (1 month ago)
No when they want you to get on Yahoo they try to get your email information so they can get your bank information or any information they can on you so they try to lure you to another personal web page
Tom Thumb (1 month ago)
Last year for me was without a doubt Nigeria, with a dash of Kenya but it's been non stop live from Ghana. Have several that typed word for word. Of course the 3 biggest clues are when they type. 1/4 yes it nice met yuo to 2/4 I Jennifer by name from Texes my father dead when cow ran him dinwn coming back frum maket. 3/4 he was from USA Georgia snd (2nd Clue is;) MUM is from Ghana and I been helpng her with other family issues and goin to nerses school I finished in 4 weeks and eshtt find me a forbrvr man settling down with. Ok then she calls on camera comes on then nothing and happens several times and this is number 3 but number 4 and the rest will follow if not today then soon. Don't bust my chops on the spelling was trying hard to do like that, one thing to their credit they can't spell me properly. 4/4 Baby I tried calling several times but i think pablum wit phone i no mu minets are get bad tht mught be problem I hope not bcase I enjy talk to you. MUM neds me in kitchen to help I hope can we tslk soon??? You have now been subliminally set up for your next conversation which will include I need help with iTunes card do phone get mints bask and we talk more. HINT iTunes card CAN'T BE USED FOR ANY DATA.  Apple's website clearly states iTunes gift cards can only be used to purchase  goods and services on iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or for an Apple Music Music. iTunes gift cards CAN NOT be used for any DATA services. https://ephmedia.giphy.com/e9d83849-8942-44a5-a5a2-7d354eb743e1.gif https://ephmedia.giphy.com/ffeaab58-c940-408e-b8e2-c393b7cb571a.gif
Godwin Samuel (1 month ago)
shot your f***k up
Josephine Nabbuto (1 month ago)
You gat her
Amour Magloire (1 month ago)
Man, we've been Peace corps in many African countries including Nigeria. They have a good internet connection. I tell you the truth Africa is not all that the media show us here. The countries are not all that we see in the media here. They are very civilized but poor because of miss management by the gove. The rich will always be rich and the poor, poor. If African gove could manage their revenues good Africa would have been well developed because they have lots of natural. resources. That continent as a whole is a place to go vacation and enjoy your money. Life is really nice there if you have your money. They are very welcoming and friendly though most of them will always want you to keep in touch with them while back to your country. We love them though.
Amour Magloire (1 month ago)
We are not Nigerians but listen, don't make us fools. You need to know that different countries or continents = different accents. The foreign accent doesn't mean bad English. Another mistake that we always do is, we keep making ourselves illiterates by telling foreigners that they have an accent instead of saying in good grammatical language that they have a foreign accent. We need to know that, everyone in this is born with an accent. 50 US States =50 different accents. The NY. accent is different from the LA. or AZ accent. Just to name those few. Though I am not happy with the fact that they are the most educated people in our America. So, I am a M. E. G. A. though as a true Christian I love and respect them as all foreigners as long as they are legal.
lenny igo (1 month ago)
they will be using female pictures to get your attention on emails.
lenny igo (1 month ago)
i got almost scammed. he was using a US military officer's name a(lady) on face book and it got me 2 days to work it out. i went on internet and found out the officer lost her wallet. the scammer asked if i could send $ 1,000 and i said ya no worries and i send him an old western union receipt # telling him to check and he email again the next day saying it's wrong # and i send other old # and same answer wrong # haha i got you. and never email again.
Parvez Aziz (1 month ago)
Notice the race of these scammers. And also the victims. Ha. Kiss my as and I will fart in your face. Bible says “a fool and his money will soon depart”. Now piss off.
gregory prindle (1 month ago)
Searia Kett (1 month ago)
I first received a letter (snail mail) at my place of business in 1990. This very nice Nigerian Prince wanted to share his wealth with me. Lord knows how he got my name and business address. It's just proof positive that these scams have been going on long before we all had home computers and the internet.
stuart Haynes (1 month ago)
I find the biggest tell tale sign is there grammar .. They'll tell you their in the US or Britain but when you ask them a question they'll always say "AM" not I am or I'm LMAO
Evelyn Williams (1 month ago)
Cool,I needed to laugh feeling some type of way
ani omar (1 month ago)
Good idea
Eva joe (1 month ago)
I feel so ashamed of myself been a Nigeria 🇳🇬. They have spoilt the reputation of that country so bad that anywhere we go people think we are all the same. But unfortunately there are still good and hardworking ones among them. I am also a Nigerian loving in Germany I was also fooled when I was on a dating website. They saw my picture as a black skin person . That still didn't stopped them. It was later when I saw the stories we not fitting into the puzzle parts I decided to quit the online dating stuff before I would send all the savings met for my kids future to some lazy fools. Too unfortunate that they have made online dating into something else
Flat Foot (1 month ago)
Man, that mole on that chicks face made me puke! Who the hell would kiss that face with that thing hanging there?!
Just Emeka (1 month ago)
Very typical of the ignorant American who would always generalize and never try to get informed. Is Nigeria now Ghana!
Lord of Lords (1 month ago)
Must you put Nigeria in a garbage before you can be able to make 1 cent from YouTube?
Helping Projects (1 month ago)
hey talk about bit coin scammers,they are white,uk acents and address, stollen from my bank credit mastercard in the name of trying to learn trade on line,5k missing in my account,today reported to the police,still causing me low balance til now,bit coin scammers i mean recently
Truth Bringer (1 month ago)
I got pics of the same chick
Sarah Sophia (1 month ago)
i found one today he asked me to add him to whats app After 3o min I could tell he was a scammer. his whats app number is 12348104970133 he goes by scott michael and is posing as an american soldier deployed in nigeria (lie lie lie lie) at first I thought his slightly off messages were typos but I think its because english is not his first language. He started talking to me about future plans in our first conversation. 1000 percent a scammer . someone go and neuter this dude please.
HAMZA HAMDI (1 month ago)
be ware of blacks not humains
Geoffrey Lee (1 month ago)
Ask them about the pingpong show ...
Jimmy Taylor (2 months ago)
I screwed them out of 6500 ..they sent my friend to pass on to his friend ..not really !!! it was going back to him ...soooo as soon as he sent the money he was going to tell the bank we riiped him off for the rent he sent ...well if you take the money and close the account ...you win !!! the bank can't send the money back from an a account that is closed ....and it worked .....ya see if they send money for rent or home perches the bank has to send the money back when the tell them you fucked them ..so the will overdraft you and go after you for the money ...but if you close the account at the same time ...lolol...Woop Woop ...yes free money and they lose ...
Martha Arciga (2 months ago)
I had got a fb msg from Chris Berry (page)saying I was picked to receive $5000 all I needed to pay was $500 for the process well I didn't gave it nd if I did wasn't so I declined and said bless someone else so later he text back and said hwvwill pay $200 and inoayy $300 ..I finally said if its true then take $500 from me winnings.. said didn't work that way so I said OK well imma screen shot this nd post it on Feb course he very famous I didn't here, from him again and his fb be says was hacked and I'm no longer his friend
JoAnna McCoy (2 months ago)
Happened with my mom. It didn't go very far, but friend request were sent out to mom's friend list. Our cousin said she got an email asking for money bc my mom was stranded...... My mom had passed away a year earlier.
p p (2 months ago)
Dude that was hilarious, LMAO.
cathal37 (2 months ago)
Haha that picture is of raven riley the porn star no suprise these scammer scum use these type of photos.
Thando C (2 months ago)
good going.....they piss me off
Hugh Jaanus (2 months ago)
I had more fun with your lack of English, and you said they had poor English. HA. @3:09 "Ugonder or Gonia" Did you mean UGANDA or GHANA @ 4:01 "here's some excerts" Did you mean EXCERPTS @ 4:48 "preform fallacio" Did you mean PERFORM FELLATIO @ 5:34 "transvestite bribes" Did you mean TRANSVESTITE BRIDES
Wolfgang Buck (2 months ago)
U gotta sub
Wolfgang Buck (2 months ago)
Man. I get those calls. And roll with it.
Julie Turcios-Avila (2 months ago)
ItzTammy (2 months ago)
Is this weird cause I’m one?
Biker Boiy (2 months ago)
You must be one of those rich Americans who have so much time to waste on nothing of importance
Tar Man (2 months ago)
Good to get back at the naughty nig nogs
lebow jeffery (2 months ago)
Barbara Sunday (2 months ago)
Some friends and I had some fun with a catfish who targeted my developmentally disabled sister. ......he talked to me for days had no clue we were even on to him. Until. I posted a warning on his fake FB page.
Ladytln8 (2 months ago)
Well I was scammed by this misleading post. I thought u were going to interact with a scammer. Tell the truth.
Ulamila Vutikalulu (2 months ago)
The Nigerians are targeting Pacific Islanders now but luckily for us we are not gullible people
Steven Chukwuka (2 months ago)
But Nigerians are not the only scammer Romania are the king of scam Bulgaria Pakistan and India this are king scammer but no one mention them
Kelly Ochieng (2 months ago)
Am an African from kenya but i cannt hook up with Nigerians,not in this life or life after..They are a disgrace to Africa n black community at large...
raemund d (2 months ago)
Kelly Ochieng chill , yes it’s embarrassing that they are a lot of scammers in Nigeria , but as a Nigerian not all of us are scammers . They are a lot in Ghana pretending to be Nigerian . Plus Kenya is shit , it’s one of the worst country in Africa
B b Jarrel (2 months ago)
I am half nigerian and half camerounian .I am so upset with these nigerian scammers . I have played along with them too .But get too angry to sustain it for long .I end up.cursing them and letting them know I read tarot cards and do sanskrit mantras Due to a lot of nigerians being overly evangelical .They usually freak out and run especially when I use the cards to get a few facts about them .that I could not have known .its fun,serve em right mate !
jeanette skirvin (2 months ago)
It's amazing just how self-absorbed these scammers are!! That's the biggest give-away... they are not one listening to your end of the conversation at all but keep impressing upon you how needy they are !! Also, poor English usage gives them away especially when they claim to be United States generals or Army surgeons..... my personal favourite scam-nuts! I love to call them out on medical/dental terms...... idots, all of them!!
Mahu Kahu (2 months ago)
Shawne' Lee (2 months ago)
The reason why she didn't delete him, is because she's doing the same thing he's doing!

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